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Training Log Archive: neon

In the 7 days ending Apr 14, 2013:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering4 3:00:24 8.7(20:44) 14.0(12:53)
  Armchair Orienteering2 1:30:00
  Rock Climbing2 1:15:00
  Running1 28:00 2.4(11:40) 3.86(7:15)
  Treadmill Running1 20:00 2.3(8:41) 3.71(5:24)
  Strength and conditioning1 15:00
  Total10 6:48:24 13.4 21.57
  [1-5]8 5:18:24

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Sunday Apr 14, 2013 #

Orienteering race 1:10:24 [4] 6.3 km (11:10 / km)
shoes: Innovate 280

Orienteering meet on the Marine Base in Quantico (Combat Village). It was really really fun. The woods were open and runnable, and the terrain was complex and intricate and super cool to navigate in. It was a great course. Also, I did pretty well :D

Saturday Apr 13, 2013 #

9 AM

Armchair Orienteering 30:00 [0]

Classroom instruction on pace counting. (Thank you, David Onkst!)
10 AM

Orienteering 30:00 [2] 2.0 km (15:00 / km)
shoes: Innovate 280

Part one of the all-day training activities at Prince William Forest! This was David and Mihai's exercise. We measured our walking and running pace counts, and then went out on a pace counting exercise where we pace-counted in the direction of a control in the woods that was not marked with a flag. We went in a large group, so everyone ran in the direction of the control (using a blank map--no contours, nothing--with the course laid out on it) and then stopped when their pace ran out and on the feature where they thought it was. I was pretty inaccurate the entire time, but it didn't seem like anyone really consistently found the control feature, even among the more advanced orienteers. I was actually pretty surprised that my pace counting was so inaccurate, because on a real orienteering course it always seems to be fine.
12 PM

Armchair Orienteering 1:00:00 [0]

More classroom instruction, with presentations by Ted and Jon.
2 PM

Orienteering 30:00 [2] 1.7 km (17:39 / km)
shoes: Innovate 280

Part two of the training at PWF! I went on a mapwalk with Jon Torrance and a few other orienteers. Before we went to each point, we discussed attack point, route choice, features along the way, and the different skills we might need to use. Then we decided on our route, and ran to the area of the control (which wasn't marked with a flag). It was very helpful because I realized how slow I am at precision map reading, and taking into account all the little reentrants, spurs, gulleys---basically reading contours well. I was also really glad for the discussion before each leg. It gave me insight into how other orienteers decide their route and suggested to me that I could improve my orienteering with less reliance on trails and other handrails, by using contour features more instead.
5 PM

Orienteering 50:00 [2] **** 4.0 km (12:30 / km)
shoes: Innovate 280

Part three of the activities at PWF! This was a line-O. There were several controls scattered along the line we had to follow, but they weren't mapped and we didn't know how many there were. All we had was the line, so it was really all about the precision orienteering. I did pretty well in the beginning, but I missed a control in some really tricky area with a bunch of green, and then near the end I got totally lost and had to go out to a trail (which got taken off the map, so it was a little scary for a while trying to figure out where I was). I ended up getting 6 out of the 9 controls out in the woods, which was pretty much average for the people who did it. No one got all nine (I think the highest was 7).

Thursday Apr 11, 2013 #

Running 28:00 [3] 2.4 mi (11:40 / mi)
shoes: Brooks Ariel

Short run before dinner. I couldn't have picked a better time. The sun was almost gone, and a lovely breeze picked up about halfway through my run.

Wednesday Apr 10, 2013 #

Treadmill Running 20:00 [4] 2.3 mi (8:41 / mi)

Ran on the treadmill before rock climbing because it was SUPER HOT outside today. I didn't want to think about running in today's sun. So even running on the treadmill seemed more appealing than sweating it out in the heat.

Rock Climbing 40:00 [3]

Did some negatives after running on the treadmill while I was waiting for Rushmie to arrive. I felt really strong on the first two and then by the third my arms sort of gave out. Oh well. When I started out, I could barely even do one. Heheheh I'll do a pullup one day!

After Rushmie came, Samantha and her and I took turns climbing. I did three 5.9s so that was pretty hard, and near the end my arms were ready to collapse. But I felt good about my sequencing on all of them, and I didn't have to rest much on the first and last ones. Maybe I'll try a 5.10a soon!

Tuesday Apr 9, 2013 #

Rock Climbing 35:00 [3]

Rock climbed with Rushmie, Samantha, and Pria. Can't remember what I did anymore because I forgot to add it in yesterday but I know it was really fun :)

Monday Apr 8, 2013 #

Strength and conditioning 15:00 [5]

Just core for today because I need a break from all the running.

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