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Training Log Archive: brycec

In the 30 days ending Sep 30, 2015:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Mountain Biking 3 5:07:35 34.19(6.7/h) 55.02(10.7/h) 1343
  Paddling2 1:15:03 3.26(23:03) 5.24(14:19)
  Swimming1 9:34 0.25(1.6/h) 0.4(2.5/h)
  Total6 6:32:12 37.69(10:24) 60.66(6:28) 1343

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Monday Sep 28, 2015 #

3 PM

Paddling (North Floreat ) 44:58 [3] 2.96 km (15:11 / km)

Went with Paul to the beach to learn how to paddle. I learnt how to swim.

Tried beach launch a few times then walked my craft out after finding the shallows too many times (to Pauls enjoyment).

One going everything felt so light - tried to adjust something with left hand and wind blew paddle into my face *SMACK* - well that'll teach me. Then proceeded into the wave - found the water a number of times before finding some rhythm - out into the wave then across swell - felt really unsure. - turned back and had waves to the tail. HORRIBLE. Made me feel sea sick and I got dumper over and over.

Eventually made it back to shore and had a bit of a chat.
4 PM

Paddling (North Floreat ) 30:05 [3] 2.28 km (13:12 / km)

Out we went for round two - failed hard on beach launch a few times so walked it out.

started paddling away and then realised after 5 mins I was all by myself - oh - Paul was still trying to get his beach launch sorted.. I turned back and headed in -As Paul started to gain on me I turned back into the wave and continued to paddle.... 0 dumps - awesome - was like 10-12 minutes no sea water, happy days. turned around to go back in and ... sure enough with waves behind us was getting dumped all over the show.

Discovered at this point my rear hull cover had unscrewed and water had been pouring it... boat was infinitely heavier. Eventually made it back into shore shattered - boat had ALOT of water in it made dragging it up beach hard.

Lessons from today - the ocean is choppy and sucks balls. Never let go of boat or paddle, Check the hull holds are tight!, never stand down flow of your craft, more back less shoulders, just keep paddling no matter what, speed and power are your friends, its so much about core - of which I have little...


sitting here feeling like I am in a rocky boat now feeling sea sick some 4 hours later.

Sunday Sep 27, 2015 #


Bought new salomon shoes last night. Found out there is a 2E fitting for the xa 3d pro - so excited (better than buying new laces) shoes that may not hurt my feet!!! Imagine!... Shame salomon only sell the in us and uk... Bit dear to get them... They better go the distance! Last ones didn't make 500km!

Wednesday Sep 23, 2015 #


yes lack of logging = lack of activity... disappointing i know right!

still waiting on new arrival.

At least keeping up nightly glutes - omt will be proud.

also found out there is a wide fitting xa 3d pro - I want - can only get from uk and usa. excellent... going to cost a bundle.

Monday Sep 14, 2015 #

7 AM

Swimming (Challenge Stadium) 9:34 [4] 0.4 km (2.5 kph)

Met Tooms down at the pool for this 200m 3:11 challenge which was through down month ago.

Was just going to jump in an bust out the 200 but he guillted me into a warm up and cool down...

I decided 2 laps warm up, 4 laps race 2 laps cool down, = 500m then corrected myself to 250... my brain really wasnt firing it wasnt until much later I got 400 in my head ha! Watch still managed to read 450m by end though.

Anyway warm up - didn't intentionally go fast but:
46.8 for the first lap ha! slowed for the second to 59.1 much more respectable warm up pace.

Short break then game on Wanted to go out hard easy for the second ramp for the third and full tilt for the final.

Went out pretty hard 41.8 but was feeling really good so continued to push a little 46.4 Feeling a bit of burn and wanted to hold back a bit for last so took the gas off in the 3rd 51.1 - which felt like hard work but with a tad of recovery... No idea how I was on time at this point just decided to try sink myself and went hard - changed from alternate breathing to single side and nailed down 45.0 < felt a lot faster than that surprised I was that slow.

Math serving me correctly - 3:04:89 @inthe #ICECREAM

Question is was there a sub 3min in the tank... doubtful but I would be happy to put more ice cream on it.

Somehow my 2 lap cool down according to garmin included two sub 40s laps and a 64.5s lap... surprisingly accurate :P

Toom's then fondled my ass poolside... creepy. However he discover that ive got some work to do particularly on my right side - also showed me a few extra techniques to keep in mind as I progress. #thankyousir. really appreciate your help here.

Ankle was surprisingly giving me the mild shits in my work shoes this morning maybe thats progress?! haha.

Anyway have spent more time writing the log the the actual activity ha! Was nice to be in the water even if it was brief.

