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Training Log Archive: brycec

In the 1 days ending May 2, 2015:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Rogaining1 11:43:10 32.76(21:28) 52.72(13:20) 994
  Total1 11:43:10 32.76(21:28) 52.72(13:20) 994

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Saturday May 2, 2015 #

10 AM

Rogaining race 11:43:10 [3] 52.72 km (13:20 / km) +994m 12:11 / km
shoes: Brooks Glycerin 12

An awesome day out with Tash and Paul.

Some pre notes - I did 900m less than Paul?! guess choosing the best line from the back has its advantages. Also elevation corrections on made 300m difference now only 40m off Paul.

Moving time was 10:55... mm 45min ish of dead time, I need to work on improving that.

I noticed a lot of control where set next to stumps - I am assuming GB wanted to get them the right height ;) (payback for your pre start comment)

We set a realistic 50-51km course which we all felt comfortable about. Set off to the east and was at a jog pretty early - until Paul pointed out not one other team came our way!?! so we walked - thank goodness because every time I have started a rogaine with a run I have blown up.

Anyhow our start was great - 55/35/90/77/53/78/100 All bang on - I had been navigating from wherever I was in the train and felt really comfortable the whole way. I did however have stomach issues on the way to 90 which was super early in the day and felt like it could be a long day because of this - start pushing fluids hard early. Paul also gave me my first bit of assist up to 90 or 78 I forget with a bit of a hand in the back shove which is always welcome. 100 was interesting the angle we attacked from the control was largely hidden - Paul didnt see it until he was within 2m. Even though I was saying - its right there in front of you~!

61 was our first error of the day - it was a minor mistake and I knew the control was left just not as hard as I thought it was and Pauls firmness of it being straight ahead lead me to believe I might be wrong - I drifted slightly left which Paul checked where he thought it was and he quickly came back through and we corrected 50m left and got it.

Thing went downhill for me about here - focusing on the stomach pains and just watching bearings not the map - lost contact ALOT and when I did try figure out where I thought I was when trying to regain contact I was wildly wrong. That said once corrected I was on the money and 60 was a prime example - I was miles off my guess but once Paul explained where he thought we where I was in the game and spotted the control 50+m to our right when we hit the area.

On route to 91 a stick went straight through my shoe and well - that caused all sorts of dramas with a constant flow of crap going in my shoe from then onwards - it turns out my other shoe had two holes ripped in it and was suffering the same fate... explains why my feet felt so sore by the end!

Anyway clean through 91, 85, 54, 65, 63, 76, 101 and on the way to 51 Paul tried out the tow rope. It certainly pulled me along however I found the extra power I got from the assist was over compensated by the extra effort I was putting in to hold the pace up the hill. Also the side mount on paul was pulling weirdly on both of us so it was a weird experience. Tash was powering along next to us - was impressed with her form given she was only 1 week out from the 24. Only felt her slip off that pace a few times and was able to quickly give her an assist too keep up.

Post 51 we did an on road phone shoot followed by a downhill run - I didn't particularly love it but it wasn't horrible. Paul later told me he wasn't feeling so great at this point but I didn't really sense it out there. we got 83 nicely and then went north to 33 which was a SHALLOW FUCKING GULLY (SFG). Only GB sets these... I think most know my thoughts about these. Anyway I spotted it about 50m to our left as we where cruising along which was good because Paul was about to overshoot.

58 was clean, 82 we got to using the terrain, and then I was in front - I had been having horrible nav for about 2+ hours just bad map present... so I took the lead and Paul dropped back - later turns out Paul needed the break so it did both of us wonders. Because I nailed the direction and landed straight into 92.

81 clean then 102 was good - I was going into a bit of a low though and had a few other niggles going on - mainly my feet with all the pebbles in my shoes - forming blisters on my heals and my gut not playing nice. Tash offered to carry my bag - which was a lovely offer, but did humour and shock me at the same time. - turned out the cheeky monkey had had caffeine pills and was experiencing the joys of caffeine and felt like super tash at the time :)

31 clean then out to the road - I got some caffeine gel down and some food and started feel good post the water drop at 50. Night came on fast from there and Paul offered another tow rope up to 32. I was feeling good so I offered Tash the rope and she loved it. we hit 32 nicely and then went for 74. Clean again.

I knew 70 would be horrible and well it was. I went into a bad space just before this leg and getting there knocked me out of whack for a bit and it wasnt unto we cleared 56 and made the road before I came back around and was back where I wanted to be. From hear on out I felt pretty good but for me feet but everything else had numb/merged into a constant.

75 was clean and then 94 another SFG however again I spotted to the right maybe 25m after Paul overshoot and was a bit of a stealthy grab by our team not giving away the point to another team right behind us. North to the road then a nice road march ahead.

I noticed the always chirpy Tash and good convo had died down - so I asked the question, are you still eating and are you ok. which came back with a no to both. could tell she was feeling it and gave her some pain meds shortly after she had eaten. I think though the pain had set in so was a bit of an uphill battle for Tash from here. But she was bloody resilient and pushed on at a pace that kept me on my toes.

52 was easy and then along to 71 - Paul offered a tow and Tash shot forward... however ran straight past paul and kept going - DAMN. at this point my heal blisters where killing but cant separate so into a jog I went - Paul dropped back to give me some company - however as we got moving I quickly found that moving faster was easier and more comfortable and almost got to running speed. before realising this is silly and could lead to disaster and slowed down to find out we where at our attack point. 71, 30 cleanly.

Then we got our first real bad nav error on 72 We got it eventually but we got within 40m of our first pass and didnt hit it - we where definitely in the gully just the wrong side of it. We dropped 62 and went 41 to home. 41 we had a small brain fart before getting the point but pretty clean.

I think in total we dropped 190 points (84,64,103,57,66,62 - picked up 32,74,52,71) from our original plan covered the planned distance so very happy with that effort.

Team work was really good - Paul carried both Tash and I on nav and physically with towing. Tash kept me honest all day keeping up an amazing pace particularly after doing a 24 last week - she soldiered on in pain and was awesome fun out there enjoyed having a long walk with her.

Came out 4th (realistically the best spot we could hope for and 1st mixed. Making Tash the best woman on the day :)and getting me my first category first. Also longest distance I have done in a 12hr.

Apart from the SFG's setting was great, well done S/V teams good event.

In other news I need to go shopping as pants ripped to shreds, shoes are ripped to shreds.. Might wait until I can walk properly later in the week though - my heal blisters are bad bad!

- sorry cbf proof reading or adding more #needrest.

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