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Training Log Archive: brycec

In the 30 days ending Apr 30, 2016:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Gym10 12:55:53
  Road Bike24 9:00:02 112.76(12.5/h) 181.47(20.2/h) 1647
  Mountain Biking 4 4:49:03 46.16(9.6/h) 74.28(15.4/h) 615
  Orienteering6 2:02:32 10.25(11:58) 16.49(7:26) 143
  Running1 1:19:36 7.21(11:03) 11.6(6:52) 169
  Total45 30:07:06 176.37 283.84 2574

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Wednesday Apr 27, 2016 #


Sick. Enough so for me to say no training today - I could if I needed to but not worth it. If I didn't have a bumper week at work I would stay in bed.

Oh well should have taken the warning last week.

Anyway missed 2 of 3 gym sessions and 2/4 rides think I'll just write this week off call it a rest week and come back next week.

*edit - 3 people in my work pod other than me are sick or off sick - i must be getting what they are giving.. sigh - hopefully I can fight it off without going over the edge.

Tuesday Apr 26, 2016 #

6 AM


Got up to go swimming- realised feeling the edge of sick went back to bed. The fact I don't have enthusiasm for swimming at all didn't help. I don't know why I plan it I rarely do it.

Anyway better not be going down sick
8 AM

Road Bike (Commute to Work) 23:26 [3] 7.64 km (19.6 kph) +49m
ahr:130 max:154 shoes: Giro Privateer

A bit of spitting rain but nothing major. Enough debris to make me wonder if I would get a flat but all the popping and exploding under my wheel was uneventful. Felt pretty crap generally.

Glad I wore the wind breaker.
5 PM

Road Bike (Commute - To Home) 19:13 [3] 7.28 km (22.7 kph) +56m
ahr:144 max:162 shoes: Giro Privateer

Felt fast - actually wasnt, some spitting rain, cadence ave was 86 happy with that.

otherwise felt shit all day and was glad to be on way home even though would have preferred to have teleported.

Monday Apr 25, 2016 #

(rest day)

HBF stadium closed for full day and not going to work so probably give myself a full rest day and work on getting shins 100% again.

Sunday Apr 24, 2016 #

8 AM

(rest day)

Definitely a rest day today.

Shocking sleep last night :(

Poor little guy seems he might be getting his first cold too.

Right foot in bad form and I am wondering if there is some long term issue which is progressively getting worse - a brief scan of logs suggests not but I am unconvinced.

Shins - blah! - rice.

Got to do some planning for next training 8 weeks as I am hoping to switch gym to my core and increase cardio/intensity given current form may have to be a slow start to that.

Saturday Apr 23, 2016 #

1 PM

Orienteering race (Navdash - Long) 36:54 [3] 4.99 km (7:24 / km) +42m 7:06 / km
ahr:158 max:175 shoes: ASICS GEL - Nimbus 17

Well I knew today was a big call given just how sore my calves where - e.g. sore to touch before even starting.

I went out had and #1 was fine - over shot #2 and got completely confused got it and went hard for #3. Shins started to kick in now.

#4 was clean
#5 went to daycare by accident and had to double back and around - annoying/
#6 - didnt realize it wasnt a garden bed and accessible - even though map said it was... stood next to control obstructed by something for a while before I got it.
#7 - Fine but certainly slowing and painful
#8 - easy
#9 - instinctively went right - stupid uncrossable fence went left one around
#10 - the ground a few people put on my on this leg could only be because they powered across that bed - whilst I fat arsed around figuring out right or left
#11 - a tad disorientated but got there fine
#12 - wasnt sure if white running was allow in sprint so carefully found the yellow strip and took it.
#13 - good but slow now
#14 - cut through some white after deciding it was legal.
#15 debated the track took the fence line
#16 went north - probably should have gone south
#17 - meh
#18 - west around to it.
#19 - bloody butchered this after dropping down towards 5 before realising I couldn't go that way and back out to main entry - I saw rob west who had been chasing me whole way going down a similar way and felt vindicated that I wasnt the only one. only to get around to the control to see him leaving it and saying he used the gate #illegal blah
#20 - rob messed up this point and I overtook him but I didnt have it in my shins to put 2 mins on him now.
#21 - saw this one on wlak to event so knew where to go
#22 - easy
#23 - ditto
#24 - ditto
#25 - accidentally aimed at finish then realised there was another control.
Fin - tried to open up but was hurting

long course - very technical - not bad for a first timer on it - but I had 3-5 mins in navigation and 1-2 in my legs being really painful.
2 PM

Orienteering (Navdash - Medium) 26:30 [3] 3.37 km (7:52 / km) +28m 7:33 / km
ahr:156 max:172 shoes: ASICS GEL - Nimbus 17

Besides my better judgment I went and did a second - was understandably clean through almost all the controls having visited them before

Took it a bit easier but more consistent - shins whilst sore werent too bad at this pace just achey.

