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Training Log Archive: brycec

In the 31 days ending Mar 31, 2016:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Gym16 20:47:47
  Road Bike34 13:48:01 172.82(12.5/h) 278.13(20.2/h) 2790
  Rogaining1 5:58:50 20.6(17:25) 33.16(10:49) 58520 /21c95%
  Paddling1 1:40:25 6.2(16:12) 9.98(10:04) 5
  Orienteering1 44:22 3.64(12:11) 5.86(7:34) 84
  Running1 21:33 2.5(8:36) 4.03(5:21) 32
  Total54 43:20:58 205.77 331.16 349620 /21c95%

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Thursday Mar 31, 2016 #

6 AM

Gym (Chest / Back / Shoulders) 1:06:30 [3]
ahr:120 max:145 shoes: ASICS GEL - Nimbus 17

Late start, otherwise good.
8 AM

Road Bike (Commute to Work) 22:30 [3] 7.25 km (19.3 kph) +94m
ahr:142 max:167 shoes: Giro Privateer

Stock standard ride in.
5 PM

Road Bike (Commute - To Home) 20:11 [3] 6.68 km (19.9 kph) +76m
ahr:137 max:157 shoes: Giro Privateer

Chain came off at start of mount street - other than tha t- standard ride.

Wednesday Mar 30, 2016 #

5 AM


Woke at 515 for gym and realized I wouldn't have enough time given early meeting, plus tired, plus legs felt like shit so no point in working them today. After about 10 minutes figured staying was better ... Didn't get back to sleep though:(
7 AM

Road Bike (Commute to Work) 24:14 [3] 7.73 km (19.1 kph) +56m
ahr:136 max:165 shoes: Giro Privateer

Was a relatively shitty unenjoyable ride with lots of stopping and slow pace - kinda annoying to be honest.

Gear in for repair.

Bike probably needs a full service to check all cables and a replacement chain since ive never replaced the current one in like 8-10 years.
5 PM

Road Bike (Commute - To Home) 20:12 [3] 7.19 km (21.4 kph) +43m
ahr:137 max:162

The new gear cable got a work out - was nice to have serviced gears - could feel a bit of difference there!

Have booked it in for a full service next week to check all the cables and get everything working as good as possible probably get a new chain since I never have previously - bet they try get a new cassette too which I am less interested in. Wonder if it helps performance wise at all!?
6 PM


Left calve which was sore a few weeks back seems to be tight in that same specific spot after the run on Monday - glad I didnt do legs this morning now. Some more light stretching required

Tuesday Mar 29, 2016 #

5 AM

Gym (Chest / Bi) 1:12:05 [3]
ahr:116 max:141 shoes: ASICS GEL - Nimbus 17

8 AM

Road Bike (Commute to Work) 23:24 [3] 7.49 km (19.2 kph) +98m
ahr:135 max:155 shoes: Giro Privateer

Legs just felt trashy and thrashed generally so wasnt much point in pushing it.
6 PM

Road Bike (Commute - To Home) 16:53 [3] 6.41 km (22.8 kph) +78m
ahr:138 max:152 shoes: Giro Privateer

Gear cable for front chain ring snapped straight after mount street.

Didnt stop me from getting home in record time!

Need a mechanic tomorrow though sigh - any suggestions for good cheaper mechanic in the cbd?

Monday Mar 28, 2016 #

8 AM

Gym (Back / Tri / Core) 1:11:48 [3]
ahr:122 max:154 shoes: ASICS GEL - Nimbus 17

Very good session

now to run or to ride this afternoon
4 PM

Running (4km Loop) 21:33 [4] 4.03 km (5:21 / km) +32m 5:09 / km
ahr:161 max:170 shoes: ASICS GEL - Nimbus 17

Felt very strong on the run and together - feel like strength wise there is quite a bit more in the tank which could have been put out cardio was the let down - some intervals may be required... all the same only 1s of my all time pb for this course and thats me stopping watch slowly so going to count it as equal best really

Really not bad given ive only done a run a month for the last 7 months and havent run properly for over a month.

