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Training Log Archive: brycec

In the 30 days ending Nov 30, 2013:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Rogaining1 3:49:50 10.94(21:01) 17.6(13:04) 280
  Orienteering3 2:27:17 13.5(10:54) 21.73(6:47) 27821 /41c51%
  Road Bike1 49:42 10.79(13.0/h) 17.37(21.0/h) 281
  Running1 43:22 4.08(10:37) 6.57(6:36) 121
  Total6 7:50:11 39.31(11:58) 63.27(7:26) 96021 /41c51%

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Saturday Nov 30, 2013 #

5 PM

Orienteering race (Swan Regional Park) 49:23 [4] 7.62 km (6:29 / km) +89m 6:07 / km
ahr:173 max:180 20c shoes: Salomons XR Mission

With my pink mo in force and a killer hangover I knew today was going to be harder than normal.

Went north first and followed the horde through 2-22-1-11... Then made the stupid choice of going south I knew north would be quicker too. 10 - This was confirmed as Tash and Emma caught me and I had previously had some ground on them. 10-4- 9 (seems I deviated from a few people here) passed Rob on the way back out. 9-8-3 here was my biggest downfall of the day... oh let’s use the open ground rather than the road even though road was shorter. Open ground was crappy and I rolled me left ankle on one step not too badly but then the very next step went over on my right ankle which is still F#$#ed from the time I went over badly on a bush map. This brought me to a zimmer frame pace... pushed through and when i got to 3 Rob had caught up all ground on me.

3-20 Rob went into "open ground" and I went along road. The creek proved difficult for him and I got to the CP first and was able to put some ground on him. Once I hit the school though I opted to walk for a bit and the ankle thanked me no end but again - Rob was at the CP with me.

16-17-12-5-13 All tit for tat with Rob I think we pretty much had different routes for every leg but 1 however always came out pretty close (well set if you ask me).

13 Rob went to 18 and I went 23. I eased off a bit probably thinking 18 was a bad choice and mine was easier leg - plus I didn't have someone to chase or be chased by. 23-15 was slow too.

Annoyingly as I spotted 15 there was Rob punching it, as was Emma and Tash had started across the oval. Brilliant, open flat ground I can mow them all down Punch 15 and they had half oval to almost the oval lead.

As I opened out a bit on the oval I thought. This isn’t worth it I will be sick (hangover in full swing) if I open up the taps fully. As I got 19 Tash had just cleared bridge Rob was on the Bridge and Emma was on route. Passed them coming out of 21. Slowly pulling back some distance. Around to 7 - Emma made a mistake and we were pretty much side by side. I let run first and thought I will just stay with her. I however slowed on the mud trail with the thought of my ankles firmly in my mind. Both Rob and Tash had disappeared by now and I assumed probably at finish.

Emma got a little ground on me at 7 from punching but I pulled it in and Simmo saw me at finish and wanted the sprint past Emma... nar I will let her finish in front of me and also avoid throwing up in front of everyone.

In fairness she beat me by 1 or 2 seconds but Eventor shows same time, I will take it!

Surprisingly I felt reasonably good in the legs out there and having a look at my ave moving pace – week on week has definitely started to decrease and trim off seconds in the last few events.
7:03 week 1, 6:33 week 3 (missed week 2), 6:15 week 4 (with hangover)

Monday Nov 25, 2013 #

6 AM

Road Bike (Kings Park) 49:42 [3] 17.37 km (21.0 kph) +281m
ahr:80 max:152 shoes: Road Bike Cleats

Some interesting quirks - Bike clock, strava, runkeeper = 17.37 Garmin = 17.03 - the strava and runkeeper have come from the garmin gpx!?!

Runkeeper climb = 344, Starva = 210, Garmin = 176 - (281 using survey data) ... which to believe!

Took me almost 45 mins from alarm to being on my way - original resistance to the idea of morning exercise was high - then couldn't pump up tyres on road bike cause the nozzle on the new foot pump would clip on... once I got around those issues was good to go.

Road bike felt so amazing - I cleaned it for the first time ever in 10,000km a few weeks back when I cleaned the mountain bike - it ran so smoothly and so nicely... Also the last bike I road was the rotto ferry rubber chain bike... I found the road bike incredibly comfortable in comparison! wow though 110psi you really feel everything, I forgot haha.

