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Training Log Archive: Anna

In the 7 days ending Feb 21:

activity # timemileskm+m
  achilles exercises4 1:10:00
  Walk/run1 25:42 1.85(13:54) 2.98(8:38)
  Roller derby1 24:09 1.24(19:28) 2.0(12:06)
  Total6 1:59:51 3.09 4.97
  [1-5]6 1:37:32

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Sunday Feb 21 #

10 PM

achilles exercises 11:00 intensity: (5:00 @0) + (5:00 @1) + (1:00 @2)

Did a short walk and achilles exercises after. Right ball of foot felt better than yesterday :)

Didn't do the band walks, and did single-leg deadlifts on foot. Still no hops while I'm feeling crappy.

Woke up and fitness tracker hates my recovery even more than before! I did manage to get a good sleep though, so that should help :) Felt crappy though, so instead of the full day of work I'd planned, I woke up by drinking coffee/eating cacao pudding, listening to the department book club book, and doing some fun darning on my 14-yo pj shorts that I can't let go! So fun! Was sitting on my porch and enjoying some windy weather :) It warmed up, so my light sleeping bag was good enough to keep warm!

After that felt better and at least clear-headed all day, even though I was tired and had the tiniest bit of a headache. (Did several things with screens/looking carefully at something though, so that means the status of the headaches is very good!!! Even made some efficient progress on work!)

Saturday Feb 20 #

5 PM

Roller derby 24:09 intensity: (19 @0) + (3:41 @1) + (13:05 @2) + (7:04 @3) 1.24 mi (19:28 / mi)
ahr:131 max:150

Slept crappy last night (possibly bc my arm was sore from the shot, but I felt silly taking a tylenol!), and I didn't feel too great in the morning. Sleep tracker yelling at me again about recovery metrics. In the evening I felt like doing something though, so I just went for a quick skate! I ended up finding my friend and her dog on the way over, and we'd had a plan to find each other while I was skating so she could teach him not to react to roller skaters, and so I got to help train my second-favorite dog Winston! He did really well and only barked once, but that was probably because I made eye contact with him and acted like I was gonna skate over.

The rest of the day was pretty good too! My grandpa, mom, dad, and aunt all got their vaccines, I made 3 double batches of chocolate pudding (12 total bananas, 6 total avocados, and 3 total cups of cacao powder, 58ish mg of iron), and also I started doing taxes/financial planning and found out that grad students who only have fellowship income are allowed to contribute to IRAs! It used to be that I had to have W2 income (i.e. TAships), and since I wasn't paying attention to tax rule updates I thought I was gonna have to undo some auto-contributions I accidentally made at the beginning of 2020, but instead I get to keep it in and add more! So now I'm excited about taxes :)

Right ball of foot hurts slightly from skating. I did bunny-hops for the first time, which are a thing I learned from figure skating videos but are also useful for transition between skates and toe stops for roller derby. Could do them rolling a bit, but not too fast yet. It turns out taking off on my left toe stop and pushing with my right is fine, but vice versa hurts my right foot. I should ice/do topical anti-inflammatory. Also did some one-legged transitions on my left foot and could kind of start to do the direction turning towards the outside, but I kept putting my right foot down. But a good start!

Friday Feb 19 #

9 AM

achilles exercises 8:00 intensity: (4:00 @0) + (4:00 @1)

Was slow getting out of bed this morning, so only got to easy stuff before work time. Then the craziest thing happened, which was first I got an email that in the next few days I’d be allowed to sign up for a vaccine appointment, and then an hour later I got my invitation. The rumor is that a bunch of delayed shipments finally made it to the vaccination site, and the vaccinators were sitting around with nobody to vaccinate and so they decided to open it up to those approved to work on campus. My one PI filled out months of paperwork when all this started so we could go to lab if needed, but my other PI didn’t since most stuff in his lab could be run online. So now half my labmates are eligible and half aren’t, and it’s even crazier that lots of my derby friends who actually work in person with the public every day aren’t eligible yet. This isssss good news for finishing my dissertation in time though, both for staying safe while I’m collecting data, and also for finding participants. So now I’m standing in line, and it’s about a half mile long!!! I wish I’d eaten more before leaving home, but I didn’t think there’d be such a line since it’s appointments only!

