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Training Log Archive: brycec

In the 30 days ending Jun 30, 2015:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Rogaining2 17:25:00 49.13(21:16) 79.07(13:13) 1893
  Road Bike6 7:17:16 103.51(14.2/h) 166.59(22.9/h) 620
  Orienteering2 4:01:51 12.43(19:27) 20.01(12:05) 904
  Mountain Biking 2 3:47:47 26.02(6.9/h) 41.87(11.0/h) 885
  Running5 3:00:23 14.11(12:47) 22.7(7:57) 272
  Paddling1 48:39 2.39(20:23) 3.84(12:40) 13
  Swimming1 44:29 1.24(1.7/h) 2.0(2.7/h)
  Total19 37:05:25 208.83(10:39) 336.08(6:37) 4587

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Tuesday Jun 30, 2015 #

(rest day)

Tried to convince myself to pull a swim session forward. cbf

Ankle is still a big pain in the ass, everything else feeling 95% good.

Monday Jun 29, 2015 #

(rest day)

Scheduled rest day.

Slept long, but not well - very broken sleep - thought today would be a struggle but feeling ok for now.

Post mortem on soreness/injuries.
- Minimal bruising, only 2 small ones I have seen so far from branch strikes,
- Toenails a bit sensitive but don't look like they've fair too badly
- NO chaffing or blisters

Sunday Jun 28, 2015 #


Clearly struggling - have posted the ap threads wrong way around text wise! #fail
6 AM

Rogaining race (Wunder Bin State Champs) 5:35:00 [4] 25.69 km (13:02 / km) +555m 11:46 / km
shoes: Salomon XA Pro 3d

Time estimated as trying to exclude the standing around in HH.

Went hard and fast to the NW
91-62-14 .. We where out in front at 92 and head it all the way through and the first 3 were nice.

82-92-109 - horrible scrub - managed to spot 109 from about 500-600m away.

Everything we did seemed very very clean. not sure what more to share.

We had been using the tow rope today and it was really good certainly helps us maintain a good speed.

Also by this point I had already rolled my left ankle very badly.. probably worst ive every done.

96-46-67-NIGHT- 108-84-97-58-54-99-75-86-37.

bit in survival mode - mainly because of pain but mentally was ok - there was a few edge of darkness moments but generally in a good head space.

66-87-59-95-107-69-85. All the av was very clean as I said - not much to really mention. until 15 - walked straight passed it - was a tad off the track to see in the dark.

HH before midnight. quick feed and to bed.

Struggled to sleep and had a fair few painful moments.

Sorry but no epic writeup this time, was pretty clean and smooth so not much to note but for my ankle imploding and Juffy falling over twice, Juffy carrying me on nav and Juffy towing my fat ass.

Saturday Jun 27, 2015 #

12 PM

Rogaining race (Wunder Bin State Champs) 11:50:00 [4] 53.38 km (13:18 / km) +1338m 11:49 / km
shoes: Salomon XA Pro 3d

Climbs 1m too much :(...

Time estimated as trying to exclude the standing around at start.

After a pretty broken sleep and a slow start we got going 5 past 6.

Felt good through 78-79-55. but shortly after this my left ankle became a real issue for me. Had me close to tears on multiple occasions until the rest of the race. Painkillers werent doing shit so it was just a matter of mind over matter HTFU and trudge on.


We didnt have a watch the whole 2nd day - so was a lot of time guessing and assign people and reading intention sheets.

This was misleading and we ended up busting a gut home which wasnt that fun and came in 16 minutes early.

Loads of towing s2 Juffy.

We dropped more than I hoped we would in this course, (27,68,94), (63,28)

As compares to our 12 hour leg dropping (24),(38,80,47),(39)

Anyway was an awesome weekend out there and much thanks to Juffs for being patient with my slowness and towing me along and for naving like a champ (aiming off right on the point and stuff :P

Anyway - icing my ankle now - first time ive ever had to ice after a rogaine. and I cant remember the last time I iced and ankle - even though i roll it most weeks!

edit 1: Not that impressed by the patrol routes - they covered bugger all of the course when some simple loops could have covered pretty much all of it

Friday Jun 26, 2015 #

(rest day)

Scheduled day off and feeling pretty darn good about it.

Thursday Jun 25, 2015 #

(rest day)

Ditched swimming session for a double rest day pre destroy gaine... Pretty much been a low week. Oh well!