Sunday Mar 27, 2016 #

(rest day)

Day 3 - woo nice.

feeling pretty good - back to it tomorrow.

Saturday Mar 26, 2016 #

(rest day)

Rest day #2

Friday Mar 25, 2016 #

(rest day)


Thursday Mar 24, 2016 #

5 AM

Gym (Upper Body) 1:03:42 [3]
ahr:108 max:134 shoes: ASICS GEL - Nimbus 17

Had to convince self to go again. Getting darker in the mornings... cant wait until it gets colder too...
8 AM

Road Bike (Commute to Work) 22:16 [3] 7.54 km (20.3 kph) +98m
ahr:140 max:168 shoes: Giro Privateer

Decent hit out - no records just a nice solid ride.
4 PM

Road Bike (Commute - To Home) 26:39 [3] 10.26 km (23.1 kph) +63m
ahr:139 max:153 shoes: Giro Privateer

Left early because the office was dead quiet and I had no good reason to sit there doing nothing. Uneventful ride. Nice to have tail winds a lot this week.

Wednesday Mar 23, 2016 #

8 AM

Road Bike (Commute to Work) 21:31 [3] 7.31 km (20.4 kph) +56m
ahr:144 max:168 shoes: Giro Privateer

Reasonably unenjoyable ride because of school children and agro pedestrians.
5 PM

Road Bike (Commute - To Home) 22:21 [3] 8.61 km (23.1 kph) +64m
ahr:142 max:158 shoes: Giro Privateer

Tuesday Mar 22, 2016 #

6 AM

Gym (Upper Body) 1:07:54 [3]
shoes: ASICS GEL - Nimbus 17

Gym - didnt want to go, forgot hrm, lack luster session - also a lot harder and longer than I thought it would be particularly given recovery week. dropped abs because of time.
8 AM

Road Bike (Commute to Work) 21:13 [3] 6.49 km (18.4 kph) +78m
ahr:134 max:155 shoes: Giro Privateer

Uneventful ride in. My toes hurt :*(
6 PM

Road Bike (Commute to home) 49:30 [3] 20.75 km (25.2 kph) +101m
ahr:144 max:165 shoes: Giro Privateer

Threw in applecross return with a colleague was nice - would have gone further but realised light was fading and I had no headlight - so worked hard to get home before too dark. switched on rear light but apparently something managed to turn it off on my way home - meant I was riding dark for a while - didnt really appreciate that.

Better prep required before winter!

Monday Mar 21, 2016 #


Gym low week so no gym today.

Light sleep again. Also got a few spots in legs that need roller/stretching - will see if ride in help
8 AM

Road Bike (Commute to Work) 24:00 [3] 7.05 km (17.6 kph) +92m
ahr:134 max:160 shoes: Giro Privateer

Slept slightly better,

Had some tenderness on the legs - decided to try smash them because that was clearly going to help - after a few segment bursts I decided enough of this silliness and took it easy the rest of the way.

Toes still a bit sensitive.
5 PM

Road Bike (Commute - To Home) 19:33 [3] 7.59 km (23.3 kph) +54m
ahr:143 max:157 shoes: Giro Privateer

A decent slog home - legs feeling a bit rubbishy

Sunday Mar 20, 2016 #

(rest day)

Saturday Mar 19, 2016 #

3 PM

Rogaining race (6hr - Im Not Carryin'yah) 5:58:50 [3] *** 33.16 km (10:49 / km) +585m 9:57 / km
ahr:143 max:168 spiked:20/21c shoes: Salomon XA Pro 3d M+

6hr with Paul

Went out nervously to the 6hr – Paul had made it clear he wanted to go hard and wasn’t sure I was 100% in the space for that – had a stomach ache for the whole morning and a few ulcers from biting my lip which were really zapping my energy. I had 30km in my mind with the expectation that Paul may want a bit more and we would set 35.

First string loop was about 34 and we both looked at map and thought mmm should we just see what nearly clearing looks like. 41.. ok likes mark that – I knew there was no chance I was getting 41 because 41= about 50 really. I went at trying to mentally pysch myself up saying we can do this – track running etc etc. putting the fact of the last time I did a slow jog my left calf imploded to the back of my mind.