Sunday Sep 13, 2015 #


Wanted to do the last bush run of the year but ankle not feeling right still and I didn't want to roll it again so boycotting. Will try convince myself on some other type of exercise

Saturday Sep 12, 2015 #

7 AM

Mountain Biking (Camel Farm) 2:09:28 [3] 20.43 km (9.5 kph) +427m
ahr:136 max:170 shoes: Giro Privateer

Took Ksmout out for his second trip to the KC and introduced him to my anaconda training circuit - The BC Loop. He did really well and enjoyed himself but has got a fair bit of fitness and skills work to do to maintain pace.

I must admit going slowly and coaching certainly has its challenges and I got unstuck a few times - didnt come off thought for the most part.

About 25 mins in the time of non-movement.

When we got to final downhill legs, KS told me hell meet me at bottom so I zoomed off - was nice getting some speed up even though some of my lines where sloppy - Rain and mud wasnt massively enjoyable.

On the last section of horny devil ( the nice flowly forest part (iditchy - i think?)) I chilled out the pace and just zoned out - watched the kangas jumping around and then.. wtf there is someone on my back wheel. - this dude must have been flying, I went hard off into the bush to let him past and he just went past slowly... err ok.. caught him up and he said he thought I was going to go into a tree the way I came off the path when i saw him - I chuckled and explained I was day dreaming and no chance of hitting a tree when I was letting him pass. Said good bye to him as he went to the carpark and I stopped to wait for KS... went to put my hand against sign - of course slipped because went and at 0 speed and both feet cleated it was a slow motion visit to the ground... No doubt the person who I just said bye to thought I was a complete newb HA! oh well..

KS came a long a while later and I found out at the start of horny devil he had managed to try break rocks with his shin and come out second best. Looked nasty but probably was minor grazing really. I think hell be back for more still.

All in all very nice to be out there even if didnt push myself and the weather was crappy.

Thursday Sep 10, 2015 #


Off the rails clearly.

Mind you consistent 11-12hr sleeps since rogaine (yeah I know that's not going to last)

Only left ankle with issues and neck occasionally otherwise the lack of anything has certainly let me recoup nicely.

Glutes nightly still and certainly getting easier now so hopefully my shins will last a little longer when I return to running

Sunday Sep 6, 2015 #


Was going to go for a long run today - but after I pulled on the Salomons, instantly I had pain in my left ankle even just walking - must be right at the heigh of the shoe - so quickly ditched that idea and went for one of the daily small walks I have been doing with Emma.

Pulled the Brooks out of retirement because couldnt stand walking in the Salomons... wow, they where so light and my toes had so much room so much more comfortable. Was tempted to do long run in them but clear my ankle still has some healing to do so left it - will have to stop running for a bit and do lots of wobble board/ no impact stuff - should give me shins a good break....

Just need to make sure I can still run the 12.5 for ana though.

Guess focus will be riding and paddling now!

Saturday Sep 5, 2015 #

7 AM

Mountain Biking (Camel Farm) 1:35:47 [2] 14.46 km (9.1 kph) +486m
ahr:128 max:159 shoes: Giro Privateer

One of the partners at work is doing the MTB leg of anaconda and needed to learn how to mtb - so I took him out for a whirl - he did exceptionally well for a first timer.

If he picks it up quick I might have to be on my game! (should be ok though)
8 AM

Mountain Biking (Camel Farm) 1:22:20 [4] 20.13 km (14.7 kph) +430m
ahr:153 max:174 shoes: Giro Privateer

So after ditching the partner back at camel farm I went out for a big hitout... I love how I did gungin twice on this loop and only once with the partner yet the other trace claims more climb... sadface!

Anyway legs actually felt really good considering I had been out for a while - lower back gave some problematic signs later in the piece but held together - Generally I felt very comfortable out there and had it been a bit drier would have gone faster... overall expecting a PR smash fest, but too hard to tell until I hit the strava button!!!

Also now have a set of track which I am calling the BC loop which is 20km of hard work :) it will be my training course.

Wednesday Sep 2, 2015 #

(rest day)

Was going to train today but decided 1 additional day would be worth while - pain is now restricted to toes/feet - weird nerve shooting pains in toes every now and again... good times.

Works back on the fun factory campaign of stupid deadline (another reason for not training todya) late night last night and long day today.

Tuesday Sep 1, 2015 #

(rest day)

Rest day number 2 -

Apparently I am good to train again tomorrow... I might be debating that!

Legs still look like a self harm clinic. Ankle is a dull ache, Legs generally still feel spanked.

Feeling pretty tired mainly because didnt get to sleep until late last night.

Hip flexors certainly still feeling it still.

Could be a day or two away yet, but may do stuff all the same - see how I go.

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