Tried to blow some cobwebbs out on abadare down to park and hit 52km I think from memory, think the watch only clock 50.7 but that understandable... Was impressed it managed to calculate my wheel size off cadence sensor... probably knows more about my bike than I do now.

Anyhow was silly to start hard was sore by the park haha. but apparently only a HR of 65 - yeah, ok... Feeling the burn on the legs (I really need to stretch pretty much every day - cause I don't at all). up to the main roundabout. Stopped at the top to try fix my HRM because apparently I was now at 70... lets be honest now... after a few minutes of faffing and strap tightening... my hrm was still at 72. sigh maybe I am just super fit.

1 lap around the park and realised running out of time, damn it. I wanted 3, maybe the next time. Best part though was the dark skinned gentleman who came out of the bush with a high level of intoxication screaming his tits off at the rangers shed... don't know what that was going to achieve at 640am or any time for that matter. Would love to tell you what he was saying but it was too slurred. After a chuckle made my way home.

On my way out of the park from the top roundabout I saw my HR at 52. was like wtf. thinking about it and thought... I wonder... pulled over and looked at the sensor, yes upside down ... you retard. (cant help it the sensor is similar shape to the polar one but upside down so I just put it on that way by default...) That said if you want a really consistent low hr put it on upside down - winner winner chicken dinner!!!

Now to go look at cadence stats and try understand what they mean. oh wait I know, my legs are moving too slow, and my fitness needs improving. wow I can tell that before looking at it. haha.

Oh well one day I will get back down to my 10-11 minute lap time instead of today's minutes. SIGH

Oh well have to restart somewhere.

edit - incidentally I thought it was cold out there, until I got going and realised it was deceptive and was quite glad to not have taken the warmer kit otherwise would have died.

Saturday Nov 23, 2013 #

5 PM

Orienteering race (Bannister Creek) 49:26 [4] 7.23 km (6:50 / km) +111m 6:21 / km
ahr:171 max:189 spiked:21/21c shoes: Runners

Obligatory Movember talk -
So as most have now seen I have the full blown trucker going on. As part of my fund raising - every donation gets 1 colour vote / $10 for any colour they choose - on the 28th the colour with the most votes will be my mo's colour for the friday and saturday. So if you want to see me sporting a pink/purple/green/blue/yellow... mo next saturday feel free to go hit up my donations page and let me know the colour you choose!


Feeling lethargic before starting this and tight all over. Had a stretch before the start but still not great - still having issues with left hip area from MTB crash - probably should see someone about that its gone on for a while now...

Had a chat to ricky pre race about his ride on sunday - hope no dramas out on course - hate that race!

Course chosen was okay - first point was shocking though, everyone just snatching at the punches even if they had come later I think I was about the 3rd there and one of last to leave.

First time using Garmin (bday present), quite enjoyed it, forgot to hit split a few times but loved the interface much better than polar hrm for actual information - sadly it was just telling me how slowly I was moving haha.

Thought I went alright but seems was last in the doors again (must have been the wind resistance on my mo) - maybe next time, just more running needed... well see how the legs go they have been feeling a bit beaten for no real good reason lately.

Chatted to Tash quickly post race while marking my map. Well set Tash, was enjoyable! then realised I had 1 hr to make to to mount claremont shower shave get in tux and get to our annual ball at PCEC... remarkably was only 10 minutes late.

However found going from runners with some fresh blisters into my dress shoes rather uncomfortable. oh well. Saw in my bday in a drunken haze on a dance floor. Nursing hangover today... might (thats a big might) go for a few laps of the park on my bike later (probably not) to try out the cadence sensor and the garmin with that.

Sunday Nov 17, 2013 #

10 AM


Cycled round rotto and swam at a few beaches over 6 hours - was perfect day for it not too hot either!

Saturday Nov 16, 2013 #

1 PM

Rogaining race (Novelty) 3:49:50 [3] 17.6 km (13:04 / km) +280m 12:06 / km
ahr:132 max:165 shoes: Salomons XR Mission

Emma and I just plodded along a course - just out having a nice stroll really - had to slow down and cut original plan short because of time and emmas feet dying - she had old trainers on and no blister protection - wasn't a good day for her feet. I think it also ended in I am not doing rogaining again - oh well - shame for her.

Still finished in top 15. not sure where exactly. Missed the orienteering - shame, next time.

Saturday Nov 9, 2013 #

5 PM

Orienteering race (Meller Park) 48:28 [4] 6.88 km (7:03 / km) +78m 6:40 / km
shoes: Salomons XR Mission

Short version:
Same as ricky just slower.