Wednesday Jun 24, 2015 #

7 AM

Road Bike (Maint Cadence / Inc Speed) 1:17:23 [4] 30.66 km (23.8 kph) +99m
ahr:142 max:161 shoes: Giro Privateer

Had a horrible sleep was a massive struggle to get up and going.

Then discovered lights where dead and tyres flat - was a late start!

Also put on the extra thick gloves, arm warmers under my long sleeve and wind breaker... #toastywarm

Goal was maintain 80 cadence and increase my speed compared to normal.
Average cadence:79 so annoyed!!! it went from 80 to 79 in the time of me dismounting and pressing stop on my watch at end. in fact when I pressed button it was still 80 and changed to 79 while it was stopping activity GRRR. Claiming my 80 thanks!

Otherwise ride was quite pleasant a bit chilly out there.

Also achieved the speed increase in total and in movement time increasing both by roughly 1km/hr. a few more of those gains thanks!

Tuesday Jun 23, 2015 #

Running intervals (Short Intervals) 44:25 [4] 4.47 km (9:56 / km) +18m 9:44 / km
ahr:128 max:173 shoes: Salomon XA Pro 3d

After trash talking Paul I figured I better get out there and prove a point.

mmm warm humble pie

1) 1:21:00
2) 1:29:90
3) 1:28:00
4) 1:27:20

Ok wasn't a great session. was so F#$%ing cold warmup didn't really do much. had arm warmers and gloves on and still feeling cold... Never broke a sweat < clearly not trying hard enough.

Went full tilt out the box was probably a mistake died in the ass early - certainly had at least a few s on that one but dropped back for last 100 to make sure I would make through the session + quad started pulling hard and got destroygaine to worry about.

Lap two tried something - didn't work.

Lap 3 and 4 both better felt they where faster but clearly the small lunch and the pulling quad came into play.

anyway hands down Juffs. Ill be back for more - that should be sufficiently close to have you worried :P

incidentally icing feels likes its warming my legs... quite a weird sensation ahha

**edit: Strava says: Best estimated 400m effort (1:19) - looks like we are tied amigo - damn that lying Garmin! - which is interesting because the 400m splits on strava are the same... interesting! maybe its doing some math of some sort?! - still claiming it**

Monday Jun 22, 2015 #

(rest day)

Wasnt feeling great this morning so stayed in bed - could have ridden tonight but with rogaine this weekend I opted for an unscheduled rest day.

Sunday Jun 21, 2015 #

10 AM

Orienteering race (Calophylla) 2:17:56 [4] 10.61 km (13:00 / km) +456m 10:42 / km
ahr:146 max:169 shoes: Salomon XA Pro 3d

Was worried was going to be crap with the weather and brought my jacket along - ended up being way to hot for sections and toasty for others but probably the right move bringing it out!

Wanted a clean run and a quicker than normal time. Kinda got it. There where sections I had to go slower because it was wet and slippery but generally felt confident on my nav and progressed at a reasonable pace.

Had it been a dry day not sure the 1 water drop would have cut it though!

Anyway this is how I went in my mind:
#1 flush
#2 flush
#3 hit the area perfectly searched around for the right rock!
#4 practically flush, slight hunt to the right but I knew where it was should have gone straight to it.
#5 A bit far south and hunted stupidly until I saw description 4m boulder and went straight to it - silly thing is I knew when I was hunting originally that it certainly wasn't there, bad drift from me!
#6 Slow and steady but flush.
#7 Messed this one up a bit and I should have known I was too far south - took me a moment to realise it and was distracted by others in the area. Started heading north and someone yelled out tis just over there... thank you kind sir - not too much time lost I think?!
#8 Could have dont this faster but pretty much flush.
#9 drift west, corrected but lost a bit of time.
#10 Flush as after following watercourse
#11 Got distracted by a person when i was right on line for the control and probably glided by it to my left. Hooked back around and saw a heap of people going to the rock which I didnt check so went for it too - said gday to Andre here.
#12 Slow and steady but flush post the granite
#13 long climb but rocketed down the far side when i had seen the control like 500m away!
#14 Drifted west and hit the granite and open close to west and could see car park - whoops corrected and got there eventually after bouncing off some rocks... teach me to contour and again have ppl distract me.
#15 Nice tapes to guide me
Finihs - sprint over wet stuff... not so fun.

All went well in the end.
2 PM

Swimming (Laps) 44:29 [3] 2.0 km (2.7 kph)

Quick turn around to challenge stadium and a good hit out in the pool...

Tell you what it was pretty bloody fresh getting back out.

