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Training Log Archive: brycec

In the 7 days ending Apr 14, 2013:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Stretching6 2:00:00
  Orienteering2 1:09:07 3.78(18:16) 6.09(11:21) 123
  Walking1 1:00:21 3.32(18:11) 5.34(11:18) 73
  Swimming1 34:00 0.93(1.6/h) 1.5(2.6/h)
  Gym1 30:00
  Running1 27:21 2.91(9:23) 4.69(5:50) 50
  Total12 5:40:49 10.95 17.62 246
  [1-5]6 3:40:49

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Sunday Apr 14, 2013 #

6 PM

Walking 1:00:21 [1] 5.34 km (11:18 / km) +73m 10:35 / km
shoes: Runners

Busy day today - the uk trip has been brought forward rapidly which meant I spent the day sorting out the house. So missed the swim and ride as planned but decided to walk to dinner at brothers rather than drive.

Lovely roast chicken dinner and desert rhubarb crumble <0 complaints>

Was a nice walk home too - prefect evening for it (once the humidity cleared a bit)
9 PM

Stretching 20:00 [0]

Nothing interesting to report.

Improvements noticed on hamstrings and calves.

Saturday Apr 13, 2013 #

2 PM

Orienteering race (Nav dash - Long) 37:32 [4] 3.49 km (10:45 / km) +70m 9:46 / km
ahr:168 max:185 shoes: Runners

Started with long course - found the first 3 points easy enough - proceeded to ignore map and run up the embankment to try cross the impassable bridge - nice one - was hard work getting up that embankment especially in my runners..

4 5 6 ok 7 massive over shoot to the north.8 9 fine, realized I had forgotten to start my HRM then as I looked down trying to figure out how long it had been.

Started to already feel a little spent at this point but still ran as much as possible through to 12 - well and truly stuff by 13 though. Walk/ran rest of course with little incidents - few moments trying to find exact positioning of points but not much time lost there - most was inability to keep running at pace.

Not a bad effort but as always room for improvement. Had very brief chat with Ricky at the end of this and I am sure Tash was looking thinking who is this guy puffing, panting and sweating up a storm after a 2.6k run lol hi there.

Quick drink of water and a brief chat with Tony - (he seems less than impressed with my rogaining straight line methodology) that's ok - give me a bit and I might pick up some map reading and strategic pathing abilities!
3 PM

Orienteering race (Nav dash - Short) 31:35 [3] 2.6 km (12:09 / km) +53m 11:01 / km
ahr:168 max:185 shoes: Runners

only 1 HRM reading.

um wasnt looking forward to this - and started slow to try go more consistently through the race - 1 was of course easy because it was the same as before... then went to 2 via 3 (SIGH) fatigue caused some bad map reading - tried to make up time by pushing hard back to 2 and back to 3 but just ended up spending what little fuel I had left in the tank. walked back down to 4 almost falling over then on way to 5 ankle went over badly on left side - fatigue = rolled ankles - luckily not bad and i pushed through ti and happy to report its completely fine. At 5 misread the map and started to go towards 8 before I realized my error and corrected quickly - from there on was pretty uneventful just smashed tired and ended up doing more walking than running.

Point 15 I stopped for photos of the roo's ditto on the way to 16 no point in flogging a dead horse.

Finished up and had another chat to Ricky and (I think) Andrew (apologies if I misheard name). Brief chat to the guy I call greyhound - will have to find out his name seems like a nice fella.

Bloody hungry as hadn't had lunch (rookie mistake) and was going to try start early and get a lunch in after instead ended up getting a sugar fix through a cornetto - meh I am sure Tooms will have something to say about its nutritional value :).

9 PM

Stretching 20:00 [0]

Post event - headache kicked in around 6 and is steadily getting worse again... not sure why I keep getting them...

Day-O-Pain didn't quite eventuate as I didn't ride or do anything else. Maybe tomorrow?! - Good luck to those doing the Dams.

Best thing about today so far is definitely was dinner (Bilbys - yum).

Collected a nice bunch of scratches - no gaitors or long pants - oh well.

Incidentally I dont enjoy navdash nearly as much as the bush ones.

Stretching - nothing major to report - still a few tight areas but generally feeling pretty good interested to see how I go tomorrow after today.

