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Training Log Archive: brycec

In the 7 days ending Jun 21, 2015:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Road Bike2 2:40:25 37.22(13.9/h) 59.9(22.4/h) 213
  Orienteering1 2:17:56 6.59(20:55) 10.61(13:00) 456
  Mountain Biking 1 1:45:24 13.92(7.9/h) 22.41(12.8/h) 478
  Running2 1:07:14 5.64(11:55) 9.08(7:24) 100
  Swimming1 44:29 1.24(1.7/h) 2.0(2.7/h)
  Total7 8:35:28 64.62(7:59) 104.0(4:57) 1247

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Sunday Jun 21, 2015 #

10 AM

Orienteering race (Calophylla) 2:17:56 [4] 10.61 km (13:00 / km) +456m 10:42 / km
ahr:146 max:169 shoes: Salomon XA Pro 3d

Was worried was going to be crap with the weather and brought my jacket along - ended up being way to hot for sections and toasty for others but probably the right move bringing it out!

Wanted a clean run and a quicker than normal time. Kinda got it. There where sections I had to go slower because it was wet and slippery but generally felt confident on my nav and progressed at a reasonable pace.

Had it been a dry day not sure the 1 water drop would have cut it though!

Anyway this is how I went in my mind:
#1 flush
#2 flush
#3 hit the area perfectly searched around for the right rock!
#4 practically flush, slight hunt to the right but I knew where it was should have gone straight to it.
#5 A bit far south and hunted stupidly until I saw description 4m boulder and went straight to it - silly thing is I knew when I was hunting originally that it certainly wasn't there, bad drift from me!
#6 Slow and steady but flush.
#7 Messed this one up a bit and I should have known I was too far south - took me a moment to realise it and was distracted by others in the area. Started heading north and someone yelled out tis just over there... thank you kind sir - not too much time lost I think?!
#8 Could have dont this faster but pretty much flush.
#9 drift west, corrected but lost a bit of time.
#10 Flush as after following watercourse
#11 Got distracted by a person when i was right on line for the control and probably glided by it to my left. Hooked back around and saw a heap of people going to the rock which I didnt check so went for it too - said gday to Andre here.
#12 Slow and steady but flush post the granite
#13 long climb but rocketed down the far side when i had seen the control like 500m away!
#14 Drifted west and hit the granite and open close to west and could see car park - whoops corrected and got there eventually after bouncing off some rocks... teach me to contour and again have ppl distract me.
#15 Nice tapes to guide me
Finihs - sprint over wet stuff... not so fun.

All went well in the end.
2 PM

Swimming (Laps) 44:29 [3] 2.0 km (2.7 kph)

Quick turn around to challenge stadium and a good hit out in the pool...

Tell you what it was pretty bloody fresh getting back out.

Held a nice pace most of the way.

Saturday Jun 20, 2015 #

11 AM

Mountain Biking (Camel Farm) 1:45:24 [3] 22.41 km (12.8 kph) +478m
ahr:148 max:170 shoes: Giro Privateer

Geez did I sleep last night - 1030 ish I believe was in bed, got up at 7 and feel asleep on the couch until 930.

Body still feeling knackered. #longweek

Anyway met Jordan at KC 11:15 - bleed my rear brake and put in new pads. noticeable improvement in my brakes!

Really enjoyed the ride, tracks where grippy - mud was a tad annoying, didn't get rained on too badly.

I swear theyve change feral grove and also scorpion. No complaints by me even though scorp feels a bit more hardcore on its berms now - particularly in the wet.

Anyway clean run throughout so very happy - tried not to stop so only had like 3 mins non moving time which was great - but suffered a bit.

Lots of PR's happy days!

We went for Jap afterwards, but it closed just before we got there so ended up having a pub lunch mmm lamb shanks!

Friday Jun 19, 2015 #

(rest day)

Yay for rest day

Thursday Jun 18, 2015 #

8 PM

Running (5km Loop) 29:56 [3] 5.1 km (5:52 / km) +38m 5:40 / km
ahr:159 max:172 shoes: Salomon XA Pro 3d

Have slept poorly from working late the last two nights so boycotted doing run this morning to sleep an extra 45 mins knowing it would mean running later this evening and likely in the rain.

