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Training Log Archive: Ari-o

In the 7 days ending Jun 9:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Trail Run1 2:29:16 13.0(11:29) 20.92(7:08) 870
  Run2 1:24:15 9.73(8:40) 15.66(5:23) 49
  Bicycle1 1:03:58 13.76(4:39) 22.14(2:53) 136
  Stadiums1 44:43 1.57(28:33) 2.52(17:45) 709
  Orienteering1 29:46 2.01(14:49) 3.23(9:13) 88
  Bikeshare Score-O2 21:07 2.56(8:15) 4.12(5:08)
  Total5 6:33:05 42.62(9:13) 68.59(5:44) 1851

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Saturday Jun 8 #

3 PM

Trail Run 2:29:16 [1] 13.0 mi (11:29 / mi) +870m 9:30 / mi
ahr:138 max:199

Cary wanted to go for a trail run, weather looked better on Saturday, and better west versus north. KMWN 081551Z 27039G45KT 1/16SM -SHRA FG VV000 04/04 pretty much all day and that sounded unfun.

Got a late-ish start but it was cool, breezy and dry at Greylock. 50 minutes up, with Cary outrunning me, my legs felt heavy from yesterday's heavy thing pick up. Up up up and then we got to the tower and went up and it was actually quite nice (I've been up there a dozen times probably but never been up the tower). Clouds were even up enough for views. Then whee down. Such a nice course, a shame that the RDs have retired. If I lived closer I'd be tempted to resurrect it. If only I knew an RD in WESTMASS.

Friday Jun 7 #

7 AM

Run 51:21 [1] 5.73 mi (8:57 / mi) +23m 8:51 / mi
ahr:173 max:203

AM run with Elena and Dan.

Thursday Jun 6 #

4 PM

Bikeshare Score-O 12:10 [1] 1.44 mi (8:26 / mi)
ahr:145 max:194

Bikeshare Score-O to keep my point streak going.

Bicycle 32:04 [1] 6.74 mi (4:45 / mi) +106m 4:32 / mi
ahr:95 max:145

I realized that I have Elena's cousin's old bike that we got from her cousin-once-removed (they live in Japan now, so not exactly using it) and while it's a little small and I wouldn't want to ride a century on it, it's a great bike for dodging traffic to get over to O. (My old MTB is … in need of some help.)

Faster than traffic. Biking through traffic is a rush, and I'm not sure that's a good thing. Took a private road through Chestnut Hill and a) holy fancy houses, Batman (we should get rid of this zoning) and b) hill. I should have crossed over and taken the road along the Green Line.

Orienteering 29:46 [3] 2.01 mi (14:49 / mi) +88m 13:03 / mi
ahr:104 max:132

This didn't go particularly well. The map is 1:5000, which is fine, I guess, but they didn't overprint so it was hard to see which control was which and, a few times, read the features well. I ran the first few controls well, and then made a bunch of mistakes, some of them with Jeff. Especially finding the last control in the middle of a bunch of rocks.

Bicycle 31:54 [1] 7.02 mi (4:33 / mi) +30m 4:29 / mi
ahr:83 max:137

Bike home. Started this with a bit of hike-a-bike through Hammond Pond and across the Green Line tracks, then a bit lost until I popped out near BC, but from there mostly downhill.

Wednesday Jun 5 #

6 AM

Bikeshare Score-O 6:22 [1] 0.79 mi (8:04 / mi)
ahr:155 max:198

Jog/bike/jog over to NP.

Stadiums 44:43 [1] 1.57 mi (28:33 / mi) +709m 11:52 / mi
ahr:147 max:172

It was social day, or something, but I felt anti-social, so I went out and didn't really speak unless spoken to. Someone came and chatted for a while anyway, which was nice. Went out pretty slow in the sun (some cloud) and had frozen water, felt way better than last week although going slower. Finished the 50, finished Year 12 of NP.

Good lord.

Bikeshare Score-O 2:35 [1] 0.33 mi (7:52 / mi)
ahr:117 max:153

This was not really worth logging, but I left at 7:31 and was showered and at my desk at 8:06 so that wasn't bad!

Tuesday Jun 4 #

4 PM

Run 32:54 [1] 4.0 mi (8:14 / mi) +26m 8:04 / mi
ahr:182 max:203

I had originally planned to run midday but didn't quite have enough time, so ran in the evening, lifting will wait until tomorrow. Really nice day, tons of traffic.

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