Friday Apr 12, 2013 #

9 PM

Stretching 20:00 [0]
(rest day)


Got to love a Friday.

... but it generally comes before the Day-O-Pain.

Stretching - still a tight ass apparently - very marginal improvements elsewhere.

Thursday Apr 11, 2013 #

6 PM

Gym (Cross Trainer) 30:00 [3]
ahr:131 max:144 shoes: Runners

Massive CBF factor for this session - was really a back up session - story goes:

Pumped for light pole O at Trigg - planned to leave work early - drove car halfway in because that bus route is faster to get home on... shouldn't be an issue.

Left work early at 440 but due to the sky being grey or just the keen efficiency of transperth the bus that comes every 15 minutes came 30 minutes later... go figure - when im in a rush.

As wet things fell from the sky every man and his dog packed kings park road bumper to bumper... a 10 minute but ride turned into a 20 minute bus ride which in my mind I thought - I could have walked to my car quicker...

Never mind I can still make a 6pm start its only 530 - from SP to Home in 5 mins, changed, fed cats, fed fish and out the door by 541. My house to Trigg can be done in 15 minutes... I am sure... But of course that thing called rain meant west coast was moving stupidly slow and I get there at 604 with no one in sight - no map on hand... I think mm beach run - nar - disappointed - left - Went by a few people with maps running on the drive back to WCH.

Did think about smashing out some Reybold Hill as I drove by it on the way but decide cross trainer would suffice.

Cross trainer and 7pm project - meh - did get a decent sweat up but I did remember pretty quickly how slow 30 minutes on a stationary piece of equipment is and how much it does my head in.

Legs super tight still - so maybe missing the run was a good thing ?!

6pm is just too early for me - work to home to destination in 50 minutes with public transport involved... Maybe ill try grab the map before the session next time and if I am 5 minutes late it doesn't matter so much - oh well whatevs - going to go find a steak and cook it and feel much happier.
9 PM

Stretching 20:00 [0]

Mmm good stretch is good - joined by Jake (cat) who decided to make it interesting be settling in against my leg and every time I changed he would look at me with disappointment HA!

All felt quite good - glutes still very tight though (awaits tight ass comments)

Its a shame this site doesn't allow session times not on the hour... oh well.

Wednesday Apr 10, 2013 #

7 PM

Swimming (Laps) 34:00 [3] 1.5 km (2.6 kph)

Maintained a reasonable pace and didn't feel bad at all so happy enough - looking forward to building distance back up and bringing the speed up too - but no point in smashing myself out of the gate - that will come.

Oh and didn't have to share a lane - super happy with that!
9 PM

Stretching 20:00 [0]

mmm surprisingly a lot tighter than last night - seems counter logical but meh.

definitely noticeable higher tension through left leg compare to right - particularly hamstring.

Tuesday Apr 9, 2013 #

7 PM

Running 27:21 [4] 4.69 km (5:50 / km) +50m 5:32 / km
ahr:168 max:202 shoes: Runners

Ok so I have trained properly in at least a year and a half - pretty much not at all in fact.

It time to turn that around and get back into it... lets see if this 'online accountability' works.

So it all starts here and now and it started with a run - just shy on 5 km.

Left hammy/glute very tight to start after about 1 km settled into it. Pushed reasonably hard but definitely didn't max out - I am sure the '202' is a strap slip because I never felt like I got up there.

Few times wanted to walk - didn't yay. but gosh it shows how unfit and slow I am. almost 6 min / km got a lot of work to do... guess got to restart somewhere (sigh).

Surprisingly though felt strong in the legs though and finished feeling good

- need to loosen up and relax on the down hill was very tense and rigid.
9 PM

Stretching 20:00 [0]

mm so if I am going to train - im going to need to stretch - and it is stupid how inflexible ive become - bithcin and moaning tonight promise its only for the start...

so stretching I think daily - 15-30 mins until something reasonable is achieved - need to figure that target out haha.

Gave me a good 20 minutes to think about this start - usual I write a program - but usually i have fitness to match a program - I think I am just going to have to start from scratch and build a base - pure cardio nothing fun and fancy like intervals and gym sessions - just the basics - cardio and distance until that decent base is back.

probably going hard on myself here but its required :P

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