Held a nice pace most of the way.

Saturday Jun 20, 2015 #

11 AM

Mountain Biking (Camel Farm) 1:45:24 [3] 22.41 km (12.8 kph) +478m
ahr:148 max:170 shoes: Giro Privateer

Geez did I sleep last night - 1030 ish I believe was in bed, got up at 7 and feel asleep on the couch until 930.

Body still feeling knackered. #longweek

Anyway met Jordan at KC 11:15 - bleed my rear brake and put in new pads. noticeable improvement in my brakes!

Really enjoyed the ride, tracks where grippy - mud was a tad annoying, didn't get rained on too badly.

I swear theyve change feral grove and also scorpion. No complaints by me even though scorp feels a bit more hardcore on its berms now - particularly in the wet.

Anyway clean run throughout so very happy - tried not to stop so only had like 3 mins non moving time which was great - but suffered a bit.

Lots of PR's happy days!

We went for Jap afterwards, but it closed just before we got there so ended up having a pub lunch mmm lamb shanks!

Friday Jun 19, 2015 #

(rest day)

Yay for rest day

Thursday Jun 18, 2015 #

8 PM

Running (5km Loop) 29:56 [3] 5.1 km (5:52 / km) +38m 5:40 / km
ahr:159 max:172 shoes: Salomon XA Pro 3d

Have slept poorly from working late the last two nights so boycotted doing run this morning to sleep an extra 45 mins knowing it would mean running later this evening and likely in the rain.

Turns out I could get to it at 8pm which wasnt too bad and I cause a break in the weather so only got some spitting/drizzle at worst. So was a warmish run.

Had a decent lunch so had energy to boot and felt pretty good out there - Had some probably in the few 2km not feelign like I was breathing deeply and also not feeling composed on my right side but once that settled felt really good.

Thought I went a lot faster than I actually did and felt like I ahd plenty in the tank both mentally and physically... sadly wasnt sure how to deploy it out there and not sure what the factor was stopping me. maybe some underlying fatigue.?!

Anyway was a decent run and feeling good after it.

Shins only started to niggle in the last km and hit them with ice pretty quickly when home.

Wednesday Jun 17, 2015 #

6 AM

Road Bike (Mt Henry Return) 1:20:01 [3] 29.76 km (22.3 kph) +112m
ahr:136 max:167 shoes: Giro Privateer

So work had me up until midnight so getting up to ride was pretty low on my agenda. but you never regret a session so I got up.

Threw out the goal of cadence increase today just wanted to do the ride and get through it. Quads still sore from yesterday. Found I was grinding away at average 66 cadence but feeling pretty comfortable even though speed wasnt that quick. Wind was a bitch!

At my turn around point it started to spit rain and that gave me some will to try abit harder and set out at holding +30 for the freeway path. Had 2 people in tow shortly there after and after passing under canning was cruising at 32 with a much better cadence. that said I am sure my harder work grinding cadence of 90 a Juffy would suggest I should be at 110.

A single speed hipster powered past me and I felt like saying do you need tighter pink jeans on... then realized I am in lycra I cant really talk.

Anyway someone booted past me a few km higher so I took his back wheel at 36 and my two towies joined us. We quickly caught the hipster and another rider who formed the front of our pack. We cruised along at 36-40km until the narrows where I bailed out.

Big slash in the river at one point, assuming a dolphin but didnt see it again. Was nice to have a tow first time I have opted for one in a while and I did work harder than I was to hold it so wasnt exactly easier just faster. Did notice my cruising cadence in tow was 90.

Anyway got home and ticked off another sessions. Interestingly the Garmins accuracy is shit. The exact same course 4 times now. 30:56 to 29:76 km and climb differs from 98 to 112. I dont get how it can differ so much on the same course. I understand it will be different to actual but the fact its not consistent gives me the shits a bit tbh.

Anyway Average cadence would have been 66 but the tow and tailwind home let me get it to 70. TBH I feel like I am faster grinding and more comfortable. Not a full believer in this cadence stuff but I know enough to make me think I should at least try get mine a bit higher.

Tuesday Jun 16, 2015 #

1 PM

Running intervals (Short Intervals) 37:18 [3] 3.98 km (9:22 / km) +62m 8:42 / km
ahr:131 max:171 shoes: Salomon XA Pro 3d

Good god my quads hurt!

Was reasonably consistent and interestingly I felt more like I was fast running than sprinting. mainly because of #line1. Still dying in the ass about 200-250m in.

