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Training Log Archive: brycec

In the 7 days ending Oct 6, 2013:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Mountain Biking 3 5:10:22 35.53(6.9/h) 57.18(11.1/h) 99316c
  Walking1 1:09:05 3.46(19:58) 5.57(12:24) 103
  Total4 6:19:27 38.99(9:44) 62.75(6:03) 109616c

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Sunday Oct 6, 2013 #

7 AM


Slept alright given but still feeling very sore and walking funny - will take pain killers and go out to event. Will test out bike before rego - if I'm comfortable enough to actual pedalling I'll consider it something tells me my deck chair might get some use.
9 AM

Mountain Biking race (MTBO) 2:28:28 [4] 31.44 km (12.7 kph) +540m
ahr:151 max:177 16c (injured) shoes: Giro Privateer

On arrival to the venue I had to sort out a slow leak from my crash yesterday - after removing the tyre and attempting to find the leak - with no success I just put it back on and pumped in up more - hopeful it would last!

I jumped on to test out my hip and felt surprisingly good - neurofen/panadol double helping out for sure. Still felt sore but generally pretty good (in comparison to how I had been feeling - still certainly not great).

Of course went and opted for Long. Gave Polly and Jordan a bit of a brief on the map at the start Jordans first time doing any for of orienteering and Pollys first MTBO like myself.

On the start punch gps didn't start straight away (don't worry juff have manually adjusted) Then got set to go - plenty of messing around on the line. I almost fell off about 3 times before I got to the triangle too - not the most inspiring start.

#1 No problems here and everyone in tow.

#2 Jordan past me pretty early so want expecting to see him again for the day. and Polly caught me just on the point - however she turned left not realizing the point was there. I called out but she didnt hear me.

#3 On the way saw Polly coming back and she was looking sheepish. I went to the main road and went down towards 3 - stupidly I took an early right thinking I will go on the road parallel and ended up at the vineyard. After a short while I realised what I did and was most unhappy got back through on an overgrown path and got the point - most would be well past me by now

#4 back up the main road - looked for the track about 75m past the exit from #2 didn't see it decided to go up from #2 exit to der dead end. - dismounted and bike over shoulder for 50m tops. cursing not taking the track I wanted to which I got too. More people flew past as I grabbed the point.

#5 uneventful - easy enough.

#6 Cars coming up the track almost took me out they had words because I was on the track - I felt like having words back but ignored them. A wild Polly arrives - was like WTF she must have got lost - turns out she was already going for 8... Found 6 after someone confirmed my thinking on directions.

#7 After some indecision came out on the west side of 6 and started heading north. a wild Juffy appears. Blood dripping down his mud covered right leg we great and have a quick chat was good to see someone else likes the ground as much as me. He needed my multi for his mapboard so was more than happy to assist. He looked to be moving ok given his knee complaints but I am sure he was in the same boat as me that pain was there. As I arrived at 7 I found Jordan exiting - turns out he got massively lost and Polly had redirected him near #8. I got 7 shortly after and it was game on again.

#8 flew down the road and grabbed 8 flush.

#9 on exiting 8 Jordan reappeared going to 8 - WTF not sure how that just happened but he looked frustrated (welcome to O). Quickly made choices for 9 and maybe ended up going further than I should have opting the southern entry.

#10 Spotted Andre M inbound on my way out of 9 - opted to go along vineyard - originally not my prefered choice but I talked myself into it looking at the additional distance - that said I think I could have moved faster the other way. Passed Tash at the start of the vineyard - she was having quick breather so I went onwards. Andre M caught on the last obstacle and shortly after past me and made 10 an easy find.

#11 Was a nice easy leg - watched Andre M speed away from me! Had some problems getting up the hill at 11 due to lack of speed/wrong gear.

#12 on exiting 11 found jordan at the bottom of it - pointed him up to the point as he was about to go past it. Headed toward 12. Passed Andre going towards 13 just before I got to 12 turn off. Jordan caught em on the climb and from this point I think he decided to slow his pace and stick with me..

#13 Jordan and I flew down the road and found 13 easy.

#14 the same what a bitch of a climb though!