Found a few more optimal routes.

Tried to put on a smile for the camera as I crossed oval to finish - but I was actually hurting a reasonable amount at this point in time so will probably develop as a grimace.

Put some effort into the finish sprint but only enough to equal my dismal 11s from the long.

Craig said my running looked fluid (or words that I took to that affect) across the oval which surprised me given how I was feeling. Ill take it - guess most things look better in slow mo :P

Didnt expect to do a third as 1 I was sore and 2 it was pretty much last start or post last starts then so was just going to recoop and go.
3 PM

Orienteering race (Navdash - Short) 12:53 [3] 1.61 km (8:00 / km) +12m 7:43 / km
ahr:155 max:169 shoes: ASICS GEL - Nimbus 17

So there was some late starters so Richard let us (Paul and I) have a crack at another map.

No easy maps left so i took the control description and the master sheet for added challenge!

There was no really going hard on this - nice and consistent plod - which I am sure rachel will attest to when I went past her guiding some people around.

There was a few new controls and not having the lines certainly made it challenging locating direction and not getting lost in the maze of controls in the demountables.

Got through cleanly and heckled paul half way through his medium when i was about to finish - He pulled the pin and we went to the final sprint off.

Shins where feeling reasonable now - so I threw in everything I had left (not much) and pulled out 8s. Judging by the official splits fastest of the day :)

Happy with that - cause we all know its the fastest finish split which is the most important!

Stuck around as was well and truely late for my ill be home between 3-330 now and did some control collecting. Got a lift home with Paul s2 who had received a text from a worried emma at 430 wondering if he had seen me alive recently - Paul could have had some fun with that.. he didnt thankfully.

Home - shower/compress/ice/rehydrate. going to have to watch these shins - something tells me lots of stretching/compression/ice/glute work required to get me back on track.

Friday Apr 22, 2016 #

6 AM

Gym (Upper Body) 1:03:03 [3]
ahr:104 max:135 shoes: ASICS GEL - Nimbus 17

6 PM


Light jog to make train <1km shins burning ... Oh so familiar - sprints going to be fun tomorrow

Thursday Apr 21, 2016 #

(rest day)

Ultimate rest day.

Got up for gym instantly knew bad idea went back to bed got up for work started getting ready knew it still wasn't a good idea went back to bed got up at 1140 groggy but much better. Just a casual 11hr sleep - #restweek is for rest.

Will go back gym tomorrow and drop the 1 cycle in/back entirely - certainly feeling good for taking the day today rather than pushing through felt like I was fraying a bit

Wednesday Apr 20, 2016 #

8 AM

Road Bike (Commute to Work) 24:57 [3] 7.4 km (17.8 kph) +97m
ahr:128 max:155 shoes: Giro Privateer

Pretty casual ride in another lovely morning out there!
5 PM

Road Bike (Commute - To Home) 22:15 [3] 7.73 km (20.8 kph) +56m
ahr:129 max:155 shoes: Giro Privateer

Nothing special

Tuesday Apr 19, 2016 #

6 AM

Gym (Upper Body) 1:03:46 [3]
ahr:100 max:124 shoes: ASICS GEL - Challenger 9 - in short really good session - had to wear tennis shoes as runners drenched from last night.
8 AM

Road Bike (Commute to Work) 23:39 [3] 7.63 km (19.4 kph) +53m
ahr:130 max:152 shoes: Giro Privateer

What a magnificent morning for riding wish I could have been out much much longer - really enjoyed the ride in, little to no wind blue sky and perfect temp.
5 PM

Road Bike (Commute - To Home) 19:28 [3] 6.67 km (20.6 kph) +77m
ahr:133 max:152 shoes: Giro Privateer

So shins are just showing the signs of soreness - to be expected after doing 6km+ of sprint saturday arvo and then backing it up with 11.5 km long run last night - #silly.

