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Training Log Archive: ernst

In the 7 days ending Jan 25:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Skate Skiing2 2:56:13 18.23(9:40) 29.34(6:00) 264
  XC Skiing3 2:39:46 9.89(16:09) 15.92(10:02) 163
  Road Running3 2:30:10 19.42(7:44) 31.25(4:48) 223
  Classic Skiing2 1:22:48 5.54(14:57) 8.91(9:17) 110
  Swimming1 25:00 0.4(1:02:28) 0.64(38:49)
  Snow Shoveling 1 20:00
  Total12 10:13:57 53.48 86.07 760

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Saturday Jan 25 #

Event: Ohana SkiO
11 AM

Skate Skiing 1:08:42 [3] 5.77 mi (11:54 / mi) +141m 11:04 / mi
shoes: Rossi Xium Skate

Ohana Ski-O. Lots of fun but challenging since I was much out of practice. Lacked the basic skills of locating my position on the map on the fly. Also I was too obsessed with distinguishing wide groomed trails from semi groomed trails as they were similar in places due to conditions and last minute trail/terrain prep that apparently was necessary due to thin snow in places. Many thanks to Kevin and his crew for putting on a great event including a fabulous barbecue.

Already to 1, I figured I could just go straight following someone's track across the field, but then the track stopped 30m before the control, stonewall and branches in between. I spent a minute fighting through that crap. After that I was too timid to cutting through, which was entirely possible in many places as the snow was not deep.
Then about 4 wrong decisions in the loop of 5-8 - did not read the fields properly and got my direction turned around (it was cloudy and I never look at my compass). Eventually as first Adrian, then Kestrel bombed by me I got into a bit more of a race mode. Over to the maze which was fun, but I lost 1 minute + due to a slightly moved control, and the a wrong turn.
Then over to the camp side of the road: that was fun. I eventually just navigated using the buildings and terrain ignoring the trails (which were everywhere). I likened it to an urban O-sprint on skis.
I am looking forward to coming back to this place.

Skate Skiing 25:51 [3] 2.25 mi (11:29 / mi) +79m 10:22 / mi
shoes: Rossi Xium Skate

Then out for a bit more of skiing - I need the training. Did the barn side "tour" backwards and explored the trails of the maze I had not visited before. Getting very slow (warm) and I am getting hungry.

Friday Jan 24 #

8 AM

Road Running 31:58 [3] 4.26 mi (7:30 / mi) +35m 7:19 / mi
shoes: On Cloudflow dark grey

I am trying to up mileage with shorter runs, hoping to get stronger without injuries. I did spike the one 15m hill at Surrey, just to see how it feels. Around the block with Toon and Surrey loops. c-clockwise.

I am wondering about the ap GC import of data. GC shows 108 feet elevation gain which ap translated into 14.1 meters. I changed it manually.

Thursday Jan 23 #

7 AM

Swimming 25:00 [3] 0.4 mi (1:02:28 / mi)

Was able to drag myself to go to the pool early morning. That was hard, it got me breathing, but in the end if felt really good. Hope to do this regularly throughout the winter and spring.
3 PM

Skate Skiing 1:21:40 [2] 10.21 mi (8:00 / mi) +45m 7:53 / mi
shoes: Atomic Skate RS9

Kent gave me the tip that the Rockingham Rail Trail would have been groomed and thus skate-able. So off I went on a out-and-back as my plan was to do some skate skiing somewhere. This was good, roughish groomed by the Newfields (snowmobile) riders with their ancient groomer that was parked at the Rt 87 intersection. Also scraped-off and thin cover with debris in some places (1 death cookie on the way back), but otherwise groovy good. I needed a continuous skate like this. My balance improved over time and I was able to do better weight shift and stronger foot kick on the way back. A few hikers and a few skiers, but no snowmobiles. Balmy 44 when I started but went down to 35 by the end. I did not feel it - all was very comfy.

Wednesday Jan 22 #

12 PM

Classic Skiing 25:00 [2] 1.0 mi (25:00 / mi) +40m 22:14 / mi
shoes: L.L. Bean Tele

Setting tracks in the yard for grandson's first skiing adventure. (he is 2yrs 10 months). An intricate figure 8 with several branches and the greenhouse hill for thrills. Looped around numerous times until tracks where definite. Oliver did one loop and a couple back and forths in the flats, but then carried his skis back to the house - 'nuf for the first time. I think he is infected.
4 PM

Road Running 58:35 [3] 7.32 mi (8:00 / mi) +98m 7:41 / mi
shoes: On Cloud light gray

Rehab running. I parked at Longmarsh-Sweet Trail Parking. Then out Longmarsh trail - first mile on snow covered trail, then road running on Durham Pt. Road, back towards Durham, then SunnySide drive loop around to Cutts Rd and back on Longmarsh. Good hilly courses. (Miles 3 - 7 at 7 to 7:30 pace).

Tuesday Jan 21 #

4 PM

XC Skiing 1:09:46 [2] 4.43 mi (15:45 / mi) +68m 15:02 / mi
shoes: L.L. Bean Tele

I figured I needed to touch up the tracks around the hole with the tele skis. And also made some new tracks including down to the solar array and up the hill (off trail) and a couple of loops near the start/finish. Garmin did not pick up the last half mile for some reason. Nice and cold, snow same as yesterday. If winter could just be like this for 3 months straight......

Monday Jan 20 #

8 AM

Road Running 59:37 [3] 7.84 mi (7:36 / mi) +90m 7:21 / mi
shoes: Altra, Escalante

Another "rehab" road run. Same loop as two days ago but I added in Toon Lane loop then over Wednesday Hill and Lamprey Lane loop and back home. Cold, sunny, calm 20F. Ideal!
4 PM

Classic Skiing 57:48 [2] 4.54 mi (12:44 / mi) +70m 12:09 / mi
shoes: Fisher RCS Classic

Out for a bit of "fresh air", just after sun set. Tracks around the hole have been firmed up by other skiers. A few icy spots due to sun exposure and melting of the evergreen trees. Used my old racers with a bit of green and VR 30 wax. Kick seemed limited at beginning but improved as it cooled off from 20 to about 17F. Bright moonless sky - only needed the headlamp for the last 5 minutes. Days are getting longer.

Sunday Jan 19 #

8 AM

XC Skiing 44:00 [2] 2.45 mi (17:58 / mi) +40m 17:06 / mi
shoes: L.L. Bean Tele

7 inches of snow overnight. Fluffy. Cold. Went out to the hole to be the first to make tracks - laid them along the edge of the wide trials,so that hikers do not walk in them. Slow going, but reasonably good the second time over.
10 AM

XC Skiing 46:00 [2] 3.01 mi (15:17 / mi) +55m 14:28 / mi
shoes: L.L. Bean Tele

Then out again with two signs begging hikers and snowshoers not to walk in the ski tracks. Folks on the trails now. A group of 603 Endurance trail runners where on the through trail. Double poled to catch up with them (not knowing who they are), and then gleeful greetings. Also a lady, and a group of 3 skiers with dog, and several folks on snowshoes as well. All nice and orderly so far. My klister and kick job eventually became a snowcake bonanza during the last 15 minutes (temps had risen from 15 to 35) , so time to shuffle home.
11 AM

Snow Shoveling 20:00 [1]

Hauling snow from car place and path to woodshed.

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