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Training Log Archive: Anna

In the 7 days ending Jan 21:

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  Roller derby4 2:15:00
  Total4 2:15:00
averages - sleep:6.8 rhr:48

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Sunday Jan 21 #

2 PM

Roller derby (Laps) 5:00 [3]

First part of the skills test was laps! It was my first time skating on this floor, so I did lots of warming up beforehand.

I (sadly) didn't make the 27 it takes to play in games, but I did get 25.5, which is over the cutoff for scrimmaging! (Assuming I did enough crossovers and also that I passed the rest of skills, which I really don't know!) We were doing groups of 5, and I was in a group of people who were *kind of* my speed but I had to lap 2-3 of them, and I'm not great at passing. So I was doing a bit of extra distance for like 5 laps. Annnnnnd maybe not crossing over enough... I feel way more comfortable with it now, and I think I just need to practice more at higher speeds!

Roller derby (Skills) 35:00 [1]
rhr:48 slept:7.2

Absolutely killed transitions!!! Woo!!! We did them in a straight line all down the floor, and she kept blowing the whistle again and again and I nailed like 10 transitions in a row, one after the other! Yesterday I got way more comfortable/confident when I remembered advice Zombie gave me awhile ago to turn your body before you turn your skates, and it helped a lot to do them more fluidly.

Also I'd forgotten to practice jumps yesterday, but I practiced 3-4 of them on the way to the line for doing them for skills, and I was good :)

Overall good, but don't know if I passed! But if I didn't pass this time, I totally will next time :)

Saturday Jan 20 #

6 PM

Roller derby (Skills) 40:00 [1]
rhr:46 slept:7.5

Practicing for skills test tomorrow!

- Weaving with different spacings of cones
- Practiced explosive toe-stop starts
- Crossovers (didn't take too long to warm up this time!)
- Plow stops
- Some T-stops

Thursday Jan 18 #

6 PM

Roller derby 40:00 [1]
rhr:46 slept:4.0

This was a pretty up-tempo practice :) It was good!!!!

Major accomplishment was that we had a surprise practice for doing 27-in-5, and I was ready!!! Apparently the basketball-court track we've been drawing is actually short, so BombHer told us to aim for 29 laps instead of 27. Didn't expect to make it bc I'd been doing 27 on a basketball court in 5:30-ish the other day (30 seconds slow!!!), and this court is a bit sloped and has an ever-deepening crack down the middle of it. But I got 30!!!!! I was so surprised!!!

I feel a bitttttttt guilty that I wasn't doing crossovers all the way around the track, which is the most efficient way [if you're better at crossovers than I am at the beginning of a skating session]. I'd kind of get excited and go fast and then carve around the beginning of the corner, and then once I was going slower from carving, I'd do crossovers out of the corner and accelerate into the next corner just by skating in a straight line. But nobody's actually seen me practicing crossovers the whole way around, so to them it looked like a dramatic improvement ;P And I got to skate a fast time by going a little crazy and not being perfect, which was fun.

We did other things too. But I'm tired of writing. One of the veterans was my buddy for practicing blocking skills, and she gave me a lot of good tips. Also a new skater who's transferring from the Derby Dolls was super helpful, which felt especially supportive coming from someone who was new to the group!

Practice is so energizing!

About to go to sleep bc apparently I slept very poorly last night bc I was excited about finding my bug, my PI was really supportive of me having figured out what was wrong, I was excited about telling RAs when I'd have a new pilot version ready, scheming about how to replace an un-responsive RA on short notice, emailing Tim back about deciding between 2 potential online experiments to do. Except doing all those things very slowly and inefficiently bc it was past my bedtime. Then bc I've been trying to shift my sleep schedule forward, I couldn't sleep in. Boo -_-

Also: foot didn't hurt today, not before practice or after practice!

Wednesday Jan 17 #

rhr:46 slept:7.0

Semi-hooray, I found a bug in my experiment code that can explain my not-working experiment! Would've rather not made a bug, but at least now I have a reason that could potentially explain my experiment not working :D Gonna fix it and find more participants!

Also, foot even less painful today, so I'll plan on roller derby practice tomorrow. Will be nice to see everyone, since Monday's practice was cancelled. Then there's apparently gonna be a skills test this Sunday, and I'll maybe take it depending on if my foot's better. (Might be the only one doing it this round though!)

Tuesday Jan 16 #

rhr:47 slept:7.0 (rest day)

Pretty great day!

- Took 3-4 advil last night before bed, and heel felt better this morning than yesterday morning. Very little pain/tightness during day. (This is a different foot problem than Anza-Borrego, this time in heel/plantar fascia.)
- Got into a good groove with analyses, checked in w advisor, unfortunately the analysis we thought would clarify our not-working paradigm didn't. But getting a bigger-picture view of what's consistent among all pilot participants vs. inconsistent, lengthening my list of successful sanity checks. First EEG data set for me, so can't hurt to do lots of bug checks!
- Have a plan for what to work on tomorrow, going to bed early so I can claim one of two cheese bagels that get ordered for Writing Club.
- Would've been much more happy running today, or skating, or doing leg strength, but at least my legs have the feeling of having worked out recently, which is a good feeling.

Monday Jan 15 #

5 PM

Roller derby (Laps) 15:00 [1]
rhr:53 slept:8.25

Some basketball players came and took the basketball court without talking to me right when I was in the middle of my laps D: Totally fair since the courts are for basketball, but very very bad timing!!! But possibly for the better, since I had a bit of heel pain when I woke up this morning.

Also notable: I fell today (trying to go faster to catch up to pace after talking to the basketball guy), and I successfully fell on my KNEEPAD! Hooray!!!! Was wearing the padded shorts anyway just in case, but good to not actually have to test them :) Anyway, this is a huge win and super important for me to get into the habit of doing!!!

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