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Training Log Archive: Ari-o

In the 7 days ending Feb 7:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Ski (AT)2 8:00:31 23.59(20:22) 37.96(12:39) 2895
  Ski4 6:01:28 53.35(6:47) 85.86(4:13) 1471
  Run1 44:47 5.76(7:46) 9.27(4:50) 69
  Total6 14:46:46 82.7(10:43) 133.09(6:40) 4435

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Sunday Feb 7 #

9 AM

Ski (AT) 2:31:30 [1] 6.79 mi (22:19 / mi) +794m 16:22 / mi
ahr:90 max:155

Trip up Thunderbolt. It's basically the Sherbie, but I think nicer. I need to check my expectations of skinning speed; my usual "go up the mountain fast, ski down faster" does not translate to the general public, apparently. I'm used to climbing 600m in about an hour, whether it's on the Sherbie or at MSA. Here it was taking closer to two. That's different!

This changes how to dress, and near the top I was cold and wanted to find shelter and skied ahead until there were some pine trees and my hands were warm enough to easily put on the warmer gloves. Then since no one had shown up, I skied down to where everyone was, transitioned again, and then caught the back where I'd been. A bit of golden retrievering; at least I was warm. The trail is the route of the Greylock Half, and bits and pieces come back to me but usually I'm in pretty horrific pain there, going half speed on snow is easier.

Then we went to the summit, where there were DCR guys on snowmobiles retrieving a pay tube (or something), and then down. Whee down! It was moguled, but not too icy, and just lots of fun. The top bit I'd say is as much fun as the Sherbie if not more so. The bottom is a bit tricker, since you have to do some climbing to get back to the downhills to the car, but that was fine; it's fun to have different routes. Then there's a 3k xc ski trail on a little bump to get to the car which I could skate easily bumping my boots to walk mode to go around an otherwise skin or bootpack.

Ski (AT) 1:52:14 [1] 5.22 mi (21:30 / mi) +631m 15:38 / mi
ahr:81 max:168

After a long lunch in the car (I need to teach people "when you stop you put on dry clothes" rules) we went back up. There was some questions about our destination, but we made it to the AT which is most of the way up, and had a nice ride down. Then drove home in the last reaches of the snow after a stop for yummy food in Shelburne Falls.

Saturday Feb 6 #

11 AM

Ski (AT) 3:36:47 [1] 11.58 mi (18:43 / mi) +1470m 13:26 / mi
ahr:78 max:135

Laps of Berkshire East. Very conversational pace. Lovely day for it, and nice to be out on the snow. At some point I need to learn how to ski down hills not like a nordie. I think a lot of the problem is that I am comfortable enough holding a flat ski I don't use my edges.

Ski 28:53 [3] 3.0 mi (9:38 / mi) +284m 7:26 / mi
ahr:144 max:195

The trail had been regroomed and closed at the top so I took half an hour for a skate lap. It worked quite well. Only a little skittery on the way down. Not quite Alpe Cermis but actually only about 100m shy.

Friday Feb 5 #


Long-ish day at work, so today becomes a rest day.

Tomorrow, AT at Berkshire East, maybe also Notchview. Sunday, Thunderbolt laps in the snow!

Also, more snow.

Might have to take some time off next week to enjoy it.

Thursday Feb 4 #

7 AM

Ski 3:17:58 [1] 28.71 mi (6:54 / mi) +883m 6:18 / mi
ahr:77 max:113

Took a half day and went up last night to a cheap motel in Plymouth to ski Green's. Actually, they hadn't posted conditions until last night so I was thinking maybe Waterville, but they posted that they were groomed and it did not disappoint. Pretty solid skate deck for a foot of new snow, a dusting on top; class track was not skied in mostly. 28˚ and cloudy, and luckily it stayed cloudy mostly because I forgot my sunglasses in the car.

Out the connector, and it was reasonably fast, then up Trout Pond to Smarts, then around the Perimeter to Mudgett's (yeah, that's still a good climb) and back around Cummins, then up Trout Pond and around it and back. A bit bonky, but not bad. Saw maybe 10 people. A nice glide down the Connector and then the rest of the race loop. 46k, which is enough for a Birkie this year, so I think that this is going to be (at least one of my) Virtual Birkie(s) this year. And if Green's ever wanted to host a marathon, this would work nicely.

Wednesday Feb 3 #

8 AM

Ski 1:00:25 [1] 8.0 mi (7:33 / mi) +112m 7:14 / mi
ahr:116 max:151

Morning out to Great Brook. Lots of snow out there! GPS today was a mess, but the climb looks okay. Skiing was very slow with the new snow being wet still, but it was a lovely day in the woods.

Then I went to Russo's, and then got home to find out the meeting I was rushing home for was canceled. Hooray!

Tuesday Feb 2 #

6 PM

Ski 37:44 [1] 6.46 mi (5:50 / mi) +84m 5:37 / mi
ahr:91 max:91

Russo's was closed because of weather, so glad I made the extra trip out. Still plenty of time to get to the ski track. They're actually selling tickets today. Two of them. In close proximity. Not wearing masks. Anyway.

Round and round and round. Course is pretty nice, 1.6 km with a real climb up the mountain. New snow is crusty off course which I found out going to take a pee on the flats (skied in track). They seem to be waiting to drain the snow to groom it, and maybe freeze it down, or something. Of course, the ground below is real frozen.

Anyway, whatever, Great Brook is apparently in terrific shape.

Ski 23:05 [4] 5.08 mi (4:33 / mi) +63m 4:22 / mi

Worlds! Didn't feel great, didn't feel like I could push as hard as I have the last couple of weeks, Mount Weston/FOLJMS got a bit soft, but it was fun? Got passed by a couple of people, too.

Way more fun on the bike race nights like this when there's a pack.

Ski 13:23 [1] 2.1 mi (6:22 / mi) +46m 5:58 / mi
ahr:57 max:88

Cooled down, talked to Jess, stopped my watch when it went buzz on the Pike.

Monday Feb 1 #


January month in review. No set goals.

It was my lowest month since May, and lower than last January. No races, and no snow for the first half, didn't help. But after a bit of "recovery" I ramped up.

75 miles of running, 190 of skiing, basically all in the second half. Caught up on vert, and am on track for 94k.

So we're on to February. Let's make February count. It looks like there will be good snow everywhere. There's no traffic so mornings at Great Brook or even Dublin are definitely in the cards. Sounds like next weekend might be the Thunderbolt! And since there are five days of Birkie, I am thinking of doing five Birkies during the virtual period, if the conditions hold. Very tentatively:

Vert Birkie (enough AT trips to equal 43k)
Green's Birkie
Weston Birkie (before/during/after Worlds)
Dublin Birkie
Hall Traill Birkie

And other such sundries. It's a short month, but maybe it could be my largest. It would only require 144 minutes of activity per day. That's a lot. How about 500km of skiing, which would be well ahead of my existing monthly record of 420. That sounds more attainable.
11 AM

Run 44:47 [1] 5.76 mi (7:46 / mi) +69m 7:30 / mi
ahr:163 max:197

Pre-snow run. Was going to go four miles but then I wanted to see the river ice (frozen, nowhere near frozen enough) and the public garden ice (very frozen, will need a shovel) and then I was late for my meeting and the locks were open so I sprinted home and then the meeting was 10 minutes late because of Zoom issues.

So, basically, working from home is great.

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