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Training Log Archive: Ari-o

In the 7 days ending May 26:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Hiking2 10:22:52 23.99(25:58) 38.61(16:08) 2088
  Run5 3:22:26 22.9(8:50) 36.85(5:30) 333
  Orienteering1 18:22 2.24(8:12) 3.61(5:06) 27
  Total6 14:03:40 49.13(17:10) 79.07(10:40) 2448

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Sunday May 26 #

8 AM

Run 1:18:00 [1] 8.8 mi (8:52 / mi) +185m 8:19 / mi
ahr:180 max:197

Lake with Leah and Jeremy. Early enough the sun wasn't too bad, and then into the lake!

Relaxing weekend mostly, lots of sitting/reading/napping. Some nephew chasing.

Saturday May 25 #

7 PM

Run 33:41 [1] 4.0 mi (8:25 / mi) +95m 7:51 / mi
ahr:77 max:77

Up to Maine a bit later than planned, although it was warm and sunny up there so the mid-dinner run was fine (basically eat a little, run, eat the rest).

Friday May 24 #

7 AM

Run 51:55 [1] 5.54 mi (9:22 / mi) +29m 9:13 / mi
ahr:171 max:194

Run with Elena and Dan around Fresh Pond. Warm still; humidity blew out later. Did not sleep well; no afternoon bike ride; nap instead.

Thursday May 23 #

6 PM

Orienteering 18:22 [4] 2.24 mi (8:12 / mi) +27m 7:54 / mi
ahr:89 max:91

Ran fast, and navigated reasonably well … after going the wrong direction to the first control. Without that I would have been a couple of places higher. You can tell in the results who cheated to 1 and punched through the uncrossable fence. With SI-air, the control really should be further away. Went high to 7 which I thought might be slower but didn't seem to lose any time.

But I did finish one second ahead of Brendan and Giovanni, so that's something.

Alex I am going to get the Goat from Keegan this week to bring it up next Saturday.

Run 6:36 [1] 0.81 mi (8:09 / mi)
ahr:79 max:84

It's warm, I'm tired, where's park-o?

Oh, I can go to Fresh Pond.

Jog over from dropping off my Blue Bike I rode home from work.

Run 18:59 [1] 2.0 mi (9:29 / mi) +13m 9:19 / mi
ahr:162 max:184

Saw a friend running, ran home with him after chatting for a while.

They were doing a "track workout" there, since the Harvard Track is closed.

Also relocating: CSU, Fenspeed. There are too many track workouts in Boston.

Tuesday May 21 #

3 PM

Hiking 6:27:20 [1] 13.91 mi (27:51 / mi) +1189m 22:00 / mi
ahr:124 max:199

So, the hiking trail in Hawaii, and perhaps the world, is the Kalalau Trail. 11 miles along the Na Pali coastal cliffs, with waterfalls, beaches and stunning tropical scenery. Generally done as a backpacking trip. Permits open 90 days ahead of time and sell out quickly.

We were not on top of our shit 90 days ahead of time. You can hike the first two miles and then two more up a stream to a waterfall, but for that you need either a parking space ($50ish, and hard to get unless you are kama aina in which case it's free) or shuttle ride ($40 per person). A bit of a racket, but apparently they put the money to good use.

But sometimes camping permits come up as people cancel. There are websites which will crawl and alert you (for a fee), I didn't want to build my own scraper, but a couple of weeks ago I clicked the site, saw two slots for our last day, our flight wasn't until 17:25 and CLICK CLICK CLICK we had our passes. Only $135—$35 per person per night plus $40 for two days of parking (you have to buy two days). I hope they put this to good use. (Try to sneak in without a permit and you can get a summons which requires you to show up in person, and Hawaii is far away!)

Original plan: wake up at like 0430, hit the trail for sunrise, try to do the whole thing. After yesterday, that seemed a bit much, so we aimed for the waterfall about 7 miles in. The 800' waterfall. It was stunning. 100% worth the trip and money. I could have spent an hour looking up at the falls. Past there is "Crawler's Ledge" and way more exposed and apparently just as spectacular and the consensus was "yeah, we will come back and hike the whole trail again, maybe over more time, maybe carrying less" (burying the lede here is that we're expecting in October so I carried a pack with about 5l of water and Elena carried a nothing).

We didn't get a super-early start but hit the trail around 9. The footing was good-to-decent although in a lot of places there is a 500' drop off, it's hilly and, oh, yeah, it's a hilly trail. We made decent time to the waterfall, but then realized we'd have to hoof it back to make our flight. Elena has been slowing down when her thoughts get the best of her, so I made her "talk story" most of the way back and we made it back a bit slower than I would have liked but with enough time.

And by enough, I mean we had to pack up our stuff and do a final clean of the condo, get gas, and get to the airport. Returned the car, onto the bus, too late to check bags, line for pre-check which we played the "the door closes in 13 minutes can we sneak by" game and we had 8 minutes, so plenty of time.

Then our bags got jammed in TSA. Elena went to the gate. I waited for the bags. They got it sorted out. We made the plane by 1 minute. But left on time.

So a bit more stress than necessary! But after several rainy/cloudy days, this was 100% worthwhile. And since we didn't actually hike the whole trail, now we have to go back to Kauai.

Monday May 20 #

5 PM

Hiking 3:55:32 [1] 10.08 mi (23:22 / mi) +899m 18:18 / mi
ahr:139 max:204

A day finally dawned with something other than gray skies and cloud cover. I let Elena do some work (mistake) and then went off to drive up Waimea Canyon. We stopped for one view, it was beautiful, we figured we'd see more later, but our hiking trail for the day was described as spectacular, with lookouts 700m above the ocean overlooking the Na Pali coast.

The fog rolled in soon after. We had fleeting glimpses of said coast, but mostly a nice walk in the woods. We were a bit disappointed, though, with the weather, especially since the forecast had been "mostly sunny" today. Yes, we know there are supposed to be windward and mauka showers every day, but the canyon isn't even that windward. We should have started earlier. Elena struggle-bussed up the last climb and decided she wanted to take surfing lessons (but not here, the surf is not Goldilocks this week, too low on the north side and too high on the south).

Run 13:15 [1] 1.75 mi (7:34 / mi) +12m 7:25 / mi
ahr:172 max:197

Someone did have to get the car.

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