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Training Log Archive: Ari-o

In the 7 days ending Nov 7:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Rollerski3 3:11:27 27.83(6:53) 44.79(4:16) 996
  Run4 2:58:38 20.77(8:36) 33.43(5:21) 563
  Trail Run2 2:02:00 10.51(11:37) 16.91(7:13) 378
  Bicycle1 12:36 3.78(3:20) 6.08(2:04) 40
  Total8 8:24:41 62.89(8:01) 101.21(4:59) 1976

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Sunday Nov 7 #


Realizing I never did a "month goal" post for November.

Well, October, I wanted to do 40h + 100 mi of rollerskiing.

Fell short by 3h and 30 mi.

But I did run a marathon PR and a stadium PR.

So, no complaints.

For the year, I am sitting on 450h and 94500m of vert. So I should make it to 500/100 no sweat.

But November seems to be about racing. I've should have 6 weekends in a row with a race: Marathon, Ramble, Stratton, Greylock, NP Summit, Traverse. Kind of a fun compendium. So I guess no real time numbers, just racing.

Oh, and signing up this week for a race next spring.
8 AM

Trail Run 24:02 [1] 2.3 mi (10:27 / mi) +172m 8:29 / mi

So I got a ride with Chris Stock, which meant biking to the Harvard Bridge at 5:15 which was fine because not many cars. Then I didn't have to do 5 hours of driving, which was great, and he had 5 hours of company.

And we had plenty of time to stop at McDs for egg mcmuffins. Three were procured, two were eaten. One was saved for the top bag.

Warm up around a trail near the start. Cool, only a little wet.

Rollerski 7:53 [1] 1.04 mi (7:35 / mi) +9m 7:23 / mi
ahr:75 max:79

Parking lot warmup

Rollerski 1:03:18 [3] 8.08 mi (7:50 / mi) +587m 6:24 / mi
ahr:101 max:130

Wheee hill climb up Greylock.

Started out as #15 since I am a real master blaster (not seeded) and pretty quickly picked off several of the numbers in front of me. The race is basically 800 feet in 3 miles, 2 miles flat, 1000 feet in 3 miles. I felt pretty good for the first three miles, kicking well, and only one of my pole tips loose and getting twisted (I had to adjust it maybe four times through the course of the race).

But the skis felt slow today. Because I think they are slow (they're old Marwes). I was DPing things that were pretty flat and a lot of drag between them, i.e. on my skate skis it would have been more DPable, but here it wasn't. Basically everyone on Strava did better, respectively, on the flats and downs than I did. And more to the point, I was passed by 23 on the downhill (and other people), who was 2 minutes behind me, but then caught up with him on the last climb and put a minute on him by the top. So it was probably worth a reasonable amount of time having slow skis. Which in generally I don't mind (less scary downhills, more ski work up) but a bit annoying in a race.

Having said that, what a beautiful day. The road was in great shape, dry, no debris, but little waterfalls and icicles on the side, blue sky, perfect temperature, people cheering, great views near the top 2000 feet down to the valley, just kind of magical. Almost fun rollerskiing. Finished, didn't realize I could roll the finish, and then a real master blaster (maybe the only skater?) yelled at kids who were apparently in his way (well beyond the finish) with the line "I'm an old guy I deserve the right of way" interspersed amongst some f-bombs at EMN girls, although at first I thought maybe it was me. Not cool.

However the egg mcmuffin at the finish? Very cool indeed. Three egg mcmuffins today = 100% of my daily sodium. Good thing I sweated a ton of it out!

Trail Run 54:53 [1] 3.89 mi (14:07 / mi) +88m 13:11 / mi

Then a run down to Jones's nose. I knew I was close when I heard the beep-beep-beep-beep-beep-BEEP of the start clock which was still sitting there.

Bicycle 12:36 [1] 3.78 mi (3:20 / mi) +40m 3:14 / mi
ahr:75 max:101

And no room in the car but "hey Cate is that a bike that otherwise has to be put on the back of your car that is way too small for me?"


The climb was a spin but it wasn't much a climb. Then, wheee.

Saturday Nov 6 #

12 PM

Rollerski 54:05 [1] 8.55 mi (6:20 / mi) +53m 6:12 / mi
ahr:149 max:191

Out to use the classic rollerskis. They seem reasonably speedy. The poles need some work, i.e. new tips. This bike path is so much less crowded than Minuteman.

Friday Nov 5 #

6 AM

Run 1:07:18 [1] 7.53 mi (8:56 / mi) +412m 7:38 / mi
ahr:176 max:194

NP! Ran to the hills, had plenty of time, and then a really nice workout, two back hills, one front. I did two full sets and then two more back hills. Then I got cold and wandered around for a while looking for a bike with points.
2 PM

Trail Run 43:05 [1] 4.32 mi (9:58 / mi) +118m 9:12 / mi

Running up and down hills is hard, so my sister and I had a relaxed run later in the afternoon in the Fells. It is gorgeous out.

Thursday Nov 4 #

5 PM

Run 40:21 [1] 4.52 mi (8:56 / mi) +26m 8:46 / mi
ahr:153 max:192

Jog home, reasonably heavy pack. Seem to lose about 45s/mi with this kind of weight.

Wednesday Nov 3 #

2 PM

Run 43:45 [1] 5.33 mi (8:12 / mi) +71m 7:53 / mi
ahr:90 max:114

Longer jogaroo to look at the bus lane and take pictures. Lovely out this week.

Tuesday Nov 2 #

5 PM

Run 27:14 [1] 3.39 mi (8:02 / mi) +54m 7:39 / mi
ahr:123 max:167

Jogaroo to look at the bus lane and give a friend a wave.

Monday Nov 1 #

7 AM

Rollerski 1:06:11 [1] 10.16 mi (6:31 / mi) +347m 5:53 / mi
ahr:113 max:152

Morning roll with Alex, on the lovely road by her house with a few more cracks than two years ago. Fun hills, although her wheels are way faster than mine and she had to wait for me at the bottom of the hills unless I managed to duck right into her draft. Dried out, perfect temperature.

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