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Training Log Archive: brycec

In the 7 days ending Aug 18, 2013:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Rogaining1 14:10:00 23.58(36:03) 37.95(22:24) 706
  Gym2 3:08:45
  Total3 17:18:45 23.58 37.95 706

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Sunday Aug 18, 2013 #

5 PM


Should add -

No blisters!!! first time woo happy days, toe nail still on too and feeling pretty good, only a tiny bit stiff but some stretching will sort that out so physically in good place :)

First time I think I haven't complained of pain after a rogaine!

Saturday Aug 17, 2013 #

12 PM

Rogaining 14:10:00 [3] 37.95 km (22:24 / km) +706m 20:30 / km
shoes: Salomons XR Mission

Met Ian out at the course at 930 for out planning time

Looked at four different routes and decided on one which was about 75 km ~3200 but had lots of routes home from the 4am mark through to finish.

Water drops 12-16km apart route looked the goods.

We opted to go west and slightly south early but not all the way to south west corner. up the west of the map and hit the top of the map for night. North during the night and heading into the east and south east in the morning hours. Our goal was certainly top 10.

Well positioned at the start first out of the triangle towards 44.. however the first hill across the road destroyed Ian and we went to back of the pack almost immediately with his ashma going insane - this didn't bother me in the slightest though as is similar to what happened on the last rogaine and after the first hill he steadied and we went on from there. So I expected the same. That said was frustrating to watch everyone powering past!

57, 95, 73 not a problem at all but it was like following a herd which I found most annoying. Ian then opted that we went for 32 rather than 65 as planned to avoid the hills and move a bit fast. I didn't like the thought of dropping 30 points just to miss a few contours and alarm bells probably should have rang about now given we where probably only 5-6km in.

We pressed on and realised at 101 we had overtaken a few of the horde and then followed road to just above 91 admitted right foot was cramping on this leg but knew it would pass - which it did - also had stinking headache already no idea why as had been smashing fluids back all morning. 2nd person to point 91 and feeling pretty good.

Back to road and while walking along and got up to 61 pretty easily. Foot had already stopped its shenanigans. Contours though definitely taking a toll on Ian with lots of breaks on the inclines and lots of ventaline required.

Went direct to 54. Ian wanted to get into his warmer clothes for night there (was about 1620) but ok. so had a 20-30 minutes break as he added a plethora of layers. I just sat and had some for and thought about the next few legs. Really wanted to knock off the 102 and maybe 82 by 1800 while it was still light. Got moving towards 72 about 1645. used road until saddle then headed up.

Undergrowth was horrible parrot bush galore. found it pretty easily though. Then a big leg to 102 across the side of the face. We hit the first gully and went up over to the saddle. Ian fell in what looked a very uncomfortable fashion here on some wet rocks and branch I believe. On to second peak and then down into the second gully Took a while and we got there at 1749. With light fading we opted to try make the road before 82 before going to headlamps. The downhill was slow though and we almost had to stop in bush to kit up. We made it though and I went to quickly grab headset to make the most of the still fading light. Ian however needed a rest, the ascent had smashed him and the ashma was really giving him so grief. We stayed there for about 25-20 minutes, I enjoyed some dinner (sandi) and got the first neurofen in the system for the night ahead.

We entered the bush and hit the creek gully perfectly - I wandered a little to the right which was my first instinct - must have got very close but missed point and went back to the left. saw lights coming up the river bed from that direction and realized I was correct the first time. We found the point and the other pair was with us. One of them was an ICU doctor and could hear Ian wheezing - asked if he had enough ventalin and if he was okay - which annoyed Ian more than comforted him - oh well. We went back to the road opting to drop point 31 and go straight for 70 to make up some lost time and move faster on the road.

We had a break at the intersection south west of 70. I felt like we hadn't quite made the distance up the road but we had stopped for a break another 25 mins - Ian was really struggling here now. He convinced me we had been moving faster up that road and we went in prematurely. We hit the river bed south east of 70 and searched for a while before realizing our location. We went back towards 70 and almost hit the road when we met 4 other groups struggling to find 70 too. Still we where to far south and eventually team effort of the 4 teams we found the point. It had however taken about 1hr30mins to go 82-70.

Having lost so much time I said lets drop 71 and go straight to 92 and reassess. We got to 92 - god damn that ridge just kept going but we found it eventually. Ian was really not looking great now, the breaks on uphills weren't helping him recover and he admitted he was suffering a bit. Original plan said >63>93>33>41>53(w). I said how about we go back to 71 and then down to 53. dropping 150 points but. Ian liked the sound of that. 92 to 71 most down him and we got down there alright but 71 was a tad tricky to find in the dark. We searched out to find the top of the watercourse and once we did we works down and found it.

