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Training Log Archive: Anna

In the 7 days ending Feb 11:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Roller derby7 4:15:00
  running1 32:33 3.0(10:51) 4.83(6:45) 114
  running drills1 2:00
  Total8 4:49:33 3.0 4.83 114
  [1-5]7 4:34:33
averages - sleep:7.5 rhr:51

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Sunday Feb 11 #

2 PM

Roller derby 30:00 [1]
rhr:51 slept:7.75

Hard to figure out what to log today!!!

First part was endurance, which felt very strength-y compared to running, probably still in the "1" intensity level. But still fun to go fast!!! First we split into groups ("blockers", "jammers", "Freshies") and did laps around the outside of the track, which meant they were big laps :)

Derby direction: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 laps, ~2x rest (other 2 groups going before starting again).

Edges (slaloming corners, maybe like 10 min).

Non-derby direction: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 laps, still 2x rest

I was in the Freshie group, so lots of lapping people!!! Which is good bc it's always awkward to figure out how to pass, so I guess it's good to practice on people who are actually slower.

For the rest of today, there was a definitive split between Freshie practice and Active Skater practice, which I think is a good development for the league, I think, but awkward for me to choose between at my current level! I asked which to go to and Bones said Freshie practice, but then Slaya said I should've just not asked and gone with the active skaters... lots of talking and standing and a tiny bit of working on skills, but all stuff I'm already confident in and also much lower-rep than what I can do on my own. But still better than staying on campus bc of the superior floor :D

Saturday Feb 10 #

3 PM

running (Scripps Pier hill(s)) 32:33 [3] 3.0 mi (10:51 / mi) +114m 9:42 / mi
rhr:52 slept:8.4

Yayyy got in a quick run this week. Have been consistently feeling better (although a few weird leg/feet things here and there), so hoping I can keep up skating and/or running 5-6 days/wk while staying injury-free. Maybe some knee exercises too, although need to figure out the optimal days to have be my "hard" days with weights.

Was 60-ish degrees out, and could've gone for long tights and a tank top instead of half-tights and a t-shirt. Knees were slightly unhappy going down the steep hill and also going up the steps. Right knee had a very light KT tape job, put on w knee at a 90-degree angle. Could do maybe 45 degrees and more diagonal next time. Also could stay away from the super-steep runs like this one, but so pretty...

running drills 2:00 [3]

~30m with jogging back for each:

- walking high knees
- A-skips
- high skips
- far skips
- bounds

Would be fun to keep doing these :)
4 PM

Roller derby 15:00 [0]

Very short and easy, just focusing on slow, smooth crossovers, some transitions, a few figure 8 drills around the free throw line, but not many.

Friday Feb 9 #


Woke up and want to skate today (plow stops/suicides/laps on bball court) AND run!!! How to decide??? Also legs feel great today, and the knee weirdness is gone, and no other discomfort :) Maybe bc we didn't do laps too much yesterday!
5 PM

Roller derby 55:00 [1]
rhr:52 slept:6.8

Basketball courts weren't free so then got a tennis court but then got kicked off that so did half of a basketball court and then used the edge of a basketball court. Who knew Friday night was such an active time for sports???

First, did some warmups, sticky feet, crossovers, transitions. Thennnn finally figured out the figure 8 drill BombHer had us do as part of practice yesterday!!! It's like doing a transition, where I turn one foot backwards and lead with my heel, but I was trying to turn the front foot when I should have been turning my back foot, and it was slowing my momentum. And now I figured it out!!! Must've done that for a surprisingly long time (+ different versions of it), bc didn't spend a ton of time on other stuff but was there for awhile.

After that, attempted plow stops but I'm not good/strong enough to do them on such a grippy floor :( Woops!

Then got to practice toe stop accelerations!!! May have been doing them wrong though bc maybe wheels weren't on the floor?