1) 58.5
2) 57.5
3) 58.9
4) 58.2

Slightly different course than last time, the middle two where uphill slightly and downhill slightly this time.

Iced post just because trying to be good to the shins even though they are feeling perfect for the moment. But yeah quads are definitely putting up a fight!

Monday Jun 15, 2015 #

6 AM

Road Bike (Mt Henry Return) 1:20:24 [3] 30.14 km (22.5 kph) +101m
ahr:142 max:165 shoes: Giro Privateer

Goal was cadence - average cadence up to 81.

Question is to continue to try increase or maintain here. did find I spent a lot of the time at this cadence without a massive amount of fluctuation.

Struggled to get up today - until Emma yanked the doona off and I didnt have much of a choice then. :(

People with bright flashing 10 billion lumen headlamps annoy me. point them down and leave them on full beam. your headlamp is to light the road - your rear light should flash to attract attention. Fine if youve got a piss weak front light then have it flash but high lumens flashing is unneeded.

Dolphins came to say hi - always a nice treat.

Also why people insist on riding slowly in the middle of the path always baffles me. at least make an effort to ride left of the lane so people wanting to get past can do so easily.

What else to rant about - oh yeah, cars ignoring your signaling but thats a given ha!

Otherwise was a really nice ride - bit crisp - toes completely numb not sure if ti was from cold or shoes too tight.

Saturday Jun 13, 2015 #

10 AM

Paddling (Liege St) 48:39 [2] 3.84 km (12:40 / km) +13m 12:28 / km
ahr:108 max:127

Had planned to be at Pauls at 9 and hopeful to be on the water be 930.

Got to Pauls at 930 ... bad start to the day. Tried champion lakes first #regatta... rude... then Kent st... gate locked.. ruder eventually got boats in water at 1040. Knew it was going to have to be a quick paddle given I wanted to make mtbo in ridicville south.

ZOMG TIPPY almost went in the drink getting into the water. after getting sued to it a bit and adjusting the pedals to a more suitable length felt ok. Not stable - clearly have to do some work on core! but generally was ok at a slow pace. Any attempt to put any force into the paddle almost sent me in so just cruised along.

Anyway enjoyable session out there with Paul got some practise to do!

Also wow jelly legs when got out - interesting.
2 PM

Mountain Biking race (Wellington Forest) 2:02:23 [4] 19.46 km (9.5 kph) +407m
ahr:141 max:173 shoes: Giro Privateer

Gmaps got me to the right location in a reasonable time with only 5% left on battery... had me sweating!

I know I was going to have to work hard today to do the long - hoped to get away early but the mornings chain of events had me late - my own fault really.

Had 2:15 to complete course typically take 2:30 so was possible.

Stacked it on the way to # 1 as I was going back through assembly.. great start. and boy oh boy #1's hill was a killer bike hike.

Flew down the other side going north for 2. This is where things went badly wrong - I swear I found an unmarked track when I thought the obstacle was. went up that track and found a load of tracks and followed the one north thinking that was where I was. That went for AGES. and had obstacles and green sections didn't know where I was all of a sudden. completely lost map contact and direction. assumed I had got onto one of the tracks north of where I wanted to be and then when I got to the one I was originally aiming for thought I was on the road north - no compass to double check. didn't understand why I couldn't see the watercourse on the map... probably because looking wrong area. Went along slowly trying to figure it out and after an eternity I thought I was at my turning point... boy I was wrong. another competitor came along and I said can you tell me where I am. he pointed a good few km west of where I thought I was :( SAD PANDA. fuck i was lucky. I was quick from that point to get on course and it wasn't until the single trail to #2 that I really had any problems. The single trail was just slow!

Down to 3 via the main drag - a few small errors along the way but got it reasonably cleanly.

Along mostly single trail to 4 this was my favourite leg of the day quite enjoyed this bit. (was otherwise hating life!)

Over to number 5 - got slightly sidetracked by an early point... I should have known better. Got it nicely in the end.

And by now I was almost out of time. I had to pull the pin here which was most disappointing... sure I had a bad leg to 2 but the course just felt way to long. I needed at least an extra hr and clean running from this point to maybe have got close. but even that was wishful! I am wondering if any started finished long sub 3hr.

6/7/8 just put me off and 9/10/11 would have been easy just would have taken main road 8>9 and would have been a 15-20 min leg. I think 5-8 would have taken 30 minutes if all went well. 9-fin maybe 15. 1h05. so I may have done it 3hr 10 if had a clean run.

