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Training Log Archive: brycec

In the 31 days ending Mar 31, 2014:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Rogaining2 6:14:05 18.15(20:37) 29.21(12:48) 95018c
  Mountain Biking 2 4:27:15 22.65(5.1/h) 36.45(8.2/h) 127125c
  Scuba Diving2 4:17:00
  Total6 14:58:20 40.8 65.66 222143c

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Sunday Mar 30, 2014 #

slept:0.0 (injured) (sick) (rest day)

At a bucks last night.

Sunday Mar 23, 2014 #

9 AM

Mountain Biking race (Banyowla) 3:29:24 [5] 28.08 km (8.0 kph) +992m
ahr:160 max:180 25c shoes: Giro Privateer

Just going to say it up front... not a fan of loose deep gravel/sand.

I remember my first leg cruising down the hill and within about 30s thinking you know what... I have no fucking idea what I am doing or where I am or where I am going... So I kept riding. Went down completely the wrong track but it was recoverable, certainly some extra distance though!

From1 back to 2 ran in to Dave S. and told him where to go as he was not having a good time either. Went up and found 2 and coming out found Tash looking equally perplexed wanting to go to #1 so i lead her back down the hill and in the right direction before going road then up to 3.

3-4-5-6 all reasonable, nothing amazing just felt alright lots of map reading. was about now when i felt like things started to make sense. So I then went and blew that out the water riding completely past 7 and having to back track... didn't do as bad as Juffy though.

7-8-9-10 was all fine. 8 was first time I had to walk up a hill, and 10 was certainly an eye opener some of the drop offs through there... 10-11 through suburbia think it was shane on my tail. around to 12. then shane disappeared up the hill. I wasn't so keen so sat and thought about it for a while and disappeared mid way down the hill towards the quarry. - up to 13 was... interesting also about now my body started to reject the idea of exercise through general lack of energy. and at 13 discovered Dave S and another (sorry I recognise you but cant think of your name right now) with a flat. Gave them a 29er, a cannister and left them too it and pissed off the other direction.

14 was a nice leg but for the start and up to 15 was pretty straight forward. I think also by now I had run out of water in my 3L pack though :(.

went north to 16 - was not pleasant - Lesa caught me on this leg and we ended up tussling for the rest of the course from this point out. Completely muppeted 17... intention was right - execution was horrible.

18-19 good - went to 20 via 4 whoops. I even was on the right path and wasn't so sure and Lesa zipped up that way and I second guessed myself - blah! 21-22 via the main road. then the pain of 23-24-25 nav was reasonable nothing perfect but generally happy with it and good finish.

Got lobstered - whoops no suncream. also dehydration again, killer headache kicked in about 5pm ;( Good day out though, exceptionally hard course.

Friday Mar 21, 2014 #

(rest day)

Despite all the sleep ins I have had - I just cant seem to get back to full strength, rested and rid of cold symptoms... just annoying. Might just have to htfu and get on with it.

Thursday Mar 20, 2014 #

8 PM

Mountain Biking (Goat Farm) 57:51 [4] 8.37 km (8.7 kph) +279m
ahr:147 max:179 shoes: Giro Privateer

Disappointing session.

First time at the goat farm - I think I will like it during the day but was ultra cautious during the night and first time round it.

Bike feels good after service - oh this is what suspension feels like LOL.

Felt pretty ill the whole way combination of pushing on the hills, dinner 1 hr earlier and stomach probably still a bit weak... Was pretty unpleasant. Found myself de cleating a lot... Also legs still feeling the 6hr... not setting a good base for Sunday! :(

Feel like all fitness gone - sucks.

Felt bad for Jordan I am sure he would have wanted to do more but I had nothing in me.

Monday Mar 17, 2014 #


Had yesterday off - still debating if I need today off too - body feels smashed after rogaine and sickness.

Saturday Mar 15, 2014 #

3 PM

Rogaining race (6HR) 5:58:30 [5] 28.37 km (12:38 / km) +924m 10:52 / km
ahr:157 max:184 18c shoes: Salomons XR Mission

So I thought I was in reasonable condition – keeping in mind I haven’t done anything for 3 weeks legs/cardio wise, have had a flu for 2 weeks and had food poisoning hospitalisation on Monday… Prep was ideal :P I was hoping to set for 30 and get in about 25-28. We set a bit more aggressively with a straight line route of about 33. I knew I was up for a hard slog.

Dave was keen to go hard and I told him I would give him what I had and I was happy to go hard too. We came out hard and fast and definitely was the first to control 54… (I have briefly put this through QR while I wait on the more accurate TBT) We must have run right over the top of the control then proceeded to be headless chocks for 7-10 minutes. We aborted that control #nothappyjan, #terrabadstart.

To make up the lost time we ran. Went hard down to 105 I was basically just holding on the back of Dave’s pace whilst he navigated. Interesting to watch him go – was just using the land and rough bearing, did it well too. I double checked him every so often but was pretty comfortable with the nav and was just trying to keep contact. Eventually hit 105 and made quick move through to 83.

Overtook a heap of teams on this leg even though I know we had covered more ground. I think this is when we started tag teaming controls with McClintock and co.

