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Training Log Archive: veinbuster

In the 7 days ending Mar 24:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Road cycle3 8:11:09 121.14(4:03) 194.96(2:31) 126
  flexibility7 4:41:00
  Mountain bike1 1:18:55 11.02(7:10) 17.73(4:27) 24
  Walk/hike1 45:00 2.49(18:06) 4.0(11:15)
  Run2 22:17 2.04(10:55) 3.28(6:47)
  Total14 15:18:21 136.68 219.97 149

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Sunday Mar 24 #

9 AM

flexibility 36:00 [1]

11 AM


Mrs saw a bunch of purple on my ankle and declared a lazy sitting on the b Ash day. No running or biking.

Saturday Mar 23 #

6 AM

flexibility 39:00 [1]

7 AM

Road cycle long (Wilier Cross ) 2:50:36 intensity: (5:35 @1) + (14:27 @2) + (1:15:38 @3) + (1:13:53 @4) + (1:03 @5) 67.69 km (2:31 / km) +52m 2:31 / km
ahr:137 max:152 shoes: Specialized Comp mountain

Ride your age stage 8

Light wind and 6C to start, but a brain fart had me cold for the first 15km - I grabbed the handy light spring jacket instead of the early winter jacket. I realized the error shortly after I got on the highway, but bet on the sun warming things. My phone also found it cold and in an outside pocket used most of its charge by 12km. I stopped the live track, warned Mrs that is was on reserve power, and put the phone inside, close to my body.

Traffic was quite heavy with the Saturday turnover of weekly renters, which slowed sections that are often quicker. The big thing today though was that I couldn’t seem to get enough air to sustain a heart rate much over 140. Since I was going easy, I thought I would plot the entire beach road, so no loops, just straight north to the turn around and then back south.

I stopped at the house to trade phones with Mrs so I could keep my promise to call if someone killed me. Going to the south end would overshoot my target, but it has warmed to 10C so was hitting the perfect biking weather zone. I would take my lumps finishing with 9km into the building wind.

Nice ride and my legs have enough left for the ride Mrs said she wants to take this afternoon.

Nutrition: 1tailwind, 1/2 Cliff Blok, 1 Stroop Waffle

Friday Mar 22 #

7 AM

flexibility 39:00 [1]

8 AM

Run (Barefoot) 15:48 [3] 2.27 km (6:58 / km)

Run 8 & 9

Mrs got up to see the sunrise and then wanted to try to get video of the pelican train. I sent her out while I got Zoots on for run 8. It was an hour from high tide, another extra high one, so I had to run on soft sand with lots of shells. I set a slightly slower pace mostly so I could monitor the sand in front of me. This run was to the creek to the south, then back to pick up Mrs and finish off at 1.03km. I meant to save that run, but apparently didn’t.

We then walked a kilometre south to a creek impassable at high tide. I had noticed I nice stretch of good sand: soft but very few shells. Mrs cleared me to do a second run. I tried to set the same pace as the early run and felt I was close (Ken’s chart agrees) up to the creek I couldn’t see a good way across at tide peak, so I stopped the timer and set the lap marker. The second full kilometre was easily in my range, but I was a bit short. I walked across to clean my feet, then went back to pick up Mrs.

I ran the last bit to the house to have time to change out of the Zoots for breakfast, and to make up for the small shortfall. I thought this was a bit slower, but the timer says exactly the same pace.

Zoots feel better on these short runs than my prescription compression. They are designed around the calf, which I think helps. I just need to find the suspenders for them
Barefoot feels much better than the Vibram toe shoes. I’ll have to look for better shoes. I might stall until ‘Bent reports on his latest, though the local running store I buy all my nutrition from has a bunch of Hoka.
This pace is good for me and I’m pretty sure in an on-off orienteering event I could maintain it, subject to hills.
3 PM

Mountain bike (Vinnie) 1:18:55 intensity: (1:18:02 @1) + (53 @2) 17.73 km (4:27 / km) +24m 4:25 / km
ahr:92 max:121

Park tour with Mrs to check out some of the antique cars. Home via beach in low tide. The inverted tread I have on Vinnie are not the best for sand.

Thursday Mar 21 #

7 AM

flexibility 45:00 [1]

2 PM

Walk/hike 45:00 [1] 4.0 km (11:15 / km)

Search for the farmers market with Mrs.
I had seen an ad for a Thursday market and knew the general area. I thought we should be able to see it when we got to the general area. A lot of housing put up since the Google view interfered a bit. The big problem was the market was much tinier than I could have imagined. One lady with a basket of potatoes and a basket of leafy stuff. Another with enough baked goods for a kindergarten class. A third with a couple of coolers of meat. A guy with some mushrooms and goat cheese. The whole market would have got in a mini van.
Oh, well. We walked around a nice park with an amazing play ground.

Wednesday Mar 20 #

7 AM

flexibility 41:00 [1]

9 AM

Road cycle long (Wilier Cross ) 2:45:01 intensity: (1:49 @1) + (8:46 @2) + (56:43 @3) + (1:29:16 @4) + (8:27 @5) 64.01 km (2:35 / km) +27m 2:34 / km
ahr:140 max:155 shoes: Specialized Comp mountain

Ride your age stage 7, the unintended rain ride

The day was supposed to stay around 8C with 20km/hr winds so there was no benefit to going out early. There was a 30% chance of rain at 1pm, so I relaxed, had breakfast and went out in time to beat the possible rain. However, even though I rechecked the forecast minutes before going out and saw nothing on radar, when I got downstairs everything was wet. I bet on it being a passing drizzle not detectable by radar and hopped on the bike anyway.

I was planning on moderate sized loops to avoid 25-30 minutes into the wind so was back at the house at 5km and stopped in for my rain jacket. Mostly light rain for 22km and then it mostly stopped. At this point I was ready for a change of scenery so went the full distance south setting myself up for a 11km stretch into the wind. At short burst of rain at the southern turnaround convinced me to go back to the shorter loops closer to the house.

The road actually started to dry at about 50km and by the time I finished the only sign of rain was ponding on the road. When I finished Mrs hadn’t even noticed it had rained.

Nutrition: nothing required given the easy pace and breakfast before starting.

Tuesday Mar 19 #

7 AM

flexibility 41:00 [1]

2 PM

Run (Vibram toes) 6:29 [4] 1.01 km (6:24 / km)

Run 7

Start of Mrs beach walk at low tide. I had two spots with footing issues. The first was at about 200m where my right heel sank a good 10cm into a soft spot. The second was navigating over a creek meeting the ocean - soft, irregular surface and cold water.

I feel the pace drifted a bit in the second half. Still searching for a comfort zone of what might be a sustainable pace.

Monday Mar 18 #

7 AM

flexibility 40:00 [1]

Stalling the bike ride so I don’t have to decide to ride in cold (4C) still air or warmer windy air.
8 AM

Road cycle long (Wilier Cross) 2:35:32 intensity: (3:13 @1) + (4:06 @2) + (20:44 @3) + (1:21:33 @4) + (45:56 @5) 63.26 km (2:28 / km) +48m 2:27 / km
ahr:145 max:158 shoes: Specialized Comp mountain

Ride your age stage 6

I decided to go out in cold still air. It took about 5km to warm up, then the sun had me unzipping layers at long red lights by 15km. Garmin said it was 17C when I finished. A hint of a wind started at about 45km, but not enough to feel like work. It turned out to be near perfect for a relaxed ride.

Nutrition: 2/3 Tailwind, 1/2 Cliff Bloks, 1 Stroop waffle (hot chocolate)

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