Anyway given its the first time I forced a dnf in any race was pretty disappointed and just felt like the 4hr's of driving and half a tank of fuel wasnt worth it! dont like saying that about mtbo particularly given the effort put in to set it up. oh well im allowed to be #disappoint.

Back to Pauls without a phone (battery died).... Managed to get to forest highway - a way I have never been before that was fun! then got lost in the maze of streets nears Paul's place. felt more lost than on the mtb! But I got lucky and found it thankfully because I was starting to get really concerned about how the hell to get out of there haha! Retrieved my boat and came home...

only had two slices of toast and a banana today. feeling drained - at leas there was some lasagne and chocolate to make me feel slightly more reasonable.

#baddays! (except the part on the river)

10 PM


Since I have the footage - here is the unmarked trail which threw me off.

You see me fly past it see something that I think might be an obstruction, circle back and then go for it.

This is where everything went wrong. Sure someone will point out that this is not an obstruction - but I have seen on other maps before this mapped as an obstruction.

Friday Jun 12, 2015 #

(rest day)

Yay for rest day!

Thursday Jun 11, 2015 #

1 PM

Running (5km Loop) 30:46 [4] 5.09 km (6:03 / km) +95m 5:32 / km
ahr:163 max:173 shoes: Salomon XA Pro 3d

Well both quads where sore before I started so this was never going to be an award winning run.

Felt really lack luster and had no energy / hungry.

So set a pace which was maintainable and comfortable. Felt pretty together once I settled into a routine but certainly wasnt pushing it.

Didnt feel like I could push it - just nothing in the tank (physically) to do anymore than I did - I know mentally was ready to go a whole heap faster.

Still need to get knees higher - maybe some flexibility required to improve this stride... eh.

That said cant set pb's every session so happy with what was done.

Wednesday Jun 10, 2015 #

6 AM

Road Bike (Mt Henry Return) 1:18:54 [4] 30.35 km (23.1 kph) +92m
ahr:144 max:165 shoes: Giro Privateer

Average Cadence 78 (goal is 80) getting there. Having to be very mindful not to grind.

Bike needs a service its gear skipping on the extremities - quite annoying.

Otherwise was a nice ride. Happy for the increased cadence but at same speed Couple of weeks sitting near 80 cadence. just to get legs used to it.

Had a few e-bikes smash past. which comically reminded me I saw someone filling up their bike at the servo the other night. P-bike no worries ha!

Tuesday Jun 9, 2015 #

7 PM

Running intervals (Short Intervals) 37:58 [4] 4.06 km (9:21 / km) +59m 8:43 / km
ahr:130 max:173 shoes: Salomon XA Pro 3d

400m warmup

Then 300m full tilt, 600m walk x4

1) 1:06
2) 0:56
3) 0:58
4) 1:00

Shins gave no grief yay - still icing them after.

Felt weird at full tilt, felt... unstable seems the best way to describe it. like upper body was moving faster than legs and legs stride was too shallow and knees not high enough... interestingly when I did try move knees higher still felt wrong. Need to work on my technique clear - felt very weird and I have never had a problem with sprinting feeling like that before. Weird in a way that felt like I could fall over while running was just weird and not grounded.

Also pretty disappointing I used to do 400m in 55-56s consistently and now breaking myself to do 300m in 56.

bit of pain via the ITB (front left side) on right knee (non surgical)

Monday Jun 8, 2015 #

6 AM

Road Bike (Mt Henry Return) 1:19:47 [4] 30.56 km (23.0 kph) +98m
ahr:141 max:167 shoes: Giro Privateer

Average Cadence - 74.

Should have been higher but those bits at 0 cadence really suck the average down... oh well will just have to drop to lower gear and spin while breaking to get a more accurate cadence in the future.

Beautiful morning for a ride and sunrise on the mirrored river was pretty awesome, some good colors out there... + dolphins. everyone loves seeing them.

Managed my most comical stack ever. went to turn around at halfway figure path wasnt wide enough so will use some of the verge too - road bike turning in sand... you do the maths... too used to mtb lol. I could see the funny side in it though.

Also new section in the freeway path (yes its the first time I have ridden it) is really nice!

Still thinking large front chain ring to one of the bigger cogs at the back makes for the most efficient cycling - found I could sit 28-32 and about 85 cadence there which in my mind was ideal.

Friday Jun 5, 2015 #

(rest day)

Another scheduled rest day - love low week.

ended up dropping the short run last night as shins still sore and was leaning towards getting them sorted before next week started. Might pick up navdash which I wasnt going to though.

