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Training Log Archive: Ari-o

In the 7 days ending Jan 19:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Ski (AT)2 4:31:30 16.9(16:04) 27.2(9:59) 2124
  Ski2 4:17:17 29.8(8:38) 47.96(5:22) 893
  Run4 4:15:01 27.6(9:14) 44.42(5:44) 988
  Total6 13:03:48 74.3(10:33) 119.57(6:33) 4005

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Sunday Jan 19 #

8 AM

Ski (AT) 3:53:35 [1] 13.5 mi (17:18 / mi) +1701m 12:26 / mi

About 8" of nice new snow in the morning. Lincoln was antsy and he and Jess went for an early lap, I slept in. Left with a new friend Stu who had come to the OH (and, it turns out, is OH-eligible having been on CC in some respect) and just moved east from Utahr.

We went up and took a lap down and it was pretty great. When we got down several things happened. We found Lincoln and Jess. I needed to tape over a blister (and did well, it's now painless and happy and lasted all weekend). And the Wildcat parking lot had filled up, so they were sending people to Pinkham, which was fill, so Pinkham was telling people to go to Wildcat, and there was a traffic jam on Route 16, and some gravity skiers asked me "where does the shuttle leave from" and I laughed and stuck out a thumb and said "that's the only shuttle coming."

But we had parking spaces, so madness, and up we went again. Which was great again. And then down again, a little icier. And then at the bottom we went up again, and then down again, and it was also super-fun, if a bit more scraped off. By this point it was getting windy (and somewhat blown in in places and off in others). After three laps Lincoln and Jess were ready to go home, abandoning our Saalt dinner plans.

Ski 1:10:16 [1] 8.4 mi (8:22 / mi) +332m 7:27 / mi

But it was only 1:30. So I had to figure out lunch (Pinkham lunch, first time I've ever paid for it) and then skiing. I could have gone and bored myself at Great Glen with Kikkan (and 8000 other people, probably, although I should have texted Kikkan and suggested she have dinner at Saalt, but figured she had plans). Also I'd rather give cash money to Jackson than the Auto Road.

So, down to Jackson. And it was pretty late, but I got changed and after a to of classic and some weird hand tendonitis/cramping (that seems to be getting better) I did a lap-plus of the wave and it was superb. Just had a lot of fun. Very enjoyable. Skied until dusk, then tired decided that I'd rather head up to Saalt than go to Grants and try to figure out dinner. Because I have a job, and a cheap place to stay, and can pay $30 for dinner, and it was very worthwhile.

Saturday Jan 18 #

12 PM

Ski 3:07:01 [1] 21.4 mi (8:44 / mi) +561m 8:05 / mi

Headed up to Greens for a long classic ski. A bit later than planned, but I did things at home like laundry. Okay then.

Guy at Dorchester side (closer!) said it was terrible, and yeah, there were some rocks/dirt on the connector, but avoidable. They could manage to learn to groom a little slower/better. The Lyme side was better, especially the main trails, but had some super icy spots, but should be good for new snow. Certainly not fast, but good striding around. Lots of people out enjoying the snow, and it is so beautiful out there!

Then saw former NNHS coach Sarah with her now-seven-year-old.

Ski (AT) 37:55 [3] 3.4 mi (11:09 / mi) +423m 8:03 / mi

Then it was a fast trip across just ahead of the snow to FNL, but on Saturday. Actually, the snow was falling just as I was getting there, but that was fine. Quick change into AT boots and lined up to start.

The skiing was pretty fun, although my legs were dead. It was a pretty mellow course, and there was some discussion afterwards of whether it would have been faster to do it on skate skis (and therefore with no transitions). Although the downhill, which was hairy on AT skis in the snow and dark, would have been harder. A waist-light might have been better.

On my last downhill, I managed to avoid a crash, and passed a bunch of people. I guess the amount of time I've spent XC skiing down hills at night in the snow helps me to not be afraid of the light from the snowflakes.

Pretty dead at the end. A former coworker who has a house at Black came by and said hello, and we ate food, and I won nothing in the raffle, and then off to the OH which thank Allah was pre-heated by some other OH and it was quite nice!

Thursday Jan 16 #


My first 40 mile week in winter since … ever, actually, I think.

Taking Boston training seriously this year (also I would have had to drive a lot for snow).

Weekend plans: canceled the ticket to DLH. Lots of travel, including snow at ORD, for skiing not that much appreciably better than NH (although goddamn the Birkie Trail looks amazing, hopefully it can hang on a few more weeks). So, Saturday at Green's, Sunday at Jackson, probably some backcountry in the morning when the snow is fresh, Monday Geschmossel and then maybe a long ski around Bretton Woods. I haven't skied at Bretton Woods in decades (last time: the end of the GG2BW in 2007).
3 PM

Run 1:03:20 [1] 7.6 mi (8:20 / mi) +38m 8:12 / mi

Nice jogaroo around Fresh Pond. Super windy, whitecaps on the pond!

Made a perfect traffic dash with the light cycle at Brattle/Fresh Pond. But then hit a red at Huron. Otherwise clear sailing!

Wednesday Jan 15 #

6 AM

Run 10:48 [1] 1.3 mi (8:18 / mi)

Jogrun over to NP

Run 45:22 [1] 2.5 mi (18:09 / mi) +850m 8:50 / mi

They said do 30 40 50 or 60.

Well twist my arm.

Just enough time to do 60. Felt pretty draggy at the start but climbed off the miles yesterday and felt good at the end. Definitely easier than after Worlds. Should be good for Worlds next week!

Run 15:47 [1] 1.5 mi (10:31 / mi)

Shuffling home, mostly with other NPers I was somehow able to catch up with.

Tuesday Jan 14 #


Went on a lunchtime quest for shoelaces today. Started at the running store, but they don't sell shoelaces. Throwaway culture! Then went to Hilton's, the rando shoestore in Central, Target, no dice. Finally went to the shoe store in East Cambridge, which had something close enough to what I needed. Quite a walkabout. But Strava says these old trail runners are at 1400 mi and I think I might be able to get them to 2000.

Oh when I was at the shoe store I decided to try on the magic shoes, and they had a pair in my size. It only took me 1 minute on their treadmill at a 6:30 pace—in work clothes, mind you—to say "here take all my money."

So I now have a pair of bright pink Nikes I won't use until Boston (or maybe a tuneup race like EWB). They match my tiara!
6 PM

Run 12:10 [3] 2.0 mi (6:05 / mi)

Out to run while rice noodles soaked, which said 25 to 30 minutes in very hot water (but don't oversoak) so I went 50 minutes in hot water and they were fine. Call ended early so I didn't have to run while on the call. 40˚ and nice, no breeze, decided to do miles along the river. Started the first just off time, but ran it in 6, then ran circles for a while so I could run the second in a straight line, in 6:10.

Running fast feels good. But no skiing this week. A call would have been a perfect way to spend 45 minutes in a car going out to Weston. Alas.

Run 37:53 [1] 4.2 mi (9:01 / mi) +36m 8:47 / mi

Warm up, cool down, and 0.9 miles in between.

Monday Jan 13 #

7 PM

Run 1:09:41 [1] 8.5 mi (8:12 / mi) +64m 8:01 / mi

All the snow melted so I might as well get some base miles in for Boston.

Already 40 miles for the month. Last January was <30.

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