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Training Log Archive: Work4justice

In the 7 days ending Aug 19, 2017:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Trekking3 5:27:18 4.52 7.27 25
  Mountain Bike1 1:35:52 23.33(4:07) 37.54(2:33) 235
  Running1 1:00:00 4.5(13:20) 7.24(8:17)
  weights1 4:00 0.04(1:40:35) 0.06(1:02:30) 2
  Total5 8:07:10 32.38 52.12 262

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Saturday Aug 19, 2017 #

2 PM

Mountain Bike 1:35:52 [3] 23.33 mi (4:07 / mi) +235m 3:59 / mi

weights (Push-up tabata) 4:00 [3] 0.04 mi (1:40:35 / mi) +2m 1:27:35 / mi

Thursday Aug 17, 2017 #

Running 1:00:00 [3] 4.5 mi (13:20 / mi)

Been struggling with a left foot thing since leaving WY. Weird numbness, appointment with foot doc. Urgent care thinks it's tarsal tunnel.
7 PM

Trekking 57:18 [3] 4.52 mi (12:41 / mi) +25m 12:28 / mi

Tuesday Aug 15, 2017 #


Woke up around 6aish and thought to call over to Ramkota to confirm the rooms. They didn't have any! So started with checking in at Quality Inn...they had rooms and got an early check in. Went for a cup of coffee and checked their dot. It seemed slow going up the mountain, but I stopped trusting the dot.

Then I got a text from Mr. W..."why are they turning around?"

Busted up the mountain in blueberry to offer moral support. And to take a few had rained quite hard overnight.

So glad to see them on their way again. They made it to 35, punched, then flew down the mountain.

Was so very glad to see them at the finish.

Found myself teary eyed, and maybe I ran to the bathroom to bawl. There, I said it, I'm a crier.

Well done UNE and everyone else. It was exciting, I am beyond impressed and so happy they did so well. Thanks guys for the opportunity!!! It was wonderful and you did great!

Monday Aug 14, 2017 #

Trekking 1:30:00 [3]

Had an intentional alarm of 7a. Wanted to check dots and thought maybe since we were closer to Casper I thought I could dot watch. No go. So, photographer guy and I flew into Casper and once I got a cup of coffee and internet, realized they were close to the dam and I could catch them at 31. So I ran out and buzzed to the dam and waited. Climbed up and down the dam and was so confused...when I was at the top of the Alcova hill I thought for sure that they were closing in on 31. A couple of other photographers drove in further when they saw the blueberry thinking they would see the team as well. Two teams came through, then my beloved UNE.

Got some photos and a status and hiked with them to their put in. Made my way back to the car and drove into Alcova. Saw Teton coming into 33. Photographer guy pulled up (I wasn't stealth in that car) and said he just passed them on the road and asked if I wanted a ride went to see them trekking in the hot sun on pavement...ugh. Then, I parked myself back at 33.

Torrential storms started to roll through. I had some in and out internet with my booster, and noticed their dot had passed me and they were on the river! What? It was HAILING. SOS call to 4x4 friend to go check on them via the 2 track along the river. They weren't there, and then the dot skipped over to the Reservoir. Drove over there. Dot skipped AGAIN. Grrr..... The rain stopped, and it showed them down the river, to an area I couldn't access at all and hoped they would forgive me.

In the meantime, thought we would say hello to Canada AR. Got to a pull over area along the Fremont Canyon and heard a scream as we exited the truck. Canyons help amplify. We went down the canyon and saw the team in the water and some gear in the rocks. We were proper and non interfering.

Here is a picture of the canyon:

With no further storms on the horizon, grabbed a bite to eat and I headed to 34. I was not going to move and set my alarm for every 30-45 minutes. The team got in midnightish and rolled out on to their last leg. I played "Celebration" by Kool and the Gang to celebrate the last leg. Went to the finish and started 30-45 min cat naps around 3a.

Sunday Aug 13, 2017 #

Trekking 3:00:00 [3]

Well, my unintended wake was a text, not Seagate this morning. :/ But got up around 9ish and started dot watching and updating the FB page and responded to messages. Realized I could catch them at 23, and rolled in about the same time they did. Phew, the team is starting to look a little tired. And realized that I needed to start my playlist for them! Rolled out of there to "Start Me Up" by the Rolling Stones. At this CP, they shared it was great to see me, and I realized that it was a boost for them. I made my way to 25 to meet them there. Hiked up and down the road looking for them. And when they came around the bend, greeted them with "She's Waiting" by Eric Clapton.

More medic support for feet and Jesse's finger and they rolled out of there by mid afternoon. I drove to CP28 and along the way stopped at devil's gate and Martin's Cove for a hike around before getting back into the race. Made my way to 28 with some cell service stops. Set my alerts to my watch so I could know when I had service and stop to update FB. Got to 28 expecting them anytime...and wound up killing time by having a road dance party with other media and volunteers. Was starting to get a smidge tired and needed to stay AWAKE!

They rolled in 1ish and TA'd to 29. I met a photographer guy with a 4x4 and got him to go with me to 29 to see them put in the water. He had shared earlier that he was a navigator and did AR, and I asked him if he knew where to go..."Sure!"

We got lost. Later we learned a lot of teams started to have a rough time of it in that area. There were 2 tracks and trails everywhere. Later, I realized when we hit the marsh we were probably about 500m from the CP...but truthfully we had no way of knowing.

Since it was his truck, seemed fair for him make the first call on how to get out, which was dead north to 220. I I felt like we would have had better luck staying on a main 2 track S/SW, but let him play out his scenario. We got to an enormous rock outcropping, which gave me the sense of where we were based on the one map we had. So, S/SW it was and we got out.

Made our way to CP34/TA and I fell asleep in his truck. Too tired to put up the tent and roomier than blueberry.

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