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Training Log Archive: brycec

In the 7 days ending Jun 28, 2015:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Rogaining2 17:25:00 49.13(21:16) 79.07(13:13) 1893
  Road Bike1 1:17:23 19.05(14.8/h) 30.66(23.8/h) 99
  Running1 44:25 2.78(15:59) 4.47(9:56) 18
  Total4 19:26:48 70.96(16:27) 114.2(10:13) 2010

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Sunday Jun 28, 2015 #


Clearly struggling - have posted the ap threads wrong way around text wise! #fail
6 AM

Rogaining race (Wunder Bin State Champs) 5:35:00 [4] 25.69 km (13:02 / km) +555m 11:46 / km
shoes: Salomon XA Pro 3d

Time estimated as trying to exclude the standing around in HH.

Went hard and fast to the NW
91-62-14 .. We where out in front at 92 and head it all the way through and the first 3 were nice.

82-92-109 - horrible scrub - managed to spot 109 from about 500-600m away.

Everything we did seemed very very clean. not sure what more to share.

We had been using the tow rope today and it was really good certainly helps us maintain a good speed.

Also by this point I had already rolled my left ankle very badly.. probably worst ive every done.

96-46-67-NIGHT- 108-84-97-58-54-99-75-86-37.

bit in survival mode - mainly because of pain but mentally was ok - there was a few edge of darkness moments but generally in a good head space.

66-87-59-95-107-69-85. All the av was very clean as I said - not much to really mention. until 15 - walked straight passed it - was a tad off the track to see in the dark.

HH before midnight. quick feed and to bed.

Struggled to sleep and had a fair few painful moments.

Sorry but no epic writeup this time, was pretty clean and smooth so not much to note but for my ankle imploding and Juffy falling over twice, Juffy carrying me on nav and Juffy towing my fat ass.

Saturday Jun 27, 2015 #

12 PM

Rogaining race (Wunder Bin State Champs) 11:50:00 [4] 53.38 km (13:18 / km) +1338m 11:49 / km
shoes: Salomon XA Pro 3d

Climbs 1m too much :(...

Time estimated as trying to exclude the standing around at start.

After a pretty broken sleep and a slow start we got going 5 past 6.

Felt good through 78-79-55. but shortly after this my left ankle became a real issue for me. Had me close to tears on multiple occasions until the rest of the race. Painkillers werent doing shit so it was just a matter of mind over matter HTFU and trudge on.


We didnt have a watch the whole 2nd day - so was a lot of time guessing and assign people and reading intention sheets.

This was misleading and we ended up busting a gut home which wasnt that fun and came in 16 minutes early.

Loads of towing s2 Juffy.

We dropped more than I hoped we would in this course, (27,68,94), (63,28)

As compares to our 12 hour leg dropping (24),(38,80,47),(39)

Anyway was an awesome weekend out there and much thanks to Juffs for being patient with my slowness and towing me along and for naving like a champ (aiming off right on the point and stuff :P

Anyway - icing my ankle now - first time ive ever had to ice after a rogaine. and I cant remember the last time I iced and ankle - even though i roll it most weeks!

edit 1: Not that impressed by the patrol routes - they covered bugger all of the course when some simple loops could have covered pretty much all of it

Friday Jun 26, 2015 #

(rest day)

Scheduled day off and feeling pretty darn good about it.

Thursday Jun 25, 2015 #

(rest day)

Ditched swimming session for a double rest day pre destroy gaine... Pretty much been a low week. Oh well!

Wednesday Jun 24, 2015 #

7 AM

Road Bike (Maint Cadence / Inc Speed) 1:17:23 [4] 30.66 km (23.8 kph) +99m
ahr:142 max:161 shoes: Giro Privateer

Had a horrible sleep was a massive struggle to get up and going.

Then discovered lights where dead and tyres flat - was a late start!

Also put on the extra thick gloves, arm warmers under my long sleeve and wind breaker... #toastywarm

Goal was maintain 80 cadence and increase my speed compared to normal.
Average cadence:79 so annoyed!!! it went from 80 to 79 in the time of me dismounting and pressing stop on my watch at end. in fact when I pressed button it was still 80 and changed to 79 while it was stopping activity GRRR. Claiming my 80 thanks!

Otherwise ride was quite pleasant a bit chilly out there.

Also achieved the speed increase in total and in movement time increasing both by roughly 1km/hr. a few more of those gains thanks!

Tuesday Jun 23, 2015 #

Running intervals (Short Intervals) 44:25 [4] 4.47 km (9:56 / km) +18m 9:44 / km
ahr:128 max:173 shoes: Salomon XA Pro 3d

After trash talking Paul I figured I better get out there and prove a point.

mmm warm humble pie

1) 1:21:00
2) 1:29:90
3) 1:28:00
4) 1:27:20

Ok wasn't a great session. was so F#$%ing cold warmup didn't really do much. had arm warmers and gloves on and still feeling cold... Never broke a sweat < clearly not trying hard enough.

Went full tilt out the box was probably a mistake died in the ass early - certainly had at least a few s on that one but dropped back for last 100 to make sure I would make through the session + quad started pulling hard and got destroygaine to worry about.

Lap two tried something - didn't work.

Lap 3 and 4 both better felt they where faster but clearly the small lunch and the pulling quad came into play.

anyway hands down Juffs. Ill be back for more - that should be sufficiently close to have you worried :P

incidentally icing feels likes its warming my legs... quite a weird sensation ahha

**edit: Strava says: Best estimated 400m effort (1:19) - looks like we are tied amigo - damn that lying Garmin! - which is interesting because the 400m splits on strava are the same... interesting! maybe its doing some math of some sort?! - still claiming it**

Monday Jun 22, 2015 #

(rest day)

Wasnt feeling great this morning so stayed in bed - could have ridden tonight but with rogaine this weekend I opted for an unscheduled rest day.

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