Stretching and compression required I suppose.

Feet telltale running pains - ever since I wore those too narrow shoes for a long rogaine... #evensillier. suspect there is something more at play here that I am going to ignore.

Otherwise feeling good - the ride home was good - bike computer shitting me to tears but thats something resolvable at least.

Monday Apr 18, 2016 #

8 AM

Road Bike (Commute to Work) 23:58 [3] 7.32 km (18.3 kph) +96m
ahr:128 max:153 shoes: Giro Privateer

So tweaked neck/shoulder again yesterday moving a king sized mattress upstairs... so correspondingly had a crap sleep and not great range of motion today. I wish this would properly sort itself out I feel like I am constantly getting done in this same spot - must be a bigger issue im thinking posture on computer?! (he says whilst slouching and hunching at same time... sigh)

Enjoyed the sleep in on gym light week - only 2 sessions this week.

Ride to work was somewhat uneventful - I really need to get a reliable computer on my bike though this ones work one ride and not the next is annoying to say the least.
5 PM

Road Bike (Commute - To Home) 21:04 [3] 7.67 km (21.8 kph) +54m
ahr:139 max:159 shoes: Giro Privateer

Decided on railway bike path home wanted to take it easy but it started to spit and I didnt want wet shorts/shoes for tomorrow so finished quite hard.
9 PM

Running (Long Night Run) 1:19:36 [3] 11.6 km (6:52 / km) +169m 6:24 / km
ahr:153 max:168 shoes: ASICS GEL - Nimbus 17

Late start because I had a dinner function first - which probably wasnt the best starting point!

Emma thought I was crazy given:
- its rest week
- just had massive meal
- pissing down with rain

All valid points.

I ran anyway - Will was drenched on arrival and it was lashing it down we waited a bit then just went stuff it and off we went - via graylands hospital (appropriate), JTC, sooner to be CC playing fields - man running on that sand was BRUTAL. pretty much destroyed me getting across that. despair when I reaslised we had only done 3km at that point! and lower back was hurting and legs where burning. Rain was least of my concern - but we had both agreed it was probably the heaviest we had run in.

Was committed to 10 which seemed a stretch as we went in to bold park and up a sand trail - a short walk in there and a solid path and we where moving again until we had to climb our way out of the park toward the current CC playing fields - down the road to the corner of them and across the fields, into swanbourne golf course and around a few fairways - a bit of walking in the golf course on hills of sand and then back to a trot.

Exited via main entrance and then down to claremont lake - accidentally took the long loop around the lake and had a brief walk on the flat - starting to feel the burn a bit now. Then out to alfred and home.

Felt pretty good to be honest - pace was slow but consistent - probably could have gone harder but didnt want to blow up completely on first run or in the wet. Look forward to doing it again.

Hot shower / compression socks / milk / water / stretching / sleep make everything good for tomorrow - oh wait in a few minutes today gah. gyms going to be a challenge...

-EDIT- 19/4 - keep forgetting to add work spike light way too tight and had a tennis ball like mark on forehead for quite some time after the run lol

Sunday Apr 17, 2016 #

8 AM

(rest day)

Yay for a rest day and a low week to come!

Saturday Apr 16, 2016 #

1 PM

Orienteering race (Navdash - Long) 23:09 [4] 3.27 km (7:05 / km) +29m 6:47 / km
ahr:162 max:174 shoes: ASICS GEL - Nimbus 17

Started ok but faded very quickly.

Clean through the first few then a mistake on reading the map and a bit of a hunt for #4.

Blew up on way to #8 and backed off a bit after that recovered by about map change and had been pretty clean through all those. Tried to up the pace again a bit post map change but body wasnt havin it.

16-17-18 combo made me smile but lost time on 19 expecting it at the top not the bottom. then up to 20 destroyed my soul. Opted for the road back around I wasnt sure if it was faster than going back down the stairs - realistically was going slow by now anyway.

Sprint finish - took Paul by 2s on that split - because everyone knows its the finish that counts.

Should have put ice cream on it like Paul requested because he didnt punch the map change control and as a result MP'ed and I beat him #take it :P

Bricks timing where WAY out - they desperately need a re calibration for next week!
2 PM

Orienteering race (Navdash - Medium) 15:24 [4] 2.15 km (7:10 / km) +21m 6:50 / km
ahr:164 max:174 shoes: ASICS GEL - Nimbus 17

Leg felt pretty heavy starting this one - wanted to try stay in contact with Paul thought - started 1 minute behind him and went hard early to try chip a few seconds off him and keep in contact. did well on that until #4 which I completely muppeted and went to wrong place and had to run around like a fool.

