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Training Log Archive: Anna

In the 7 days ending Dec 3, 2017:

activity # timemileskm+m
  running1 18:40 2.0(9:20) 3.22(5:48)
  Roller derby1 15:00
  Total2 33:40 2.0 3.22
averages - sleep:6.9 rhr:49

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Sunday Dec 3, 2017 #

12 PM

running 18:40 [3] 2.0 mi (9:20 / mi)
rhr:50 slept:8.0

Eventful week!

On Friday, got the ok from the doctor to run bc she says it looks like the swelling is "encapsulated", so she doesn't think running is likely to worsen the swelling. So officially adding an end date to the injury! :D Doctor still doesn't know I go to roller derby practices, but she told me not to do anything where I'm likely to fall on it again, which I'm interpreting to mean that I can so low-speed skating practice but not anything where I'm contacting other skaters or going at fast speeds around curves (at least not derby direction, but maybe if I went the other way I couldn't fall on my left side).

Also on Friday, I had a conference abstract deadline. Wednesday, I'd had a super confusing bug w mechanical turk (where I run my experiments) that delayed my experiment by a day, but based on the results I got Thursday, my advisor and I decided it was worth re-framing my abstract and also applying for the travel award, both of which were due the next day.

But also on Thursday/Friday, the head of the department emailed me to talk in person about an HR-type problem I told my PI about a few weeks ago (about a known-to-be-creepy and now-emeritused-because-creepy professor), and I *thought* he'd forwarded to the department head just to catalog for future reference and that it wouldn't require any further effort on my part. But probably because of all the things going on at Rochester and Dartmouth (and/or the email record of the first professor I talked to about it handling the situation very poorly), once it went to the department head, he felt compelled to forward the description of the incident to the university level, so I spent 15 minutes re-hashing all of that with him, which will ultimately hopefully be a good thing, but even though it didn't actually take that much time, the lack of communication made me very angry/distracted from doing my actual job, which is doing research, not trying to get known-by-the-entire-field-to-be-creepy professors uninvited from department events. (But worth noting that maybe sleeping better and eating better would make me more robust to unexpected annoyances at busy times of the quarter.)

Luckily, I have a very good advisor, who convinced me that it wasn't too overwhelming to still do the travel award application and also the extra supplement that's more likely to get me a talk at the conference, even though I was in a very pessimistic mood.

And ultimately the whole experience with the HR thingy will be useful to me, since I'm on the department committee that's re-examining how to handle these sorts of things in the future, and also there may actually be some repercussions for him at the university level. (But none that I'll ever know about, because the department's not allowed to officially comment on anything that goes to the university level bc otherwise the university might get sued. Which is interesting to me, esp. as it relates to department culture, and want to ask some friends at other places how these types of things get handled at their places.)
7 PM

Roller derby 15:00 [1]

Great quick skate! Goal was to get some muscle memory back before skills test tomorrow, and I think it was the best possible session! Did plow stops, transitions, worked on getting low. No laps, and nothing at speed (not planning on doing that part of skills test). Also practiced a few kneepad falls, although maybe should've practiced more, to prevent left-hip falls in the future ;P

This was after collecting a session of EEG data, which went really well! RA's and I keep getting more efficient, and also the data looked very clean.

Wednesday Nov 29, 2017 #

rhr:50 slept:6.75

An entire day of technical difficulties at lab right before an abstract submission deadline, and would've been really nice to blow off some steam by going for a run/skate, but want to do what the doctor says at least for the next 2 days before my follow-up. Butttttttttttt I settled for a pokemon walk instead and HALLELUJAH I HATCHED A DRATINI!!!!!! Been waiting for this for like the last 3 weeks!!!!!! Will be enough candies to max out my perfect Dragonite, and now just need to be patient a *tiny* bit longer to get enough stardust :D I estimate I'm only 1 power-up away!

Tuesday Nov 28, 2017 #

rhr:47 slept:5.75

Roller derby teammates agreed I should rest + shared tips for making swelling go away, not all of which were consistent w the Student Health dr. But made me feel better that this is a common injury that people have good ways of dealing with!

Monday Nov 27, 2017 #

rhr:50 slept:7.25 (injured)

Went to the Dr. to make sure my hip was healing correctly (swelling's being slow to go away), and all she did was tell me I can't do anything active until I have a follow-up appointment in a week, not even elliptical >:/

She did say not to heat or ice or take any anti-inflammatories, which was useful. And she said probably fine to heat lower down on my IT band which isn't where the actual swelling is, just where the drainage is going, and also that the pain lower in my IT band area could be from the drainage.

Also this doesn't put me in a very good spot for my skills test next Monday. Grumble grumble. But given how much worse it hurt the 2nd time I fell on it, and that it's more swollen now than it was before I fell on it the 2nd time, I can see the reasoning for not doing anything where I'm likely to reinjure it. All she had to do was say the words "chronic inflammation" and I agreed with her. Sigh...

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