Normal (long version):
Emma and I raced down the freeway as there was a miscommunication on start time, getting there just in the nick of time.

I had convinced Emma she could do the long and we would go as a group.

My first metro - not really looking forward to pounding the pavement - will be interesting to see how my legs go with it.

I was disorientated at the start but once we got to 1 with the pack I knew what was going on.
1 - 21 - 14 - 12 all straight forward.
A lot of people went around the outside path to 11 I opted the inside and we trimmed off some distance and got in front of a load of people there.

Intermittent walking and started here as Emma's preference, but I certainly wasn't complaining the boost juice I had with lunch was repeating on me.
11 (opted to drop 10) - 20 - 13 - 5 - 6 (opted to drop 8-9)

6 - 7 - 17 Had to call emma back as she ran wrong way whilst I was punching, but was only of the only nav errors made. 17 - 18 - 19

19 - 16 Heres maybe the second nav error - not sure. opted to go up the footpath and around rather than down the road and through the park - probably bugger all distance in it.

16 - 22 - 15 - 3 - 4 -2 - 23 - HH

Was good run felt reasonable. Middle section was a tad slow I felt like I could have taken at least 5 off of it and Emma didn't disagree - 5 less minutes would have had us midfield which I would have been very happy with, but I still feel placement was respectable. Be faster come december and the wind resistance is off my face.

Emma was only female who did long course so got a prize.

Legs a tad tight now, a few hot spots/blisters nothing really major - interestingly I have a pain like a stitch lower left lung... didn't go that hard to have it now... stupidly disabled bluetooth and didn't bring my watch so no hrm.

All said and done was quite enjoyable and a perfect day for it. Well set KO225.

Monday Nov 4, 2013 #

5 PM

Running (Home from work) 43:22 [3] 6.57 km (6:36 / km) +121m 6:03 / km
ahr:165 max:179 shoes: Salomons XR Mission

Had to do some exercise otherwise Tooms would be on my case for having an empty blog...

Got to say nice temp out there for it was worried it would be raining this afternoon, but turned out perfect.

Watch wasn't registering HR again to start - not sure what the dodgy component is because it came up with same result as phone at the end and the phone tracked all the way through... weird.

Started slowly first run for a while and I knew I would be sore. The first battle started with a small asian man though all of about 10 m from my office. he was plodding at my pace as I slowly drifted past him, I could feel him in my footsteps...

Over the freeway footbridge and straight onto mount straight - the battle of the epic slow but consistent plodders began. Suffice to say he got me by 5-10 m by the top but it was a close plod up the hill. Got to say I hate the fact I start my run home and like 100m in I am on mount street - its a hell of a warmup.

Death by the top and let the legs just roll over slowly until they felt reasonable again. enjoyed the run along the front - bit of a detour down to the round about they must have a new monument or something they are putting in.

Settled into my routine now and just progressed - its also about now I started to notice the tell tales that have been keeping me away - left hip and groin and right ankle/foot. blah whatever pushed on.

Did feel like my mechanics where all over the place, sloppy foot work feet landing inconsistently every time, different stride legs just nothing felt natural. Was actually quite annoying.

Enjoyed the downhill segment right up until my sweat got into my hay feverish eyes and burnt like pepper spray. oh well. Still progressing with reasonable comfort I drifted into the why am I just plodding along at a mundane go all day pace... however I had no ability to go faster (even though clearly I could).

Got to the bottom and running up abadare - this is the section which I hate, the slow uphill close enough to home, mind games etc... it was a slow split, but I am going to blame my epic movember mo causing too much wind drag slowing me down.

Into the cemetery and up the final bit of climb - its at this point I realised I was travelling the speed of a medium Juffy walk (7ish mins / km) and needed to increase speed. But I couldnt... I also felt (yes gets weird now) like all my power in running was coming from my traps/shoulders (clearly doing something wrong) rather than legs - knees weren't lifting heels weren't kicking... just felt like arms doing the work and body following (sigh). Bad news brown - need to get out and do some sprint training and get some leg power back clearly!

Also at this point that other areas started to bother me, left ankle and right knee - I am just going to assume compensation injuries from the earlier pain - blah bag of broken bits... home, couldn't be happier - 6.5kms and I got two blisters too, what's happening falling apart!

=== there you go epic blog for a small run, should keep you entertained until I do something in a weeks time now lol.

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