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Training Log Archive: brycec

In the 28 days ending Feb 28, 2017:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Rogaining1 7:40:36 21.17(21:45) 34.07(13:31) 771
  Running2 1:29:40 8.26(10:51) 13.3(6:45) 112
  Total3 9:10:16 29.43(18:42) 47.37(11:37) 883

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Sunday Feb 26, 2017 #

3 PM

Running (SR - Dalkeith Line) 42:41 [3] 6.09 km (7:01 / km) +56m 6:42 / km
ahr:178 max:163 shoes: ASICS GEL - Nimbus 17

First run in a while - combination of poor excuses stopping me for last few weeks.

Convinced Emma to come walk with will on a few of the cotnrols whilst I ran the whole course. Made me commit a bit harder so she wouldnt be waiting.

Found the right hammy/glute issue instantly there in first 100m and just eased back to 545/6 min/km which didnt aggravate it. Only problem is I am unfit so as soon as I started walking which wasnt far in it was all downhill and 6mins quickly slipped out to 630.

Course wasnt difficult pretty flat with a few hills. Sadly Emma got carried away and followed the control numbers rather than the course I told her too so when I saw her I thought she was lost and changed my course slightly to check on her. what it meant though is I knew I would beat her back and then had less incentive to not walk. So was even slacker. Poor excuses I know!

Need to get some running mojo back.

Nice area for it though. want to do it again faster next time!

Wednesday Feb 15, 2017 #


Today all set for riding but I feel like someone's used my back as a punching bag. My lower ribs mainly right side but mid back are sore with any movement thankfully breathing not too uncomfortable but knackered because certainly kept me up all night. Not sure what's triggered it must have sat really badly yesterday?! Hoping this passes today it's really not pleasant at all.

Sunday Feb 5, 2017 #

(rest day)

Just chilled out today and recovered - generally feeling pretty good - but left calf looks massively sunburnt... only thing is it was night and I had 3 layers on so I am wondering if I got bitten but cant see any marks.

Other than that nothing really bothering me.

Saturday Feb 4, 2017 #

8 PM

Rogaining race (2017 USD Rogaine) 7:40:36 [3] 34.07 km (13:31 / km) +771m 12:09 / km
shoes: Salomon XA Pro 3d M+

USD with Juffs,

I arrived at map collection and got setup whilst waiting for Paul to arrive – Collected our maps and discovered I had lost my pins after searching for about 15 mins discovered I had packed them in the bottom of my rogaine bag… clearly brain was engaged earlier!

Went to planning a course whilst waiting for Paul know he had said 8hrs 40km. Wrapped the string around the high pointers and a few joining controls to get a gauge of distance – straight after doing that looked up to see Paul driving in so I counted the distance 50km and went and got him.

He seemed amused at my 50km which I was ready to cut but his refinement and cutting took it to 47km and he seemed happy so just went with that. Trimmed the hell out of map and contacted away. Had a sandi and a chat to Wil and Dave.

Before setting off applied more glide to my right heal/achilles as it felt as if it was rubbing badly.

HH-63 – Started hard but without running and made it to 63 first just edging out Polly and Steve but surprised we got past so many people.

63-73 – completely by ourselves, I made my first map misread – wasn’t a great start by me – a bit of a jog to catchup

73-78 - Already experiencing issues in the first hour – stomach was hurting/cramping quite badly think it was a combination of my water being favoured too strong and me having been sick last few weeks and not being up for the speed we went out at. Probably the water.

78-93 - 5km mark on the hour everything clean so far still not feeling great. However I think it was this control I made a crazy long distance spot of epicness on the control. Even Paul paid it as good.

93-72 – dog of a leg and we had chosen to change it to save some distance. I think it was this leg I had to stop to remove a thorn out of the front of my toe no idea how that got there but very uncomfortable – wasn’t feeling great in stomach still.

72-101 – gradual uphill – was mentally in the hurt locker over the stomach , I decided to relax the pace which Paul noticed and asked if I was ok and I said I had an upset stomach I probably didn’t let on so much that I would have been happy to go back in at that point because mentally getting banged around.

101-62 – wanted to hold our 5km /hr pace and we hit this control pretty much right on time budget. Pauls nav was flawless so I just was focusing on me and crosschecking his bearing isn’t wandering (without explaination). Stopped and got panadol in and some food hoping it would help.

62-74 - Leg was slow but accuracy was good – think we lost our pace here though.

74-70 – Stomach had settled and mind had come back into form and was gearing self for the night now. Had to stop again for something in my other shoe this time… really annoying never had to take off shoes in a race before so annoyed to do its twice in 3 hours. Was a tough leg and really put us behind time budget. Lots of ups and downs

70-64 – We had to climb back up a hill towards 64 all on a track. Typically this would be a Paul deploys a rope type situation but it was evident Paul wasn’t going to offer and I was holding his pace which seemed strange to me. Paul then asked if I was ok. Seemed like a loaded question as I was a lot perkier than when he last asked so I told him I was doing ok and then enquired about his knee. He admitted it was giving him some problems. I think he was probably minimising how bad it was but we trudged on. Along the non-marked track we saw an echidna – I think possibly the first time I have seen in the wild. It was less than happy to see us though so we moved on. 64 was clean.

64-52 – On the start of this leg Paul informed me he was out of water but was ok since water drop was soon. We also worked out we were about 20mins down on 5min/km at this point.

