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Training Log Archive: brycec

In the 7 days ending Aug 4, 2013:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Gym2 3:07:39
  Orienteering1 2:01:36 5.86(20:45) 9.43(12:54) 30316 /16c100%
  Stretching4 1:20:00
  Running1 29:47 3.09(9:39) 4.97(6:00)
  Total8 6:59:02 8.95 14.4 30316 /16c100%

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Sunday Aug 4, 2013 #

9 AM

Orienteering race 2:01:36 [3] 9.43 km (12:54 / km) +303m 11:07 / km
ahr:143 max:185 spiked:16/16c (sick) shoes: Salomons XR Mission

H1 with Tash.

Course distance apparently 8.9 we did 9.43 including the walk to the triangle and a small addition at the end - and fells abit right because we were dead on target all day. in fact the only place we did more distance was 8-9 for good reason - we went along the fence!

Let Tash lead out most of the way so she could get her nav practice in - she was bang on pretty much the whole way - I relaxed and just naved off map because of this - which was good practice for me.

Looking back over the map cant see any point where I think we could have improved massively as we pretty much spiked every point - Was a good map lots of open space and features to nav by so generally stayed pretty much where we wanted to be.

Bit of a canter to finish but nothing excessive over all a pretty good time given it was all walked and hopefully Tash feeling more comfortable with H1 - was good going out and doing it with her though - I had fun! *cheers Tash*.

Em's cake was demolished before I got back - so hopefully it was as tasty as it looked - feel free to let me know if you had it and it was bad/good/otherwise (it was the chocolate/coconut one).

Side notes - Polly pulled out slacker!, Got my 9th place badge for previous rogaine tehee!, and still feeling sick - stomach about 90% and the niggle of a flu/cold subsiding hopefully back to 100% tomorrow.

Oh definitely lost a few KG's since my last outing - my back pack straps were super lose and even after I had tightened them up when it came to the jog for the last two points it was flying around everywhere!

Think I am going to have to ditch the pack soon and run one of these races and see if I can get a reasonable time!
9 PM

Stretching 20:00 [1]

Everything feeling great after 3 days off - no tightness if something though have lost a bit of flex on hambstrings/glutes.

Saturday Aug 3, 2013 #

(sick) (rest day)

What a glorious day - the kind I crave for outdoor cardio and 50km cycles - and here I am day 3 stomach bug ANNOYING!

Best be gone today so I can enjoy tomorrow!

Friday Aug 2, 2013 #

(sick) (rest day)

Stomach issues are slightly worse than was hoping - rehydration formula in effect :(

Want to knock this on the head today!

Thursday session officially dithced

Thursday Aug 1, 2013 #

(sick) (rest day)

Woke up feeling very average and with a bit of a sore gut - decided to miss the morning and push it to the afternoon.

Have got progressively worse during the day and feeling off now. Gut particularly bad - delaying today's sessions to tomorrow and making today the 'rest day' - hopefully the gut settles overnight and I feel back to normal tomorrow.

Wednesday Jul 31, 2013 #

6 AM

Gym (Legs) 1:22:33 [4]
ahr:136 max:164 shoes: Salomons XR Mission

Smashed out a great session today - again going up on a few elements across the workout - Minimal issues with the right calve but it was pulling a bit and for a change starting to get to the point when nothing feels too light.

Cute the morning oldies are starting to know me and strike conversation during my rest periods. Some of them are pretty impressive put me to shame even! That said I am pretty sure I witnessed a form of Prancaise this morning which was rather disturbing.

Hoping for a dry evening and will do a mount henry lap on the bike.

Also progress - in a belt hole happy days.
6 PM


Slack - didn't do ride in favor of staying in the warmth of my house!
9 PM

Stretching 20:00 [1]

Clave returning to normal - glutes a tad tight after legs this morning. Hammy flexibility way up pretty happy with its progress.

Bit of roller time on glutes quads and back.

Tuesday Jul 30, 2013 #

6 AM

Gym (Back, Tris, Abs) 1:45:06 [4]
ahr:143 max:176 shoes: Salomons XR Mission

Annoyingly an entire netball team came into the gym just as I started - which made life a logistical nightmare as they wanted everything I wanted and its a small gym.

Had to change things up and improvise a bit - still managed to go up on Tris this week even though I was using different equipment whilst doing so - should be interesting if weight holds on old equipment - dont see why not.

Back is shattered after this session - also big improve on the rower intervals this week really felt good on it so going to have to push harder next week there.

Calf almost feeling back to normal now so will attempt the 5km run this afternoon and hopefully it holds its own.
5 PM

Running 29:47 [4] 4.97 km (6:00 / km)
ahr:165 max:176 shoes: Salomons XR Mission

So started nicely and set a good cruising pace at something I felt would resemble a faster pace than last time.

Before halfway a stitch started to form 'who invited you' and pushed through - persistently it decided to stay most of the rest of the run.

still felt pretty good and on pace the uphill next to shenton college pulled on the right calve abit on its first return from jacobs. Definitely something wrong there as it gave me grief from that point on and now sitting down its letting me know about it.

Alas powered (sluggishly) onwards. still felt strong and moving well and felt like more in tank but didn't want anything to blow out (right leg wise) so held the original pace comfortably until the end.

Apparently the exact same route as last time was 70m shorter... I am going to say i must have stopped gps later last time or something so we will go with it being 5km anyway. but more upsetting was the time being 11s slower.

Now could think afternoon sessions, 2nd session of day, on minimal food and carrying some pains vs fresh in the morning and first session on training course but that's not good enough - not a happy camper I had more in tank next week I want to spank it and also that hr is piss poor for running / beats self up / work harder slacker - got at least 4mins 47 to cut off that time before I think its even semi reasonable.
10 PM

Stretching 20:00 [1]

Same as last night - right calve is still the focus everything else reasonable.

Monday Jul 29, 2013 #

9 PM

Stretching 20:00 [1]

Again focus on calves - mainly right one - could definitely feel the achillies pulling through out the stretch - definitely did something back at the urban max to it - hoping nothing serious.

Again missed the cardio session today - also created a revised plan today balanced a little better and combines a few things.

All other stretches where good - nothing interesting to report.

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