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Training Log Archive: brycec

In the 1 days ending Aug 16, 2015:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering1 2:18:06 7.29(18:57) 11.73(11:46) 649
  Mountain Biking 1 25:49 3.59(8.3/h) 5.78(13.4/h) 96
  Total2 2:43:55 10.88(15:04) 17.51(9:22) 745

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Sunday Aug 16, 2015 #

9 AM

Orienteering race (Malmalling NE) 2:18:06 [4] 11.73 km (11:46 / km) +649m 9:13 / km
ahr:156 max:179 shoes: Salomon XA Pro 3d

Had a really sore neck today which troubled me during the run, looking at the map was sometimes painful not sure what has caused it, must have slept funny or something.

Also had quite an unsettled tummy but that didnt cause me too much grief on the course.

1) Probably should have run around the base of the spur but I figured up and over would be just fine, bounced off the clearing and foudn this one nicely.

2) reasonably clean onto 2 and was feeling pretty good.

3) long leg to 3 decided to go high, so hooked east and up - probably turned up a bit early. Then wanted to bounce along the clearings - was happy ish with how that was going but was unsure so headed in early to pickup the big granite - once I had found that was much more comfortable and was straightforward enough bouncing off things onto the point.

4) Clean

5) Clean enough but slow

6) drifted down hill a bit too much but otherwise easy leg.

7) Thought about it for a while and ended up going west along the river - was surprisingly open and I felt like I moved reasonably quickly through there - I am sure it could have been faster though. Went up gully and found the granite marked north west of the point. then spent 4 minutes in the last 100m, finding every other bloody control on the hillside... not happy jan. The person i left 7 with ended up getting to point at same time as me. Also where AM caught me.

8) Down to the road with AM but he had his nike's on and was a distant memory pretty quickly. just a dust cloud in the distance. 8 itself was very straight forward.

9) That hill broke me getting over it but was easy control to find once over it.

10) Went to another courses control on the way to 10 then after being to the wrong control felt really badly lost even though I pushed on right direction and found control I wanted, just felt slow and lucky.. oh well still got it right.

11) Clean and eays - used same crossing as 2-3 leg.

12) decided to stay high and contour around worked really nicely even though i did have a few moments of worry and was a bit slow onto the flag.

13) SFG of course I missed it slightly - but got it ok and reasonably quickly.

14) Oh dear god. Brain fart - went the right direction but pulled up way early and decided I had gone far enough so came back and hit the clearing. dear then went north again and luckily got guided a bit onto it otherwise may have been a long day out there... really was feeling pretty low on this point. Trace probably doesnt speak the volume that it should.

15) Dragged myself to the rock on the north east quite slowly - figured out where I was took a bearing and looked up and there it was. yay.

16) At this point the last 4-5 controls whilst I got them and reasonably I had felt pretty bad through them and not clean at all. I was stinging from all the bushes and actually had some cuts from the bushes too... not having that much fun decided on straight line... probably not the best option. Was pretty darn good most of the way there but on the hill before the fence decided that was the green ahead and started to loop around... found the fence shortly after that.. annoying and then the open area to the west. started to head in and Paul came out I said you coming from 16 - thinking he has to be and his like no, 14.. brain melted are you doing h1 yeah. brain exploded. Paul laughed jk, yeah 16 in there... ASS.. going to smash you on mtbo next week and claim my icecream :P Went in thinking well I should be pretty close (like 100m tops)... Still another 5 minutes in the green... found the cliff on the knoll and then relocated off that and hit the control.. I hated this control site and has to be one of the worst ive visited every. keep stuff out of green!

17) Reasonably straight forward even though I did drift south abit.

Fin - I thought I did this leg quickly but am looking forward to seeing the splits to see how I actually lined up.

Felt I could have trimmed 20 off that course without mistakes. oh well. otherwise not a bad day out.
12 PM

Mountain Biking (Forsyth's Mill) 25:49 [3] 5.78 km (13.4 kph) +96m
ahr:162 max:176 shoes: Giro Privateer

So really wanted to get a session in on the MTB before going home but knew I would be pushed for time.

Got to Forsyth's Mill pretty quickly only to be accosted by some stupid man about driving too fast in the car park because his kids where playing on the road.

Now I had seen his kids on the car park roads before I had turned into the car park and in the car park would have been between 20-40km/hr and I would have said closer to 25-30. but he came over and yelled at me about road safety and how I would feel if I ran over a child and that I drive too fast and if I am in a hurry and to slow down. I didnt have time/desire to get into an argument so I just said - hey I was going about 20 and yes actually I am in a hurry and proceeded to get on my bike and ride off fuming.

Spent the better part of this ride thinking of telling this idiot his the one parked across 5 bays, with 4 kids playing in a road on a blind corner and that Ive never had a crash or a fine and drive gravel roads most weekend so go shove it. Also wondered if I would be missing a window or have a flat tyre when I get back.

Alas I got back and he was having lunch with his family with some of the kids still playing on the road. Swallowed a pill of I am not going to yell at this fool and packed up and left.

The ride however was good and hard - didn't have shorts which was uncomfortable at parts but was a short ride so whatever also no saddle bag still so keys in my pocket - again not ideal.

Probably the cleanest I have been around that course though and I am sure I will be rewarded with a load of PR's (even post a foot-o flogging) - Juffs I am coming for you.
2 PM


Bit late to lunch but had a nice roast and a pint but have to say have a stonking headache after this morning and really not feeling great now - hopefully the good feed and a panadol hit will sort that out! Hopefully headache is unrelated to neck but I guess I will find out soon enough!

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