Drizzle properly set in but tbh didn’t really care was more focused on the job at hand now.

HH-81-20 Started strong with all the other crazys going to 81 – ended up the 3rd there and made ground or over took a few just by a better choice. Around to 20 – lost a bit of ground here but I had requested we don’t go full tilt at start to let the calf warm to it – so I think Paul was respecting that. 20 was a bit blah but we hit it ok.

20-90-84 only 1 team had made 20 before us and when we got to 90 we were in first – surprising back out to 84 when we realised what everyone else was doing .

84-92-31 fast road out of 84 to 92, got patrol car snakes woohoo and then powered on – loved the inept shelter at 92. Then quickly made our way to 31 – felt a bit shaky on 31 but as we question it we came into a bit more open and spotted the track and at the same time will and Dave. At this point despite their extra ground covered we were 10 points in front of them.

31-60 easy leg, Paul almost got the wrong clearing but corrected him quickly and we punched through onto main track and to water. Whilst Paul topped up a patrol car arrived with more lolly sustenance.

60-83 Punched through and followed track and then down onto control – clean.

80 – 91 East to track, over taken by a few trail bikes then bush bashed across to 91 – feel tracks may have been a better option.

91 – 50 As we exited 91 Will and Dave were going in. We held them all the way to 50. We were exiting 50 as we saw Will and Dave coming in. I said to Paul – God its gotta be up here somewhere – Paul quickly chirped back, yeah this track isn’t making sense to me, Will and Dave turned up with us and we powered on – Dave quickly jogged past only to hear Will say hey Dave are we going the right way? And both Paul and I smiled #suckers. One back on the competition.

50 – 65 Will and Dave over took us on the main drag but we practically held them to 65 only getting in a few second behind them.

65 – 21 They went south and we went west. We had no idea what they were doing but we met them again on the track and we both hit 21 together.

21 – 80 Our original plan was 30-82-61-80 but we were about 45 mins down so we started to change on the fly. Lost some serious ground on Will and Dave on this leg and also my nav crumbled to dithering about this point and largely never recovered. I experienced a tiny bit of cramping on this leg but nothing worth massively complaining about. Met Grant on this leg too and figure we must have the same score as them as they had dropper 65-21 but would have done 32-51 which we hadn’t. They made a Nav error going into river and we got a bit of a lead on them.

80 – 82 We had thought 80-61 but on the leg along the road we realised it wasn’t much of a diversion to grab 82 so up we went. Just getting dark on climb up – Passed Ian Spencer and co for the 3rd time or so for the day. 82 nice and easy . Also our original course had been 80-34-24-51-32-52 (yeah lets just not go there – I wont even bother with the rest of what we planned).

82 – 61 Pretty much on the side of we really should have lights now as we made our way down the hill. As soon as we hit the track we got lights out and just bashed our way into random bush. Interesting guess work but we found the track and I realised I had been there for an MTBO start and jogged on down to the opening. Only ~20 behind Dave and Will at this point and they had the same prior controls. Mmm maintaining contact.

61 – 93 We sat down filled water – got rope out (just in case – didn’t feel like I needed it but predicted it would happen) – Panadol – Food – Gel… good to go, probably burnt a bit of time figuring out our next move. Idea for 93 was patrol road all the way around to it.. We missed the turn and ended up going up the hill and to maintain good speed I got Paul to deploy the rope – so earlier than I expected. But also a big hill I didn’t expect too. Tow was good and fast made awesome time up the hill and I felt stronger than I normally do on the rope so we both pretty much max speed it up this hill. Caught Grant up who had passed up on the water drop. They had made the same mistake on the track junction (post event found out Will and Dave made same mistake too). Helped Grant out who was feeling geographically challenged and then powered on. We put some ground on them again down to 93. It was like a bloody bush party in there with at least 10 people on the point. Made finding it easy.

