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Training Log Archive: brycec

In the 1 days ending May 10, 2015:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering1 2:34:43 7.61(20:21) 12.24(12:38) 445
  Total1 2:34:43 7.61(20:21) 12.24(12:38) 445

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Sunday May 10, 2015 #

10 AM

Orienteering race (Frazzle) 2:34:43 [5] 12.24 km (12:38 / km) +445m 10:42 / km
ahr:162 max:178 shoes: Salomon XA Pro 3d

So struggled getting out of bed this morning after working late last night - incidentally left late but was still going to be there about 945. Until I turned up york-williams road cause thats what get driving directions from event had told google maps to do.

I stopped and read the event directions at the turn off and then searched for a thompson - nope. couldnt find... had I missed the signs or not gone far enough... where is dale.. oh how about hillcroft. winnar. zooms straight past south dale and along grover and found hillcroft - sure it should be to the right but feeling very uncertain I opted to go back so about face and back all the way to south dale where I turned up it and powered along that. in the middle of know where... "you have arrived at your destination" - well shit thanks google. its getting close to 1015 now and I am frustrated and about to pull the pin when I catch a O sign at a turnoff - as I was about to bail out. - lucky, floor it down the roads to get to farm gate and then into the site... geez complicated getting in and I was rushing... almost cleared out my front buumper on a ditch OOPS! teach me. get there about 1020-25 ish - rush for rego and then to the start. I knwo I need at least 2.5hrs and I start at 10.32 so was on the clock from the get go.

1 felt really unsteady getting to it but eventually got there and had a bit of hunting. As I left ricky powered back through I guess going to 22.

#2 used the granite then fence then spur then the hill of 8 to bounce my way across to 2. once I got there though I was hunting to the west for a while before I corrected - lost a bit of time in there. Also said g'day to Paul on the way through on that leg, he didn't seem in his normal spirits which didnt feel me with confidence on the future few legs!.

#3 having felt like 1/2 took ages I wanted to make sure I hit 3, so rather than jsut go straight at the point I was almost sure was the gully from well off, I kept going to the edge to check - bit of a waste of time should have just gone straight there.

#4 and #5 where nice and went well as did #6 - nothing like open ground areas! #7 bounced off the rocks near 2 and pretty much came out on 7. 8 I was going to go around the front but instead went over and looped around and spiked it nicely.

#9 I should have gone back via the white areas near 2 and 6 - but just punched through the horrible crap north of it - hit 9 flush but could have been faster.

#10 almost muppeted up after drifting right - however I realised and saw the flag at similar timing. #11 no worries ditto #12 - was just a tad slow through these when really should have been much quicker. Was really feeling the sun by now and I had forgotten both hat and suncream... so it was fly city and I was feeling roasted.

#13 was easy and went at a bit of a trot to it but certainly not fast! thern there was #14. I didnt know what the symbol ment- I didnt knwo there was a cave - I would have never found it but for someone pointing saying its in there to me. I found the cave very damp and assumed it was because Juffy had had a bouldergasim with the big rocks everywhere. Also felt like this control was on the wrong side of the big boulders based on the circle.

#15 the worlds longest leg! I went via the paddock - small hill to cross and then along a long paddock again - made for easy going and if I was fit it would have been super quick too. Hit 15 incredibly flushly and was 1 minute up on my time budget I actually felt liek I would make it in before 1300 at this point.

#16 no dramas, but #17 I missed left and then overshot once I realised I was on the rise I went back and hit it nicely. #18 was clean as was 19 - even though 19 needed a tiny bit of search.

I tried to keep #20 tight on bearings but I ended up finding #1 first and relocating off that. it was a bit soul destroying as I didn't recognise 1 at all and it was horrible ground to move over. Was feeling very dehydrated and sunkissed by now..

Leaving #20 I had 12 minutes to complete the course... doable but tough. hit 21 nicely and had 7-8 minutes left. getting tight.

#22 broke my spirit got lost finding it and was too far south, took my time finding it but this cost me.7 mins.

1 min until 1300 - well bugga. went to 23 and got it reasonably cleanly but was not 1 minute overtime, used the granite up to 24 which was still there YAY and went to finish. ended up coming home at about 1305 - not too bad I knew it was going to be tight and if I hadn't messed up close to some controls would have made it.

New shoes handled well - blisters weren't an issue and they certainly felt a lot more- robust. however my toes did go numb a few times so hopefully they give a bit and I can loosen them off may. Feet archs were a bit sore but I think that was more from last week still.

Setters did a good job and I actually enjoyed the course alot BUT 1 water drop for H1 is not enough! Pretty much took a shower under a container at the end and a long drink.

Drive home was fun - had me wondering if I would make it back as petrol was low - think I got to the servo on brookton with 25-30km left so ended up not to badly but when I left the site it was a concern.

Anyway sunburnt and exhausted now - feel like I worked hard out there today - time to go to bed!

Incidentally I feel like I am forgetting some comments about the course. oh well

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