Knew post that Paul had me - the next leg was up the staircase of pain and this put the nail in my coffin - legs smashed now. 6-7-8-9-10-11-12 all clean and easy but legs giving up really on way out to 11 and had seen Paul goign to 12 when I went to 10 so knew was semi in contact.

From 12-13 Paul was sitting at finish which led to some disappointment - I slowed up a bit then but not too much.

Finish sprint went full tilt because I knew Paul would have. eased up about 15m before control rather than all the way onto it. wish I hadnt as Paul and I tied for 8s.
3 PM

Orienteering race (Navdash - Short) 7:42 [3] 1.1 km (7:00 / km) +11m 6:40 / km
ahr:162 max:173 shoes: ASICS GEL - Nimbus 17

Against better judgement we went for the trifecta - I started before Paul this time - again reasonably hard out of the gate but that silliness was gone pretty quickly.

Royally screwed number 4 and my race was probably over at this point.

Legs shattered pushed through 5-6-7 when i saw Paul catching me.

Probably could have held him off but he caught me at 9 because I figured we would have a sprint finish together - sadly he was in front of me just at 10 and even though I gained the 1m on him he had poll position on finish flag and after wrestling the control for a while I eventually hip and shouldered him out of the way and punched in.

I got 11s I am claiming 4 wasted :P he only got 14 - apparently he was still trying to punch ahah.

Either way I won the battle of the finish splits :P (along with the main course of the day #winner :P )

PS I think I enjoyed the medium the most but of course I will be back for Long next time! - Today was my first Navdash ever.
4 PM


Legs seriously feeling todays stupidity now. :P

Friday Apr 15, 2016 #

6 AM

Gym (Full Body) 1:26:17 [3]
ahr:105 max:142 shoes: ASICS GEL - Nimbus 17

Thursday Apr 14, 2016 #


Got up for gym realized just how tired I was opted for unscheduled skip. Back to sleep I went. Feeling loads better for it now.
8 AM

Road Bike (Commute to Work) 24:58 [3] 7.12 km (17.1 kph) +97m
ahr:132 max:157 shoes: Giro Privateer

Legs just felt heavy and fatigued - 6 days on the bike straight yay for tomorrow off it.

Light week next week in gym too then change of routine for the next 2 months probably more of a cardio focus maybe even try move a few KGs.
6 PM

Road Bike (Commute - To Home) 19:12 [3] 6.36 km (19.9 kph) +80m
ahr:136 max:159 shoes: Giro Privateer

Long day today - thought it would be, super glad I slept in even though still feeling knackered come the afternoon.

Left later than normal so got the lights out - probably could have made it without them but safe over sorry this time around.

Whens the humidity going to pass - its annoying after showering!

Wednesday Apr 13, 2016 #

5 AM


Skipped gym this morning for a combination of reasons - but it was a somewhat planned skip session.
8 AM

Road Bike (Commute to Work) 21:53 [3] 7.13 km (19.5 kph) +50m
ahr:136 max:158 shoes: Giro Privateer

Sucks putting on wet helmet and shoes oh well.

I dont knwo if it was global idiot pedestrian day or stupidly cuttoff Bryce day, but I had multiple people (mainly walkers) walk straight infront of my bike this morning when I had right of way and was at reasonable speed - generally without looking or even caring - a few close calls not that the walkers cared.

Bike computer wasnt working for majority of ride. Probably need a new/better computer. Along with a rear light that stays on - mine magically turns itself off quite often now!
4 PM

Road Bike (Commute - To Home) 18:13 [3] 6.45 km (21.2 kph) +77m
ahr:142 max:163 shoes: Giro Privateer

Up mount st and quick ride home. Felt different going up mount st for first time in a while.

Tuesday Apr 12, 2016 #

6 AM

Gym (Chest / Bi) 1:10:32 [3]
ahr:115 max:140 shoes: ASICS GEL - Nimbus 17

8 AM

Road Bike (Commute to Work) 23:12 [3] 7.89 km (20.4 kph) +50m
ahr:138 max:155 shoes: Giro Privateer

Slightly better route through Subi today - probably didn't save much time though.
5 PM

Road Bike (Commute - To Home) 24:06 [3] 7.46 km (18.6 kph) +53m
ahr:128 max:150 shoes: Giro Privateer

A little bit of drizzle but nothing too significant.

