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Training Log Archive: Ari-o

In the 7 days ending Feb 5:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Ski3 6:45:36 72.1(5:38) 116.03(3:30) 1921
  Run3 2:13:19 14.0(9:31) 22.53(5:55) 709
  Total6 8:58:55 86.1(6:16) 138.56(3:53) 2630

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Wednesday Feb 5 #

6 AM

Run 11:23 [1] 1.4 mi (8:08 / mi)

Run over to NP, very light rain let up during the run.

Yelled at the guy who parks in the crosswalk. Range Rover. He moved his car. I may have threatened him (well, the car, but when you drive a Range Rover to HBS, it is an appendage). He was blocking the curb cut that the people who park in the adjacent handicap space would use. Like, this guy is going directly to hell.


Run hills 42:08 [1] 2.5 mi (16:51 / mi) +709m 8:58 / mi

Today was the three periods hockey workout. I started late figuring my legs would be angry but they felt surprisingly good. Got to section 22 the first time out, and 21 the second, and then was bad at math and thought I needed to get to 18 for 50, but only needed to get to 21, so I did.

Run 11:46 [1] 1.3 mi (9:03 / mi)

Ran home and saw that the guy had moved his car from the crosswalk to … a handicap spot.

I have no words. None. Zero.

(No, he did not have a placard, of course.)

I've called BPD before about this, and they told me on the phone they would do nothing. Are there rules? Do these people deserve to live?

This guy should be fed to wolves.

Tuesday Feb 4 #

6 PM

Ski 32:12 [1] 5.7 mi (5:39 / mi) +84m 5:24 / mi

Out to Weston on the Green Line, way less stressful than driving. Walked from Riverside, then warmed up for about 20 minutes. Definitely feeling the weekend.

Ski 16:26 [4] 3.9 mi (4:13 / mi) +59m 4:01 / mi

Tightened the HRM and that didn't do anything. The average maybe is useful?

First lap was pretty subdued, John had as well. After the second lap there was some attacking, and I was with the front group, but barely, and got dropped off on the third lap, but at least there were some gaps. So I was in a group of three with Rob, who had decently fast skis because wax, and stayed with this group through the last lap, the other guy fell, but recovered quickly. I attacked on the last hill and so did he, put time on Rob, but he took me in the sprint.

Felt surprisingly not terrible given this weekend.

Then I found a ride to Alewife and was home in 40 minutes.

Monday Feb 3 #

3 PM

Run 21:40 [1] 2.8 mi (7:44 / mi)

Wanted to go to Russo's, didn't want to drive, wanted to run, but not 6 miles into the wind.

So I ran to the 57 bus, took it to the Rotary of Death, ran to Russo's, then walked up to the 70. One fare.
9 PM


I have what I can only describe as forearm DOMS.

R wrist/hand is still kind of janky but really no worse for wear after the weekend.

L wrist/hand/forearm now have DOMS-like pain, pretty mild, but still. I'll see if it goes away in the next couple of days of not skiing/racing 50k/day.

Sunday Feb 2 #

8 AM

Ski warm up/down 18:36 [1] 2.8 mi (6:39 / mi) +53m 6:16 / mi

Up to the center again for more skiing! This is about the same amount of racing as I did in 2014 and 2016 at the Double Loppet (although I did a ski-o race there, too) but a hell of a lot more climbing: about double or maybe even triple as much! So it's hard, but a good time for a lot of volume. And Craftsbury, yum.

Also, looking at logs from 2014, when I ran 5.7 miles in February. I will run more than that this year.

Skied Duck Pond to warm up, then Jeff helped me glide test and it was indecisive because the course was insanely fast, but I wore the Fischers because when in doubt, take the known fast skis (and also it was reasonably cold, and old snow, and those don't have much structure, and the course would get softer for the second lap).

Ski 1:38:18 [3] 21.2 mi (4:38 / mi) +609m 4:15 / mi

Skate race! I found a spot in the second row behind a guy who didn't look like he belonged in the front row, and he didn't. Akeo came in at the last second and skied up along the side as they blew the whistle (or whatever) and we all went out and I had to pass this guy but lost a bunch of places. The top guys skied the course in 85 minutes, with negative splits, averaging a 4 minute mile. Not bad, gents!

The course goes around the field with what Ollie called "the parade lap" and frankly maybe should go further, out Lemon's or something, because it then goes down some sharp corners and a long hill, hanging on for dear life for a 3:22 mile (the first of several sub-4, and only one, a 50m climb up Ruthies, >6, and barely; it was fast). Then up Ruthies and I felt good. Got ahead of John and caught Eli, who hadn't raced yesterday. Also, Bullitt live splits are excellent.

