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Training Log Archive: Ari-o

In the 7 days ending Feb 11:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Ski4 6:31:20 54.6(7:10) 87.87(4:27) 1509
  Ski (AT)2 2:25:00 9.2(15:46) 14.81(9:48) 1056
  Run3 1:57:29 10.7(10:59) 17.22(6:49) 707
  Total9 10:53:49 74.5(8:47) 119.9(5:27) 3272

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Sunday Feb 11 #

9 AM

Ski 20:26 [3] 3.0 mi (6:49 / mi) +219m 5:33 / mi

After skiing for about an hour, lots no poles, I found a hill off the Eagle Fields and skied up to the top of it to a certain tree, then went down and did it again. A good interval hill, even if my HR didn't get quite as high as I would have liked since it was relatively short and had two little downhills (but still an A climb).


321 (some skier traffic)
328 (last two it started raining, so I'm not sure I was getting slower, but I think I was)

Ski 2:23:29 [1] 19.1 mi (7:31 / mi) +492m 6:57 / mi

Skied all the groomed trails of Jackson, several more than once. It didn't get cold overnight so they didn't groom any of the Hall/Keeney/Ellis/Kellogg, where I'd wanted to do a nice loop. They said it wouldn't have groomed well.

Except the grooming elsewhere was amazing. It was 2' of powder with a little rain on the top. Groom that out and you get the retained cold from underneath to set it up really well. Heck, even the classic track looked kickable. The skate lanes were fantastic. But after last night, I wouldn't have wanted to ski much across the road. Kind of too bad Jackson is this judicious with their grooming. Might be a money thing (they don't have Craftsbury funds) but also might just be a grooming thing. And, yeah, it's a close call when it's warm, but when you have so much cold snow below, it will groom well and set up well.

On the plus side, there's a ton of snow up north right now.

Saturday Feb 10 #

9 AM

Ski (AT) 1:30:00 [1] 5.0 mi (18:00 / mi) +461m 13:59 / mi

Skimo day with Lincoln, Jess, Lindsay and Ben.

They are all good at skiing. We skinned up, lots of powder and a steady, light snow. Got to the summit and Ben showed us a way down. A chute I had very little interest in "sending" so I let them go and then skittered down, until it opened in to very lovely glades.

So we went up again. Went down a different "entrance" which was a little easier. We got to a lip, Ben went down, then Lindsay, so Ben could take a photo of her skiing. She made some nice turns, and then fell in a deep cache of powder. We figured it was a yard sale and she'd pop up, but she didn't We skied down. She couldn't move her leg.

She was repositioned and the leg splinted mostly by Ben. A couple other skiers came by to help. Two hiked down to get a makeshift sled to make out of skis. We got her down to the skin track, basically dragging her down the mountain on one of my skis (I sat on the other down the hill). Then we skinned up and dragged her down a couple of miles to the road, four hours after the break. She's off to Maine Med, doing okay. But ski season is done for her. Total bummer, but she was an amazing sport and it's a sober reminder of what can happen.

tl;dr, I'm not going AT skiing until after the Birkie (and probably ski-o).
5 PM

Ski 1:48:19 [1] 11.9 mi (9:06 / mi) +494m 8:04 / mi

After Lindsay was dispatched with Ben for Maine Med, Lindsay, Lincoln and I went to Gorham to get some soup. They were headed back with Lin's rental car to Maine, but I was staying in the valley, so I decided to go ski. Headed to Rocky Branch to ski North Hall. As I got there, a guy was getting out of his car. I asked how the skiing was and he went off. "It's terrible. It's horrible. It's not groomed, it sucks. Worst skiing I've seen here in 20 years."

That didn't sound heartening. So I figured I'd have a short, frustrating ski in piles of knee-deep slush from the day's rain and drizzle. So I left behind a spare headlamp battery and a drink belt and skied out.

And, dude guy was wrong. It was a little slow, yes, and there was 3" of snow fallen during the day, sure, but it was by no means bad. The only issue was down the Keeney where someone had snowplowed a 4' wide track of ice (*) with pretty rough berms and the other option was 4" of powder over the tracks on the side but by mixing the two I was able to stay in control. Similar thing up the Kellogg, but that was just good awkward-skate training, although by that time I was pretty pooped. Then food, fire, bed.

