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Training Log Archive: Traut

In the 7 days ending Nov 16, 2013:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  PT4 4:15:00
  Orienteering3 3:43:24 15.72(14:13) 25.3(8:50) 3136
  Road Running2 1:04:18 9.15(7:02) 14.72(4:22) 740
  spin bike1 1:00:00
  Aqua-jogging2 50:00
  Total10 10:52:42 24.87 40.02 3876

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Saturday Nov 16, 2013 #

11 AM

Orienteering 1:43:43 [3] 6.45 mi (16:05 / mi) +1331ft 13:27 / mi
shoes: Inov8 OROC 280

This was a really disappointing weekend. My navigation has been improving and I have been waiting for a real breakthrough in an A-meet setting. Last week was a good day, considering how tight and disastrous my legs were. That meet had good competition and I had competed aggressively with people on both the blue and the relay. I had a taste of A-meet competition and this week I was feeling much better physically. Just as I don't expect to compete navigationally with the top competition, I don't expect to all of the sudden have that level of speed either. The thing is, my legs weren't working against me as badly this week, and that is the best I can hope for right now.

It was more then a little crushing when my right knee hurt right form the first step of the warm-up. I still had high hopes my body would snap in when the competition mind-set took over. It didn't. It's interesting in a way. Last week I felt my body working against me in every way, but I was able to find a way to compete and it seemed the competition came to me (The way I compared last weekend to the Shamrock Shuffle is very accurate in this way). This week I felt like my body was on the way back, but the one thing that was so important, that I obviously can not identify by feel, was not there and it was last week.

There was no point in this meet that I was competitive. People ran past me and I did not respond. I made errors and choices navigationally almost seemingly on purpose.... the best way to describe the "thing" that is missing is that I am not truly, aggressively, running. I couldn't handle the rocks even from the beginning. I know that things aren't right when I trip in the woods (whether it is not lifting my legs or not responding to the ground to drive off of it) and I tripped constantly. About the only time I passed somebody was a woman who knew what she was doing on the way from 5 to 6. I climbed up the hill faster, but watched her get out of sight almost instantly as I had to not only walk, but walk gingerly, down to 7. I walked most of the day because of the rocks. On some days I would bounce through. That is when the "thing" is firing. How off was I? After walking and not raising my heart rate at any point, my hamstrings were still cramping in the second half of the course. I am not strong these days, but I am much stronger then that.

When "things" are off for me, everything is off. It seemed even my brain was off. The DVOA maps are really difficult for me because they are so much more technical then what I am used to. It is hard to tell what is a result of my frustration and depression/ fear about what it may mean that my knee does not appear to be healing, and what is mistakes due to the fact I am still not navigationally there yet.


French CreekQR

as ugly as this day was, oddly enough Attackpoint ranked it higher then any other A-meet I have done, in fact only last week scored better. I have no idea what the algorithm that they use is, but at least it points to the fact that I am better then I was before. Even at my worst.

Friday Nov 15, 2013 #

PT 45:00 [3]

Knowing that I am going to orienteer both of the next few days, which is the toughest activity of my knee right now, along with the fact that my right knee seemed a little irritated last night after PT, biking, and aqua-jogging led me to think that I was better off not running today. I was right. I went for an hour walk on the trails at North Park and my right leg never felt like it was working right, especially going downhill. It was a nice day and a nice walk, but good I didn't push anything that would increase stress to my knee in light of the next two days.

PT: stretching, rolling active warmup.

Thursday Nov 14, 2013 #

4 PM

Aqua-jogging 20:00 [3]

I planned to do the power cycling class again and PT so I kept it to 20 minutes. Enough to at least get some loosening effects of the water. My glutes and stride felt great. Like yesterday. My left knee was agitated though. Not sure why. Right knee definitely felt tight (swollen).
5 PM

spin bike 1:00:00 [4]

First power cycling class. She mentioned today would would be focused on VO2 max, but then was taking about lactic threshold most of the session. The testing last week determined the Functional Power Threshold. I do not know if this is an attempt to estimate ventilatory threshold, anaerobic threshold, or aerobic threshold (or something of its own design). Today we did 5 minute intervals (5:00) at 105% of that power threshold. My effort was much closer to threshold but there were not enough intervals for a true "cruise interval" type threshold workout. You have to consider that the population of this class is people who may or may not have ever pushed any type of intervals before. I was supposed to be hitting 267 watts. I started there, but did increase well above 300 watts by the last 2 intervals. I was over threshold at that point, but I did maintain my form and used my glutes well.

