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Training Log Archive: philm64

In the 7 days ending Jan 27, 2019:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering2 2:06:46 11.38(11:08) 18.32(6:55) 307
  Cycling2 1:57:21 20.05(5:51) 32.26(3:38) 306
  Running2 1:37:50 11.96(8:11) 19.25(5:05) 175
  S&C1 1:00:00
  Total7 6:41:57 43.39 69.83 788

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Sunday Jan 27, 2019 #


In the spirit of AP, my left buttock is now killing me, and my lower back meant I struggled to stoop under branches etc. there's always a price to pay!

I need a break.
12 PM

Orienteering race 1:00:18 [4] 9.03 km (6:41 / km) +111m 6:17 / km
shoes: VJ Integrators

BOK Stock Hill Brown coure, 7.5km/165m Level C

Good event, good course; good map. Worthy of a proper write up.

Started one min behind Laurence T. & about 3 mins after Mark S. Slow on no 1, but 2 & esp. 3 were good & I caught Laurence.

Stupidly went west on track S. of no 3, to path to "semi open by road" which was awful - gorse, then vile tussocks. 90 secs lost. By the time I'd fought my way to no 4, (OK attackpoint!), Megan was on me & past, she banana'd slightly to no 5 which helped me, I dropped into it & "followed" her onto the planting direction slow run.

Idiotically turned right (south) at path, realised quick (10secs?), then good line down to no 6, knew from watching Owain & Olly mess it up earlier which was the best car (yes, car) to attack from, spiked ;-) (This is "why" I "beat" Clive).

no 7, finally re-caught Laurence. Then messed up no 8 - re-entrant? Hmmm. Laurence back with me, but I just pressed on and deliberately didn't look round. All good then til the mire of the rough open crossing to 16, and Mark S appeared before me (handily finding the flag for me) (like Ben Mitchell, I felt unnerved by extra depressions here....) - I suspect he thought, "Where have you been, Mr Murray?" Got into a good happy "flow" thru 17-21, all great. Yay!

22 - got lucky, as not sure that was right? then 23 , 24 , fine, hoping for sub-60, then could not find last control !!!! - as had no plan, & no visualisation of the place. 90 secs binned & outside an hour finishing time. Initially pissed off.

Expected Clive 52, Ben M 45, Chas 54, Pete W, 51, or something - Ben delivered (as did the other Ben M), but I was actually slightly faster than Clive & only 2 mins behind Chas - had i not messed up no 25, he'd still have narrowly had me......... BUT NOT necessarily, if I'd had SIAC....

Good day out . knackered & freezing and not the best of runs, but time on Stock Hill is never time wasted. Despite experiencing the enormous endless wide chasm that is now the gap between me & the likes of Ben & Megan (& Adam & BenM.....!)...... :-) Kudos to Ben Maliphant, great to see him back.

10th out of 55; 2nd M55, Clive 3rd M55 ;-)


Saturday Jan 26, 2019 #

11 AM

Cycling 1:07:00 [3] 14.5 km (4:37 / km) +200m 4:19 / km

FoD Dean cycling (MBK) with Charlie - Ifor was coming but his van broke down in Chepstow. Mild but getting wetter.

Pedal a Bike away - Blue circuit. Found it hard . Bike not up to it. Nor was I! Fun tho - and looking at the ex-orienteering area Sallowvallets (RIP) was nice - love the FoD.

Charlie had to wait for me a few times. Punter!

Good fun tho & Charlie set off on Red circuit whilst I warmed down on the babies' track. Back took a battering during the bumpy bits , but seems no worse (ie. still pretty grim) afterwards.

+ 5 mins either way from parking.

Friday Jan 25, 2019 #

12 PM

Orienteering 1:06:28 [3] 9.29 km (7:09 / km) +196m 6:28 / km
shoes: Mizuno Wave Harrier 3

JK 2014 Day 3 course with Charlie - 8.7km 160m

Fun,. shadowed Charlie for a bit then did 9-8-7 in reverse order & avoided him so as to actually do my own nav.

Quite tussocky . Very good workout, good compass & tussock practice. Hamstring niggly, back iffy, but not show stoppers. Missed last 4 controls (sprint finish bit).

Thursday Jan 24, 2019 #

6 PM

Running 34:20 [4] 7.12 km (4:49 / km) +101m 4:30 / km
(injured) shoes: Brookes Ravenna 8

Back v sore in morning.

Band cancelled & needed a run, so Tim & I set off for 30 mins steady. Not sure if the pace was steady, but I was out of breath on the long drag up hill kms 2-4.

Wednesday Jan 23, 2019 #

(injured) (rest day)

Sore from last night. Back bad but no worse than usual.

Had hoped to swim (too lazy / tired) &/or jog with Tim later (he was late home from work). So did neither. Walked to Tesco in the sun instead/ instead of driving. Rucksac on back. Good move.

Tuesday Jan 22, 2019 #

12 PM

S&C (Climbing) 1:00:00 [3]

(Note: back flare 8/10 - horrendous pain getting out of bed, actually shouting in pain. fell to floor & stretched back out & 20 mins later was able to walk & be "normal" (ish).

Indoor bouldering, Bloc, only chance this week. Not great. Couldn't get going, then got pumped & felt off (& fell off!). Cold. Felt small, cold holds could lead to injury.

Rallied a little later but tweaked top of back a bit, some harder problems . Did 2.5 circuits, not bad on 2 of them. No "zip", though.

Re-did the 6a problem I onsighted last week, & onsighted the other one (green), which wasn't too bad. Jolly good. (these would be of the order of cruxes on E2 / E3 trad routes, or 6b+ - 6c sport routes).
7 PM

Running 1:03:30 [5] 12.13 km (5:14 / km) +74m 5:05 / km
(injured) shoes: Brookes Ravenna 8

BOK tuesday efforts, with Ben & Megan, and Tim Tett (who lives with me 3 evenings a week, yippee, free beer & chips!).

Warm up to Aztec then 1 lap (a mile) handicapped - horrid. Expected to catch Ifor 15 seconds - didn't. Dropped Tim slightly but then got into difficulties & Megan had flown by - great god! Ben caught me by the end but i wasn't catching Ifor in the last 400m at all. 5:54, Ben 4:50-ish, Megan 5:20-ish, Tim & Ifor both 5:59 (!), Tommi 6:04.

Then a dreadful BMX track effort (no way - hamstring hell), and a 800-900m effort (not bad: Tommi pushing me hard - only got gaps when I wasn't slipping!); slipping round slidey fields & finally a 800m sort of effort to end.

Coughing a lot after, the toughest BOK run I've done?

DOMS on the way. Joy.

1 mile
rest of session.

Monday Jan 21, 2019 #


Back Flare - 6/10, painful getting up

Massage at Liz's (finally persuaded her ). Worked on lumbar spine & QL's. seemed to help a bit.




I am about to enter POM 2019.

When entering , they ask for SI no. i'm still using the old one I've had for literally ages. The one i conveniently "lost" prior to the BOC relays champs in 2016 (that, urm, BOK won....).

Do i upgrade? And where from - the SportIdent Site?

SI rental is only 1 euro per day in POM, mind.....

4 PM

Cycling 50:21 [4] 17.76 km (2:50 / km) +106m 2:45 / km

Cycled. Out too late; getting gloomy - hmm.

went up the ghastly segment Ifor recommended. In Stoke park. Ouch! then felt good for most of rest of ride, 11 miles so a bit further than usual, 10 miles always seems to be 45 minutes.

I did try on a couple of segments, got PR's, but dont' want to get sucked into this....

RH lower back more painful - good? Cos of Liz's treatment? Not sure....

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