52-33 – Paul pointed out at the start of this leg that our next water drop was far east and as we were behind we were likely to need to cut (this convo may have been 1 point earlier). Problem was that if we cut anywhere right we would loose the 2nd water drop which would be a huge issue strategically to us. I studied the map and saw a minor 4km cut which would have us on time mybe but cutting it fine and a major cut dropping the majority of our eastern loop. I suggested both and Paul said he had been thinking about dropping east but didn’t want to suggest it. We agreed quickly though that it was a fun/non-competitive effort and we had said 8hrs/40km was the original benchmark. So we dropped the east. A long stop at the water drop to give Paul some painkillers – eat some food have a chat to setters and another team before moving out.

33-75 - Easy leg not too much drama hitting it. I really chilled out slowed down and just tried to start enjoying myself a bit more as to this point I had been fighting with my body and mind for most of the race and holding pace at same time so was feeling a bit taxed.

75-53 – Paul had noticed my slump on last leg and offered a even bigger cut to 105 getting rid of a few more km. I said up to him I was ok and happy to go distance was just not going to push myself into ground for saving 30 mins when we aren’t pushing for a high spot. He got that and said his knee was ok so we proceeded east. Was an open gully lovely country but boy that leg took ages. By the time we hit the track I was thinking I wish we did 102.

53 – 65 – I had been fading a bit so decided to have a gel – it was super gelatinous (not right) checked used by mar/16 well f… that’s really going to help my tummy. Pretty much the last thing I ate. It was also on this track march I noticed Pauls gait had changed and he wasn’t limping from a text box limp sense but I could tell he was trying to alter his stride to be more comfortable and this was the first real hint to me at how uncomfortable his knee must have been and its at this point I called him on it and said his limping and maybe we should avoid the farmland as there was a shitload of contours and his starting to look not great. I think he appreciated that as he agreed quickly even though I left the door open for a change at 77 on go/no go.

65 – 92 – My brain checked out for the night navigationally. I was vaguely connected to the map – I knew our plan and was very very roughly keeping an eye on Paul to make sure we didn’t do anything silly but really I was now just a passenger to his nav. (Which was flawless like it had been all night).

92 – 102 - west to road then along and up to 102 nit of a climb for this.

102 – 67 – NW to road up to the junction where another team was trying to impress us by running from when they knew we where about to go onto their road until 100m past us – they just didn’t realise I would turn around and look just before they would be out of sight to see them stop running HA.

67 – 77 – W to track then north along it attacked in and onto flag – only nav error of the night – view was obstructed as we hit watercourse and I hadn’t got my usual sense of where we had drifted as I was in passenger mode. So I did a lame hunt left as Paul felt it was right and then went right with him, after a short bit I knew something was wrong as we had been always very close so called it Paul agreed and we turned around. Control was other side of some grass trees where we had hit so we were close originally. Oh well. Took option to abort farmland and straight home.

77-35 – Hell of a pinch climb! But otherwise pretty uneventful Could more visibly see Pauls knee limp now. I was feeling ok – but given I had eaten and drunk a lot less than normal I was pretty happy to be on way to HH after this.

35-HH – Trek up the road passed by the patrol twice and nice and easy into HH.

In the end 34km roughly and 7hrs 40. So not far off the 40km/8hr call originally. Didn’t think it would get us a good result didn’t really care. Made the call to bail home and get better food and sleep than rough it in that car. Drive was ok a bit tired probably should have rested but didn’t feel outside of my comfort levels so didn’t pull over like I have in the past. Good sleep this morning felt much better but stupidly didn’t eat until dinner so probably didn’t help my recovery at all.

Enjoyed the rogaine despite it really not being our night for multiple reasons, always fun doing it with Paul and knowing the navs likely to be pretty damn clean (exception for aiming offs). Surprised to find out we got 7th looking forward to seeing the full leaderboard. I think my next rogaine will be spring 12 so bit of a break for me now.

Enough dribble from me. Well done setters, was good – only complaint another water drop would have been handy!

Wednesday Feb 1, 2017 #

7 PM

Running (SR - Shenton Park Score) 46:59 [3] 7.21 km (6:31 / km) +56m 6:16 / km
ahr:168 max:187 shoes: ASICS GEL - Nimbus 17

So wanted to make sure my lungs are ok post last weeks disaster of a week. Happy to report lungs in tact and minimal coughing post yay.

But ankle sore from when ice pack dropped from head height out of freeze and cut my ankle. Not too bad but enough to cause irritation.

Right lower glute/upper hammy still sore immediately and really not sure what I can do about it - needs mroe stretching?! I am sure my running technique is terrible after a string of not fully recovered injuries which is just compounding the issue.

Anyway more about the run - lovely evening for it - might have mistimed my outing slightly as it was properly dark at end and without headlamp the map was a bit difficult to read however the new color schema is a vast improvement and is generally much easier to read and I could still make sense of it in low light which was great.

Course is definitely clearable I had plotted to clear it but knew I didnt have it in me to go that fast. Just dont have the getup and go at the moment (havent for a while) but 6 minute kms or 5:30kms should give it to you.

Other than that nice course lots of alleys and turns a few longer stretches really enjoyed myself despite the strains and pains. Found a nice vacant block which provided a shortcut from 31-32. Also found a missing laneway or 2.

HR suggests I was working harder than I felt I was.

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