I was very worried about my right calf, but it ended up being my left calf that tightened and wasn't functional. I held it together, but my toes were so tensed up it was like I couldn't feel them at times. Right knee and calves were fine.

My back felt fine- which is a good sign. My butt 'nerve pinch' was somewhat better, but still there.

Here are the results from my first threshold test TT last week:

I won the Yellow Jersey! In other words, no real cyclists in the class...

FTP test 1 yellow Jersey

So I read up on some of the literature that the instructor gave us. 95-105% is threshold. This lines up with a ventilatory inflexion point. Depending on the strength of the athlete, this is a pace that can be held fro quite a while. An hour TT will do. I describe it as you can talk but do't always want to. You can hold this pace, but if you step it down you will cross over the line and things will go downhill fast.

Here is the thing. 106% - 120% is considered VO2 max. The 5-minute long intervals line up with VO2 max repeats, but the reality is that an athlete used to working their body will not be so close to threshold. I was up at 320 watts for the last 2 intervals and I probably was hitting VO2 max (3k race pace for runners is like pace that can be held for 8-10 minutes- it lines up). She wanted to work VO2 max, but knew most people couldn't hold up to their real VO@ max watts so we were at the absolute bottom on that range. It worked out that I went where I did.

PT 1:30:00 [3]

Did active warm-up, weighted balance active warm-up, step-downs, calf raises, and leg press in between aqua-jog and cycling class. Felt good at that point. Glutes firing well. When I got home I felt my right knee had swollen more...?! No apparent reason why. Finished up PT at home.

Wednesday Nov 13, 2013 #

5 PM

Road Running 34:18 [3] 5.06 mi (6:47 / mi) +128ft 6:37 / mi
shoes: Brooks PureConnect 2

A short run in the dark after the physical for the insurance company and before I had to pick up Claire. Nice winter run in the dark. Snow in the woods and a crisp 30 degree temperature. Like yesterday, my glutes were firing! My form felt quite good. I was using glutes in a way that did feel like they were a prime mover. I was able to be lighter on my feet then I have been in any recent memory. My right knee was still definitely swollen and in that state it clearly could not dissipate stress the way it should. Despite the lower stress, at some points feeling very low, my knee was still feeling some irritation. It was not enough to bring on damage though. It did bring to light what Dr. Stone an dI talked about yesterday.

Running in the dark felt fast. I kept the intensity within my relaxed form, but I felt like I was running free and fast. The pace wasn't as fast as it felt. It was OK at best. I felt good though. My left glute did fatigue but I was able to keep finding it when I lost it.

10 PM

PT 30:00 [3]

active warm-up, stretching and rolling. Tight in calves and hamstring after run. Didn't feel as good.

My body seems to be ending this particular downswing and maybe heading back up. My back ins't sore when I am waking up and I am starting to feel more able to activate my glutes in exercise. Things are flowing better... I am much looser.

Tuesday Nov 12, 2013 #

5 PM

PT 1:30:00 [3]

Had my follow-up with Dr. Stone today. he did finally come to the conclusion that this was more then just a strength issue. He did like the flexibility of my IT band. He said I still wasn't strong in my rotaters, but I am stronger and I think he spoke to fast there. The physical therapists felt differently on that and he did come to the conclusion that this was more then a strength issue. He wants me to continue therapy, I would rather do it on my own to save the co-pay and I think they have done all they can- but I will play along to keep ahead of any reasoning that that could still be the issue. I will be doing these exercises probably forever. My form is just coming around now. I am not going to lose it. The thing is no matter how much I do to not cause irritation, this knee is still swelling. That swelling is inhibiting my quads, which he noted are still garbage. He is definitely right on that.

I was hoping there were other things to look at, but the focus was entirely on the arthritis, which does make sense. Not what I wanted to hear at all. That is a degenerative slope that I want to stop at all costs. If it is arthritis causing these issues, that scares me a lot. He gave me some literature to look at on injections of knee lubricant acids combined with polymers to avoid breakdown. They are the newest idea and are said to work best with mild arthritis so know is the time.

Full PT sat Y after aqua jog and at home (resistance band work, stretching, and rolling). Felt awful at first, during active warm-up. No strength for balance. I just couldn't fire my glutes well, especially on my left side. I was stalling and then when I finally just put my head down and went into a groove, no matter how bad, the day did improve. On the leg press, and the step downs and directional one-legged squats I was not only firing my glutes, but using them as, what felt like at least, the prime mover. I don't know if I have ever felt that. My left glute would fatigue at the end of each set of directional squats and I would loose balance.