83 around to 103, down to 33 and only maybe 15 minutes behind schedule. Round the road and up to 72. I think this is the point or might have been the next leg but I got minor cramps in both Calves on a steep bit of ascent – wrote it down to the strain and angle of climb. 72, 93 not too many dramas. 53 Is when I next recall seeing the McClintock’s back instead with us as we had taken different route choices for the past 2.

82 right behind the others but on slightly different bearings. 82 > 101 we opted for road not straight line. We busted into a jog and no more than 200m in major cramping in my right leg… Oh dear and we knew we were majorly behind schedule and looking at drops now. Still came out at 101 exactly same time as others. We went back down road when they decided for straight line to 61. They met the track early so we started jogging… So they started jogging, we overtook them and no more than 50m past that CRAMP. So they jogged a bit passed us and started walking again too. Arrived 61 same time.

61 was a water drop – I had already gone through 3L in an attempt to get hydration happening against the cramps. Our transition was good and we got away earlier than the others. Down to 52 with them right on our tail. Over to 100 = a bitch of a climb, was really not in good mental or physical state atm was feeling probably the worst I have felt in a rogaine. Trudged up the hill over the top and down to 100. Think Shane and co passed us on this leg higher going opposite direction.

Over to 92 we felt we took a line off north slightly so we would hit track and turn right – somehow we also managed to pass the others here. We came out (again waiting for tbt conf) pretty much on the point just south of it. We had been drifting right all day and … blah blah should have known better, both turned right and ran down the track – hit the watercourse and realised crap its 500m back. It was on this jogging leg I pretty my chucked into my mouth but didn’t go fully sick. Was feeling pretty awful, doubly so when the others went passed and smiled and said its back there… yeah we know… Grabbed 92 and was on the back foot more so losing a good chunk of time.

Down to 41 on the track. Then the first major cut. Dropped 40, 63, 44 – Down directly to 11 – another water refill. I had been smashing the liquids and gone through another 1.5L. I think it was this leg I had my groin left side cramp insync with my left calve – Good times, I think Dave had a chuckle at it because I looked like some sort of retarded duckling!

11 > 90 we drifted way right, lots of searching and eventually found it. We also started to realise how time poor we were and started working out what we could salvage. I think it was about now we realised going back out to south west was not going to happen. Which was basically a drop of 80,91,81,106. But 102 might have still be viable. Grabbed 71 then 94. At this stage I said 102 and 42 not looking good rather go 50 and if time grab 32. Was really struggling cramping all over my legs now. Turned in on the wrong point on 50 at patrol road instead of next track… Seems a lot of people did that. Searched to the east of the point – I was completely directionally challenged, had no idea what direction I was facing. I knew we had to go west as did Dave but we never went far enough when we did. With 12 mins remaining we called to abort it and proceeded south to the patrol road.

Had to cover some ground now, intermittent running whilst I could… Was not getting in late. Heard the horn and thought all good. Worlds of pain now but home was within site and within time… however as we started to see the parked cars both Dave and I heard “1 Minute” and chaos ensued – the nikes got turned on and a hobble sprint was put into gear. So fast we where we got back with 1 minute 30s remaining… Whoever called out 1 minute that was cruel. Would have been close if it was real I think we would have made it with about 5s.

We had also discovered we mispunched a 100 pointer and had to hand in the alternate punch card (my map) yes I double punch everything now… However was most disappointed that after they had confirmed the controls punched and calculated our score that they would not give me my map back – insisting if I took it back they would use the punch card… Pretty disappointed at that, I keep all my maps for all events (sentimental value) – they gave me a spare map later… really don’t see what the fuss was I am sure they are just going to bin it – they have done the scoring give me my map back! /end rant/ - that said if anyone knows/can recover it, I would appreciate that!!!

Post mortem - Blisters not too bad, pretty standard really, Heart burn the whole race and still have bad sensations from it a day later, Legs are destroyed from the cramping and cancelled the idea of a MTB today. Oh and after going through >6L in the 6hrs + a bottle to and from the event I don’t understand how I was so dehydrated guess residual from the food poisoning… but I have to say I was shocked at how bad it was – pretty sure dark brown to black isn’t on the colour chart and means drink more water. Dave and I also agree neither of us felt on our game and he acknowledged that he knew I was way off mine haha - hopefully next time I do it with him I can maintain something more reasonable I am sure he was hoping for better.

Also gutted to find out if we had found the first or the last point we would have been 4th not 6th Also the McClintocks (I am guessing) got the first 50 pointer and got 63/44 and not 11… They got in 30s late and ended in 2nd place – well done to them… I don’t think we were far off their pace but score speaks volumes.
9 PM

Rogaining (Control Collection) 15:35 [2] 0.84 km (18:33 / km) +26m 16:04 / km
ahr:132 max:154 shoes: Salomons XR Mission

Felt like this was harder than the rogaine!

Friday Mar 14, 2014 #

(sick) (rest day)

well the food poisoning has passed but the pesky flu symptoms want just f-off and die. Going to make the 6 hr interesting tomorrow!