Thursday Feb 8 #

6 PM

Roller derby 55:00 [1]
rhr:50 slept:7.7

Great practice!!!! Nick was being primary coach today bc BombHer is back on skates now and officially being a skater as much as possible! (She's still one of the more experienced skaters though and so is coaching a bit.)

We stayed moving almost the whole 2 hours, which was great (although still pretty low intensity bc practicing technique), and there were super helpful blocking drills for my level. Also had watched a YouTube video the other day where I realized I'm doing plow stops wrong, and so I got to practice doing them right, and I actually got it!

Also we did a thing with lateral movement, and I was good at it bc I've been practicing, which felt really good :)

The only bad news was we practiced hip bumps and I fell twice, right on my hematoma, which has barely gotten smaller in the last month. Even though I had my padded shorts on, on the second fall it felt like it was maybe starting to re-swell a bit (although not as bad as the first 3 times), so I sat out from the rest of the contact drills just in case, which was like 20 min. Sad. There's a sore spot now, and mayyyyybe it's bigger than before, but if so then not dramatically, so that's good :) Next practice is Sunday, so I have awhile again before I'm likely to fall again, so that's good! Also the floor on Sunday is softer than the basketball court is on Mondays and Thursdays :)

Tuesday Feb 6 #

4 PM

Roller derby 35:00 [1]
rhr:51 slept:6.25

Did laps, mostly derby direction, felt smooth with crossovers, practiced doing evenly and having the timing be "like a pendulum" like Nick was saying.

Then was on the basketball court today, and was practicing suicides with turn-around toe stops! So fun, and I'm getting better at them! Like now I can actually feel a little aggressive :) Was noticing that if I didn't really focus, I wouldn't open my hip all the way, so tried to practice being fast and also opening my hip. Also was much more confident on the ones where I go back one (e.g., half-court line to free throw line) than the ones where I go up 2 (e.g., baseline to half-court line). Will be fun to eventually be more comfortable at higher speeds.

Note: looked at my fitness tracker, and the intensity bars were higher than they'd be for brisk walking w/ backpack, but not as high as for running. Hopefully once I get stronger I can also skate more aerobically :)
8 PM

Roller derby 35:00 [1]

Felt so good I decided to do another session after all my mturk data was successfully collected! (Instead of analyzing the data. Woops.)

This time practiced non-derby-direction crossovers more, and actually started to feel more smooth. Hurray! I should also do this more to help with injury prevention and not just do derby direction all the time. Noticed weirdness in my knee that gets crossed over (inside of track), so switched to other things and will take a rest day before Thursday's practice. Wasn't really "pain", just didn't feel great. I'm guessing there are just a lot of new movements that I've never consistently done before and that I should ease into them to give my body time to adjust.

Then did more turn-around-toe-stop suicides, more aggressively, and sometimes accelerating off my toe stops :D Fun!!! It's also a good thing to do on the side if someone wants to shoot around on the hoop of the court that I'm using.

At the end, practiced transitions, and it was hard to resist using my toe stops! But I did, and also practiced backwards-skating faster than I have been. Need to not keep my weight so far forwards, and that makes it easier!

And also practiced plows. Still need to get better at them...

Monday Feb 5 #

6 PM

Roller derby 30:00 [1]
rhr:47 slept:7.9

Felt back in the swing of things today, which surprised me after having taken the weekend off of skating!

Was consistently doing crossovers from the beginning, even while in the pace line (but not while weaving was going on). Practiced turn-around toe stops during the warmup as well, and they felt good.

Didn't do all of these things at practice, but came up with a list of things I could get better at:
- Acceleration on toe stops
- Transitions on track and then skating backwards faster (maybe the limiting factor here is skating backwards faster)
- Plows from a faster speed (think I could always work on those, at least as long as I'm still getting faster!)
- Hip bumps (reaching other person's hips by crossing leg over their path)
- Weaving tighter/faster so I don't lose so much ground on the curves of the track. Maybe some of this would come from feeling more comfortable with crossovers when I'm close to other people.

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