Aqua-jogging 30:00 [3]

30 minutes was all the time I had after my appointment with Dr. Stone and before open swim ended. It was actually about right. I struggled with my form, especially my left glute. I also really felt the swelling in my right knee. My lower quad was so so tight. I am assuming this is delayed onset from Sunday's orienteering. It did loosen up a little in water. My form never came entirely, but it got better and then worse. My left leg eventually stared to feel tight in the IT band. I was just not firing my glutes well on that side. At 30 minutes it was time to stop.

Monday Nov 11, 2013 #

12 PM

Road Running 30:00 [4] 4.09 mi (7:20 / mi) +612ft 6:25 / mi
shoes: Brooks PureConnect 2

A day off was in order, but I had a field trip to the Johnstown Flood Memorial and wanted to take advantage of being in the highlands. downhill was out of the question. When one wants to run only flat and uphill in Johnstown.... One parks in Westmont and rides the incline ( down runs a little around the floodplain and runs back up. I wanted a short run and thats what I did. I even finished at the Flagpole... My knees were feeling it at times, but no damage. My pace was slower then it felt and I was not able to hold a pace I thought was reasonable at the start of the climb... I suffered and drove a nasty heart and breathing rate on the climb. I haven't pushed like that on a training run in a long time... I haven't been able to. Thank goodness for a climb to enable me to. I really wasn't pressing as much as trying to maintain and use my form. I was using my form because my left glute itself was struggling and starting to fail. As a result my knees took some abuse at the top and in to the finish. Again though- no damage.


Sunday Nov 10, 2013 #

10 AM

Orienteering race 1:39:28 [4] 7.45 mi (13:21 / mi) +1465ft 11:15 / mi
shoes: Inov8 OROC 280

Mid-Atlantic Championships at Col. Denning State Park (hosted by SVO)

Andy, Dave, Alex and I headed out to represent WPOC. Col. Denning is only 3 hours away. Running a blue course and then getting a chance to run my first (and WPOC's first) relay made it well worth the trip. It was a really nice park, very runable and well mapped. Great courses. The blue course was really nice and the really was an absolute blast. We were actually the first team to cross the line in the relay! After the points were worked out we were actually 7th, but what matters to me is head to head racing and it was a blast to be competitive.




Blue course: Sure, I got crushed- but this was probably the most competitive I have ever been in a competitive situation like this type of meet. I was slow on the first 4 controls for no other reason then the fact that my calf and hamstring were so tight (especially after the drive). . I could barely run during the warm-up. I was stepping very gingerly on the terrain. Alex beat me on most of those legs and he said he barely ran due to shortness of breath. So I was not going fast. As I moved into the 5th control two people started to catch me from behind. I could sense them catching me. It ended up being Zac Barker on Red (we shared the next several controls and Michael Stasiowski on Blue. As I started competing with them, my calf began loosening up and I found a bit more ability to run a little bit. I was faster then they were uphill on ay terrain and faster on a decent surface. They were faster on rougher terrain. They bot passed me around #5, and as it has at times i responded to the competition and everything improved for me- even the navigation.

We battled with slightly different route choices to 6 and 7. Heading to #8 they cut in on through the marshier areas and used the road- which didn't work for me because I hit all sorts of private property signs (no marked as out of bounds but I got out of there anyway). I found myself still beating them to the control as they struggled on the hills and looking for the control too early. We We got ahead of Staslowski on #9. I battled with Zac #10 and took a good lead on him into #11. I pulled all of these controls on route choice also. This course did not have a lot of trail usage. My map reading and use of contours has so improved since I started doing armchair map reading. This course produced some of my fastest open woods navigation. Zac was well high on #11 and I stayed on course. I blasted out to #12 using trail, where I could actually be faster then him. Until I see the quickroute, I do not know exactly what happened on #12. I used the bend in the trail as an attack point. I hit a field of rocks and fond no rootstock... I looked and looked. Looking at my GPS I was clearly too high and then extended out even further up seeing if I had missed it. I could see the reenetrant below me and should have realized the reentrant was becoming too shallow. I trusted the rocks feature completely instead of using teh contours. that is a mistake I make too often. Instead of wasting more time in what was clearly a mistake, I went back to my attack point and went down the trail to the reentrant and used that as an attack point (as I should have done first) and zipped right too it. I never saw either of them pass me, but I lost probably 8 minutes and I was off enough to never even see them go by.

