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Training Log Archive: michalmy

In the 7 days ending Oct 9:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Bike3 2:32:08 35.13(13.9/h) 56.53(22.3/h) 523
  Orienteering1 1:40:53 5.92(17:02) 9.53(10:35) 23516 /24c66%
  MTB2 59:01 7.33(7.4/h) 11.79(12.0/h) 346
  Manual work1 32:18 0.54(1:00:14) 0.86(37:26)
  Walk1 6:05 0.28(21:31) 0.46(13:22)
  Total8 5:50:25 49.19(7:07) 79.17(4:26) 110316 /24c66%
  [1-5]8 5:47:06
averages - sleep:6.7 rhr:84 weight:64kg

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Sunday Oct 9 #

10 AM

Orienteering race (Newcastle O Club) 1:40:53 [4] ***** 9.53 km (10:35 / km) +235m 9:25 / km
spiked:16/24c slept:6.6 weight:64kg shoes: Nike Air Pegasus 30

"Something Different", Cessnock. Hard Long. Finished at/near the bottom of the list (26th/28). Best leg #6 (8th). Best pos 19th (#4). Head not in the game today. Most mistakes were due to just missing controls and running past. #2 (lost 40"). #5 (-3'). #8 (-3'). #10 (-5'), #10 (-1:20) looking for intermediate track junction, #19 (-3'), #21 (-2:20), #23 (-2:20). Est 20:40 time lost. Just passed 1000 controls in the Nike Pegasuses. The uppers are fraying a bit although the soles are still fine. 19°C.


Event promoted as: "The new area was being prepared for the Christmas 5-day event, but Cessnock Council wanted to do some construction work on part of the area and did not want anyone in the area at that time. We have been granted permission to use the area before any construction starts, for what maybe the first and last time. The area had been mapped because of its unique features created by its previous mining history. Most of the area has been affected by open cut and/or underground coal mining. The underground mining has left mine subsidence effects such as pits and dry ditches. The open cut mining has left large quarries with massive rock/earth cliffs. The earth and gravel slopes can be treacherous (up, down or across). All but the smallest gravel slopes should be treated with caution or avoided. The overburden has formed knolls and small hills, as well as being scattered across large areas, which now present as boulders, mounds, rocky ground and broken ground. The open quarries have suffered from considerable dumping (mainly building refuse). The natural bushland can vary from open/fast to very thick areas of rigid and/or spiky vegetation. Even the light green and white may include isolated pieces of the spiky scrub. In many of the very detailed areas, only the dominant feature can be shown on the map. Like all Cessnock areas, trail bikes and 4WDs are regular visitors. It is difficult to keep the track network up to date on the map."

Saturday Oct 8 #

3 PM

Manual work (lawnmowing) 32:18 0.86 km (37:26 / km)
ahr:103 max:113 rhr:85 slept:8.15 weight:64kg shoes: Adidas PYV 702001

Back lawns. 19°C. TE 1.1. Hand dynometer - R:42.0kg, L:42.0kg. New piece of hardware to measure grip strength as part of the Telehealth trial over the next 12-18 months.

Friday Oct 7 #

12 PM

Walk (Telehealth trial) 6:05 0.46 km (13:22 / km)
ahr:91 max:97 rhr:69 slept:6.15 weight:64kg shoes: Nike Air Pegasus 30

Darlinghurst. Multiple laps of a 7m indoor straight for 6 minutes. Post stem cell transplant research program. TE 1.0.
3 PM

MTB (trail) 35:49 6.9 km (11.6 kph) +205m
ahr:130 max:147 rhr:85 weight:64kg shoes: Giant XTC 27.5 2 MTB (red)

Fallen tree at 1.2/5.7km mark completely blocking track. 29°C. TE 2.3.
4 PM

MTB (trail) 23:12 4.89 km (12.6 kph) +141m
ahr:133 max:154 rhr:109 weight:64kg shoes: Giant XTC 27.5 2 MTB (red)

29°C. TE 2.3.

Thursday Oct 6 #

1 PM

Bike long (path/road) 59:18 21.98 km (22.2 kph) +192m
ahr:137 max:154 rhr:86 slept:6.5 weight:64kg shoes: Giant Roam XR1 hybrid (white)

Parramatta-Pemulwuy loop (CW). 27°C. TE 3.1.

Wednesday Oct 5 #

1 PM

Bike (road/path) 44:32 16.58 km (22.3 kph) +180m
ahr:138 max:157 rhr:82 slept:6.25 weight:64kg shoes: Giant Roam XR1 hybrid (white)

Parramatta-Auburn loop (ACW). Pushed hard on the Duck River bike path and Cumberland Road. 23°C. TE 3.0.

Tuesday Oct 4 #

1 PM

Bike (path) 48:18 17.97 km (22.3 kph) +151m
ahr:144 max:166 rhr:72 slept:5.2 weight:64kg shoes: Giant Roam XR1 hybrid (white)

Parramatta-Newington loop (ACW). Shortened the usual route a bit by cutting through the armoury. Effort ride especially into the wind on the way back. 24°C. TE 3.4.

Monday Oct 3 #

slept:8.33 weight:64kg (rest day)

Drive from home from Stanthorpe, QLD (700km). Rain again but not as heavy as Thursday. New England Hwy to Muswellbrook, then the back way via Wollombi to avoid the M1 congestion.

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