93-53 Was 30 Mins behind Dave and will now and both heading same way. Wondered what they would do at 53. We jogged most of this leg at a reasonable pace knowing we were starting to get time poor- We knew our hope to do some of SW wasn’t going to happen and from 53 it was going to be grab the largest points you could on route back. We had to be there with more than an hour to go. Sadly when we got there we had some issues and had to relocate and we found the control. We had entered at the wrong angle and missed it by about 20m on first entry, had we spun right 45 degree we would have seen it straight away. These 5 minutes were crucial. Interestingly we had pulled back 5 or 10 on Dave and Will – who had gone towards 64. I had no idea what they were thinking and thought they could only 64 – 55 -94 -22 from there. Turns out they were made and put down the gun and went 64-95-54-25-63-94—hh (sadly not credited for 95 as apparently Dave didn’t e-tag. – solid pace from them to pull that off though.

53 – 85 So we knew we had cutoffs and we had to move it. We deployed the rope for the second time and went hard up the hill to 85 – to my surprise we made remarkable time 11 minutes on the rope and 3 into the control from there and now with 45 mins on the clock we had options.

85 – 63 Said to Paul we wanted to have this one with 35 minutes to go – we did some light jogging – I almost tripped and we went back to a walk so I wouldn’t cramp, ended up hitting control with 36 minutes to go… TIGHT.

63 – 94 Again pace was up – insta deployed the rope and put on the speed – I was hanging on a bit more this time at the pace but wasn’t going to complain with the time we had left. Found 94 fine and had about 17 minutes on the clock. Still quite tight. Had to hope for good bush.

94 – 22 Got lucky with bush and got through to 22 reasonably unscathed.

22 – HH We had about 5 minutes to do this. We did a quick punch check then started a fast jog. I was counting us down and as we hit on of the track bends I tripped and both calves cramped. I recovered the stumble without face planting and told Paul we cant walk for me now – 2 mins and 200m. We got in with 1 min 10s to spare.

Knew the top of the leader board would be tight – I figured we were 2nd or 3rd. Turned out to be 3rd by 50 points. Was a god rogaine – bush was a bit shit but otherwise enjoyable, rain wasn’t too much of a pain either – kept it cool. Ended up doing a tad over 33… feel like I could have juiced a bit more out of me earlier and maybe pulled 36 and got that last 50 but when we were half way through it was too late for that and realistically we worked pretty darn hard all day. Much love to Paul for the 3 x 5-10 minute tows and holding navigation when I went to mush.

Horrid sleep last night, ulcer kept me up, as did my feet (both big toes took a beating) and a cat. Legs feeling reasonable nothing more than the feeling of a good thrashing. Wish I had had dinner last night – that was silliness not!

Friday Mar 18, 2016 #

(rest day)

Pre rogaine

Thursday Mar 17, 2016 #

5 AM

Gym (Chest / Back / Shoulders) 1:05:57 [3]
ahr:121 max:146 shoes: ASICS GEL - Nimbus 17

Was tired before session - almost didnt go.
8 AM

Road Bike (Commute to Work) 22:52 [3] 7.27 km (19.1 kph) +99m
ahr:140 max:157 shoes: Giro Privateer

Clean ride in - not much stopping at all - took it reasonable easy - bit breezy out there! Park was nice!
5 PM

Road Bike (Commute - To Home) 32:19 [4] 14.62 km (27.1 kph) +104m
ahr:153 max:167 shoes: Giro Privateer

Decided on a hard effort home - and when i saw I had a tailwind I was delighted - worked hard still but put mounts bay road and nedlands together so I could enjoy the rare conditions.

Didnt destroy myself but just a solid hard slog. PR's or equal PR's for most of the ride but not going for any segments... maybe should have gone for effort 1 and tried to reclaim from craig.

Cadence average 91 - happy days and only 3 seconds of non movement time.

Wednesday Mar 16, 2016 #

5 AM

Gym (Chest / Bi) 1:11:45 [3]
ahr:115 max:140 shoes: ASICS GEL - Nimbus 17

Good session

Did warmup on treadmill at 8.5 to test jogging on left calf and feelings in right foot.

