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Training Log Archive: Ari-o

In the 7 days ending Feb 17:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Ski4 3:09:23 22.3(8:30) 35.89(5:17) 1053
  Ski-O1 1:18:03 12.5(6:15) 20.12(3:53) 347
  Run1 27:54 3.5(7:58) 5.63(4:57) 20
  Total5 4:55:20 38.3(7:43) 61.64(4:47) 1420

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Sunday Feb 17 #

10 AM

Ski warm up/down 6:36 [1] 1.1 mi (6:00 / mi) +29m 5:33 / mi

So I was trying to convince John to come to Craftsbury and maybe try ski-o but then we saw Oak Hill glistening in the moonlight and he said "yeah, that looks a lot closer." As did Green's. But! I'd asked Ken if might ski Kingdom Valley Sunday and he said "well, you can swing by but I'll be skiing in Craftsbury. Could he give me a ride from the park-and-ride on 91 up and back to Chester? Of course. (Thanks Ken!) So I got a ride there with a very excited John Swain (because I was making him be productive by waking up early and skiing Green's at 8:30). Quick warm-up before the race.

Ski-O 1:08:07 [3] ** 11.5 mi (5:55 / mi) +339m 5:26 / mi

6 days to the Birkie. But it's a race, right? I decided to go hard-but-not-super-hard, skiing in wind pants and a shell, but I got to ski on good skis and Triacs because it was pretty much all on big trails and anyway Craftsbury has all the snow.

Two maps, three big climbs up the course and some decent route choices. Twice I took what I figured was probably a longer route choice but I wanted to be different (and compare splits) and in both cases I was right. A couple of bobbles but it's so easy navigating on big trails in an area you know. No mistakes > 30s. And felt pretty fast and confident doing it.

One 10m section to a control on a little trail where big baskets would have been real nice. They were out grooming some of the bike trails but Adrian hadn't known which or when, so we were on big trails.

Saw Jimmy twice, came in 1:30 ahead of him. Behind Nils Koons but he's been to the Olympics and Jimmy and I … haven't. Still haven't figured out how to wear the HRM under the map board. But I did use the map board for convenient cookie storage after the race.

Ski-O 9:56 [1] 1.0 mi (9:56 / mi) +8m 9:42 / mi

Found some narrow trails which were groomed. Too bad more weren't. Trails are perfect for ski-o right now. 1m wide, deep banks, perfect awkward skate. But I don't want to kill myself pre-Birkie, so only a few minutes.

Saturday Feb 16 #

12 PM

Ski 1:17:00 [1] 5.0 mi (15:24 / mi) +668m 10:53 / mi

Plan for weekend (revised):

Saturday: drive up with John, AT ski
Sunday: drive up to Craftsbury with Ken, Ski-O, then get a ride with parents from Chester to West Dover
Monday: maybe Dawn Patrol Mt Snow, maybe XC elsewhere because taper

This … worked?

Up with John to AT the RASTA trails at Brandon Gap. Conditions were decent. Not deep powder, but skiable. We are both not at all used to what downhill skis can do and super tentative, but damn tech bindings are so much better than whatever he had. Two laps down the first pitch, which was decent, then we went up to the Mount Goshen pitch. The top was superb. Powdery that high, open, fast, fun. The bottom was icy and sketchy. At one point I had to really lean on an edge to avoid a tree and damn, it worked so well. I need a few days at a resort to learn how to use these skis. $30 Thursdays at Sugarbush …

John was talking about another lap but I wanted to keep the damage to my exertion relatively low (under 1000m for the day) and also we'd be pushing light coming down and neither of us are good enough to ski a glade at dusk. It was the right decision.
4 PM

Ski 50:30 [1] 6.2 mi (8:09 / mi) +222m 7:20 / mi

So then over to Rikert to see if Jenny was there. But the teams had left (no Alex sighting either) so we just tooled around on the race course and some other trails for a bit. Haven't skied there before. Race course looked fun, and some corners looked real fun. Not great coverage but nice looking trails. Then off to Worthy Burger!

Friday Feb 15 #


Weekend craziness is … crazy.

Initial plan was:

Saturday: drive to Craftsbury, ski-o, drive to Hanover
Sunday: RASTA with John, drive to southern VT (Mt Snow) to see family
Monday: Drive home

Then I found out ski-o was Sunday. That's not great for not having a place to stay up there. And I would have had to drive about 40 hours and violate every "ski longer than you drive" law while also maintaining a bit of taper (beyond the taper faceiversary has already caused).

So new plan is drive to Hanover on Saturday and RASTA, XC somewhere Sunday, either at Ken's, meeting my folks there, or with John in the morning and taking the train from WRJ to Brattleboro to meet my folks.

Monday ski somewhere and come home with them. Seemed silly to drive alone when 2/3 of the legs were already covered.

Anyway, skiing and insane logistics.

Thursday Feb 14 #

7 PM

Ski 15:00 [4] 3.5 mi (4:17 / mi) +47m 4:07 / mi

Out to Weston for intervals. Late, and having just had pizza and beer, but at least no traffic. Joined in for the last few, felt pretty slow the first one (short warmup) but then pretty good for the last few. Real superhero conditions, or as I said to Marc: did you salt the trail for the World Cup. Solid, but just enough to get an edge. Hard skis were good. Then did a few 3m intervals on my own.

Ski 40:17 [1] 6.5 mi (6:12 / mi) +87m 5:57 / mi

Warm up, cool down and interstitial.

Tuesday Feb 12 #

Run 27:54 [1] 3.5 mi (7:58 / mi) +20m 7:50 / mi

Joggeroo around to stretch out the legs and make sure I wasn't dead yet and run before the snow fell. Figuring Worlds in a sleetstorm wasn't a great idea. Felt okay. Went back through BU without the crowds, which was fine. Still not sure exactly how I ate shit, probably tripping over a low-hanging chain. I'd cleared the rest of them!

Monday Feb 11 #


So …

I finally took a shower today (required taking off bandages, etc. Turns out my shoulder is quite bruised up. Not a lot of pain, no issues with range of motion, but lots of black-and-blue. Given the weather tomorrow, and the state of my face, I think I am going to skip worlds. May go for a run in the morning. My legs are perfectly fine.

Face sutures come out tomorrow. Lip is still swollen, as is some of the rest of the face, and I sort of want to see how my teeth feel after the swelling goes down. Should be fine in two weeks for the Birkie, but this is going to be some proper forced tapering for it.

I definitely hit myself hard.

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