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Training Log Archive: brycec

In the 1 days ending Apr 26, 2014:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Rogaining1 22:34:00 74.56(18:10) 120.0(11:17) 2500
  Total1 22:34:00 74.56(18:10) 120.0(11:17) 2500

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Saturday Apr 26, 2014 #

11 AM

Rogaining race (Rogue Adventurgaine) 22:34:00 [5] 120.0 km (11:17 / km) +2500m 10:13 / km
shoes: Salomons XR Mission

Cliff notes so Ricky doesn’t need to read the whole thing:
30th overall, 11th in XO, Pain and suffering, QLD terrain is a bitch but their rogaining is navigation by track. Deciding to pull toe nails or not and having serious heartburn issues after 12 hrs of vomiting/ retching from over exertion.

Blow by Blow (writeup of epic length):
More info can be found:
In case you want to see the stupidity lined up with actually points.

Stage 1 – Trek – roughly 19km (I go into alot of depth here early dont worry it doesnt continue)
We had been advised for the first 6 points that teams should stay in the river bed but that all points were optional. We had decided that we would drop point 3 as it was only worth 30 points and go straight from 2-5 as it made a smoother route and potentially quicker. So we followed the snake of 60 teams down through 1 and 2 by which stage I had surface cuts on my hands because the terrain was pretty much climbing over boulders… so I thought. 2-5 we went over a hill found the trail and proceeded down the appropriate watercourse to the area directly west of point 5. It was hard going the hill were step. As we rounded the river junction we could see teams getting to CP5 which was impressive however this was where we ran into our first difficulties. We had to keep crossing water on boulder and rocks 2 water sections away from the point we ran into an impassable area. After some consideration I tried to rock climb the wall around and realised this was going to be exceptionally difficult and could end very badly with rocks just below water surface. I aborted it took off my shoes and socks and got mid abdomen deep into the water. Dear god it was cold. But made it through there easy enough. Polly was less keen but eventually came the same way too. We made our way down to the final water section before the CP a larger area of water, the left hand side had a 15m sharp drop down to rocks and a water pool and the right was vertical or overhanging cliff face 20m… after attempting left and finding it not possible we attempted to scale the right before the cliff face hoping to get over and around that way. This was not possible and was damn scary with not much room for error. We made our way back to the pool and decided we either go back or swim… so swim it was. It was FREEZING. And fully clothed was bloody hard to swim. We had some guidance from a team on the point who told us a safe some to stand to get out. Gathering CP 5 we realised we were likely in last place now and pretty tired from the extra disciplines of bouldering/rock climbing/swimming we put upon ourselves. The only upside was the wet clothes really took the zing out of the days heat. Determined to make up some ground we pushed on fast. Probably a bit too fast for me but I tried to hold onto Pollys pace as best I could – Managed ok until point 4 then shortly after point 4 I rolled my ankle and twisted my right knee on the exceptionally treacherous rocks. – I can’t stress how many big ass rocks we were clambering over every second of the first stage. It was horrible and exhausting. We got to point 6 and by then had pulled in a few teams and felt we were making some progress but I was struggling.

I ran out of water here and had a long time to go before we got to the transition. My body gave up on me a few times on the way to point 7 and I was really in bad head space I was either not talking or when I was it was to express my pain/displeasure. Struggling with the hills and lack of water pushed on. Aborted 8-9 and went directly to 10 to try regain some time I think either on this leg or the next though Polly and I had a massive blow out mainly based on how much I was struggling. She wanted to pull out at TA because she saw no point in continuing. However once we got to some land were I was on the flat and wasn’t struggling so much I managed to talk to her and we came to the agreement that we would have a small break at TA then go onto stage 2 and see if things improved. However we agreed to drop the rest of the trek points after 10. By the time we had got to the TA we were about an hr behind our schedule and had dropped 250 points from our plan – my knee was throbbing, ankle so ok but main issue was almost 2 hours without water. Got powerade into the pack and took on about a litre post haste before kitting up and going to the next stage.

Stage 2: Kayak.
Neither of us had kayaked before and thought this could be disastrous. However we held a surprisingly nice rhythm we were going to go counter clock wise but instead we dashed over to 17 then to 16. We had teams with us the whole way and friendly banter ensued. All the boats went to 14 and 15 and our mood dramatically lifted. I told Polly for the points we got out of the water for my knee was giving me issues so stage 3 (trek) might be an issue but I think the ride would be ok. We crossed back over the lake and grabbed 18 it was dark by now and we could see other searching for it from the water for ages abut we went straight up to it. We then decided point 19 would be our last and that should put us on schedule and only dropping 140-180 off our planning for that leg. We almost missed 19 in the dark as the island wasn’t really visible but one we got it we went straight home at speed. Back on time budget with 20 minutes to spare. We had made up 1.5hrs on the kayak leg. Yeha.