Left calf is going to be fine - said that a few times now so will stop testing it. Right foot is problematic though. going to be interesting to see how it fairs during and post rogaine.
8 AM

Road Bike (Commute to Work) 26:18 [3] 8.98 km (20.5 kph) +52m
ahr:139 max:158 shoes: Giro Privateer

Good ride in - took the head/side wind along mounts bay as was worried about mount st being slippery - think this will be regular ride now - will mean working on cadence and speed more though.
5 PM

Road Bike (Commute - To Home) 21:02 [3] 7.59 km (21.7 kph) +59m
ahr:145 max:168 shoes: Giro Privateer

Took the railway line to try avoid the wind - helped a little but not massively - was chasing an ironman guy most the way and when I caught him the slack bugger let me tow him for abit I am sure he assumed I had been getting towed by him which I didnt. Was a pretty solid ride most the way home just over 3 minutes waiting at traffic lights. Good cadence up at 87.

Tuesday Mar 15, 2016 #

5 AM


Had a shocking sleep last night as I've got the luxury of dropping legs and Friday session this week shuffled Tuesday to Wednesday and attempted to sleep more
8 AM

Road Bike (Commute to Work) 24:21 [3] 6.67 km (16.4 kph) +74m
ahr:126 max:157 shoes: Giro Privateer

Went a different way today - kept it all pretty easy.

Forgot to stop gramin straight away so probably 2-4 mins extra on it.

Lots of stopping at lights on way in.
5 PM

Road Bike (Commute - To Home) 24:33 [3] 8.38 km (20.5 kph) +53m
ahr:143 max:167 shoes: Giro Privateer

Pushed a bit to see how leg would hold as its been feeling pretty good for 48 hours now. Felt fine - wont take it up to full tilt though but think it will be good for Saturdays flogging.

Cadence up at 85 probably was a bit higher for usual reasons - but good to see its sitting where it should be.

bit of a headwind!

Monday Mar 14, 2016 #

5 AM

Gym (Back / Tri / Core) 1:07:27 [3]
ahr:113 max:162 shoes: ASICS GEL - Nimbus 17

Leg feeling good but foot still has some issues - riding is going to be interesting probably take the river.
8 AM

Road Bike (Commute to Work) 30:52 [2] 7.54 km (14.7 kph) +102m
ahr:129 max:151 shoes: Giro Privateer

Ended up on standard route to avoid stupid headwinds. granny gear the whole way to minimize load on calves. nice and easy nice and slow.
5 PM

Road Bike (Commute - To Home) 25:18 [3] 9.46 km (22.4 kph) +50m
ahr:142 max:159 shoes: Giro Privateer

Nice tailwind along the river and didnt want to go up mount st either. Cadence was 83 and if I hadnt got stuck at a few light probably closer to 85-90.

Sunday Mar 13, 2016 #

(rest day)

Day 3 a bit of small bruising now showing hopefully limited to that - will rice like a boss again today - generally it's feeling a lot better though. Think will ditch legs session this week to maximize the chance of it being good for weekend coming.

Right foot will be screwed either way

Saturday Mar 12, 2016 #

(rest day)

RICE'ing my left leg like a boss.

Friday Mar 11, 2016 #

2 AM

(rest day)

Followed my better senses and decided not to go to the gym

So left leg is feeling a little better but there is the occasional feeling of a sharp object being stuck into it every now and again and associated pain.

Also managed to locate spot for foot issues now it's not the ankle definitely foot - area is slightly in front of ankle, inner side of foot, in line with arch, not quite top or side. (If you follow that well done)

Thursday Mar 10, 2016 #

5 AM

Gym (Chest / Back / Shoulders) 1:14:00 [3]
ahr:117 max:148 shoes: ASICS GEL - Nimbus 17

8 AM

Road Bike (Commute to Work) 23:23 [3] 7.32 km (18.8 kph) +89m
ahr:142 max:163 shoes: Giro Privateer

Felt strong on the bike today
5 PM

Road Bike (Commute - To Home) 21:32 [3] 6.62 km (18.4 kph) +96m
ahr:133 max:156 shoes: Giro Privateer

First few pedal strokes my right foot was very painful - some serious concern there. Decided would go via the park to let Tash know I wasnt coming anymore - however by the time I got to May drive foot was feeling fine decided to see how I felt by the time I was home.

