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Training Log Archive: veinbuster

In the 7 days ending Feb 2:

activity # timemileskm+m
  flexibility7 5:17:00
  Cardio2 3:51:26
  weight training3 2:00:00
  Total12 11:08:26

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Sunday Feb 2 #

7 AM

flexibility 46:00 [1]

Saturday Feb 1 #

6 AM

flexibility 41:00 [1]

8 AM

Cardio (Tacx/Bacchetta ) 2:53:53 intensity: (5:27 @1) + (5:08 @2) + (39:13 @3) + (2:03:39 @4) + (26 @5)
ahr:140 max:156 shoes: Specialized S Works Mountain

6 laps of Austin 12 hour course

I started at the gun time for today’s race. It was interesting to have to start at a specific time rather than whenever I was ready.

I wanted to take a shot at pacing. I wanted to try to keep my heart rate from going above 145 and power under 200 watts. I thought I did pretty good with the heart rate, but the chart suggests I leaked over a fair bit.

My power was harder to see, but I tended to overrun on moderate climbs - in the 3-4%. My legs had no trouble pushing and they just over ran the target. I don’t have power on any of the bikes so that isn’t really viable as a metric to watch anyway.

This session really highlights a characteristic of the trainer that makes it less than an ideal simulation. Outside, I can coast downhill and get a good heart recovery. The trainer needs you to keep pedaling and just does some math to adjust your speed. I think the resulting pace is in the ballpark, but the mini recoveries don’t exist. I expect the difference would show as an average heart rate in the low to mid 130s, which I think is sustainable for 6 hours on hills.

I do think I should start out with relatively flat courses for these races again the clock. I also think I need to take a longer pause (5-15 minutes) at 120-150 minutes, and then at 90-120 minute intervals. Today I had a couple of pauses under 2 minutes:
Just after starting when I noticed I wasn’t climbing yet - has started the wrong program
At the end of the 3rd lap when the trainer software froze
At the end of laps 4&5 to grab some calories

Friday Jan 31 #

7 AM

flexibility 43:00 [1]

8 AM

weight training 44:00 [2]

Day 3 soloflex

Thursday Jan 30 #

7 AM

flexibility 49:00 [1]

8 AM


I have to decide soon if I’m going to try the Sebring 12 hour Feb 9. If it was closer, I would just give it a shot. I don’t really need a taper, but I might just do a couple of easy rides to scout the town part of the route ahead of time. I should probably plan an extra day in the hotel after the race in case my legs are shot.

I think I would be ok being the last person who didn’t DNF. I wouldn’t be surprised if the next to last had 20-50km on my distance.

Wednesday Jan 29 #

6 AM

flexibility 47:00 [1]

7 AM

weight training 40:00 [2]

Day 2 soloflex and free weights

Tuesday Jan 28 #

7 AM

flexibility 47:00 [1]

12 PM

Cardio (Tacx/Bacchetta ) 57:33 intensity: (50 @1) + (5:02 @2) + (4:40 @3) + (10:43 @4) + (36:18 @5)
ahr:149 max:166 shoes: Specialized S Works Mountain

Sufferfest: the way out

Another set of climbs. These longer, but lower effort than Sunday. And short recoveries. A compressed simulation of a 120km Alps loop with Mike City.

I did learn today that masher cadence escalates my heart rate almost as much as high cadence. My sweet spot is about 68-82.

This is the last of the trainer videos, except the FTP test, which I guess I should do for February trainer time.

Power: avg-170, max-232

Monday Jan 27 #

8 AM

flexibility 44:00 [1]

9 AM

weight training 36:00 [2]

Day 1 soloflex and free weights

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