Tuesday Mar 11, 2014 #


Mmm things were only supposed to get better... Maybe by the 13th is the drs recommendation... Makes for an interesting 6hr :(

Monday Mar 10, 2014 #


Home - yay, supposed to start properly again today with training - but still sick :( hopefully last day off.

Saturday Mar 8, 2014 #


So much for all the running was going to do over here lol

Friday Mar 7, 2014 #


Should have stayed home yesterday. Sounds like it's moved/moving to chest now :(

Thursday Mar 6, 2014 #

2 PM

Scuba Diving 1:54:00 [3]

3 dive day

Dive 1 - King Cruiser Wreck - a car ferry that suspiously sank at end of life just before insurance ran out with no passengers or cars on it...vis was pretty average to poor compared to what I have been diving in. Apparently good for the site though. Descent on buoy line - was buddied with some Ukranine women who looked very uncomfortable/ had bad technique. She was taking loads of photos and wasn't paying much attention so I spent half my dive figuring out where she was. Loads of schooling snapper, massive jelly fish and a big Spanish mackerel was the highlights of and the morays living in the toilet bowls. My buddy ran low on air so dive was only 34 mins - probably all the extra swimming and bicycling kicking she was doing,

Dive 2 - anemone reef - fully submerged reef reasonably close to the wreck. Vis was still pretty average current was now pretty strong. Still buddied with Ukranine. Buoy line descent again. Buddy straight into the photos... I noticed she had tonnes if weights on hand was inflating her BCD heaps... There's a recipe for trouble... And a few minutes later while the group was gracefully drifting with current and buddy was over left shoulder I looked back after 10s to see where she was and. She was gone. Was like fuck. Started my 60s and began scanning, up, down, left, right, everywhere... Could not see her. 30-40s passd rest of the group unaware of my frantic search then I notice really high in hue water her swimming back down ... WTF... She later said a current took her up. I'm calling bs and that she over inflated drifted up abit air expanded and she shot up. Hope she didn't make surface... Not my issue. She the swam everywhere stupidly fast with even dive master asking her a few times to slow down... Sure enough she ran out of air super quickly and our dive was about 20 mins short again. She even had to use dive masters emergency on ascent! #rant - spent dive watching her closely again rather than the fish. Still managed to see a few things - nudie, yellow box fish, white eye moray and banded box shrimp

On the boat Divemaster spoke with her to try help her relax before third dive - don't know if rest of group was disappointed that our dive time had effectively been halved :( guess it's my punishment for diving when sick, incidentally not the most pleasant or smart move.

Dive 3 - Ukranine opts out! Yay - buddied with Dive master - Koh Bida Nok - night dive. Looking forward to this and sadly didn't see much. Vis was tonnes better but the torch I was given would be what a flat battery Tandy $10 special would look like vs a spike light. Luckily the Divemaster was rocking the spike light equivalent or so it felt so stayed glued to him. Loads of scorpion fish and shrimp, saw a shame faced crab was awesome, lots of morays too. Dive time 47 mins for planned 45 teehee. Sea was rough when we got up and long swim to boat. Used maybe 10 bar on tank in the alone.

Rough windy ride home - feeling really ill regretting diving today... Not diving with buddy other tha Emma now! Was very frustrating.

Tuesday Mar 4, 2014 #



Sunday Mar 2, 2014 #

(rest day)

Really neglecting running / swimming / gym whilst over here... Really should do some!

Saturday Mar 1, 2014 #

10 AM

Scuba Diving (Koh Haa) 2:23:00 [3]

3 dive day - with 2 to finish advanced course.

Dive 1 - koh Haa lagoon - deep dive - 30m - 43min - good vis. Went straight down deep and chilled out down there. No narcosis shame lol - a fish trying to get into instructors shorts was amusing. Saw wasp fish, frog fish, rainbow runners. Air consumption very good for that depth apparently.

Dive 2 - koh Haa lagoon - search and recovery - 14m - 55min - good vis. Search patterns was good nailed them... However struggled finding the hidden/lost objects got there in the end - went around for a swim, saw a cool lobster and a box fish. Went back to start then had to do recovery lift. Knots tying underwater was easier than expected. Then the lift bag - had fun with it felt like a balloon at the carnival. Apparently instructors/dive masters/photographer was impressed with my ascent/control with it... Most people get dragged with bag on ascent and I didn't.

Yay completed advanced course!!! And to congratulate me the ocean served up a baby whale shark!!!! Was during lunch interval so bolted downstairs grabs mask and fins and dived in - was one on the first in water and it was still near surface - so close intact I accidentally broke 3m rule in shallow dive to find it right there with me - amazing - backed off to establish distance again but someone else soon duck dived with a go pro and scared it down and away by then other dive boats had started to rock up and people plopping in all over the shop. It got scared and dived deep and away from me - everyone else gave snorkel chase but I knew I had no chance and returned to my boat happy that I was in quick and wasn't one of the people to chase or scare it... Truly an amazing creature though!!!

Dive 3 - koh Haa 1 - fun dive - good vis - 15m - 45min saw anemone crab, yellow box fish, duban dancing shrimp, squat shrimp. Lots of schooling and big fish too. Nice and smooth ride home too

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