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Training Log Archive: Carbons Offset

In the 7 days ending May 23:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Biking6 11:18:00 102.53 165.0 190
  Strength3 6:05:00
  Total7 17:23:00 102.53 165.0 190
averages - weight:66.3kg

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Sunday May 23 #

Biking (Bikepacking) 3:00:00 [1] 60.0 km (3:00 / km)
shoes: Instinct 2021 March overhaul

The forecast was calling for rain tonight and tomorrow so we agreed there probably wasn’t any point in camping again tonight. Our route planning already allowed for the option of an easy 8 km paved escape on the morning of Day 3 if we had had enough (instead of another 50 km loop around the Horseshoe Canyon area), or we even had the option of just adding that 8 km to the end of today if the forecast was poor. The rain was forecast to start at 3:00 or 4:00 pm. There was also an option to cut the day short by taking a more direct route back to Drumheller. This decision wouldn’t come until about 3/4 of the way through the day, so we could see how the skies were looking and how we were feeling at that point. Rolled out of camp at 9 am on a cold morning, wearing lots of clothing until we would warm up and delayer.
My original route targetted all of the smallest looking roads in the grid, thinking this could be the most interesting and adventurous. However, if it did rain, this clay/dirt can completely clog up your wheels and frame in just meters if it gets wet. We played it safe by staying on roads with good gravel. The wide open scenery is still the same and the geometry of the square grid gives the same distance.
We worked against headwind when we headed south but had a diagonal tailwind when we headed west. Very nice. We stopped for lunch in a green grassy ditch at our decision point between the original full route (south to Rosedale) or direct (west) to Drumheller. On a count of three, we all pointed to the direction we wanted to go. Despite the dark clouds to the southeast (although they were there all day yesterday and this morning), the vote was strongly in favour of not cutting the ride short. This proved to be an excellent choice as the descent down Ropers Road (gravel and dirt) back down into the river valley was beautiful and fun (and earned me kudos for not planning a counterclockwise loop). We were surprised with a historic mine site at the bottom, and an older lady who would do 10 e-bike laps of a cool dirt track on her property multiple times a day.
The road delivered us right to the burger and ice cream stand in Rosedale. Too bad we were full from our lunch stop. The chip fryer smelled deliciously unhealthy. Maybe we will return on a day with warmer weather.
Hopped onto the pavement for the final pedal to Drumheller and Keith knew some side streets so that we could stay away from cars. Soon you could navigate via the giant Tyrannosaurus Rex head standing out above all the buildings. Back at the cars before the rain hit and happily packing up our dry gear, we munched on our extra day of leftover snacks. The girls still had room for milkshakes and the bikes got a little rinse in the rain we drove through on the way home.
A very successful adventure, a great opportunity for people to be introduced to bikepacking (the newest bikepacker picked it up naturally) or do the first gear shakedown of the season, and a wonderful chance to do something that feels more adventurous than adding one new physio exercise to the daily routine :). Good for the soul.

Saturday May 22 #

Biking (Bikepacking) 4:30:00 [1] 65.0 km (4:09 / km)
shoes: Instinct 2021 March overhaul

Drumheller bike pack adventure with Myka, Carbon and Keith.
Sooooo nice to get out and have an adventure again.
Started at “the world’s largest dinosaur” statue in Drumheller. Rode out past Midland Provincial Park with some great river valley badlands terrain and scenery including a stop at the world’s tiniest church (“it can seat 1000 people, 6 at a time”... welcome to country humour), a climb up out of the river valley and a stop at Horsethief Canyon viewpoint. Soon we hit the gravel and rode to Munson where we found a spot to hide from the wind and have our lunch. Windy all day, coming from the southeast. Continued to Michichi with a fun short off-road section to connect two roads. Also got passed by a piece of farm machinery so huge that his gigantic wide tires touched both sides of this double-lane road. I was jealous of his gigantic touchscreen navigation versus my iPhone. Pulled into the Michichi Dam Recreation Area which was a possible camping option but we choose something reservable instead, in case the May Long Weekend was busy. Continued to Delia which had a cute little Main Street. At the campground, we had the entire soft grassy tent area (mmmm.... love it when the tent pegs go in so easily) and cook shelter to ourselves. A windy night, so the Duplex tent had zero condensation (in other words, the wind was rolling through our tent all night long. Not my favourite tent for that weather (would prefer something that blocks the wind better with a fly that comes down to the ground) but it is light, spacious, tall and so easy to set up, so it is great in most other conditions.
Nice to have the cook shelter for dinner out of the wind.
Definitely the longest day yet for the knee but was able to spin easy gears on the mountain bike the whole time and the little bit of climbing wasn’t long or very steep. Knee did fine all day and wasn’t complaining that evening or the next day.

Friday May 21 #

Biking (Spin) 35:00 [2]

Avg 125 w. Often around 150w.

Thursday May 20 #

Strength (Physio) 2:15:00 [1]

Wednesday May 19 #

Biking (Spin) 48:00 [2]

Strength (Physio) 2:00:00 [1]

4x10 double leg squats on bosu with stim
4x10 one legged squats with stim (not needing right toe touching for balance now)
4x10 6” stepdowns side with stim
4x10 6” stepdowns front with stim
4x Alternating sets of side steps with band around ankles, and 10 forward and back lunges on each leg. With stim.
4x10 hamstring curls with red theraband
4x15 calf raises on stairs, single leg, heel drop
Wobble board, two feet, front-back 2-3 minutes
Wobble board, two feet, side to side, 2-3 minutes
Wobble board, one foot, balance (got a new wobble board and this exercise is especially more challenging now)
Glute bridges with blue band around knees, 4x45s

Lay on back, arms up and legs raised at 90 degrees. Contract obliques and roll slightly to one side then back and to other side. 5 times per side, 4 sets.

Side planks: leg bent at 90, thigh straight down, foot straight back. Contract hip to raise from elbow and knee, while pressing against outside of foot. Keep upper hip forward and upper shoulder back. Don’t bend through core, Don’t drop side down. Lower slowly. 4 sets of 8-12 reps
No more uncomfortable torque on left knee.

Superman left leg and right arm on knees 3-4 x 4 ten-second holds

Ladder footwork exercises:
Forward 1 foot at a time.
Zig zag across 1 foot at a time.
Inside, outside.
Alternate lead foot.
4 times through the the whole routine.

Calf stretches 4 x 30s
Quad stretches with foot on chair behind me.

Tuesday May 18 #

Biking (Spin) 35:00 [2]

130-150w with a couple bumps to 200w and 270+w

Strength (Physio) 1:50:00 [1]

Monday May 17 #

Biking (Road) 1:50:00 [2] 40.0 km (2:45 / km) +190m 2:41 / km

Minnewanka loop, Banff Ave, golf course loop, and back to Cascade Pond via Banff ave, with Grant and Chantal. Car-free for almost all of it. Nice.

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