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Training Log Archive: Anna

In the 7 days ending Feb 19:

activity # timemileskm+m
  walking2 1:25:28 2.75 4.43 127
  Roller derby1 26:22
  strength3 18:21
  Total4 2:10:11 2.75 4.43 127
  [1-5]4 1:54:19

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Sunday Feb 19 #


Some skating in my apartment. Then walked to the gym and did hamstring stuff. Headache-y during the gym stuff but also a bit earlier in the morning, also knee's a bit sore--I don't *think* the knee pain's from the skating or hamstring stuff. I think the hamstrings are feeling mostly good. Left one felt a bit weird, so I didn't add weight on single-leg hamstrings. Did a couple sets double-leg ones to warm up, then sets of 12 (R/L): 25/25, 25/30, 25/35, 30/40
2 PM

Roller derby 26:22 intensity: (6:04 @0) + (9:09 @1) + (10:40 @2) + (29 @3)
ahr:113 max:142 shoes: Skates, solaris + reactor pro

strength 8:26 intensity: (8:25 @0) + (1 @1)
ahr:90 max:100

Friday Feb 17 #


Phone broke! And new one doesn't come till Monday. So making placeholder notes here. Did a few min workout w my coworker's office-dumbbells. The boring upper-body strength is actually useful to me now for being able to do something that doesn't involve a lot of muscle groups and so doesn't give me headaches. The upper-back thing was ok today. Tried a few dumbbell rows and there was only very dull/mild pain :) Also I'd never done russian twists with 20 lbs, but more fun in a short workout than unweighted/medicine ball ones!
3 PM

strength 8:48 intensity: (12 @0) + (7:09 @1) + (1:27 @2)
ahr:112 max:126

Wednesday Feb 15 #

4 PM

strength 1:07 [1]
ahr:108 max:114

walking 37:16 intensity: (14 @0) + (6:08 @1) + (15:44 @2) + (15:10 @3)
ahr:135 max:161

*Think* this was treadmill, but not quite sure

Tuesday Feb 14 #


Heel hurt a lot when I was supposed to be still sleeping in the morning but woke up early bc of pain... then hurt a lot throughout the day. Worst pain I've had for weeks (maybe even months?) and can't help but blame it on the headache meds masking subtle pain while I was working out... maybe I should stick w lifting or skate stuff for a bit... foot was totally fine after skating Friday.

Monday Feb 13 #

4 PM

walking 48:12 intensity: (57 @0) + (29:49 @1) + (17:26 @2) 2.75 mi (17:32 / mi) +127m 15:20 / mi
ahr:114 max:136

Walking on the treadmill, reading readings for tomorrow (somewhat successfully). Heel hurts after but was mostly fine during. Had the headache meds before and only minimal headache feeling, but stopped without doing strength. A win to not have a headache accumulation though.

Other wins over the past week:
- dropped my donation stuff off at the thrift store
- organized my entryway closet, including fine-grained organization I'd been putting off
- Successfully avoided all the super bowl chaos
- finished my first unsupervised peer review in less than 7 hours and was (mostly) happy with it/felt like I was fair
- finally got my MRA of my head (normal, plus got a very pretty picture that looks like alien tumbleweed)
- my broken xmas lights fixed themselves (temperature change?) so I don't need to buy more
- randomly found the perfect side table for my glass lamp shade I found on the sidewalk that I'm obsessed with but had been an unfinished project for a couple months. And hadn't gotten it to turn on but randomly tried screwing the light bulb in tighter and it worked
- took a blood pressure for the first time in a few months and it was great
- cleaned my computer with alcohol/got a new cover and now it's super exciting any time I use it
- VERY close to defeating iCloud's attempts to try to get me to pay for storage
- backed up my phone to my computer using an old-fashioned cable
- recycled my old computer battery, old not-working phone, and 20-yo ipod nano... the apple store guy was very impressed. The ipod might've been older than him.
- on the way home from recycling all the electronics crap, I got a super exciting trader joe's haul
- Finally hung 2 pictures that had been lying around taking up space
- My coffee plant I'd thought I accidentally killed is continuing to survive and recover
- The amaryllis my parents got me is growing really fast and loves my sunny plant window!
- Things clicked at roller derby, and I was able to translate a lot of out-of-context balance stuff I'd been doing to an actual derby skill. Overall cancels out the knee pain I'd had and is giving me motivation for more solo balance work even when I'm having headaches or knee/foot pain.
- Sold 2 things on my resale app that weren't technically worth the money/time tradeoff to sell, but makes me excited to be sending my old stuff to people who'll use them, and exciting to be more minimal in general :)

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