Turns out I could get to it at 8pm which wasnt too bad and I cause a break in the weather so only got some spitting/drizzle at worst. So was a warmish run.

Had a decent lunch so had energy to boot and felt pretty good out there - Had some probably in the few 2km not feelign like I was breathing deeply and also not feeling composed on my right side but once that settled felt really good.

Thought I went a lot faster than I actually did and felt like I ahd plenty in the tank both mentally and physically... sadly wasnt sure how to deploy it out there and not sure what the factor was stopping me. maybe some underlying fatigue.?!

Anyway was a decent run and feeling good after it.

Shins only started to niggle in the last km and hit them with ice pretty quickly when home.

Wednesday Jun 17, 2015 #

6 AM

Road Bike (Mt Henry Return) 1:20:01 [3] 29.76 km (22.3 kph) +112m
ahr:136 max:167 shoes: Giro Privateer

So work had me up until midnight so getting up to ride was pretty low on my agenda. but you never regret a session so I got up.

Threw out the goal of cadence increase today just wanted to do the ride and get through it. Quads still sore from yesterday. Found I was grinding away at average 66 cadence but feeling pretty comfortable even though speed wasnt that quick. Wind was a bitch!

At my turn around point it started to spit rain and that gave me some will to try abit harder and set out at holding +30 for the freeway path. Had 2 people in tow shortly there after and after passing under canning was cruising at 32 with a much better cadence. that said I am sure my harder work grinding cadence of 90 a Juffy would suggest I should be at 110.

A single speed hipster powered past me and I felt like saying do you need tighter pink jeans on... then realized I am in lycra I cant really talk.

Anyway someone booted past me a few km higher so I took his back wheel at 36 and my two towies joined us. We quickly caught the hipster and another rider who formed the front of our pack. We cruised along at 36-40km until the narrows where I bailed out.

Big slash in the river at one point, assuming a dolphin but didnt see it again. Was nice to have a tow first time I have opted for one in a while and I did work harder than I was to hold it so wasnt exactly easier just faster. Did notice my cruising cadence in tow was 90.

Anyway got home and ticked off another sessions. Interestingly the Garmins accuracy is shit. The exact same course 4 times now. 30:56 to 29:76 km and climb differs from 98 to 112. I dont get how it can differ so much on the same course. I understand it will be different to actual but the fact its not consistent gives me the shits a bit tbh.

Anyway Average cadence would have been 66 but the tow and tailwind home let me get it to 70. TBH I feel like I am faster grinding and more comfortable. Not a full believer in this cadence stuff but I know enough to make me think I should at least try get mine a bit higher.

Tuesday Jun 16, 2015 #

1 PM

Running intervals (Short Intervals) 37:18 [3] 3.98 km (9:22 / km) +62m 8:42 / km
ahr:131 max:171 shoes: Salomon XA Pro 3d

Good god my quads hurt!

Was reasonably consistent and interestingly I felt more like I was fast running than sprinting. mainly because of #line1. Still dying in the ass about 200-250m in.

1) 58.5
2) 57.5
3) 58.9
4) 58.2

Slightly different course than last time, the middle two where uphill slightly and downhill slightly this time.

Iced post just because trying to be good to the shins even though they are feeling perfect for the moment. But yeah quads are definitely putting up a fight!

Monday Jun 15, 2015 #

6 AM

Road Bike (Mt Henry Return) 1:20:24 [3] 30.14 km (22.5 kph) +101m
ahr:142 max:165 shoes: Giro Privateer

Goal was cadence - average cadence up to 81.

Question is to continue to try increase or maintain here. did find I spent a lot of the time at this cadence without a massive amount of fluctuation.

Struggled to get up today - until Emma yanked the doona off and I didnt have much of a choice then. :(

People with bright flashing 10 billion lumen headlamps annoy me. point them down and leave them on full beam. your headlamp is to light the road - your rear light should flash to attract attention. Fine if youve got a piss weak front light then have it flash but high lumens flashing is unneeded.

Dolphins came to say hi - always a nice treat.

Also why people insist on riding slowly in the middle of the path always baffles me. at least make an effort to ride left of the lane so people wanting to get past can do so easily.

What else to rant about - oh yeah, cars ignoring your signaling but thats a given ha!

Otherwise was a really nice ride - bit crisp - toes completely numb not sure if ti was from cold or shoes too tight.

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