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Training Log Archive: brycec

In the 30 days ending Sep 30, 2016:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Rogaining2 16:19:06 41.41(23:38) 66.65(14:41) 1815
  Running3 3:58:21 19.32(12:20) 31.1(7:40) 427
  Orienteering1 3:23:54 7.79(26:10) 12.54(16:16) 582
  Total6 23:41:21 68.53(20:44) 110.29(12:53) 2824

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Friday Sep 30, 2016 #


Just bought my MTBO entries - $105 for 3 events seems steep when your used to paying $30! - wondering if the hike is going to be justified somehow?!

Rogaining certainly justified their increase in Nannup.

Thursday Sep 22, 2016 #

8 PM

Running (Long Night Run) 1:37:21 [3] 13.7 km (7:06 / km) +113m 6:49 / km
ahr:152 max:169 shoes: ASICS GEL - Nimbus 17

Slow and steady to meet up with Wil just east of Claremont. Lower back pain to start but that subsided in first 1km.

right calf started pulling as we hit the old ECU campus near bay road and left went shortly after that. Stuck it out but it was just slow - really want to be able to run again.

Felt pretty rubbish out there - nutrition has been terrible for me and I just felt powerless.

Calves became more of an issue on river foreshore and started to walk more often.

Fair bit of walking on the way home broke into a jog on one of he final stretches and left calf pinged abit more so stopped and walked it out. really need to get some stretch/elasticity back in to my calves they just feel tight all the time now.

Tuesday Sep 20, 2016 #


Gosh my knees are sore today when going up and down stairs... I think legs might be tight causing some issues

Sunday Sep 18, 2016 #

6 AM

Rogaining race (Aus Champs - Nannup) 5:20:24 [2] 21.67 km (14:47 / km) +470m 13:20 / km
shoes: Salomon XA Pro 3d M+

TLDR Version:
Went for a casual outing with Andrew Martin - finished 21st and happy with effort a few mistakes but generally clean - no major injuries.

I want more but not the novel version:

This link will show you the course we took with all the markers, mouse over the different icons for some comments around the course.


Want the full editorial 8pg 4000+ word brycec special then press the show log button and then you can look at the trace and read at the same time :)

Saturday Sep 17, 2016 #

12 PM

Rogaining race (Aus Champs - Nannup) 10:58:42 [2] 44.98 km (14:39 / km) +1345m 12:44 / km
shoes: Salomon XA Pro 3d M+

To Come.

Sunday Sep 11, 2016 #

9 AM

Orienteering race (Lovers Lane) 3:23:54 [3] 12.54 km (16:16 / km) +582m 13:12 / km
ahr:152 max:179 shoes: Salomon XA Pro 3d M+

Decided I was crazy enough to go out and do long champs, mainly because this is one of/if not my favourite area – I knew I was only going to walk it – but if I couldn’t walk 10-12 today then next week was in doubt and rather find that out now than then.

Got there with plenty of time and trudged up the hill – didn’t realise there was two starts and was bewildered as to why I couldn’t see anyone who I was expecting it dawned on me after a few minutes waiting around I was at the wrong damn start and the 1 size font of 1-4 further up the hill wasn’t helpful. Alas got up in time for my start still.

Craig arrived just before I setoff – he too thought I was crazy he was about the 4ths person of the day to say that or similar to me. I told him I was walking and looked forward to him passing me by number 1.

T-1: Along the hill down the spur to the fence line to the cliff too the point – nice and smooth start. Incidentally calf was no bother at this point I think the slow hill climb to the top had warmed it up.

1-2: Up and over the hill, knoll to left, down the other side keeping cliff and granite to right – Craig passed me and made me detour a bit thanks Craig. Onto the control. Otherwise likely overshoot.

2-3: Pretty much straight at it and a bit of bouncing off cliffs at the end but happy with this leg.

3-4: Was going to go high and then come back onto the point – decided only to go half high for a number of reasons – I was walking and didn’t want the extra ground and right calf was starting to pull and lone behold on some of the climb started to ache. Plan worked perfectly felt like a good leg.

4-5: Given leg was pulling I was already contemplating cutting short. But kept telling myself just plod at an easy pace and pull out if you have to. Was going to go east around the top of the green – but thought oh stuff it I will go through it. Missed my target small section of green but found my bolder on far side happy days. Up the hill a bit and around – found the import looking far too low and beckoned him up.

5-6: Decided to go high and across this time – and rooted it and ended far to north the import was coming out of 6 though and returned the favour saying – no its way back there… which I kinda knew because I knew I had stuffed it.

6-7: North back to the start had some water there and continued on. Almost did something silly at the fence then realised it was silly and went around – found it after a short hunt close to it. This was my first bailout point… however was feeling ok so continued – only complaint was right calf and it wasn’t major, was also learning a few techniques to get it through.

7-8: Used the fence line and then hooked back into 8 found it pretty smoothly – might have been able to avoid some climb here but happy with where I went.

8-9: Up to the road and looking at map now I could have done this a lot better. Hooked around the north side of the double knoll – probably could have gone south side there too oh well. But a reasonable line into the control from there. Again pretty happy with the leg – I recall thinking as I passed double knoll – I bet Craig is finishing about now… seems I was pretty damn close to being right lol. Sigh 

9-10: Nice easy leg to the water drop… also now fully committed to the rest of course. Leg wasn’t too bad.

10-11: Followed the yellow however got sucked east on the climb to 11 – should’ve known better – got there in the end.

11-12: Pretty much decided straight line was best and once I got close also decided I hated life and hills but mainly hills. This one put a bit of burn on me and when I veered off course slightly I was annoyed – saw the rocky ground and corrected though so wasn’t too bad.

