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Training Log Archive: philm64

In the 7 days ending Sep 29:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering2 1:26:13 7.87(10:57) 12.67(6:48) 412
  Climbing (Bouldering)1 1:00:00
  Running1 45:49 6.22(7:22) 10.01(4:35) 130
  Climbing (Sport)1 45:00
  Total5 3:57:02 14.09 22.68 542

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Sunday Sep 29 #

11 AM

Orienteering race 38:06 [5] 5.6 km (6:48 / km) +218m 5:42 / km
shoes: VJ Integrators

Caddihoe chase, day2 chasing start, slim 34 sec lead over Roger T., Rob Parkinson a minute behind. Blue, 4.8km, 215m, more climb than yesterday.

Started OK, chasing start, started in between Jackie & Clive, passed Jackie, was OK to no 1. no 2 was good, & 3 easy; 4 lost maybe a minute by going south. (Rob P went north).

Doubling back after no 5 i saw Roger & I think Rob P , at least 1.5 - 2 mins down, so I knew i was pulling away. Long leg to no 8 sadly I drifted too far north off the line, intending to aim off, but was too far north - 1 minute at least. An anxious minute til I identified the massive banked feature. (misty)

Careful near the end as first to these controls, & all good. Won the day & overall. A wet but fun, & successful, weekend. So long as I avoid Yellow start flags in future (nb. Kris Jones had a similar calamity yesterday in the World Cup Sprint final!!!

Tim Lenton's return to O went extremely well on Short Brown / M45. His long leg time was mightly impressive .

Day 2 result:


Saturday Sep 28 #

2 PM

Orienteering race 48:07 [5] 7.07 km (6:48 / km) +194m 5:59 / km
shoes: VJ Integrators

Caddihoe chase day 1, burrator, blue, 5.8km/200m

At the start no one told me there was a taped route to a start flag that wasn’t mine. Additionally, due to being chilled & chatty at the start, I thought we were pointing due south. Compass said due north. Didn’t check in boxes. Very confused.

Followed tapes to the “start” flag, noting it had no SI unit on it. Navigated from start on my map, using the “extra” “start” flag (which said “Start” on it),(which was one field box over), straight into bracken filled field where I spent 5 minutes. Just ridiculous. One old lady jogged past & was laughing at me.

Apart from overshooting no 4 (1 min)- due to raging & being very fit- clean (really good infact, at times!!!); & just took the “win”.

Sigh. Another race, another seemingly inexplicable fuck up. I’m going to forget this one.

Friday Sep 27 #

5 PM

Climbing (Sport) 45:00 [3]

Indoor climbing Exeter wall, with rob n Sara . Really good; fun; used & had to trust auto belays! Managed several 6b but shut down by 2 6b+

More worryingly, a neighbour says the police were calling for me yesterday. I was in London but my car was there. I emailed the management agent to complain about the noise above my flat, again, on behalf of my lodger, Rachel, & me. They would have forwarded it to her landlord (who will not engage with me now); he may have told her/forwarded it to her. She will have rung the police immediately & reopened her harassment case against me.

But this time I have a witness/ally: Rachel. And Rachel is “staggered” at this development.

I’ve got to leave linden fucking house. What a shit load of “luck” I’ve had there. The tenant (aka bitch) upstairs wakes me EVERY SINGLE NIGHT between 2 & 4am. I only complain when she/they are *really* loud- as they were Monday night/early hours Tuesday. Rachel was annoyed at breakfast on Tuesday & she pays me good rent & I owe it to her, if no one else, to ensure she has a peaceful night.

Police take all complaints by women against men seriously. We’re in the #believewomen #metoo era. But I am no harasser; what if the woman is a lying, entitled snowflake? I’m pretty glad right now Rachel is not Roger (the lodger!!!!! Haha)

Thursday Sep 26 #

(rest day)

London all day for charity board meeting.

RH soleus "stiff" from yesterday's over exuberant run, but not in a good way. Hmmm.

Tim T would say "its' fine, it's only stiff, you can race on it"

Liz would say: (nb. she has had proper sports massage training) "There are mirco-tears in the muscle & "stiff" through to a grade 1 tear is all on a spectrum of muscle damage".

Best be careful. No road races. Hang on.... Liverpool urban? :-\

Wednesday Sep 25 #

10 AM

Climbing (Bouldering) 1:00:00 [4]

Bloc climbing bouldering - hard work. Circuits i wasn't quite as on it as last 2 weeks. Some problems, tho, I worked & did fine. The Font 6a one I've been doing each week i nailed without my feet cutting off (1st time) - promising for core strength.

4 PM

Running 45:49 [4] 10.01 km (4:35 / km) +130m 4:18 / km
shoes: Brooks Ravenna 10

Tempo pace Stoke park run (mainly grass): not planned, just felt good as soon as i set off, all fine til 6km when I suddenly had to dive behind a bush. Shit!

RH soleus (as in Binning wood?) was niggling from there on, and at 8km, well inside 38 mins, my LH calf decided to start acting up too. So rather hobbled on the final mile. Road final 1km was painful tho i did it in 4:11 (slight downhill) so clearly still travelling.

Probably too much, post-climbing, but couldn't resist it.

Tuesday Sep 24 #


Again kept awake , as was my lodger, Rachel - last night from 11:30pm until who knows? earplugs in. Now deaf in right ear - this is related (to overuse of earplugs).

Routegadget now up for saturday - my relay disaster. How can this happen? I suspect the control was only "easy" if you used the intended attack point & not come over the fence as we did. No one else lost time here. Maybe the map wasn't 100% accurate from the south/south east rather than south west. But, like Ian Maxwell, I missed it twice by less than 5m, says the track. Awful.

(rest day)

Nope. Refusal.

Learning 30 songs for my band. Rehearsal this evening.....

Monday Sep 23 #

(rest day)

(My late flight was delayed) Got in 12:30am, light out 1am, fucking bastards upstairs got in ~3:30am & walked around waking me til 4am.

RH soleus a little sore - this troubled me on saturday & I was worried yesterday. I'll ease off a bit this week. Tired.

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