We then went south south east to the road. Didn't cross our minds to grab 21 which would have been dead simple since we were there but oh well no go. and trudged up to 53. Once we got to 53 we sat down and I had some more food and round 2 of painkillers thinking about the night ahead. was now about 1130 and I had hatched a few easier plans on the walk to try keep fast road walking and assist Ian. Just before I was about to caffinate up Ian turned and said- I think I am going to have to let you down - I am getting the shakes from too much ventalin. Not the words I really wanted to hear (the im getting the shakes part). I told him completely fine and we had 3 options. rest until his okay and then trudge on. Wait for the car about 1.5hrs (which being able to see him face on was my preferred option and I let him know that) or take the most direct route home. He definitely rule out option 1 even if we modified course to patrolled roads only. So I knew it was GG there. He felt bad though and didn't want to loose points - at this stage I didn't care about the points safety was #1 priority. He however felt waiting in the cold 1.5hr would be worse and option to walk Topher Road. ~7.5-8km home. I didn't have the caffeine because I thought home to sleep if I have that now = no sleep.

We started along Topher road and even though we where on a road Damage had been done to Ian. Pace was slow going. There was a few points where breaks were less than 20m apart. About half way along Topher before the split onto the east direction road Ian admitted waiting for the car would have been a better option... Bloody stubborn rogainers! By this time I already had a few disaster plans brewing. I attempted to give assistance to Ian but his pack made it awkward and when I did manage to find a good place to push to help him along I think his body was so shatter the help wasn't much help at all as he needed to break with the assistance even. Ian had previously discussed maybe going in getting 23 and 25 However I strongly vetoed that idea once I realized what challenges were being faced early on Topher road.

I started facing a worrying issue - at the speed we where traveling I couldn't stay warm and in fact was starting to feel pretty bad with the cold air. I had other items which I could have put on but that wouldn't have helped my core just my arms and legs. Once we got to Yarra road though we where in a much better space and pace improved. Got back into the hash around 02:10 ish.

For some reason my mobile had only lasted 12hr 30 mins on GPS on last 24hr it lasted 22hrs30mins and the last 12 it had 47% left so something weird going on there. As a result it only had 33.05km measured and climb of 706. I plotted out the rest so distance is about right but for some reason (runkeeper being stupid) it wont save so I don't know the climb. Also no HRM worn.

Had some beef stroganoff and a carrot cafe and retired for the night - said to Ian happy to go out in the morning if he recovered or if he hasn't happy to call it - he said he may go home his not sure just going to sit by fire for a bit. I went and passed out and when I woke 1st time about 5am his car was gone - so back to sleep I went until 8 - grabbed a quick egg and bacon burger and another slice of carrot cake and decide to head home.

A pretty disappointing/frustrating outing all things considered. Felt sorry for Ian having those issues but nothing he or we could do about them and safety needs to come first. I did like the course layout well done to the setters and vetter in that respect. I hated some of the terrain though - that much parrot bush oh dear god why!

- Side note almost went direct to orienteering then decided mind wasn't in right place and CBF factor was high because of that so came home, unpacked cleaned up and ready to cease the day now.

Friday Aug 16, 2013 #

2 PM

Gym (Rock Climbing) 2:00:00 [5]

Ran to team event rather than taking the car since the weather had cleared. Then went rockclimbing. we had pairs of two, I was put with a non climber which meant more climbs for me. I am now thoroughly shattered and pretty sore but god damn it was great fun!

Only potential issue from it was I smacked my left knee pretty hard - certainly some bruising - not really what I wanted before tomorrows 24hr but meh so be it - ice tonight see how ti goes.

Time to go home pack kit stretch and sleep.

Tuesday Aug 13, 2013 #

6 AM

Gym (Back, Tris) 1:08:45 [4]
ahr:132 max:156 shoes: Salomons XR Mission

Well after almost 2 weeks off from the stomach bug (in fairness I should have restarted on Thursday or definitely the weekend!) went back to routine today - decided to drop the leg/cardio work this week with the upcoming rogaine - don't want to be sore now do I

As such shorter session without the bike intervals. Surprising how much I have lost in the short time off - main activities were fine but ti was more my hand and forearms simply holding the weights giving me grief - ordered a few cups of HTFU and got on with it.

Increased only on tri press - other than that held steady with shorter rest periods. Feels good to be back - yay.

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