12-13: Straight line, pulled up slightly short obscured by a god damn tree! Found it moments later.

13-14: Down the hill as best I could – was protecting right leg – then into the open and to the bend in the road – loved how you could see control from there only a billion thorny bushes between you and it. Meh I was already scratched up and bleeding whats some more going to matter.

14-15: Major wide route for yellow ground – probably a tad aggressive on getting it. Upto and along road and then in on an angle just before the bend – straight onto the control.

15-16: Was going to use yellow – but knew was short on time (course closure) and decided to punch through… wish I used yellow. Hit it nicely though.

16-17: Stayed in the yellow as much as possible, hooked a tad south on the final bit of climb post the fence just wanted to get to more level ground quicker probably could’ve been cleaner.

17-18: WELL F ME! I mispunched. Straight on bearing until I hit the downhill, veers south abit so expected control on my right. Had read description and knew it was a 2m cliff. I knew the area from my rogaine so as I entered I remembered there was two rows of cliff – looked right and saw flag high to the right. Went straight up to it – was at the base of just over 2m cliff was happy punched and moved on. Apparently though I hit the control on wrong side of the two rivers 75m to the east. SIGH ALWAYS CHECK THE NUMBERS!!! I swear I did but clearly I didn’t.

18-19: Came off on the correct bearing – almost offed myself getting out of the control feature – this area was a tad loose/dangerous and calf did not appreciate. Headed up the hill and onto the track and came around the bend… wtf that cant be right… As I was coming up on 3 hours wasn’t thinking straight and thought I had gone on wrong bearing south REALLY SHOULDVE KNOWN BETTER NOW! Anyway used the road bends to correct and get back onto the right line shortly thereafter . Only to go root the downhill and drift right onto the cliff line… realised I was in the yellow section and quickly went south and found control. Have to say was really not happy with this control I felt it was unnecessarily close to a dangerous cliff which is completely obscured by bush. Ditto the leg to the next one.

19-20: followed cliff line along and ducked down into dam when I could – lots of loose rock made the descent to the control rather sketchy.

20-21: Enjoyed this leg and nav’ed well on it even though a rouge control almost suckered me in near the end of the leg I knew control would be on my left so when I saw it went straight too it. At this point it was course closure 13:01… Decided I was close enough to try complete (not knowing I had a MP already)

21:22 didn’t want to go south to road which I would have if I was running so instead went straight across. On way across noticed my fly was down er – awkward… hold on it was up – zipper had just been ripped open by undergrowth… god damn it. Managed to fix it before I reached the fence line... and as I got over a fence someone called out who was control collecting – you still going!? Yes that’s why I am here! 2nd course… no still my first and yes I can hear the presentations to my right… sigh. Continued on and came out in perfect ap for 22.

22-23: Easy wander through the yellow.

23-24: Pulled up a little short here and got really pissed off that a control collector had taken the last control milled around for a while on the hills before deciding to call it – started to walk home annoyed as hell when I saw a flash of orange in the bush west of me. Was happy to see that but annoyed at the stupid placement of this control there was much better features to use there.. Think I was pretty over it by now as had been sore since 4 and hungry since 11.

24-F: Came in to screaming applause – sadly it wasn’t for me rather the award winners. Was going to punch in then just go stand on the podiums for shits and giggles but when I found out I had MP’ed pretty much sucked the life out of me as the trudge had been for nil.

Little sore in the afternoon/evening, think I just avoided the headache. Sadly had I been faster would’ve saved Emma $175 as she locked herself out and I didn’t have reception so she didn’t want to have her and Will locked out for hours… called locksmith… turns out it only got her 10-20 mins extra time inside shame, she was almost as annoyed at that as I was the mispunch!

Think ill be ok for next weekend – but I also think its going to be a slow casual outing as running is really off the table atm and 4km/hr is about the speed I think I can manage and don’t know if 24hrs is on cards or not.

(work in progress) -

Thursday Sep 8, 2016 #

10 PM

Running (Long Night Run) 56:14 [3] 7.08 km (7:57 / km) +136m 7:15 / km
ahr:141 max:169 shoes: ASICS GEL - Nimbus 17

Went out for a long slow session with Will, after some chatting and show and tell of our two systems we setoff for a 10km route. A bit of exploring along the way.

Sadly about the 5.5km mark my good (right) calf went ping. oh no - this brought me to a halt pretty bloody quickly as the bad (left) calf was warming to a dull ache at this point... walked for a bit then tried a jog - no go we aborted at just over 6km mark and beelined for home.

Frustrating as we where going slow and easy and it wasnt a long way.

Guess sunday will be relegated to all walking and stopping at any sign of problem or maybe a DNS and rogaine going hard might be out of question - will ahve to see how next week treats me.

dont know what the hell is going on though both calfs have gone this year and I have never had a calf problems previously. SIGH

Sunday Sep 4, 2016 #


Boycotting billy after about an hrs sleep thanks to hayfever plus calf still a bit sore so if I do anything will be on road rather than bush today i suspect

Thursday Sep 1, 2016 #

8 PM

Running (Long Night Run) 1:24:46 [3] 10.32 km (8:13 / km) +178m 7:34 / km
ahr:159 max:178 shoes: ASICS GEL - Nimbus 17

Out for a long night run - was pretty brisk out there - feeling like i should have rugged up a bit more now! Calf felt tight about half way mark but by then was full committed. just eased back on it a bit. HRM was also telling me I was unfit with only a fair recovery.

Got a good number of squares - happy with that progress - though missed a few easy - bad map memory!

Tested new shirt - pretty happy with it - a little bit of chaffing but I am putting that down to the cold rather than the fabric.

Now to compress the calf and get some rest - footo this weekend and champs the following now being debated... want to be right for rogaine.

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