Took it easy the rest of the way.
6 PM

Orienteering (Foot-O training) 44:22 [3] 5.86 km (7:34 / km) +84m 7:04 / km
ahr:147 max:160 shoes: ASICS GEL - Nimbus 17

So clearly decided to go to the foot-o training

Really wanted to test foot at a jog pace before rogaine next weekend. Expected to go slow the whole way. Right foot was twinging for first 5 minutes then it became fine.

However at about the 15 minute mark I had a twinge in my left calve Instantly stopped and tried to walk it out and stretch it. Wasnt sure if ti was a cramp coming or something more significant. almost opted to call ti a day but really didnt want to so went to a shuffle pace and walking for most of the rest of the course.

Really enjoyed being out there so thanks to Tash for setting.

Poor lady at the end had a busted radiator felt sorry for her.

By the time I came home and got out of car my left calf was quite bad and as was my right foot - starting to regret having gone for run now. Not quite sure which is wrong with either. Im going to compress and elevate these and hope it helps.

Hoping all will be better soon - might consider rest day tomorrow too.

Wednesday Mar 9, 2016 #

5 AM

Gym (Legs / Core) 1:51:21 [3]
ahr:118 max:151 shoes: ASICS GEL - Nimbus 17

Legs day was good

good session - had to change order because of machine availability - 3rd superset went 1st. that made a few things harder. otherwise good just slow. foot was fine for everything except end of squats when I felt it a tiny bit. only negative was that it took a little while to get my head in the zone this morning.

Post gym / start of ride found my right lower back/upper glute was not great - and thinking back might associate this to some sloppy form rushing about.

Thinking I might change it to either remove the cable work or put them in a super set by themselves just for speed.

Felt the session was slow even though it was 5 mins faster than last week.
8 AM

Road Bike (Commute to Work) 25:21 [3] 7.25 km (17.2 kph) +97m
ahr:134 max:164 shoes: Giro Privateer

A few spots pulling and causing some grief so resulted in me just taking it easy #plodpace

Gave it a little down aberdare to see if I could stretch it out and that seemed to help a bit but lack of energy = that spurt was short lived.

Otherwise pretty slow uneventful ride.
5 PM

Road Bike (Commute - To Home) 20:02 [3] 6.53 km (19.6 kph) +72m
ahr:137 max:158 shoes: Giro Privateer

Traffic lights galore - annoying...

interestingly and sadly my right side seems to be systematically failing - right foot, right shin and right lower back/glute all feeling the straight at the start of this ride.

I think I might also take to the river getting sick of starting on mount when im tired!

Tuesday Mar 8, 2016 #

5 AM

Gym (Chest / Bi) 1:16:28 [3]
ahr:108 max:137 shoes: ASICS GEL - Nimbus 17

good session - probably 5 mins wasted.

missing weights are annoying need more between 10-20kg dbs. they have 3 x every weight below 10kg then jump to 2.5kg increments and 1 db of each. so if 12.5 is being used your going to 15 or 10. feel like they should have 1kg increments to 20.

light on tripple press early (missing weights) but good from mid sets onwards. definite gains much more comfortable this week.
8 AM

Road Bike (Commute to Work) 22:12 [3] 7.14 km (19.3 kph) +94m
ahr:147 max:170 shoes: Giro Privateer

Was feeling pretty good so went hard on a few segments.

Had a crack at may drive but apparently not as good as I thought I was and imploded shortly after starting - decided to push all the way even though ti was a lost cause - but more for training benefit.

Clearly muscles a tad fatigued - I would guess its not going to be until low/rest week in a few weeks time that they level out again.
5 PM

Road Bike (Commute - To Home) 21:02 [3] 6.65 km (19.0 kph) +76m
ahr:132 max:152 shoes: Giro Privateer

Feeling a bit off - better not be catching the sickness thats been doing the rounds..

Took it easy home for the most part.
6 PM


Also think right foot/ankle issue is caused by decleating and agrovated by gym - possibly the other way around but given it tweaked the exact spot twice on way home So I'm blaming the cleat

Monday Mar 7, 2016 #

8 AM

Gym (Back / Tri / Core) 1:14:08 [3]
ahr:119 max:158 shoes: ASICS GEL - Nimbus 17

Really good session - increased weights in the appropriate areas to level it out nicely - probably hold steady next week.