Load of waiting at lights at the start which was disappointing.

Glasses didn't fair so well in the rain, tended to fog up as soon as I stopped moving and didnt de-fog as quickly as they normally would.

Generally a nice ride

Monday Apr 11, 2016 #

6 AM

Gym (Back / Tri / Core) 1:14:02 [3]
ahr:104 max:138 shoes: ASICS GEL - Nimbus 17

Bit of a slow start but otherwise good.
8 AM

Road Bike (Commute to Work) 26:13 [3] 7.81 km (17.9 kph) +53m
ahr:130 max:153 shoes: Giro Privateer

Decided on railway path due to wind and potential rain. Legs felt reasonably lethargic (for good reason) but cruised along all the same.

I want to find a better way to navigate subi without those pesky lights!
5 PM

Road Bike (Commute - To Home) 22:17 [3] 8.77 km (23.6 kph) +65m
ahr:142 max:161 shoes: Giro Privateer

Fastish ride home - a few PRs - mainly thanks to tail wind.

Saw Will running across abedare and accordingly hurdled some abuse about his slow running and motored off :P

Avoided rain - woohoo

Sunday Apr 10, 2016 #

10 AM

Mountain Biking (Langford Park) 1:33:44 [3] 17.58 km (11.3 kph) +287m
ahr:130 max:158 shoes: Giro Privateer

Perfect day for it. Cool but warm enough, nice breeze, not many people... Seems the rain didnt hit this area yesterday though as it was BONE DRY!

Felt like my handling on the pea gravel was terrible and felt very unsettled the first lap then let some air out of the tyres and felt much more at home. probably could have let some more out still

PR's all over the place - so even though i felt slow and tired after yesterday still apparently going quite well... wonder what that means I could do if rested.

Saturday Apr 9, 2016 #

8 AM

Mountain Biking (Home to MTBO) 40:49 [3] 15.11 km (22.2 kph) +68m
ahr:145 max:167 shoes: Giro Privateer

Cruisey ride in until a roadie decided to slide past me on the freeway so I sat behind him most of the way to canning bridge.
9 AM

Mountain Biking race (MTBO - Point Walter) 1:53:50 [4] 26.53 km (14.0 kph) +197m
ahr:146 max:171 shoes: Giro Privateer

Ended up doing it with Dave when we realised we where going the same points and sitting with each other anyway.

Probably meant me working a bit harder for the end and Dave a little easier - so be it.

Had a cyclist tell me off for doing a u-turn int he road because he thought I would clear him out when eh was ages away. fool.

Had a resident complain when we tried to access a laneway through a marked yellow vacant block that its private property.

Had Dave ride us off in completely wrong direction on only time I didnt have map contact :P

Otherwise really good day out there and a lot of fun - last one was pretty assuming once Dave realised his error. In fairness he followed me in and didnt know exactly our course in so he just guessed wrong.
12 PM

Mountain Biking (MTBO to Home) 40:40 [3] 15.06 km (22.2 kph) +63m
ahr:136 max:151 shoes: Giro Privateer

Lower back was starting to feel it on way home - 56km on mtb for first time in a long time may have been a tad optimistic - see how I pull up tomorrow.

Interesting maintained pace the full day. Even managed a segment PR on way home - go figure!? I think its only one ive ridden slowly once before.

Really found being on the mtb very different - was a bit confronting on ride to event until I settled into it but the ergonomics felt better since bike fit - dont know if its seen the trails since then. wondering how it will go!

Friday Apr 8, 2016 #

6 AM

Gym (Full Body) 1:18:09 [3]
ahr:118 max:145 shoes: ASICS GEL - Nimbus 17

Late start again

Thursday Apr 7, 2016 #

7 AM


Decided on Monday that I would likely have today off gym - wise early call as I am sore and needed sleep. Enjoyed the time off.
8 AM

Road Bike (Commute to Work) 23:13 [3] 7.39 km (19.1 kph) +99m
ahr:136 max:159 shoes: Giro Privateer

Wow improved breaking power much! Didnt really get up to high speed on mount street but the breaking control and speed was very much improved.

