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Training Log Archive: Carbons Offset

In the 7 days ending Feb 7:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Strength7 8:05:00
  Biking6 5:30:00
  Hiking/Walking1 20:00
  Total7 13:55:00
averages - weight:64.6kg

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Sunday Feb 7 #

Strength 1:35:00 [2]

Did 4 minutes on single leg calf raises before switching to double to finish the 5 minutes.

Hamstring curls: did one set on middle pulley. Felt some discomfort. Returned to easy pulley for other two sets, no problems.

Single leg squats: some discomfort on lateral back of knee. Did about 10 reps of 10 sec holds, then stopped. Did double leg Bosu and double leg with weight instead.

Double leg squats on bosu: approx 30 x 15 sec holds

Lunges (rear foot on bed), 3 x 10 with 5 sec hold

Double leg squats with 2 x 15 lbs and EMS. 30 x 15 sec holds.

Balance on one foot.

Biking (Spin) 1:30:00 [2]

E2 with just a couple brief visits to E3
Small ring


Swelling on medial side of shin is pretty much gone

Hiking/Walking (Walking ) 20:00 [1]

Walk through the neighbourhood on shovelled sidewalks. Had to get out in the sunlight during the warmest part of the day at -16C because the next four days look colder.
Also wanted to get out for a walk on the knee and try to move normally without being unnecessarily protective.

Saturday Feb 6 #

Biking (Spin) 1:00:00 [2]

Zone 2

Strength 1:30:00 [2]

Physio. Same as yesterday.

Friday Feb 5 #

Strength 1:30:00 [2]

Did all exercises to the max recommendation except as noted below:

Calf raises: did 3 minutes of raises on single leg, then double leg for the rest of the 5 minutes

Did all 20 glute bridges as single leg x 10 sec holds but tired at the end

Hamstring curls, 3x15 on the lightest pulley felt easy. Will check if it’s okay to go heavier.

Single leg squats: did 3 sets of 10 with 10 sec holds. Try longer holds next time.

(I actually noted the time at the start and end of this routine. It is a 90 minute workout if you can do all the sets, reps and max durations. It drives me crazy when the physios describe it as “15-20 minutes of strength training as described below...”

Biking (Spin) 1:00:00 [2]

Strength 30:00 [3]

Core and upper

Thursday Feb 4 #

Strength 1:00:00 [2]

Calf raises: did single leg for 90s then switched to double leg for the realigned of the 5 minutes.

Glute bridges: did single leg, 20 x 5 sec. Try 10 sec tomorrow.

Single leg squats: the first few felt uncoordinated but then got better and did 3 sets of ten with 5 second holds. Next: aim for 10 sec holds.

Double leg squats on bosu with EMS. 30x10 sec holds. Next time increase to 15 sec holds.

Lunges (with back foot on bed): 3 sets of 10, 5 sec holds. Try increasing hold time.

Biking 1:00:00 intensity: (30:00 @2) + (30:00 @3)

Spin with a little bit of load for about half of it.


Noticed a swollen spot on the medial side of the shin bone about halfway down.

Wednesday Feb 3 #


Got the MRI results already:
The ACL is completely torn. Rest of knee looks good. Low grade MCL and PCL sprain but no tear.

Went to first physio visit. Given that I already had MRI results and a strength and balance prehab program, there wasn’t much new value for the therapist to add. She assessed my flexibility, as Andy did. She verified which exercises I can or can’t do yet. I bought an electrostim unit and got a demo.

Strength 50:00 [2]

Prehab, with EMS where recommended.
Doing most exercises already at the max level of reps and durations without issue.
Calf raises: did single leg but stopped after 3 minutes whereas full reps and durations would be 5 minutes. Felt tired enough that I didn’t want to push to instability.

Glute bridges: did max for double leg. Could try single leg next time.

Squats: didn’t hit max because leg was screaming a little with EMS. Try on bosu instead next time?

Try more single leg squats next time?

Single leg balance stance was good. Try on less stable surface next.

Did some lunges on solid ground.

Tuesday Feb 2 #


MRI of left knee today

Biking (Spin) 30:00 [2]

Added more gears today. Moderate resistance.

Strength 40:00 [3]

Knee prehab again

Monday Feb 1 #


Assessment with Dr. Andy Reed for left knee injury.
Definitely injured the ACL. Either partial tear or complete tear. Based on my lifestyle I presume I will want to get surgery to get as much stability back again. It sounds like it doesn’t make much difference then if I have a partial tear or a full tear? Still surgery and the rehab.
I’m actually not as sad about it as I would expect, it feels like I’m already focused on doing whatever it takes to make the knee as solid as possible again for future activities. I’m fine with skiing stopping for the season and aiming to be able to bike and bike pack in the summer. I’m booked in for physio starting on Thursday but Andy suggested I could start spinning now to help reduce swelling and stiffness (that’s probably what the physios will have me do). So, I am typing this as a spin, less than 30 hours after the accident. Light and easy until I get to ask the physio what I can and should do. Bought some flat pedals to avoid twisting to unclip... I’m guessing that might matter now or after surgery.
Waiting to hear how quick a free MRI will be, otherwise I will just pay for one.

Strength 30:00 [1]

Pre-surgery exercises. Following a pre-operative rehab program that Andy gave me. The goal is to go into surgery strong in order to help with post-surgery recovery, and not lose strength before.
Surgery is probably still some time away (Andy said 6 weeks post-injury is preferred, to let swelling go down etc) but apparently a lot of muscle loss can happen as a result of the injury.
Heck, what else am I going to do, right? ;)

Biking (Spin) 30:00 [1]

Light spin with some focus on keeping the range of motion whereas the knee would like to stiffen up.
This and the strength routine will apparently be a daily thing but we will see what program the physio puts me on when I see them on Thursday. Until then, I’m hoping this will be beneficial.

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