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Training Log Archive: Ari-o

In the 7 days ending Jun 6:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Bicycle6 27:39:09 402.5(4:07) 647.76(2:34) 4356
  Trail Run1 15:09 0.8(18:57) 1.29(11:46) 53
  Total7 27:54:18 403.3(4:09) 649.05(2:35) 4409
  [1-5]7 27:54:17

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Sunday Jun 6 #

8 AM

Bicycle 5:53:22 [1] 81.89 mi (4:19 / mi) +687m 4:12 / mi
ahr:67 max:127

Today was … rough.

The first 20 miles were fine. Uphill with a headwind, but eventually the wind became more of a cross-tail and we ground up the grade.

The next 10 miles were great. Downhill, with the wind, coasting the flats and small ups with two lanes on our side and a good shoulder.

The next 20 were awful, tons of traffic, fast and loud. It would have been bad enough without the blind lady. At one point I went to investigate a traffic jam ahead and wound up going 40 downhill with the wind.

We finally got off 287 and it didn't get much better. For a while it was quiet but then the road south was very trafficky and had minimal shoulder and enough rolls that cars stacked up behind us.

At least the RV park was away from I-80 and we were lulled to sleep by the Big Thompson (and not washed away).

Saturday Jun 5 #

7 AM

Trail Run 15:09 [1] 0.8 mi (18:57 / mi) +53m 15:43 / mi
ahr:106 max:144

So last night I wrangled a vehicle and took the thru-hikers to their trailhead. And then I decided it was a nice morning why not take a quick walk with them and carry the heaviest pack. So I did. Lovely morning, nice views. All in snow, quick run down.

Came up with an idea for an app where past thru-hikers could find out when there are nearby thru-hikers needing a ride and get an alert. I would use this in the Whites!
9 AM

Bicycle 5:33:41 [1] 70.22 mi (4:45 / mi) +1361m 4:29 / mi
ahr:89 max:142

Ride track got all jankified by Strava because I don't know why but I think I pushed a weird button on my Suunto? Putting it all here using Jesse's distance and time.

Interesting day today. Longest climb anyone had ever done on a bike (I think): 27 miles and well over 1000m. Up to 10800', too, which means thin air. But absolutely beautiful. Lots of stops on the way up for peeing and Shawn's ankle and general sanity and well-being, but good spinning along the way.

Then right before the the summit we had two cars behind us on a narrow, curving road. One comes by, the second comes by and swerves into us. We are all angry. And then the guy pulls into the parking lot at the top!

So do we. We let him have it, and he refuses to apologize, but gets pretty sheepish when Mike, who is 6'4" and about 230, gets out of the truck. The guy admits that he can't read when I ask "did you see the 'blind cyclist'" thing? Anyway. Mike said he smelled booze and I wanted to sic the State Patrol on both ends of the road to nab him. Child endangerment, too, he had his kid along for the ride. I apologized to the kid for yelling. We have the whole thing on tape (multiple, I think) and I said "send it to Wyoming State Police because getting a call from a trooper sometimes will set someone right." But not really my call.

Long, steep descent Shawn did about as well as can be expected, then long gradual down with a couple of short kickers to Laramie. On the way into town there were a lot of storms nearby, but we only saw lightning in the distance and didn't hear thunder or feel rain until we were pulling in.

Last day in the saddle tomorrow: 90ish miles to Colorado. Mostly, but not entirely, downhill.

Bicycle 1 [0] 0.0 mi
ahr:65 max:111

Retaining for track.

Friday Jun 4 #


430 miles
4600m of climb

9 AM

Bicycle 3:18:43 [1] 50.22 mi (3:57 / mi) +445m 3:51 / mi
ahr:75 max:132

Today's fun was I-80. There's no way to cross the country reasonably without a couple of short Interstate sections, and this was one. Everyone was traumatized by their last Interstate section, which was windy and hard. But this time we had not one, not two but three Wyoming state patrol vehicles trailing us in a low-speed police chase.

We did a mile on the highway, then off on small roads for a while (past the Sinclair refinery, which didn't have a huge dinosaur) and then several miles on a closed-and-milled section of pavement. Both directions on the other side, but the riding was terrible. Eventually Crystal and I found a 6" portion of unmilled pavement on the right side and we tightroped for 5 miles with Shawn holding a pretty good line. But this and the grooved pavement had rattled us quite a bit.

Then it was five miles on the highway shoulder itself. New pavement, no obstructions, and the state patrol slowing traffic. It was almost pleasant! Then one of the patrolmen paced us down to the finish line, where we loaded the bikes into the pickup to camp, which is off course.

The camp is great, by a cold, fast river (we dunked), across the street from a bar with live music and inhabited by CDT thru-hikers. I made fast friends and am giving them a ride to the trail tomorrow. I am very excited!

Thursday Jun 3 #

9 AM

Bicycle 4:12:09 [1] 67.94 mi (3:43 / mi) +563m 3:37 / mi
ahr:103 max:144

Another lovely day for a bike ride. We had favorable winds the whole way, and only had about 15 miles of not good pavement. The last 30 miles were quite nice, even with a 200m climb. Long, straight sections on a false flat with a tailwind that we rolled at 19 mph. Then once over the hill we rolled into town at 21 mph. Not bad for a blind lady. A couple of steep rollers into Rawlins.

Wednesday Jun 2 #


Previous highest training weeks by miles were on the order or 140 (big ski weeks at MSA, and this past winter for my 100k day).

I covered more than 200 miles last week. I'm already at 130 miles this week and should top 400 by week's end. Which is going to make the "miles by week" chart pretty janky. June will also be my highest mileage month by the end of the first week (this past February was 375).
9 AM

Bicycle 3:43:51 [1] 57.52 mi (3:54 / mi) +759m 3:44 / mi
ahr:84 max:142

A lovely day on the bicycles today. Mostly good pavement, one big climb that we spun up pretty well, and some nice tailwinds.

We have above normal temperatures, but we're high enough that it's not too hot. The above normal temperatures mean that there are no thunderstorms and that it's not breezy, but what breeze does kick up is a tailwind. So once we made the big climb today we rolled along at 18 to 20 mph with the breeze at our backs. Very little traffic, too.

We're staying in Jeffrey City, a town of about 25 people which had 5000 when I was born. Then the uranium mine closed, and everyone left. It's beautiful here, with 9000' mountains in the distance and rocky formations nearby, but this is the only town for 120 miles.

Tuesday Jun 1 #

9 AM

Bicycle 1:56:43 [1] 28.95 mi (4:02 / mi) +154m 3:58 / mi
ahr:76 max:141

Bicycle 3:00:39 [1] 45.76 mi (3:57 / mi) +386m 3:51 / mi
ahr:73 max:131

Once again managed to stop my watch in the middle of the ride.

Warm/sunny day today, lots of false flat climbs and descents. Nothing too bad. The most fun was a couple miles of grooved pavement we strugglebused across, but there was a pilot car leading strings of cars across so we mostly had the road to ourselves.

Good views, high desert with mountains receding into the background.

Looks hot the next couple of days, though, but not too windy.

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