Thursday Feb 18 #

9 AM

achilles exercises 26:00 intensity: (10:00 @0) + (16:00 @1)
ahr:96 max:117

Did these before a zoom meeting with my friend who used to be at Penn, to get intel on the department before accepting my offer. She'd even interacted with the lab I'm joining, and it sounds like the lab is great and has a great culture! She didn't spill any of the gender-related department-culture gossip till I specifically asked, but then she was concrete enough about it that I could tell it was handled better than comparable situations in my current department, and none of it involved anyone I'd need to directly interact with :) So I accepted!!! I'm aiming to start January 2022 (hopefully in time for some winter weather), so now I just have to hurry up and finish everything here before then. No small task!!!

The good news is that I'm continuing to feel pretty good. Even though I got tired yesterday, it didn't come along with the grogginess and heavy-headed feeling I've had before. And despite my sleep tracker yelling at me this morning for not recovering, I mostly felt awake and had a clear head :)

Only went for a short walk today, like 30 min.

Wednesday Feb 17 #

(rest day)

RHR and HRV both notably bad last night (and trending that direction for a few days before, woops), but I felt fine till I tried going for a short walk in the afternoon. Then was super tired and went to go lay down. I’ve been on 2 long walks this week (6 and 7 mi), and they felt great to do and are great to keep me from being stir crazy, but I guess maybe walking can contribute to being fatigued. Maybe I can try to substitute some hammock time instead, or sitting on my newly cleaned porch! It’s probably also not ideal that I walked too much and now am taking a rest day even from achilles stuff, so I’ll try to prioritize those over walking. I think I can justify at least one walk/run a week as counting as achilles exercises though :)

Tuesday Feb 16 #

12 PM

achilles exercises 25:00 intensity: (3:00 @0) + (10:00 @1) + (12:00 @2)

After my dr's appointment. Simultaneously the easiest possible outcome and an extremely frustrating one, which is that he said the low iron is still a very likely explanation for the exercise intolerance/fatigue, and he emphasized that my earlier result of 8 was very very low. So I guess yay. This is very easy to continue fixing. He seconded the sports doctor's opinion the iron supplement is unlikely to be responsible for the rash or headaches (and the rash has been gone for 2 days now), so I'll go back up to 2 supplements per day. Retroactively frustrated, because when I asked him why I got conflicting advice from my pcp about whether ferritin results matter, he said they matter when there's also fatigue and there's not conflicting recommendations floating around in the medical world. So I guess I'm decided about changing pcp's away from the one who was reluctant to do the ferritin test, didn't follow up on it, and didn't recommend iron for the low result. Today's doctor also ordered a follow-up test I can use any time in the next 2 months, so hopefully it'll be fixed and that'll be the end of that. Hopefully the other symptoms stay away too, but just in case, I have 2 more loose-ends appointments coming up in the next 3 weeks.

Used my angry energy to do all my achilles exercises during brown bag very angrily, which is probably why my intensity values for this session were shifted up.

Monday Feb 15 #

1 PM

Walk/run 25:42 intensity: (1:59 @1) + (7:53 @2) + (15:50 @3) 1.85 mi (13:54 / mi)
ahr:143 max:169

This was nice!!!!! The jogging portions felt more natural this time. So great!!! Wanted to do more but I want a solid week of feeling good at rest (and to make sure things go well with the doctor).

Later in the day, it feels like the super-awake-ness has worn off (last of meds was yesterday)--crashed around 5, after a chicken pot pie, and now relaxing. I anticipate no trouble falling asleep. What a crazy few days!!!

~14:30 of this was running

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