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Training Log Archive: veinbuster

In the 7 days ending Apr 11:

activity # timemileskm+m
  flexibility7 5:27:00
  Road cycle2 4:40:35 64.82(4:20) 104.32(2:41) 229
  weight training3 1:58:00
  Mountain bike1 1:37:52 15.47(6:20) 24.9(3:56) 57
  Cardio1 1:01:57 18.75(3:18) 30.18(2:03)
  Walk/hike1 30:00 1.74(17:15) 2.8(10:43)
  Total15 15:15:24 100.78 162.2 286
averages - rhr:47

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Sunday Apr 11 #

7 AM

flexibility 42:00 [1]

Cut a bit short to get ready for a Zwift Ride to Conquer Cancer session
8 AM

Cardio (Tacx/Strada ) 1:01:57 intensity: (5:49 @1) + (23:06 @2) + (24:30 @3) + (5:00 @4) + (3:32 @5) 30.18 km (2:03 / km)
ahr:131 max:166 shoes: D2 2D action blue road

Zwift Ride to Conquer Cancer session

I lost the group maybe by touching the wrong part of the screen so ended up using it as sprint training. Power bursts every 10 minutes to biting my 4 week power curve up close to my back power curve.

Saturday Apr 10 #

6 AM

flexibility 52:00 [1]

8 AM

Road cycle (Giro) 2:50:21 intensity: (2:27 @1) + (8:17 @2) + (1:04:36 @3) + (1:20:39 @4) + (14:22 @5) 65.24 km (2:37 / km) +18m 2:36 / km
ahr:140 max:155 shoes: D2 2D yellow mountain

It was a bit cool, but I though it was a good day to go out for a good ride on the Marsh. Wind was a bit stronger than I like, but not too bad. I eased off a bit in the middle third once I decided to make it an age ride - more on that in a minute.

It warmed up nicely as I progressed. By mid half way point a few other bikes started to show up. It was interesting to see that by going out early in the season, it is easy to start out with Local Legend status on Strava. I only signed up for my TTs last year, and it is likely the only prize I’ll get from them.

I paused for a few minutes at 45km to consume a few calories. I’ve been liking Huma as a gel alternative, but does it ever make a mess of your pocket carrying the waste home.

I did think of what has potential to be an interesting video. There are a couple sections of the marsh that lend themselves to taking drone footage once a week or so. It might give a really interesting perspective on the growth in the marsh. I’ll need to find some new video editing software to put it together.

Age Ride: I was comfortable with my second Covid edition with 5 outside rides and 7 inside rides, though I never really came up with trainer equivalence metric. 10 outside is still my preferred target.

Last weekend, J expressed the belief that trainer rides should count: boredom versus wind is not an unreasonable tradeoff. But then she expressed the opinion that doing my age in age rides might be a good thing to try one year. Part of me feels it is a bit of a crazy target, but the gauntlet was dropped. Once a week, plus a bonus every four weeks would get there.

So. Starting at my birthday: 6 outside rides, 5 inside rides.

Friday Apr 9 #

7 AM

flexibility 47:00 [1]

8 AM

weight training 42:00 [2]

Day 3 soloflex
Good dips again today. I might have shoulder mitigation sorted out: topical in the morning, shoulder specific active stretches, Venom in the evening.
10 AM

Road cycle (Giro) 1:50:14 intensity: (12:18 @1) + (21:40 @2) + (21:48 @3) + (33:27 @4) + (21:01 @5) 39.08 km (2:49 / km) +211m 2:45 / km
ahr:137 max:167 shoes: D2 2D yellow mountain

I thought I could get 90 minutes in between the rains, which was about right for an out and back to Holland Landing. I packed my rain jacket just in case, so of course it got sunny enough in the last half hour that I could have used sun screen.

I returned via the trail, which was almost all dry and in really good shape. Just a couple of rutted spots. There weren’t many people on the trail, so it would have been a good day to shoot some drone footage. I haven’t quite decided how to transport it yet though.
2 PM


I’ve been using air compression after rides for 10 days or so. It is a zone based air massage to get stuff out of the legs. My hope was that it would do a better job of getting blood back where it belongs than just elevating my legs.

It seems to do a really good job. My calves in particular feel about how they did the next morning after 30 minutes at compression level 4 (of 7).

I’m using NormaTec.

Thursday Apr 8 #

7 AM

flexibility 48:00 [1]

1 PM


I booked my blood test at a less than optimal time for a bike ride on a beautiful day. Maybe I have the discipline to go CO and ride easy.

Wednesday Apr 7 #

7 AM

flexibility 46:00 [1]

8 AM

weight training 41:00 [2]

Day 2 soloflex and free weights
1 PM

Walk/hike 30:00 [1] 2.8 km (10:43 / km)

A bit of the river north with Mrs...after a butter tart lunch.

Tuesday Apr 6 #

7 AM

flexibility 47:00 [1]

10 AM

Mountain bike (FatBoy ) 1:37:52 intensity: (39:54 @1) + (35:52 @2) + (19:11 @3) + (2:54 @4) + (1 @5) 24.9 km (3:56 / km) +57m 3:53 / km
ahr:121 max:150

I headed north on the river trail with the drone in my backpack. Once I got to the less traveled section, I took some video. There was a bit of experimenting to launch in a way that the drone could pick me up and not lose me too soon. First time, a tree I didn’t think much of got between me and the drone before it could predict where I was going.

In a later run, it lost sight of me dodging small trees and took a while to refine me using GPS. I might try flying it a bit higher next time to take the small trees out of the mix. I got most of the footage I wanted for today. It lost sight of me on the one tricky climb, so that doesn’t show well on the video - but it did show how well the GPS rematch worked.

I put a couple of clips on Facebook.

Monday Apr 5 #

7 AM

flexibility 45:00 [1]

8 AM

weight training 35:00 [2]

Day 1 soloflex and free weights

A bit on the speedy side so I could eat before my first Covid shot when they opened. They gave me an appointment for my second Pfizer shot July 26. I talked to the doctor briefly about the possibility of them opening extra shot slots for earlier second doses. He felt there was, and would be, product and recommended corresponding with our MPPs to encourage them to support allowing it.

Unrelated, I was surprised to learn this morning that VW sold 1/2 as many electric cars as Tesla last year, with very little of the hype. It makes me wonder about Tesla’s valuation of $1million per car sold last year.

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