Long hill up but then a long descent, but I got dropped by Eli's group on Elinor's, which would be my nemesis. I think I was kind of cooked from yesterday. Kept them in sight most of the rest of the lap, and was in a group of four or five with John, who was just behind me. I led down Sam's including the steep-then-hard-corner section where my watch had us at 32 mph and then pulled off to let someone lead up Elinor's. But I was cooked, and ten guys came by (but several who probably should have been ahead of me) and I struggle-fested up the rest of the way bonking pretty hard and held on to my place the rest of the race if not my dignity or my time—lost a minute to that pack.

Not much separation overall, given the course. Ida only put a couple minutes on me, and despite blowing up I finished with a respectable time. Just a bit faster than Eliud, but of course was silly and didn't have skis on. Lots of fun!

HRM seemed to do okay on the downhills, but spiked all around on the ups. Ugh.

Ski 23:07 [1] 3.1 mi (7:27 / mi) +109m 6:43 / mi

I needed to cool down. I was around 95k for the weekend, so I needed a 5k cooldown.

With the race on Duck Pond I skied some of the race course. Even going super-slow up the uphills I was reasonably fast, pretty much as fast as racing at Jackson last weekend. This would have been a great day to ski 100km if I hadn't been dead to the world. John S wants to do a 24 hours of Weston. How about 24 hours of Craftsbury?

Skiing is so much fun I can't stand it. Someone else did the driving home thank Allah and I am now very tired.
5 PM


On pace for 1500km of skiing this month and 25km of vert over about 175 hours of training logged.

Current records: 67 hours training, 17k vert, and I've never skied that much in a year.

Saturday Feb 1 #

9 AM

Ski warm up/down 15:29 [1] 2.3 mi (6:44 / mi) +48m 6:19 / mi

Duck Pond wax test. Klister binder with Rode -1 -5 on top and it was fine. Variable conditions, some ice, some powder, some manmade.

Ski 3:01:09 [3] 30.9 mi (5:52 / mi) +911m 5:22 / mi

So Craftsbury. Didn't exactly wax my skis but it didn't matter. Got there with plenty of time. Got in to the third-ish row, relaxed start, and went out on the chase pack, but couldn't quite keep up with that pack and got dropped back some (John S went out on it for a bit, but then stopped putting time on me by the middle of the second lap). Elinors was fun, a guy double-poling (!) ate shit on the way down right in front of me. 56 minute split for the first lap, which is fast, because it was fast.

Skied the second lap with a bit of a group in places. Certainly didn't have the right skis, though. Almost ate shit down Elinors myself: berms and flat light. One guy (per Strava) skied away at mile 15 and wound up four minutes up. Others got ahead of me, and I went into the third lap all alone. 1:01 split for the second lap.

Third lap started slow. Bonky, and the kick was getting a little more spartan (but I kept kick through the race). I had a caffeine gel and had that coming into the second aid station and that helped a lot, so I was reasonably happy and made some good time up Sam's and up over the top. Caught Elissa there (who had a 15 minute head start, of course, I'm not pregnant) and caught glimpses of guys ahead of me there. And the caffeine had kicked in and I was feeling good.

Down Ruthies and I had caught two guys. Passed them, and then the double-poler was back and passed me for about 20 meters, but then we got to an uphill. Kick helped there, and I put two minutes on him there. I was feeling good, though, and went hard up the last uphill and caught two more guys, one of whom gave me a sprint but I got him by 0.1 seconds (thanks, Ed). Maybe I could have gone harder, or need to feed better, because I had energy there at the end. Or maybe I just need to stay caffeinated.

Ski warm up/down 20:19 [1] 2.2 mi (9:14 / mi) +48m 8:39 / mi

Duck, duck, duck, duck, cooldown.
3 PM


Fun logistics this weekend.

Rode up with Andy and Christine. I met Andy in West Medford from Downtown, and we met Christine at Dascomb Road. Some traffic, but not too bad. They were going to Albany and not to Craftsbury, so dropped me at a rest stop where I waited for Jess to pick me up. Vermont rest stops are the best: wifi, a nice place to sit, and a friendly guy listening to the Grateful Dead.

Today, John and Jenny showed up just to ski and I proposed that they ski to Hill Farmstead (well, the nearest road crossing) and we'd pick them up in 2.5h so we had time to shower (yay, shower) and wax. Which we did. Then we drove over there and there was no sign of them. So we went to Hill Farmstead, because they were going to close, went back, and found just John. He said it was hillier than he thought; he had sprinted to get to the meeting point still super late (and at dark) and we gave him a headlamp to go backwards to find Jenny, while we drove back to the next road crossing to wait for her.

She came a few minutes later, and it turns out they'd made a wrong turn and skied an extra 7.5k. That won't exactly help. But everyone was accounted for, and we went and got pizza.

Tomorrow, Christine and I are getting a ride to Dascomb with Jeff, and then she's taking us to Cambridge. Logistics success! Also, saved ~1000 miles of driving versus everyone driving alone.

Thursday Jan 30 #

Run 46:22 [1] 6.0 mi (7:44 / mi)

Morning jog, not as early as planned. Brought my phone, took one call from the run. #Multitasking

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