* [rant] A quick word about how they teach people to go downhills with the be-all and end-all to snowplow at all costs. It just effs up the trail. A lot of these people are downhill skiers, but no one ever makes an effort to teach them how to ski downhill on little downhill skis without edges. Cross country doesn't have to be solely about going up hills, but we seem to think that no one learning to go down a hill should learn how to do it stepping or parallel turning, but that "ski in control" should only mean "ski slow and screw up the trail." Downhills are fun! You just have to know how to do them. [/rant]

Friday Feb 9 #

6 PM

Ski (AT) hills 43:00 [3] 2.0 mi (21:30 / mi) +595m 11:10 / mi

So. There's been a ski mountaineering race series up Black Mountain this year on Friday evenings. Apparently it started out as a trial to see if people would show up, and people have. Several dozen tonight. Drove up in time to hit the race from Boston, quick change and I was on the line ready to go. Lincoln skinned my skis, which was helpful. Race was straight up Black Mountain, following some groomers, some skin tracks, and a boot pack up the lift line.

I went out hard, right towards L4, but don't have the lightweight equipment to keep up. Being 20 minutes out of the car doesn't help. Tons of powder, great skiing. Jess passed me at some point, the bootpack was dificil, and I was relieved to get to the top. Lindsay and several others pass in the transition, but damnit, I was going to be warm on the way down. Pro Ben shows up and I leave just before him, and the first pitch is down an ungroomed double-black. I try to make a turn and eat shit, right in front of Pro Ben, then get up and gingerly turn down another double black before hitting a green cruiser and going in to nordie tuck and was able to really crouch down and then realized that I shouldn't have been able to tuck and oh right, my boots were not in downhill mode. No wonder I took a digger.

So then transitioned again, went up the hill, had a couple times my boot popped out of the binding and once when the binding back engaged, so I lost a little time. But had fun, and ate food and drank beer.

Ski (AT) 12:00 [1] 2.2 mi (5:27 / mi)

Wheee downhill!

Thursday Feb 8 #

6 PM

Run 42:25 [1] 5.3 mi (8:00 / mi) +26m 7:53 / mi

Squeezing in a run at the end of a decidedly hectic week.

Wednesday Feb 7 #

6 AM

Run 47:20 [1] 2.0 mi (23:40 / mi) +666m 11:38 / mi

Snow, then rain, so early off to the stairs. 47 sections, with lots of stopping for squats and push ups. Achilles and right knee were a little balky, so I went pretty easy most of the way.

Tuesday Feb 6 #

6 PM

Ski warm up/down 51:15 [1] 7.8 mi (6:34 / mi) +115m 6:17 / mi

>20 minutes for warm-up today, at least. Decent snow, some icy spots, some wet spots, some new snow spots, yay, Weston! If they'd blown snow in January we'd be on straight ice. Too bad. Lots of sugar on Mount Weston.

Ski race 25:51 [4] 5.8 mi (4:27 / mi) +84m 4:16 / mi

Slightly longer loop, and a five-lap race. Went out pretty easy and I was in the top three with John and Cameron, who has learned how to ski. Somewhere around the second time up Mount Foljms a huge gap opened, apparently a couple of juniors let it happen. No fast skis for Rob this time. The second time around the icy curve, some random guy was going in to the curve. I yelled at him, he noticed us, and then sort of skittered somewhere, so John ran in to him, and slid with him, and yelled at him, and we waited for him, and then kept going.

We could use some trail signs on the course on Tuesdays. And the high schools shouldn't be sending kids out on the course. etc.

So we got to the fourth lap and I fell off, but I guess I'm not a cat 1 cyclist.

Then when I got to my car, I had a warning for, well, I'm not sure. Parking adjacent a handicap spot maybe? I was in the second row. Backing in to a spot? Nothing? Let's go with nothing. Oh, Weston, never change. Although we could discuss that grooming.

Monday Feb 5 #

1 PM

Run 27:44 [1] 3.4 mi (8:09 / mi) +15m 8:03 / mi

Quick run between things (thing #2: ice cream social, so I had to be back for that). Along the river and in to the wind (dumb) which was a nice kind of uphill. Legs a little tired after the weekend.
8 PM

Ski 42:00 [1] 7.0 mi (6:00 / mi) +105m 5:44 / mi

Sign for something that sounded interesting. It was. Meant I didn't get home until after 7. So it was a shorter ski. Guns were out, lights out at 9. Skied a bit more by headlamp.

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