Stage 3: Trek
After a reasonable transition we headed out for the second trek Our discussion had changed our plan to do just a small triangle and pick up the 3 closest points because my knee was unlikely to hold on the hills. But the ground whilst hilly was grassy with lots of trails so after getting point 24 and getting to point 25 I said to Polly I am happy to push on south and grab some of those points. We made a small navigation error and took us on a wrong track toward 28 not 30, but corrected on an unmarked track and went and got 30. We decided for the extra 10 points we would go and get 28 on way back. Looking at in now that was a silly decision we should have got 27 and used the time elsewhere! However we didn’t and we went and got 28 then went back to the trails until just south of 21 where we used the coast to get to 24 again it was on this section that the uploadable part of my garmin failed however it says we were at 41.7km with 1228m elevation already. We then opted to go to 23. This was a bit tricky from the east so we looped around from the TA and attacked from a different angle. Probably time wasted here but it was a90 pointer and we wanted it. Back to transition and still 20 mins up on time having only dropped 90 points from planned.

Stage 4: MTB
I felt this would be our strongest segment. Kicked off and decided we would climb the main road up the hill… It was (I think) 12% gradient and roughly 5km long. This is where pain really kicks in. I started to vomit. Once properly then retching every km thereafter up that hill. Really would have been happy going back to HQ for a rest at this point and going out after some shuteye. We drop 31 from our plan but went and grabbed 32. Polly shutdown the notion of going home – god my earlier lets keep going talk must have been good or she wanted me to suffer or both. We grabbed 33 and proceeded south – the hope of going home had now gone. The night was bloody cold and even with my first dry clothes of the day on for the ride leg I was freezing. The arm and leg warmers came out but I was still too cold on my chest from the wind. I removed my race number from my bag and put in up my top and a crude wind breaker and boy it worked a treat. We went about our task as planned and nailed the point 34-35-37-36-38- without incident. There was some walking on the uphills going on just because body and mind was shattered. Small mistake on 41 with a wrong turn then went back and grabbed it before proceeding to 40-43-42. Polly asked me at some point (I think it was here) how sick I had been the response was I stopped counting after 20 but my knee was holding at least. I think that surprised her a bit and after the race she told me she was expecting me to have said twice. HA no. Up to 46 was hell. It was up hill and took ages and was 6am when we got this point and sunrise. Lights off was amazing and really lifted the mood again. We had both been suffering from riding with our eyes closed a short while before. 50-46 nice and easy, even though point 50s etagger was broken, point 47 had an unmarked track and lost us probably 15mins or more searching it before we realised. I am going to guess this is where my Garmin died. Roughly. 20hrs in 101km down but I cant get the file out of my watch and I have no more details. The ground was more rolling hills than what it was before and it was more like road ridings however the long legs to 49051 broke both of us and we decided to pack the bike leg in asap – both of us starting to feel bike soreness. We dropped 52, grabbed 53 dropped 54 got 55 dropped 56 and went home. We spend 50 mins over our time budget but that put us only 30 behind thanks to the starting buffer and only drop 230 points from planned. Both very happy with the leg. oh and I am guessing the ride distance ended up around 75-85km could work it out but cbf. Climb would have been interesting multiple thousands I am sure.

Stage 5-8 (Archery, orienteering, stand-up paddleboard, Kayak)
After 22hrs and 4 minutes we are that the hq and had a choice of what legs to do next. Personally I wanted to finish and there and then. But we pushed on Down to archery, one of us needed to get 2 our of 3 arrows on the board from 50m. Polly already told me she had no chance so it was up to me. First shot I missed below the target, I adjusted and got the second in the blue zone, wasn’t happy with that, adjusted again, bullseye. Much to the astonishment of all around as there wasn’t many other arrows in the targets… teehee We aborted the kayak because neither of us hand the strength to carry it down to the water 300m down a massive hill, let alone back up. So we went to SUP. The sup was really nice but I was feeling dizzy from everything else… no I didn’t go in the drink but we only went to the closest point and I said to Polly we got to go back. After returning to HQ Polly looked at me and said – I don’t think I can push him anymore to the marshall and we were out. We skipped the 4km orienteering course and closed it out… Apparently I was starting to turn a yellow tinge at this stage haha.

Other notes/injuries
- I have never spent so much time with a map in my mouth so I could climb over shit.
- Protein bars suck and are horrible.
- Ants raided my food supplies :( and aren’t that tasty even when hungry!
- Right knee is bruised but ok I think, ditto the ankle, but my right foots second smallest toenail is only hanging on by one side so it might be coming off and the big toes nail recovering from juffy attack last year is pretty much lifted half off from the front again :(
- Major vomits post event didn’t help the heartburn which I am still suffering from badly over 24hrs later
-Cuts scratches bruises, too many to count
- Legs obliterated.
- No blisters on feet. Blisters which burst from kayak paddling on both thumbs :(
- Can probably bitch more but I wont
- Bike was packed horribly but survived the trip home, don’t know how. Fastest I moved (on foot) the whole weekend was running to car at airport in massive downpour LOL – but god did it hurt!

And finally - I think they miss scored us by 70 points! jipped that was a whole position!

Kudos if you read all of this :P

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