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Training Log Archive: brycec

In the 31 days ending Jan 31, 2014:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Road Bike8 9:58:50 149.49(15.0/h) 240.58(24.1/h) 2422
  Mountain Biking 5 9:36:13 51.54(5.4/h) 82.94(8.6/h) 1862
  Gym6 6:30:05
  Swimming5 3:08:21 5.28(1.7/h) 8.5(2.7/h)
  Walking1 1:00:00
  Running2 42:14 4.29(9:50) 6.91(6:07) 112
  Total27 30:55:43 210.6 338.93 4396

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Friday Jan 31, 2014 #

(rest day)

Thursday Jan 30, 2014 #

7 AM

Road Bike (Work via Nedis/Mt Henry) 1:25:13 [2] 33.05 km (23.3 kph) +148m
ahr:141 max:159 shoes: Giro Privateer

5 PM

Road Bike (Home via River Loop/Coast) 1:36:11 [4] 40.2 km (25.1 kph) +487m
ahr:148 max:166 shoes: Giro Privateer

Wednesday Jan 29, 2014 #

6 AM

Running (4km Loop) 23:14 [3] 3.87 km (6:00 / km) +73m 5:29 / km
ahr:159 max:168 shoes: Salomons XR Mission

7 AM

Swimming (Laps) 42:29 [3] 2.0 km (2.8 kph)

6 PM

Gym (Legs / Shoulders / Core) 1:15:29 [3]
ahr:114 max:142 shoes: Salomons XR Mission

Tuesday Jan 28, 2014 #

6 AM

Road Bike (Work via Nedis/Mt Henry) 1:18:20 [3] 33.31 km (25.5 kph) +281m
ahr:149 max:173 shoes: Road Bike Cleats

5 PM

Road Bike (Home via Cockburn) 1:50:42 [4] 46.02 km (24.9 kph) +273m
ahr:155 max:174 shoes: Road Bike Cleats

With Jordan - Towville.

Monday Jan 27, 2014 #

11 AM

Gym (Back / Tri / Core) 1:15:01 [3]
ahr:118 max:148 shoes: Salomons XR Mission

12 PM

Swimming (Laps) 44:31 [3] 2.0 km (2.7 kph)

Sunday Jan 26, 2014 #

10 AM

Mountain Biking (Camel Farm) 1:50:40 [3] 20.06 km (10.9 kph) +452m
ahr:153 max:177 shoes: Giro Privateer

Saturday Jan 25, 2014 #

3 PM

Gym (Chest / Bi / Core) 1:01:21 [3]
ahr:116 max:143 shoes: Salomons XR Mission

4 PM

Swimming (Laps) 33:36 [3] 1.5 km (2.7 kph)

Friday Jan 24, 2014 #

(rest day)

Thursday Jan 23, 2014 #

7 AM

Road Bike (To Work via Kings Park) 55:01 [3] 19.63 km (21.4 kph) +306m
ahr:145 max:172 shoes: Road Bike Cleats

5 PM

Road Bike (Home via Mt Henry) 1:00:01 [4] 26.56 km (26.6 kph) +468m
ahr:157 max:168 shoes: Road Bike Cleats

Wednesday Jan 22, 2014 #

5 PM

Running (McGillivray) 19:00 [2] 3.04 km (6:15 / km) +39m 5:52 / km
ahr:160 max:171 shoes: Salomons XR Mission

6 PM

Gym (Legs / Shoulders / Core) 1:00:00 [3]
ahr:122 max:148 shoes: Salomons XR Mission

7 PM

Swimming (Laps) 34:36 [3] 1.5 km (2.6 kph)

Tuesday Jan 21, 2014 #

7 AM

Road Bike (To Work via Kings Park) 30:24 [3] 9.42 km (18.6 kph) +103m
ahr:145 max:172 shoes: Road Bike Cleats

5 PM

Road Bike (Home via Mt Henry/Nedis) 1:22:58 [4] 32.39 km (23.4 kph) +356m
ahr:158 max:180 shoes: Road Bike Cleats

Monday Jan 20, 2014 #

5 PM

Gym (Back / Tri / Core) 1:00:00 [2]
ahr:118 max:157 shoes: Salomons XR Mission

6 PM

Swimming (Laps) 33:09 [3] 1.5 km (2.7 kph)

Wednesday Jan 8, 2014 #

4 PM

Gym (Upper Body) 58:14 [2]
ahr:107 max:128 shoes: Salomons XR Mission

Lack Luster -

Row 5min w/u
Bench Press
Seated Row
Lat Pulldown
Incline DB Fly
Hammer Curls
Skull Crushers
DB Shoulder Press

Mainly 4 x 8 x 60s - pretty variable on this and weight wasnt that heavy either.

