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Training Log Archive: Ari-o

In the 7 days ending Oct 25:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Trail Run2 9:42:19 25.88(22:30) 41.65(13:59) 2285
  Hiking4 2:47:33 8.72(19:13) 14.03(11:56) 366
  Run3 1:49:01 12.91(8:27) 20.78(5:15) 329
  Bicycle1 1:10:16 19.54(3:36) 31.45(2:14) 391
  Other1 10:43 3.51(3:03) 5.65(1:54) 89
  Total10 15:39:52 70.56(13:19) 113.56(8:17) 3460
  [1-5]9 15:29:09

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Sunday Oct 25 #

11 AM

Hiking 36:56 [1] 1.77 mi (20:52 / mi) +71m 18:33 / mi
ahr:112 max:208

Walked the water lines at Camp to see where the shutoffs were and take notes, then went on a walk around the girl scout camp next door. They have a good piece of land and a nice marked hiking trail, and potentially a good connection over to Tall Timbers Road to make more loops. Next year, of course, the water is off now.
4 PM

Hiking 1:09:03 [1] 3.3 mi (20:55 / mi) +233m 17:10 / mi
ahr:107 max:187

The apple picking! At Five Fields Farm, which has 20k or so of ski trails which look gorgeous with enough snow. We walked/hiked over to Bald Pate "mountain" which had nice views, and I was down to a t-shirt, so enough work to log. One steep downhill trail, so we took a ski trail back.

Then made two pies.

Saturday Oct 24 #

8 AM

Trail Run 7:58:45 [1] 20.28 mi (23:36 / mi) +1635m 18:53 / mi
ahr:130 max:209

Trail "run" with Mel. Plan was to go up the Davis Path and maybe all the way up to treeline and then back down Eisenhower Trail (which I think I have been down, but can't remember) which would have been 27 miles, but the more likely/reasonable plan was to cut across the Isolation Trail. We got a later start, and it was spitting rain, so plan B became plan A pretty quick.

Wave at the Dindorfs on the Davis Path (they have their Biden-Harris sign trailside, and it's in Hart's Location, so expect those votes counted and reported by midnight or a couple minutes after) and then up the path, which is really quite lovely if steep. We were motoring along and got to the top of a mountain with nowhere to go, and it took us some time to realize we'd gone all the way up Mount Crawford. There is a trail sign at the junction, which is facing the dead-end path up the mountain, which is useless to anyone who hasn't already been up the mountain and ostensibly knows where the trail is. I got quite sweaty going up, which would just become wet, especially with wet trees.

Anyway, didn't see many people past the starting bit until we were close to Isolation other than a couple far more lost than us (and we got views off of Crawford, of fog). Isolation was busier, and the trail past it a string of ice water mud pits, which were not fun and the trail really could use something to keep people from widening it; the bog bridges are disintegrated and the treadway undrained. We saw several people who were coming off of Boott Spur and to a person said it was miserable above treeline. The ascent to the trail was good to get my blood flowing at least, it was cold where it was hard to move with any celerity.

So off down the Isolation Trail! The first mile was splendid: good running. The second mile had several Irene washouts which won't ever be replaced; luckily a) I know the trail and was the first to hike it post-Irene and b) there are some cairns people have built. It also got drier and the sun even peaked out. I changed to a dry top and windbreaker and was much happier. The Dry River Trail is gorgeous: in a deep valley, with the broad river carving through the middle, and some mass wasting attesting to its power during Irene. Unfortunately, that means that most of the 1800s-era logging railroad is long since obliterated and the trail is constantly climbing up and down the banks, so it is much harder than trails in, say, the Pemi. We thought there might be outdoor seating at the Moat until 5 (not sure why they don't do evening seating there outdoors) but were probably unlikely to make it.

We staggered our way down the trail; this is a trip which really knocks around the legs. But the views were amazing, some late foliage, and we didn't see anyone off the Davis Path. Finally out onto the campground and then a few miles down 302, some running involved. At the end I had a nice chitchat across the Saco with more Dindorfs, and we went to get food.

So, food: we went to the Moat expecting a long wait to be seated, indoors, covid be damned, but that we'd probably wind up at Flatbreads for takeout pizza which would be fine. We waited in line, were told it was a 45 minute wait, and then the guy said "hold on" and ushered us to two VIP seats at the bar. We don't know why, but were quite happy with this stroke of luck and ate a lot of food. The bartender asked if we were out on a long hike. "Oh, yeah, we ran up the Davis Path to Isolation, then back down the Dry River Trail" and his reaction was "oh, yeah, that is a long day" probably because a lot of "long day" people tell him they hiked up Mount Willard (or something). I think he may have comped our beers, too.

So, a good day of definitely Type 2 fun.

Friday Oct 23 #

1 PM

Bicycle 1:10:16 [1] 19.54 mi (3:36 / mi) +391m 3:23 / mi
ahr:136 max:160

Out to ride the bicycle on a cool, dry, cloudy day. Lap around the lake here, which was a pretty nice 20 mile ride, although the shoulders on 117 are non-existent. Found a bit of bonus gravel; the dirt roads are nicely packed.

Thursday Oct 22 #

Hiking 37:59 [1] 2.12 mi (17:55 / mi) +30m 17:10 / mi

Exploring some sled trails near the house here. Easy to link several up to make a loop around the lake. Only issue is that there is a deer yard and a lot of deer stands out there so during hunting season, time to stay far away.
4 PM

Trail Run 1:43:34 [1] 5.6 mi (18:30 / mi) +650m 13:36 / mi
ahr:148 max:212

Afternoon jaunt up Pleasant with Mel who came up for a couple of days. Lovely hike/run up, and then down mostly running. Gorgeous afternoon if a bit cloudy.

Wednesday Oct 21 #

5 PM

Run 25:09 [1] 3.0 mi (8:23 / mi) +88m 7:41 / mi
ahr:129 max:143

After riding in a sailboat being towed the length of a lake, I ran back to get a car.

And this was not my boneheaded idea!

Tuesday Oct 20 #

5 PM

Run 54:30 [1] 6.42 mi (8:29 / mi) +156m 7:54 / mi
ahr:170 max:187

Dusk running on dirt roads of various repute. Felt pretty good, definitely glad I brought my headlamp. With some blaze orange I should be able to make some nice loops through the woods here.

Monday Oct 19 #

12 PM

Other 10:43 [0] 3.51 mi (3:03 / mi) +89m 2:50 / mi
ahr:92 max:138

Waterskiing … in a wetsuit you can be sure.
5 PM

Run 29:22 [1] 3.49 mi (8:25 / mi) +85m 7:49 / mi
ahr:189 max:200

Around the new block, exploring some roads. There are more to explore, but these are nice dirt roads with no traffic and some hills. Ankle feeling better, hoping it's happy for this upcoming weekend.

Hiking 23:35 [1] 1.53 mi (15:25 / mi) +32m 14:29 / mi
ahr:123 max:194

Same fast walk with my uncle. Loggable? Who knows, it's miles.

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