Moved pretty efficiently through the equipment - gym wasnt overly busy - so back doing it at pace - would be nice to bring it down another 5 mins if possible.

Something certainly wrong with right foot from last week - not sure what yet - will monitor through this week and hopefully it gets better rather than worse. Only calve raises and 45deg bench press is the ones I could think would cause issues.

10 AM

Paddling (Shelley Bridge Upstream) 1:40:25 [3] 9.98 km (10:04 / km) +5m 10:02 / km
ahr:129 max:155

Paul came over for a paddle - surprised me as I thought he was coming at 10 and was there at 930 - he thought he was running late ha!

Quickly sorted myself post gym and got car loaded and headed to shelley bridge.

Conditions were ideal - was so nice paddling in this section of rover - was all protected and felt like there was not even in Perth. was really very nice - thought it would be nice for kayak orienteering/rogaining too. I needed to wait a bit at kent st weir to get blood into legs and then we pushed on up stream a bit further.

Gave Paul a small race before the turnaround point but he kicked my ass hard - no massive surprise there.

Came back to kent st - almost took a dip because I underestimated my legs when i got out. nose handle broke - annoying but we managed. Nice cruise downstream - felt it went a lot quicker but apparently it was exactly the same. surprising!

Shelley bridge ramp is like a gross swamp of sludge - will remember this for next time. Loaded up and home bound.

Was a nice cruisey paddle with Paul - followed by a BBQ where I managed to fuck up two of the elements and one fo those was the steaks / #bugga.
11 AM


Forgot to add - feet sunburnt damn it also a bit sore during paddle post the gym but I think tomorrow's session will be significantly harder because of it

Sunday Mar 6, 2016 #

(rest day)

Ended up being a rest day - most stiffness/soreness gone by day's end - just a few spots left

Saturday Mar 5, 2016 #

(rest day)

after 5 days straight a day off yay.

Friday Mar 4, 2016 #

5 AM

Gym (Full Body) 1:25:15 [3]
ahr:112 max:139 shoes: ASICS GEL - Nimbus 17

Felt pretty good - weights felt reasonable - but slower than expected - failure on abs in a big way - toilet break mid workout probably added 5 or so minutes contributing to slow time
6 PM


twinge in my right foot/ankle giving me some discomfort not sure when it has occurred if during gym this morning or after but progressively worse during the day.

Catching the bus sucked - think I am back to being a bike snob - might convert to a 5 day a week commute soon - will give the train a whirl next week.

Thursday Mar 3, 2016 #

5 AM

Gym (Chest / Back / Shoulders) 1:20:33 [3]
ahr:116 max:142 shoes: ASICS GEL - Nimbus 17

Hard but solid workout - struggled in some of my sore spots.

Logging back up: - will update old posts now too
8 AM

Road Bike (Commute to Work) 23:09 [3] 7.58 km (19.6 kph) +95m
ahr:138 max:155 shoes: Giro Privateer

Yeah I really need to have a good stretching session tonight - ouchies. Everything feeling tight or tender.

Another cruisey ride in - will wait to stabilise in the gym efforts before I start flogging myself on the ride in.
5 PM

Road Bike (Commute - To Home) 19:27 [3] 6.63 km (20.5 kph) +81m
ahr:141 max:152 shoes: Giro Privateer

Pretty bog standard nothing exciting.

Feeling like death going up mount street legs on fire.

Wednesday Mar 2, 2016 #

5 AM

Gym (Legs / Core) 1:56:04 [3]
ahr:117 max:147 shoes: ASICS GEL - Nimbus 17

Knew it would be a long session in the gym this morning - even with changing some exercises from single to both limbs and removing the interval cardio.

It didnt disappoint - I cant believe I used to do this much more proficiently time wise.

Anyway - massively under weighted leg press will fix next week.
Accidentally changes woodchooper low to high to single rear deblt cable raise.

and generally had to get myself sorted on a few ways to best approach the new gym layout.

