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Training Log Archive: Anna

In the 7 days ending Feb 4, 2018:

activity # timemileskm+m
  running3 1:46:26 10.36(10:16) 16.67(6:23) 218
  Roller derby2 55:00
  strength3 33:07
  Total6 3:14:33 10.36 16.67 218
averages - sleep:7.5 rhr:47

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Sunday Feb 4, 2018 #

10 AM

running 41:27 [3] 4.0 mi (10:22 / mi) +108m 9:34 / mi
rhr:47 slept:8.25

Ran again today and less tired than yesterday :)

strength (knee exercises) 12:31 [1]

standard leg raise stuff w max weights. Need to keep doing these!!!
8 PM

strength 7:00 [1]

Squats practicing mohawk/transition foot position

Saturday Feb 3, 2018 #

10 AM

running 43:51 [3] 4.1 mi (10:42 / mi) +110m 9:52 / mi
rhr:47 slept:8.25

Didn't feel too great this morning! Finally catching up on sleep after prospective visits are over :) Run helped with not feeling good but then was tired.

Made some progress in lab, but wanted to make more. Have enough data and preliminary checks worked, so now I can see if we can decode what location participants were attending to (our main measure for my EEG expt). But not a trivial analysis for someone who hasn't already done it, so might take more than one day! Want to do this as quickly as possible so if it works then my RAs can get a full data set before the quarter's over :) but also it's a high-risk-high-reward expt so don't want to get my hopes up too much that the decoding will work...

Thursday Feb 1, 2018 #

6 PM

Roller derby 10:00 [1]
rhr:47 slept:7.0

It was newbie night, but I had to leave early to get home in time to host prospective grad students! Worked out well, bc that way I could lend my gear to one of the newbies, and Zombie's bringing it to practice next Monday.

Maybe that means I'll finally go for a run this weekend instead of just skating :o

Tuesday Jan 30, 2018 #

7 PM

running 21:08 [3] 2.26 mi (9:21 / mi)
rhr:48 slept:7.6

Around the block. Legs felt strange after having not run for so long!!!

strength (knee exercises) 13:36 [1]

1 set of standard leg raises w heaviest weights, then 10 lunges each side, then squats.

Monday Jan 29, 2018 #

6 PM

Roller derby 45:00 [1]
rhr:47 slept:6.3

Fun practice! Mittens was leading practice, and she had us do more endurance stuff than normal. Lots of pace lines, etc. Right knee felt a bit iffy going non-derby direction, so stood on the side and practiced transitions for that, and then knee felt better when I started up again.

Side note: I think the knee stuff is hard to keep an eye on, bc when it started hurting the first time, there was no warning at all, and it just started hurting later. So trying to take hints whenever I have any discomfort, even if it's not "pain". Not sure if that's the right approach.

Thennnnnnn we got to play a game where everyone puts a bandana in their shorts like a tail, and you try to go around taking out people's tails! Great opportunity for me to practice fast transitions :D

Then we got to do 3-on-ones, and I asked Mittens which line I should go in, and she said I'm a jammer! Hurray!!! I think jamming will probably be more fun than blocking bc you get to go forward instead of trying to keep other people from going forward, and also you get to go faster :D She said I was a strong pusher, and also I got to fake people out too!

Other note about knee: fell on kneepad and it hurt a bit, so waited a bit and it stopped hurting, then before bed I pre-emptively used an ice pack and took advil (2 when I got home, 2 before bed, ~1-2 hrs apart), and the next day it feels 100% normal.

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