Monday Jan 6, 2014 #

7 AM

Mountain Biking (Margaret River Bushland) 1:20:39 [3] 8.62 km (6.4 kph) +154m
ahr:134 max:161 shoes: Giro Privateer

Jordan and me only today.

Jordan had had a look at my bike last night after my complaints during the days to come to the conclusion the gears need tuning and the rebound mechanism in my folks is non existent... And since its always been like that means I have been reboundless since the start bah! Back to the shop I say.

Today we wanted to see if we could find anything else on the bushland. Started off with the log rides - had my o-shit moment on the first on but got across it ok. Then came the big log over - Jordan had been telling me its easy the last two days when I have smashed the brakes on and very similar to one we do later in the day previously which I have no problems with - so went at it at speed, made it over so far over I ended over the handle bars in the dirt... oh well - he chuckled and said why did you go so fast you didn't need that much speed... BLAH. Arm still stinging from that fall/graze.

Anyway continued on. Pretty uneventful for a while until I managed to shift my seat on a downhill section after clipping a tree and sitting down to avoid falling. Adjusted that at the bottom and kept going.

Then got to favourite part of course the long sweeping smooth downhill to creek bed. Had been looking forward to this all morning. Its my Horny Devil of Margs I think. So gliding along nicely and smoothly. Then was on a straight flat slight decline section - neutral position. Then was on the ground over the handlebars hard... WTF dont even know what I did wrong - I was in 1 piece despite how fast I had come off... Looked back at bike to see a completely buckled rim. The ground was flat - no rocks, no roots - nothing... :(

Initiate long walk back to car :( - Jordan was in disbelief when he saw it. Its on the rim join and probably could be a warranty thing - but what the odds of me walking in to store with a busted rim and busted rebound and saying I didnt hit anything big and them believing me.. They going to laugh :(

So I suppose time to buy those new tubeless wheels then get the rebound sorted out once I have those on.

I feel sore in the hip - both from the fall on the bad side and my wallet taking another mtb related beating.

Sunday Jan 5, 2014 #

7 AM

Mountain Biking (Margaret River Bushland) 1:32:35 [3] 15.22 km (9.9 kph) +294m
ahr:143 max:172 shoes: Giro Privateer

Polly, Jordan and I on day 2 - now all on bushland side... Did two loops of some really nice trails - climb clocks in just short of 300... tell you it felt like a lot more than that!

I did both log rides - very proud but missed the log over inbetween it looks scary and slammed brakes on again just before it.

Other than that perfect morning out there for it.

Raced back for pancakes for breaky nom nom

Saturday Jan 4, 2014 #

10 AM

Mountain Biking (Margaret River Pines) 1:55:48 [3] 18.72 km (9.7 kph) +507m
ahr:145 max:176 shoes: Giro Privateer

Polly, Jordan and I botted around the Pines for a while then went across the road to bushland. Pines was nice - but bush land area I found more enjoyable.

On bushland side I aborted on both log rides and the massive log over - the log rides B route, the log over was a bit of a F-that emergency brake.

Jordan did make me go back and do the log ride (my first one every - it was fun but needed a change in pants after it haha.

Weather was cool/nice we got rained on a tiny bit but nothing major.

Started a bit later than we wanted - but did mean I got to properly repair back tyre - no more punctures! (hopefully). Cut off old rim tape and put two layers of good stuff down, no punctures all weekend.

Thursday Jan 2, 2014 #

6 PM

Walking 1:00:00 [1]

complete guess on time - just a walk along the front at cottesloe. abit cold.

Wednesday Jan 1, 2014 #

8 AM

Mountain Biking (Camel Farm) 2:56:31 [3] 20.32 km (6.9 kph) +455m
ahr:136 max:176 shoes: Giro Privateer

Polly, Adam, Paul and I same course as last time.

Went faster pretty much most of the way. Ran into a few people who were tackling their hangovers too.

A few small falls from the others until Scorpion downhill - last few metres before the firetrail, and Pauls wheel dug in - he hit the ground fast and hard - its didnt look pretty and I wasn't surprised when he called it shortly there after.

Polly and Adam struggled with fatigue abit after Drago - lack of food being the issue. Long break up there then a planned fast run back to the farm.

However half way along Horny Devil... Puncture. Took a will to find it - fix it, and inflate only to find out it was a double and repeat the process - and now for some reason my co2 canister nozzle wasn't deploying correctly - blah. After fixing this pushed on - 50m last psst - another flat. didnt even bother going to look this time, just leaned straight over handle bars got to road and went main road home - was quite annoyed now.

oh well. Rest of ride was good - new rim tape and tubes for sure.

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