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Training Log Archive: brycec

In the 7 days ending Jul 12, 2015:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Mountain Biking 2 3:42:43 28.66(7.7/h) 46.12(12.4/h) 1331
  Paddling1 46:12 2.67(17:20) 4.29(10:46)
  Running1 22:10 1.95(11:22) 3.14(7:04) 31
  Total4 4:51:05 33.27(8:45) 53.55(5:26) 1362

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Sunday Jul 12, 2015 #

9 AM

Mountain Biking race (Turner Hill MTBO Day 2) 2:15:52 [5] 26.28 km (11.6 kph) +832m
ahr:148 max:168 shoes: Giro Privateer

So a calamity of issues today.

The cold and sun took its toll at the start, - cold air fogged my glasses and the sun glared them out. Had I had a top with a pocket they would have been straight off - but I didnt so I had to endure about 30-45 minutes of crap visibility.

Also instead of starting my gopro recording I changed its mode - no video from today - which sucks because the single trail decent was good.

1) Wish I went onto the main road the way Paul went - I certainly considered it but opted for the internal route - I can say without any hesitation... my legs where tired from yesterday and the cold didnt help. Made it to 1 eventually but had Dalto right on me when I got there.

2) raced him to 2 - he went south I went north on the road. We where neck and neck come The turn off to two - I took the first one and he took the second and we arrived at the control pretty much at the same tiem again.

3) Dalto disappeared before I even got off the control. Also the pinch descent before 3 was enough to get me off my bike! - got 3 easily.

4) Opted to go to the road rather than bash through - wish I just bashed through! Passed Dalto coming back out of 4 on his climb. wasnt too far ahead of me

5) Debated long and hard about route choice - and fear I made a bad one. I walked up the epic single trail which was long and hard and not nice. Think southern route would have been better. Got it easy.

6) < ??? really this number comes next. when i looked at my map I went to 7... SIGH MP

7) Easy leg to 7. Down the middle of the map.

8) Passed Dalto coming from god knows where (#6) I assumed he had got lost - really it was I that had fucked up! 8 was easy as it was one I saw yesterday.

9) I belted along to 9 feeling good and again knowing where it was.

10) Main road then power line road. The decent to 10 was hairy and I almost became majorly unstuck as I got forced into the dibbet. My bike did not appreciate it. I got off the bike early into the bush and hunt for ages on something clearly not the track. Went down to junction then paced back up. When I got to the mark Dalto had just come down the road and spotted the trail with me.

11) I raced around to 11 and almost rode past it tucked in on the log there! rude! Dalto not far behind me. Thinking I had to get 2 minutes on him I powered back down to 12.

12) Flush and opened up a tiny bit of ground on Dalto.

Finish) At this point I thought to beat Dalto I would have to get a bout a minute and a half on him to the finish. Broke myself getting there and the splits show just over a minute on him. and us finishing on the exact same cumulative... PITY I MISSED PUNCHED LIKE AN IDIOT. So in realism he had a good 10-12 mins on me. (the time it would have taken extra to get 6 I figure.

After dropping Richard home I left my bike rack bits on my roof... Drove home. Drove to Leightons and after bib and tuck notice the unlocked spoke and keys sitting through rack.. OH NO, THE LOCKING NUT WAS ON THE ROOF :( moment of oh shit crept into my heart until I got to car to find locking nut still sitting on roof WOOT < my one win for the day.

Also sad I would have beaten Juffy had I not MP'ed I got more controls and finished - so I am claiming did better than him... but meh still just no!

Also realised I have only ever mispunched twice! Both have been at long distance champs! and both have been on a control with a 6. footo long champs control 16. mtbo long champs control 6... better not make a habit of this!

Saturday Jul 11, 2015 #

1 PM

Mountain Biking race (Turner Hill MTBO Day 1) 1:26:51 [4] 19.84 km (13.7 kph) +499m
ahr:157 max:176 shoes: Giro Privateer

After coming with an hour to spare almost missed my start time!

1) Had a good leg to 1 and hit it flush

2) Gave Jen a bit of stick as I overtook her on an uphill to 2 - was fully expecting her to motor away from me when I had seen her on my exit to 1. (almost stacked it behind her in the pea gravel - recovered nicely though)

Proceeded to miss my turn off and go some extra ground - might have been worth it - took the green link - I think?! and then single trail - once getting past someone I booted it most of the way to 2. however decided to stop for a while when almost there just to make sure... wasteful!

3) might have made a new track by accident - it looked like a track/open ground to me. anyway quickly down the west path - and back again - not full tilt but reasonably fast.

4) really enjoyed the single trail to 4 - could have gone harder/faster on it but held back a bit as brakes where being a bit dodgy and back will was slipping around corners.

5) had a major mistake on this leg - cost me a decent amount of time - around 5 minutes. I just wasn't confident when the track started to descend and went back then rode on white area clearly not the track then back to main junction, looking at map I was certain but trying to convince myself - Ricky came sailing past. Well that confirms it and I chased after him up to the flag. I must have been very close to the track when I turned around the first time!

6) what a painful uphill - still made a reasonable crack at it.

7) Went reasonably hard at this a few hesitations but generally a strong leg to the control and rewarded with a 2nd fastest split :P

8) The tapping didn't help massively - came off the track a number of times - horrible little leg up the hill - but once through was pretty quick around to 8.

