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Training Log Archive: Ari-o

In the 7 days ending Mar 10:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Ski3 5:35:20 43.9(7:38) 70.65(4:45) 1546
  Ski (AT)4 4:23:04 17.8(14:47) 28.65(9:11) 2265
  Run1 13:16 1.3(10:12) 2.09(6:20) 13
  Total6 10:11:40 63.0(9:43) 101.39(6:02) 3824

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Sunday Mar 10 #

12 PM

Ski 2:26:58 [1] 17.6 mi (8:21 / mi) +594m 7:33 / mi

Slept in—9 o'clock new time—and didn't get out of the OH right away, so it was snowing when I left and coming down pretty hard at Jackson. I took some time to get ready, and finally went out in to the snow around noon. Out for the Hall Trail loop, skating in a couple inches of new snow. Very nice ski, but I was pretty tired and bonky and hadn't brought food with me because I am an idiot, so I struggled up the long climb. Then down Keeney, whee, which was nicely bermed in the new powder and fast. I still have the Keeney CR (by 1 second) but not from today!

Ski (AT) 1:05:46 [1] 4.4 mi (14:57 / mi) +563m 10:42 / mi

Still snowing, but letting up, especially west of the mountains. 16 looked like a mess. I figured I'd "buy some time" and ski the Sherbie again. Snowing pretty hard for the climb, but that was fine, the descent was perfect. Felt so much more confident with new snow, and felt like I pushed it pretty hard. Not a bad day!

Saturday Mar 9 #

9 AM

Ski 1:58:31 [1] 13.8 mi (8:35 / mi) +775m 7:19 / mi

Lincoln and I were up at the OH and then down to Jackson. Jess was on her way, and we saw that they were grooming East Pasture. Well, twist my arm. With cold snow overnight despite temperatures warming I decided to kick the new track, good decision! We saw the groomer coming down, quickly passed the only other people in front of us, and had first tracks around. That trail is perfect. Not much more to say about it.

Then Jess showed up and we skied it again. A little less kick, but really flying the downhills … where there weren't people in full-on snowplows ahead of us.
12 PM

Ski (AT) 1:00:13 [1] 3.2 mi (18:49 / mi) +459m 13:01 / mi

The next stop was up Doublehead. Pretty narrow trail, getting a little corned. And steep. Lots of traffic, but so much snow it didn't really matter. Great views from the top, but I was kind of sheepish coming down.
3 PM

Ski (AT) 1:12:00 [1] 4.5 mi (16:00 / mi) +563m 11:31 / mi

Were we done? Heck, no! Next stop was the Sherbie. Tons of traffic, but quiet by later in the afternoon, we even got spots in the parking lot. Skinned up under the blue skies, transitioned, and went down. Reminded as Lincoln and Jess flew by how much better they are at the skiing than I am. The trail is perfect. A couple sections with moguls to add some challenge, otherwise it felt like a groomer. Not bad.

Friday Mar 8 #

6 PM

Ski (AT) 10:24 [1] 0.8 mi (13:00 / mi) +91m 9:36 / mi

Up to Jxn this weekend for the wonders of Friday Night Lights. Quick warm up the trail and down.

Ski (AT) 54:41 [3] 4.9 mi (11:10 / mi) +589m 8:08 / mi

Friday Night Lights! And I wasn't the only one using Nordie poles. Started out striding with everyone else, almost wishing I'd had classic skis, conditions were perfect and skins are slow. Of course it got steep. And there's downhill. Those skinnier skis make a big difference (and cost a lot too, and apparently are a mess going down) so I dropped back to still maybe leading the fat ski category. There was a bit of a backup with tour people trying to skin the bootpack section (which was real steep and kind of sketchy) and then I had a mis-latch putting my ski back on for the last climb.

Down the trail which was fun. As I made one of the barely-marked turns (yeah, dark) on to a cut through the woods people I'd just passed (tourer types, passed a bunch of them in a tuck) proclaimed "we're skimo people now!" So they were having fun, anyway. My transitions are 3 minutes, which is slow, and I was all alone for the second lap.

There was one downhill section of the uphill and as I was furiously double-poling I lost a ski. It didn't go too far. Then up again for the transition, which took long enough I didn't run in to the two people coming up the super sketchy downhill, and then down. Felt good, and earned the $3 PBR.

Tuesday Mar 5 #

6 PM

Run 13:16 [1] 1.3 mi (10:12 / mi) +13m 9:54 / mi

Traffic looked miserable, so I strapped my skis to my Birkie Backpack and slalomed through the BU Rotary over to Brookline Village on a Hubway. Dropped the bike, train came in 4 minutes, out to Riverside. Only a 10 minute jog over to the ski track, pretty okay sidewalks on Grove Street and then roads from there. It would be nice to have a groomed trail to Riverside, of course!

Hour door-to-door, so marginally slower than driving but way less cursing and no need to worry about a parking space getting home (rarely an issue, and I shoveled out an extra space so I have parking space karma), and then John gave me a ride home.

Ski 52:35 [1] 8.5 mi (6:11 / mi) +119m 5:56 / mi

After changing and the bathroom, only a lap and a half to warm up. Unfortunately it was soft enough in places I didn't want my hard skis (also my soft skis still had Birkie fluoros) but we didn't go out on the flats where my soft skis would have been stellar. Oh, well.

Then after the race, several cool down laps with John and Brendan and then another with John, who gave me a ride home. He was late. Traffic.

Ski 17:16 [3] 4.0 mi (4:19 / mi) +58m 4:08 / mi

So I've been nursing a light cold all week. Mostly a chest thing, so my wheezy hacky cough has been in and out, and I've been a bit dehydrated. Great recipe for a ski race in dry, cold weather, right?

Started out in the mass start and Rob almost got tangled with someone and I said eff it I'm burning matches I don't want any part of that and hung on with John and Mark for a couple of laps, with Jimmy joining us. We gapped a chase group but pretty quickly my lungs gave up and I went right back through the chase group to No Man's Land and finished there. No need to sprint the finish with no one around until the chase-chase group almost caught me. So not a great race, but good skis at least. And I'd rather be sick for Worlds than the Birkie.

Monday Mar 4 #


Whee snow! Enough that TNWs will be out on the flats, and long. And skiing at Weston and Great Brook. There's also zero traffic today.

I have a bit of a throat frog, though, so I think I am going to just have a beer :)

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