App's website back up:

Something bizarrely comical happened on my last activity. I was going for squats and went over to the squat rack - a fit chick was setting up directly behind squat rack on raised wooden bit for 80kg deadlifts - so I asked if she minded me working infront of her on squats and she was fine with that. I went and setup weights and as I finished setting up she lay down - head the squat rack side and shimmied under the 80kg obar... interesting I thought. Whatever need to get on with ti so I went and started my squats. and out 3 reps in I noticed most distractingly that her head was positions in the mirror angle directly between my knees and every squat I did it looked like i was teebagging this poor girl. Too make matters worse her rep speed was the same as mine and she was doing hip./groin thrusts with the 80kgs. So as I went down she hip raised up and vice versa... I am sure it looked very amusing for other gym users but from my angle it was pricelessly funny and very distracting.

Also first time I have witnessed a screaming match in the gym. only a few moments after this girl moved away a guy on the smith machine had a go at the guy on the dip for not putting away his weights from the chest press on the correct machine. (yes the guy unloaded the chest press but put onto the smith machine. evidently the guy who next used the smith machine wasnt happy about this and told him off repeatedly... which soon escalated to a yelling match lots of swearing and a staff member having to come sort it out. I believe the smith guy was worried the extra weight on 1 side would tip the smith over... clearly he has some issues - at least the guy unloaded the chest press and since it was only like 40-60 kg I am sure the otherwise fully loaded smith wouldnt have moved a mm. felt sorry for the press guy as his main comment back was - ok I heard you the first time I didnt need you to dictate to me another 6 times where to put weights - I dont come to the gym to have you yell at me.

Otherwise an uneventful gym session HA!
8 AM

Road Bike (Commute to Work) 25:09 [3] 7.38 km (17.6 kph) +93m
ahr:135 max:165 shoes: Giro Privateer

Felt pretty smashed after gym so just took it easy on the way in again - as I said expect this to be the case for rest of week.

That said depends how mean I am to myself when designed Thursday and Fridays gym session tonight.
5 PM

Road Bike (Commute - To Home) 23:42 [3] 6.68 km (16.9 kph) +82m
ahr:136 max:156 shoes: Giro Privateer

Ride home sucked - low energy to be expected.

Chain came off on mount climb

Right shoes cleat turned again at some point which made my right shoe near impossible to decleat - annoying because its my preferred side.

Also got stopped at every possible intersection including getting restopped at a traffic light I had already waited for when an emergency vehicle came flying up to it ended up turning and not going straight through. Also got stopped at train crossing for trains in both directions sigh.

Not a fluid ride at all.

Tuesday Mar 1, 2016 #

5 AM

Gym (Chest / Bi) 1:22:50 [3]
ahr:108 max:142 shoes: ASICS GEL - Nimbus 17

Export from app wasnt working this morning - will put it up later. is now:

Struggled this morning - jumping in the super deep end with the program I have will make me suffer for a while - day 2 - experience that. Tri's failing on chest which is somewhat expected given yesterdays session.

Either way arms are dead now and I am knackered. Hit soft failure a few times on different activities.
8 AM

Road Bike (Commute to Work) 25:25 [3] 7.27 km (17.2 kph) +96m
ahr:129 max:146 shoes: Giro Privateer

Feeling pretty low on energy post the gym - going to be consistent story for rest of week I suspect.

Took it very slow - pretty much a leisurely cruise into work.

Said gday to a few of the super Tuesday counters.

Cadence was pretty poo r- but probably more a factor of the speed I was going than the speed of the spinning. Plus the long stints of gliding or at lights never helps.
5 PM

Road Bike (Commute - To Home) 35:35 [3] 12.22 km (20.6 kph) +175m
ahr:145 max:166 shoes: Giro Privateer

Felt tired and sore and generally like trash. still decided to loop down lovekin and have a crack at may drive with the sea breeze as I had some time up my sleeve.

Sadly even with the wind I was feeling too rubbish and didn't even hit a pb.

TBH didnt feel much better than this mornings effort but wind assisted. Will leave it until next week when I should be feeling rested (hopefully)

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