9) - opted against the road #SILLY - got to corner didn't see track - climbed the full hill to the corner and back down again - what a waste. would have been heaps faster on the road - nav mistake cost me at least 2 minutes

10) I was cautious going into it but didn't loose too much time

11) on route passed Paul - he was either going for home or still chasing me. Increased my effort - Almost made a wrong turn but got to 11 nicely.

12) Went hard on the down hill - slammed on brakes on corner and went along to 12 - probably could have gone faster post the corner.

13) Reasonably fast but very clean leg.

14) Clean. - Almost gave Richard a jump shot... if only I had known.

All in all felt really good out there today - a few mistakes cost me some time and no doubt positions - but its the first time I have been firmly in the mix in the field. only 2:20 down on Paul and 5 min down on Dave. And got Dalto's scalp! woo there is a first :P

Closing the gap between Paul and I with the ice cream challenge at the next MTBO... feeling like it might be game on!

Tomorrow should be fun I will be chasing everyone rather than being chased.

Also Richard's nav in the car on the way there saved me from another Google maps rant :P

Friday Jul 10, 2015 #

7 AM

Paddling (Claremont Jetty) 46:12 [3] 4.29 km (10:46 / km)
ahr:98 max:118

Was tempted to not go at all this morning but pulled myself out of bed.

Feet where numb from he cold wet ground getting my boat onto the car, and worse after getting it off at claremont jetty.

I headed out and didn't feel too unstable and though a little tippy to start felt reasonably good.

First km was pretty cruisey just feeling it out. Breeze was behind me and heading towards peppigrove

On the 2nd km a coach roach popped up next to my left foot but I thought it was a bee when I first saw it and scared me momentarily - putting my left leg overboard in reaction... yes that got some water into the seat area and made it wet and cooler. oh well - after having a laugh and getting rid of the roach I continued but interestingly my left leg now started going numb badly! had to stop at least one time and put both legs over to get feeling back. Also the leg where I crossed freshwater bay from pep grove side to midway to Dalkeith against the breeze so was a bit slower.

3rd KM completed the leg across the bay to Dalkeith and got into the smoother/protected water where paddling was quicker and certainly was getting more speed and into a rhyme. Again and to stop because of leg/foot numbness.

4th km/ home Dalkeith to claremont jetty - mainly in calm/protected water - certainly got better stroke rate up and started getting purchase. Left leg went completely numb but as it was spitting rain and I was running late I refused to stop to get the blood back. Ended with a better split because of this - however struggled to get out of kayak and almost fell out as I couldn't lift or move my left leg... far from ideal! took several minutes for ti to become useful again and I did feel like I was going to pull/rip a muscle getting out of craft. was a long time before ti felt fully right.

I think I am going to have to move pedals further away still to reduce the strain - I found also I was banging my knees with the paddle - probably bad paddling technique more than knees to high - but maybe if legs slightly straighter less straight, less numbness, less knee bashing = more speed :P who knows. looking forward to next paddle though quite enjoyed it.

1km splits:
1) 10:03
2) 11:51
3) 10:57
4) 9:33

Timing was bad and made me quite late - ended up full tilt run for the train and as a result my shins have been sore all day :(

Thursday Jul 9, 2015 #

3 AM


Went to physio to sort out my shoulder/neck. They where surprised at how tight I was and dry needles the hell out of me. Was twitching hardcore!

Mentioned my knee pain so she had a quick look at my quad. "You have the tightest quads I've seen this week - infact the tightest in a while... That's not a good thing" sigh. More needling. Mind u feeling a heap better post it. But definitely need some more sessions.
8 PM

Running (1km Test) 22:10 [3] 3.14 km (7:04 / km) +31m 6:44 / km
ahr:145 max:176 shoes: Salomon XA Pro 3d

Fresh from a physio needling I got back into the training plan.

Was a bit of a mental battle to convince myself to go as it was cold but it was an easyish session aimed at seeing a fitness improvement.

Almost 1km intervals with recovery the goal is 1 easy km rest until near full recovery one decent paced 1km then rest until near full recover then 1 full tilt km.

I changed it slightly to a low medium and hard. with 2 min breaks in-between.

I felt like my hard to full tilt certainly had a bit in it but not a huge amount.

Low 1km - 6:14 - HR ave 138 HR max153
Medium 1km - 5:20 - HR ave 155 HR max 164
Hard 1km - 4:31 - HR ave 166 HR max 176

Rained on the hard attempt which wasn't that nice. also quad a tad sore from the physio. Shins where sore at end and did ice.

Certainly an improvement from my first test where I did go full tilt out of the blocks and got 4:49 - 4:31 and felt I could have probably shaved off at least another 5s had I just put in a bit more.

Wednesday Jul 8, 2015 #

(rest day)

Rest day 3 - starting to feel slack ahah.

Back in Perth now so restart tomorrow. burn off some of the junk I ate last few days.

Tempted to go to physio this afternoon to talk about my neck/knee/ankle . one session might not cover ti haha.

Tuesday Jul 7, 2015 #

(rest day)

As per schedule.

And thank god, knackered!

and thank god - left ankle 2nd dayitis - wow!

Monday Jul 6, 2015 #

(rest day)

Low week - cause it says so... and cause the last 2 low weeks weren't supposed to be haha.

Melbourne with a work training course. Junk food galore :P

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