Sluggish ride just working through the tender legs.
5 PM

Road Bike (Commute - To Home) 24:15 [3] 9.43 km (23.3 kph) +64m
ahr:135 max:154 shoes: Giro Privateer

Nothing to report.

Wednesday Apr 6, 2016 #

6 AM

Gym (Legs / Core) 1:49:28 [3]
ahr:115 max:150 shoes: ASICS GEL - Nimbus 17

8 AM

Road Bike (Commute to Work) 19:50 [3] 7.04 km (21.3 kph) +54m
ahr:144 max:162 shoes: Giro Privateer

Decent ride in even though was tired from legs in gym.

Dropped bike for its full service - knew there was going to be some extra damage as its only ever had a standard service not a full service and has rarely had any component changed.

After discussing with the guy discovered he had changed both gear cables last week - to my surprise.

Talked about the chain which I knew was going to get changed and when I said its never been changed he looked shocked and said how longs it been on the bike when I told him that his like your rear cassette is in amazing condition given its been that long, but you should change that too because it will be worn to the chain. SIGH. knew that was coming - accepted both, he suggested and I agreed to the brake cables because - well if there is one thing I want working its those and then I asked for new rear pads he said hell do front too for free so all good.

Pretty major overhaul - think might do handle bar tape just for shits and giggles. Apparently total cost 350-400... more than the 250 I thought it would be. Going to have to keep riding now to justify such lavish expenditure haha.
5 PM

Road Bike (Commute - To Home) 16:31 [3] 7.18 km (26.1 kph) +47m
ahr:140 max:153 shoes: Giro Privateer

Ok so bike felt as if it was new in the first time in a long time - was very nice and smooth.

New Parts:
Bottom Bracket
Break Cables
Gear Cables
Break Pads front and back
Handlebar grip

Practically a new bike and trued up wheels, serviced and cleaned. Worth the 390 debatable given the wiggle costing of the parts but I definitely wouldnt have got it running this smoothly so all credit to them.

Tuesday Apr 5, 2016 #

6 AM

Gym (Chest / Bi) 1:14:34 [3]
ahr:116 max:139 shoes: ASICS GEL - Nimbus 17

8 AM

Road Bike (Commute to Work) 23:25 [3] 7.29 km (18.7 kph) +98m
ahr:136 max:155 shoes: Giro Privateer

Was a tad brisk out there this morning - was nice once I had warmed up a bit but still was fresh when I got to work.
5 PM

Road Bike (Commute - To Home) 27:36 [3] 10.0 km (21.7 kph) +67m
ahr:135 max:154 shoes: Giro Privateer

Thought there was a tailwind so went mounts bay road - my sideways glance at the flag was wrong and I had a side on wind. oh well.

Shins feeling sore post cycling - might need to start stretching.

Also had a car decide the bike line automatically means a bike is turning right at a set of traffic light at abedare and completely cut over my path - stupid young driver got an unfriendly wave from me and is lucky not to have a dented panel or two.

Monday Apr 4, 2016 #

6 AM

Gym (Back / Tri / Core) 1:16:33 [3]
ahr:112 max:149 shoes: ASICS GEL - Nimbus 17
a bit lacklustre :)
8 AM

Road Bike (Commute to Work) 25:38 [3] 7.17 km (16.8 kph) +98m
ahr:135 max:15 shoes: Giro Privateer

Would have loved for ti to have been uneventful

Right cleat came completely loose in first few minutes - so was a a lot of focus on left leg. Also had tweaked neck on Sunday morning and whilst it didnt bother me in the gym this morning it certainly had some play looking right on the bike.

Pretty much a dream run on the lights on the way in and made it in faster than normal despite the shoe issue - forgot to stop gamin until after I had locked up bike and borrowed a multi tool and tightened both my shoes as it seems the left had gone loose too. So probably an extra 3 minutes or so there.
5 PM

Road Bike (Commute - To Home) 21:30 [3] 7.64 km (21.3 kph) +57m
ahr:137 max:161 shoes: Giro Privateer

Geez a bit windy out there!

Sunday Apr 3, 2016 #

(rest day)

Saturday Apr 2, 2016 #

(rest day)

Friday Apr 1, 2016 #

6 AM

Gym (Full Body) 1:19:29 [3]
ahr:118 max:148 shoes: ASICS GEL - Nimbus 17

Really good session - late start again - need to pull self out of bed earlier!

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