Thursday Jun 4, 2015 #

7 AM

Road Bike (Cadence Training) 40:47 [3] 15.12 km (22.2 kph) +118m
ahr:134 max:146 shoes: Giro Privateer

Was reasonably flat course - and an easy ride - wasn't focusing on speed more moving the legs over, goal was 75 cadence. and was sitting on that until near the last few kms when I was focusing on distance and how far the Garmin said was to go to hit my 15km.

Average ended at 73 would have been close to 74 I am sure. Was also trying to keep the peak lower but I did breach 105. but I was pretty consist in that mid 70s range.

Wednesday Jun 3, 2015 #

(rest day)

Merging run into tomorrow to give shins another day during low week

Tuesday Jun 2, 2015 #

(rest day)

Scheduled rest day.

Body feeling the weekend more than I thought it would - normally orienteering has no after affect... But today it certainly has

Monday Jun 1, 2015 #

10 AM

Orienteering race (Lovers Lane) 1:43:55 [5] 9.4 km (11:03 / km) +448m 8:56 / km
ahr:150 max:176 shoes: Salomon XA Pro 3d

Shins sore before I even started - not a good sign... mainly left one, the right ankle was pretty stuffed too.

used road down to tjunction to get to #1 and as I got to the t junction and came off the road slipped and did a full barrel roll infront of people. re gathered my hat and kept running - they asked if I was ok and I said yes I meet the ground often... (yes there was blood just not much).

Got 1 cleanly.
#2 a bit of hesitation until I punched through the scrub and then it was easy.
#3 was never going straight at this one - had debated back to road then south and around - a fair bit of climb toward the end of that leg or - climb early back past the start and go around the top. distance was similar so I climbed early. One of the juniors saw me sliding under a fence as I got nearer a control and he laughed as he jogged along watching me - well until he caught his foot on an old fence and face planted - I checked he was ok we both laughed and moved on. My attackpoint was perfect and hit this dead on.
#4 across the face from 3 and then down to road - road to past the dam and then bee line to 4 - worked perfectly.
#5 back up the hill to 5 and around its western edge. shin and ankle really a bit of a drama now but pushed on.
#6 used the road around to 6 until the gully near the watercourse - the yellow was a bit dubious I think its grown in there since it was mapped got it clean
#7 easy and flush
#8 again flush
#9 used t junction then the fence corner then was silly. went through the white south of the flag rather than the easy yellow - result would have been the same it was just slower..

but this was the first just certainly not the last brain fart of the day. I think I had a song stuck in my head now and just wasn't concentrating on the map - more my lower limbs!

#10 Wanted to hook around the green use the yellow and follow the fence. that yellow wasnt there?!? I tripped on the fence to 10 but by then I have no idea why but I had decided to follow the water course and its fence... no watercourse running along fence near 10. followed it along and crossed the water course like I should have before realising hey I am way off none of these features match. quick stopped and realised I was right on the line in-between 10 and 11. DOH. straight at 10 from there and nailed it.

#11 should have been easy for some reason I drifted majorly right and realised when I almost hit the road bend. Saw to my left the patch of green and again quickly rectified that problem... idiot... focus.

#12 focus and nailed

#13 on back on it now ill just use this path and it will take me all the way around to 13. following it along oh hey here is the gully and looks at the point, mm circle centre looks left of the embankment/cutting/digging how about I shoot up here and I will pop up on top of it... searching
wtf where is this control, go much higher than needed, eventually loop east to the track and the thing is sitting much further east than expected - had I just stayed on track would have spotted it easily and the leg would have been 5 minutes shorter
#14 - 3 options, long road to the north, up the river and then a step climb at end, right of river continuous climb. Decided on up the water course. A bit of indecision until I got to the dam as it was a bit thick through there and had stayed on the north/west of the water course up until there. Maybe not the best choice. I then decided to stay on the northern side (bad choice). it got step and it was hard going. had to work hard through some green which I wouldn't have had on the south side did not want to loose height so I climbed early or stayed level rather than going down for what may have been a slightly easier route for a short while. Once near the top I shot across the water course and headed for the fence. was in perfect positioning when hitting the fence - crossed the second water course and could see the control right in front of me where i expected it. YAY.

Meandered to the finish.

Emma came with today so once I got back we went for a picnic at Lake Leschnaultia on the way home which was a nice way to break up the drive.

Feeling very very tender now!

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