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Training Log Archive: brycec

In the 7 days ending May 12, 2013:

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Sunday May 12, 2013 #


Lame, kinda wanted to be in form for O today - but late night picking up ppl from function last night - left toe still giving me grief even with a few holes in it.. oh and the two big blisters remain - not that i notice them at all really now...

Really just lame ass excuses but for told not to push it for a week on the toe...

BLAH I want to train.

Thursday May 9, 2013 #


Hoping to be 100% today - close but no.

Blisters - down to 2 1 on each heal - left should be gone today/tomorrow right might take a bit longer.

Flu - 95% just the niggles left meh.

Big Toe - has as of this morning a noticeable different color to the others - a light purple - still sore but not as bad as it was. Question is do I need to do anything about it...

On the plus side sleep like a champion again woohoo!!! and legs/knees took care of themselves.

Oh well nothing in the above really stops me from exercising just be a bit uncomfortable - still I think ill give it a few more days cause im feeling slack.

Tuesday May 7, 2013 #


Felt like ticking all three - injured/ill/rest but let’s be honest it’s not a rest day - I’m just recovering from weekend. I’m not really that injured I am just sore and I’m not flu blown ill..

Anyhow status update:
Sleeping - Jetlag 90% gone - not sleeping through but on a pretty decent pattern.

Blisters - Managed to get shoes on fine today without having to drain so definitely on the mend and hopefully if this pace continues should be in good position by Thursday/Friday ?!

Flu - still being annoying - probably what’s messing the sleeping pattern atm but I think it’s on its way out - couple of cold and flu to knock it on the head today or tomorrow.

Legs - given I haven’t really stretched they are in very good shape - not sore and moving pretty much perfectly but for stairs which is more knee related. Had I been up for stretching on Sunday would have been 100% yesterday I think and pretty much there now.

Knees - Surgical side is better than good side!? WTF - leg tightness causing a bit of pain through right knee - stretching will sort that out!

Big Toe - this is my only real complaint still feels like a hammer has hit it even though it looks normal. Other big toe has some of the same pain but not on same scale... guess it’s only time for this.

this will be 3rd day off probably stay off until Thursday or Sunday - happy how I am though on 3rd day recovery had worse doing Jacobs when not sick and jetlagged... but want to get the recovery time down to a day - biggest complaints is blisters and big toe v hammer - but looks like I have plenty of tips for this for next time.

In short – happy with where I am at but itching to be back to 100% and getting into a routine. I am currently thinking worse case will be Sunday for Mt Observation (pending no mother’s day conflicts) hope my thinking is right.

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