I regained my composure and was happy with 13, 14, 15. I felt myself physically struggling more with the terrain though. This got worse and worse. I caught Staslowski heading up to #16. The uphill was still an advantage for me and this was a nice long one. Going into #7 Andy caught me from behind and was so much faster over the terrain that it gave me a good reference for how I was struggling. Staslowski out-navigated me, taking better route choices for #17 and #18, but we were close. I did pull away form him heading to #19. Andy was out of sight by the time I hit the road. I was navigationally scared of #19 so I took it slow . I did not get caught from behind, so that was good. I contoured and used trail to go to #20. The navigation was good, but I wasn't handling the rocky terrain well at all. Staslowski went down to the road and popped up to #20right when I did! I got beat there... #21 he choose a really high attackpoint off of the trail and I shot in way ahead of him. I totally screwed up #22 (Attackpoint was right on with that control and #12 as my lost time controls) as I got very sloppy and got on the upper trail thinking it was the lower trail. Didn't check the compass... I figured out where I was relative to the campground and redirected. He did not catch me from behind though and I got in a bit ahead of him.

The last 5 controls or so there was a definite physical and navigational loss. Given my state of physical being- I can not complain with that performance. It would be nice to have my physical tools though.I would also equate this day to the Shamrock Shuffle from last year ( but the half marathon instead. I was broken going in and got through but had to baby and focus on form and really didn't think I would. In that manner teh relay fits the 5k in that I had to come back and do a double on a day I had no business doing a single race. In between the races you feel like it isn't going to be anything but a disaster.. but you do get through and somehow the competition finds a way to let you in and have a chance... at least the relay did here.

Winsplits has the ability to generate a new results taking out everyone's mistakes. The results had me move up to 10th with a 1:29.29. Even though y mistakes were much less then previous, I was the only one who moved up around me. Everyone else had so much smaller mistakes that didn't effect them nearly as much as my 10:00 (almost all on #12, but some on number 22 as well).



Now that I am looking at the Quickroute, I really botched 12 and I am not sure how I came to do what I did. I hit the rocks that I thought I hit, but instead of contouring to the control- I appear to have blatantly climbed pretty sharply. I did not remember it that way at all... I was obviously very sloppy in staying in touch with the map.

Another thing I noticed in that I am very sloppy coming into and out of re-entrants. Whether it is not thinking of where the control in a re-entrant will be (which side in relation to steep slopes) or changing direction coming out of them when a route choice crosses one, I do not seem to be handling them with grace. I have really improved my map reading as it pertains to contours, but I still have a long way to go. I need to keep reading maps as often as can (armchair O it is called I guess) and I need to spend the time focusing on the contour detail in competition.
2 PM

Orienteering race 20:13 [4] 1.82 mi (11:06 / mi) +340ft 9:26 / mi
shoes: Inov8 OROC 280

Relay. Me-Dave- Andy. Mass start and no forking. I had a blast and handed off in second place due to some luck.

My calf and hamstring were a mess. I hobbled through a jog in between the blue and the relay. I had no expectation sand that worked out fine. The start was just weird and crazy. Everyone apparently recognized the control number on the course description and knew where to run without even flipping over the map. I didn't even have the map oriented at the first control... The 1-5000 scale and just trying to get the numbers into focus was a disaster. I was so confused that I was trailing young girls half way there. I recovered and moved up to maybe 6th or 7th at the first control. I saw Zac from earlier up there. Ted fro QOC was right in front of me. He an dI battled for the next 4 -5 controls. He cut up earlier to #2 and I used the trail to cross the reentrant to make up ground and we go there the same time. We both ended up high on the way to #3 and both redirected. We were 3rd and 4th going into the spectator control #4. I tried to go by him coming into #5 by using the campground further up to slide onto the trail a few steps ahead. That worked, but then I misread how much I would need to go dow an dup to the control in the reentrant and he attacked from lower on the trail and beat me to the control.

We battled to #6 and we could see Speedy (Vadim Masalkov) and Zac ahead of us. We all ended up in the rootstocks above the control. We were all thinking we should be right on it. I noticed the contouring put us too far removed from the steeper gradient and I headed lower. Vadim and Ted did not follow me (Zac must have figured it out because he got out of there ahead of us and I did not see him). I got the jump on them and hit #7 and the finish clear of them handing off in second.

Dave ran the yellow/orange leg and passed one team but got passed by another (Greg Baltar) with another team on his heals (Wyatt Riley' son who used his running speed to stick to Baltar). Andy started with Clem McGraf right in front of him and Wyatt Riley right behind- a pretty great race to watch! Andy busted down the hill to take the lead after the last control. We crossed first... sure we were 7th after all the points but we'll take it.

Calves and hamstrings were cramping really good on the ride home.



Looking at the Quickroute, #5 makes more sense. It seemed that the control was a lot further from the trail then I anticipated. It appears I, or the trail was further south then the map. I still should have entered the re-entrant sooner as Ted did.

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