#15 we attempted the dotted yellow and aborted shortly into it. We went back to fire trail and I then almost flew past the middle trail seeing someone elses point - went down and grabbed the point.

#16 Used overgrown to get out of 15 then missed first path turn off to 16 - got the second track and that was easy enough all the way around to 16.

F - nice and easy down to the finish.

Polly and Jordan loved it - and Polly beat us in by about 20 minutes. I too enjoyed it but my left hip and lower back digive me grief and has since seized up abit. < back on the ice and pain killers.

Back wheel survived and after riding over all that debris I have a lot more faith in the tyres!

Gave the bikes (mtb and road) a clean this afternoon first time ever for roadie - took abit of effort but came out looking pretty good. Went to then install the bottle cage on the mtb and would u believe all 4 screws too tight for my allen keys (tired 3 all of the same size, i.e. multi tool, normal allen and a screwdriver head) all that ended up happening was strippign the inside (mad). then tried pliers and started stripping the outside on the first one - gave up upset. happy to take suggestions here!

All in all a good day had fun shame its the last for the season!

Saturday Oct 5, 2013 #

9 AM

Mountain Biking 1:16:07 [3] 9.93 km (7.8 kph) +207m
ahr:148 max:174 (injured) shoes: Giro Privateer

Bouncing around for first 6 or so km was fun then a major crash. On jump either leaned slightly forward in the air or hit break on landing or both.

Came off very hard lots of grazing on my left elbow/arm but my left hip/lower back took a beating. In fact pain was that bad it had me spinning and almost vomiting. Tried getting back on bike but was very bad pain trying to pedal.

Met the others at bottom of trail and after a short break made the call to eject back to main road and car. Got the assist up the fire trail.

Now in a lot of pain - icing and flat on my back - recovery for tomorrow ... Unlikely but well see. :(

Lesson learnt technique is everything.

Thursday Oct 3, 2013 #

5 PM

Walking 1:09:05 [2] 5.57 km (12:24 / km) +103m 11:21 / km
ahr:102 max:129

Lovely walk home from work via kings park.

Right hip and shoulder a bit sore from falls last night... I've noticed I only seem to fall on my righthand side... Also my ankle/foot a bit sore from the walk home amazingly... Still sore from getting rolled weeks and weeks ago :(

Wednesday Oct 2, 2013 #

8 PM

Mountain Biking (Langford Park) 1:25:47 [3] 15.81 km (11.1 kph) +246m
ahr:143 max:173 shoes: Giro Privateer

Another night ride this time out at Langford Park.

Wow its like a maze out there - there is routes everywhere. Found it challenging as there is scrub covering the trail lines of sight so never knew which way the trail way going to go - also the pea gravel felt very loose compared to what I was used too.

In the first 10 minutes came off my bike hard on an very steep unexpected climb which was only a few meters long. Changed gear down to mean I would have the power but stupidly got out of seat, back wheel just spun and I have hit the deck hard - landed on some large rocks on my left too before sliding back down the hill much to Jordans entertainment. Dusted myself off and had to realign my seat that had spun around but back on our way.

I still was in the front with Jordan directing from behind. We got to a T junction and I had slowed near a halt when he called right... I started to go but slow speed and pea gravel meant death and down I went no de-cleat this time and I went hard into the ground. 2 stacks in 12 minutes - it wasn't looking good. We waiting for a minute so I could get my shit together. Was feeling a bit sore now because the second fall was more brutal.

Luckily from here onward I didn't have any major incidents a few de-cleats and a few close calls but generally pretty clean.

Enjoyed the down hill which has the low tree clearance... wow its a low clearance I think I smacked my chin on my handlebars lol. I could imagine with a bit more grip and daylight that downhill run would be a lot of fun.

Finished up nicely - I need to check my tyres they are feeling very splashy maybe a tad too much so - not wanting a pinch flat. Need to learn to keep my ass in the saddle when I need more power. I used to be good at this on the road bike dont know why I am not on the mtb.

Oh and yes I am feeling sore this morning (Thursday) behind right scapular mainly from the fall on the rocks. scraps and cuts on a few places proving to be an annoyance - didnt get a great sleep because of them.

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